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Where I'm At 2012


Just in case you stumbled onto this old site: So I finally had my own domain a couple years back,, but that fell by the wayside after a mishap with the hosting. So while I get my internet bearings once more, you can find me on Twitter (@elbertor) and on Tumblr. Later this year, the plan is to have another, more permanent online home, where I can post stuff about stuff, and serialize my current webcomics project. Fingers crossed.

Moving Day!


It took ages, but my website is finally up! is me moving out of the blogspot apartments and into an online home of my own.

Update your bookmarks!

Blogspot has been good to me, so thank you thank you. But now I needs me a home to call my own. So long, thanks for all the fish, this is me, I'm signing off!

Card Battler Teks! In Stores Now!


For those who've been asking:

The first issue of my newest comic book series Card Battler Teks! is now available in Sputnik Comics Store in Cubao X and Comic Odyssey in Robinsons Galleria.


Co-written by Arvin de Leon and illustrated by Kiko Dans (both former students of mine), Teks! follows the story of a young boy's journey to win the Nationwide Teks Championship Cup. It's high-octane, manga-style action for all-ages!

Vote with Your Mouse Clicks!


It turns out at least one person likes my work, nominating me in the 2009 Komikon Awards. I received two nominations, one for Best Continuing Series for my work on Bakemono High, and another for Comic Aid Award, for my contributions to the local comics community. They even have a write-up for me:

Elbert Or is currently finishing his thesis as a final requirement for his MA in Education while teaching in Ateneo de Manila University. There he regularly incorporate comics and graphic novels in his freshman English Literature classes, and teaches comics production classes for their Fine Arts Program. He’s been conducting workshops and seminars across the country for Nautilus Comics, where he served as editor-in-chief for a couple of years.

Which is quite heart-warming, so yay.

Anyway, people can now vote from now until September 20, either by signing up on Deviantart and voting on their polls, or by filling up ballots at Comic Odyssey and Comic Quest outlets.


Edit: Apparently, non-Deviant Art users can now also vote online, by registering at the website and voting for Best Continuing Series and Comics Aid Award.

Yabang Pinoy...Yabang Dugong!


Yabang Pinoy has finally released the first issue of their new online magazine! YP Mag is an eighty-plus page Flash-based magazine, although I think you can also download it in PDF format. The Yabang Pinoy Magazine contains, among other things, a new one-page comic from yours truly, Dunong Dugong:


Post-MCC Report


I missed out on the last two MCC-related announcements, mostly because I was doing last minute prep work on the projects I wanted to announce in the first place.

Lyndon Gregorio, creator of Beerkada, and I put together a flipbook project specifically for the Metro Comic Con, called Pop Con! I drew a story he wrote, and he wrote a story I drew.


The last announcement I wanted to make was that, in addition to my new projects, my students also assembled projects of their own:

- a superhero anthology called "Who Can Save Us Now?",
- Bellboy and the Hotel Universe by Arvin de Leon and Alex Sandoval
- Made-Up by Arvin de Leon
- The Girl Who Turned Into A Fish by Mary Ranises, adapting a short story by Fidelis Tan
- A Love Story by Harvey King

My love love Lorra also contributed a comic book of her own, The Secret Lives of Super Wives:


Our projects sold really well over the weekend, with Card Battler Teks, PopCon! and Super Wives selling out by the end of the convention. But now is no time to rest on laurels! More projects are lined up: a new book release in time for the Manila International Book Fair, the Oni graphic novel to be released in October, another convention in October to prepare for, the website, the second issue of Teks, and a couple more book projects are all clamoring for my undivided attention. Now na, now!

Signing and Sketching at MCC



In addition to exhibiting and selling my works at the MCC this weekend, I'll also be attending one of the comics panels there on Saturday. And then, on Sunday, I'll be joining the creators signing at the convention. There are actually signings scheduled throughout the con with all sorts of comic book creators, but I'll be sitting with Budjette Tan, Kajo Baldisimo, Gilbert Monsanto, Manix Abrera and others at the signing area on Sunday 11am - 2pm.

If you don't catch me there, though, try and drop by our booth! While you're at it, pick up any of the stuff we'll be selling there, including:



Limited-edition shirts designed by yours truly, made with 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration, and 100% cotton. I'll also be selling my books and comics projects, including one more new project which I'll announce...tomorrow!

Counting Down to MCC: Ready...Set...TEKS!


