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Preview: Comments on Veronika Sophia Robinson: Bringing up baby

Comments on Veronika Sophia Robinson: Bringing up baby

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dear JohannaRenee Spitz (1946/1965) documented tha...


dear Johanna
Renee Spitz (1946/1965) documented that infants isolated in cribs with little or no physical contact and physical affection can die from an emotional wasting away, which he called marasmus, even the medical and physical care were normal.
See also the work of James Prescott Early Social Deprivation, Chapter 4, in Perspectives on Human Deprivation: Biological, Psychological and sociological

Ashley Montagu ~ Touching: The significan of hukman skin (columbia university press)

Hope that helps

I have been trying to look up the study you referr...


I have been trying to look up the study you referred to about the orphanage babies who were experimentally left un-cuddled and fed through slats in their cribs who, as you mentioned, died due to lack of human contact. Do you have anymore information about who may have conducted this experiment and where/when it occurred?
I'd really appreciate it!


Veronika,Thanks so much for this post. I am not f...


Thanks so much for this post. I am not familar with Mother magazine, and can see that I need a subscription. I'm a big fan of the Continuum Concept.

I keep waiting for Margot Sunderland, the British brain researcher who is one of my heroines, to weigh in on the Bringing Up Baby controversy, but since I haven't seen any commentary from her, I'll do my best to fill in, and describe the effects on the baby of this kind of treatment.

Babies depend on normal human interaction -- cuddling and comfort -- for their brains to develop normally. When you deprive an infant of physical affection and soothing, you deny it the stimuli necessary to develop the neural networks that will later allow the child to soothe itself, empathize with others, and love. Babies develop cortisol receptors in response to being soothed, which are critical in regulating stress hormones to deal with anxiety and depression throughout life. Limiting touch to ten minutes a day may even be actually life-threatening; we know that babies die from lack of touch, as you pointed out.

The nervous system pathways that are formed in infancy cannot be created in later life. Infants who are deprived of the normal doting that all mammals offer their young are later impaired in all their social and intimate relations.

The celebrity parents who hire Verity apparently like her ability to let them off the hook as parents. (In the old days, at least the baby had a wet nurse to feed and cuddle her!) But the truth is, you can't buy your way off the hook as a parent. These parents hold the responsibility for damaging their children, and making it likely that they'll suffer from attachment disorders, anxiety, and clinical depression for the rest of their lives.

Oh, but hopefully Channel 4 will be paying for their meds.

Dr. Laura Markham

It said in the paper today that the maternity nurs...


It said in the paper today that the maternity nurse in the programme charges £1000 a day to the rich and famous!!! Surely this can't be right? Apparently couples in the programme have continued to employ her after the series ended.I am just utterly amazed by the whole thing! I am not sure why they have children in the first place.

hi just a short note i watched the second episode ...


hi just a short note i watched the second episode of this programe this week as i missed the first episode and i wanted to know what it was about. i knew some aspects of the show would have raised my hackeles but obviously i had underestimated how much it would. as i read you account of the show i recognised similar statements being made that only last night i said to my mom about the said parenting 'abusing' style; 1. it was basically child abuse, and that anyone found to be knowingly refusing to stimulate a child in the most basic way could have their kids taken away but not these lucky parents who have the protection of a large media mogul. 2. this sort of treament as you quite rightly wrote about has been widely frowned upon by the nation which was all up in hands about it when it was first high lighted years ago in romania orphanages. my husband promptly told me off for watching said programme when he heard me ranting to my mum about it. he said why would you watch a programme like that, but i really didnot realise that i was about to witness bullying abuse in such an open way. this show left me unable to sleep after watching it. and i have all intentions of letting channel four and any other bodies of influence know how i feel about this programme.

how bizarre. i wonder if this will make it to NZ T...


how bizarre. i wonder if this will make it to NZ TV? There is a growing number of us following continuum type parenting but still lots of Babywise disciples here. Yuk. Didn't work for me - not that I actually had the heart to try it! Anyway, as I write I am awaiting my 20 month old son stirring, it's 11.20 pm and my husband has just said to me ' he'll be wanting a feed from you, don't even try to resettle him without it'. Yay for enlightened Dads!

I had intended to watch the programme but forgot t...


I had intended to watch the programme but forgot that it was on,which by the sound of it was just as well.People were talking about it at work and I hadn't realised that it was a series.I won't watch the rest because I think I would feel very uncomfortable with it. If people watch it are they not guilty of colluding? The only thing that would influence Channel 4 would be a mass switch off. I have enough problems with programmes like SuperNanny.

Well done for caring enough to watch. Fraid I pull...


Well done for caring enough to watch. Fraid I pulled back from it. I had a feel that I would feel so angst and frustrated and I didnt want that before bed!
From your report, it sounds as though it was gross! and as ever a total violation and degradation of mothers and babies!
Reminds me of the interview shazzie had with some jerk of a womon on super foods.
Ones power is in ones radiance - the voice has little power out there is such idiocy and ignorance.
BUT well done for talking it how it is syster. as ever blessings and appreciation for alllll you do, all you be, all you are.
x ruth.

I have not yet watched the show although i have go...


I have not yet watched the show although i have got it recorded, im a little nervous now as its sure to cause some horrible feelings. I loved hearing your thoughts on it

Thanks for raising this issue. I cannot stop thin...


Thanks for raising this issue. I cannot stop thinking about the poor baby who was abused for the sake of entertainment in this programme. I complained to the channel, but got the usual pat response - 'we were responsible, everyone was in agreement' etc etc - I'm sure that wee soul didn't agree! What kind of society are we to allow this to happen? I think there is a big pattern emerging in your blog posts, Veronika. Please keep it up.

i'm glad i didn't watch it. nige mentioned it as w...


i'm glad i didn't watch it. nige mentioned it as we got into bed as he'd heard that the continuum concept was one of the methods featured but then he said, i didn't tell you as i assume one of the other methods will be barbaric and it'll just make you cry!

why why why why why i just don't understand the ability to not care. even an unwanted baby spent 9months growing, how can you not at least develop some feelings towards it. why is it that we supress our instincts more and more and listen to utter crap about what we're supposed to do with our babies.

i'm astounded that the claire verity method (can't remember the creators name, sorry) isn't classed as child abuse and that parents following this aren't having their children removed from them. maybe gordon brown should be petitioned and all forms of child abuse should become illegal (i can't believe i just wrote that, you'd think all forms of child abuse would be illegal...) i suppose it's just that so many still think this isn't child abuse.

i'm not sure that made sense, i'm ranting, hopefully Veronika you and fellow commenters will understand what i mean.

Hi VeronikaFantastic article. Interestingly the pr...


Hi Veronika
Fantastic article. Interestingly the production company contacted me when they were about to film as they were having difficulty finding new mums for Claire. We live in strange times. Looks like it's up to us to lift the blindfold, who else is going to. Great news about Jean's tour. Let me know when they happen.

Thanks for writing about the programme.I have hear...


Thanks for writing about the programme.I have heard about it but we don't have TV so couldn't watch it.
I can't really understand why people the so called gurus thoughts. How come can she know without being a mother? I am sad to see that in UK a best seller parenting book dictating feed and sleep routines etc. can be found in every store. However you can't find Sears, Jean Liedloff or Pearce.
I sometimes see newborns crying in prams in stores. I look at the mother, she is simply not interested. It makes me feel like crying:while the baby is crying she is speaking to a sales person, or looking at the shelves ...