This is me continuing the countdown to MCC this weekend with another announcement:

This Saturday I'm launching a new comic book series, Card Battler Teks! Co-written by Arvin de Leon and illustrated by Kiko Dans (both former students of mine), Teks! follows the story of a young boy's journey to win the Nationwide Teks Championship Cup. It's high-octane, manga-style action for all-ages!


Issue one comes out this Saturday, with a prequel chapter to be serialized online soon afterwards, to tide you over until the second issue comes out in October.





This month, Bakemono High goes through a minor makeover...featuring a new look for the school and some of the characters, including Max. It's also the first time my love love Lorra is getting published as my colorist and collaborator (oh, but most certainly not the last time -- just you wait til the Manila International Book Fair!)

And while the stories remain self-contained, this also marks the start of a subplot that will slowly develop over the next few months...The Mystery of the Phantom Photgrapher! Grab the August issue of K-Zone Magazine and check it out now! Now na, now!


In other news, the Metro Comic Con is debuting this weekend, with one of its seeming goals to become the local equivalent of the San Diego Comic Con. It'll be happening at Megatrade Halls 1&2 of SM Megamall from 10am to 9pm.

To help hype the event, I'll be making one announcement every day about something I'll be doing for Metro Comic Con. The first is that I'll be part of the Indie Comic Creators Panel on Saturday, 5pm, along with Budjette Tan, Gilbert Monsanto, and other comic book creators.

I'll also be setting up a booth on Saturday and Sunday, selling a number of items, including the debut of all-new comic book projects. I'll tell you about one of them...tomorrow!

On the Drawing Board


Here's a preview of what I'm currently working on: the first is a pitch for a comic strip, which I'll be working on with co-writer Roy Agustin. I'm stretching myself again for this one, using a slightly different style than I'm used to, and coloring straight from pencils, rather than having to ink it. Just to see how it'll look.

The second image is for a book which I'll be releasing in time for the Manila International Book Fair. I'm especially excited about this one, because of the nature of the book and who I'm working with, but I'll give more details when the release draws nearer.



LET Exam, Part One


Finished the first part of the Licensure Exam for Teachers, with more than two hours to spare. It wasn't as difficult as I feared it would be, though the challenge was multiplied by the fact that I was seated in front of the air-conditioner and so was freezing the whole time. A couple of the questions didn't make sense to me, and darn if I can tell what the difference between leptokurtic and platykurtic are. One question in particular put me in a moral quandary, as I had to choose between allowing the ends to justify the means, or if a bad deed done for the good of others is okay. As I shaded the answer I eventually settled with - honest answer or answer most likely to be considered the correct one? - I felt like my character was being judged right then and there. I also had to fight the urge to proofread the test questions, and focus on answering them instead.

Super Sketches - Flashing the Toilet


Barry Allen is returning as the Flash! Yayness!


Super Sketches - Spider Pest


I've always enjoyed superheroes, and dream of the day when I get to have my name on the credits page, writing or illustrating a superhero yarn. But I've long since realized I'm maybe not ever gonna get to draw traditional superheroes unless I reinvent the style that took me years to develop and grow used to. Jim Lee, I'm not.

Still, who knows? Maybe one of those books based on the animated shows. The Brave and the Bold, maybe. Or...the Spectacular Spider-Man!


And Now... A Cookbook Specially Made For Kids!


Next Saturday, finally, we're launching the San Miguel Pure Foods Kids Kitchen Camp Cookbook at Star City. It looks like they've a lot planned for the day! Here are the details, straight from the My Great Food Club website:


Let your kids enjoy a day of food finds, fun games and friendship!

On Saturday, March 28 at Star City, we bring you the Kids Kitchen Camp Cookbook,
a compilation of 30 kid-friendly and nutritious recipes from San Miguel Pure Foods.
Join us in an afternoon of cooking demos and kiddie workshops, storytelling activities
and more!

Enjoy great savings for the day as we offer the following:
* A 30% discount on your Kids Kitchen Camp Cookbook purchase at Star City (only for March 28)
* A Star City Ride-All-You-Can Ticket for only Php190 (original price at Php300)
* Free entrance tickets (original price at Php60) for the first 100 My Great Food Club ID cardholders (for one adult & one kid)

Registration starts at 2:00PM. For inquiries, call 632-2000 or 640-5453.

Hope to see you there!

Super Sketches - King of the Sea


This is me drawing Aquaman, sort of, and attempting to incorporate a retro art style. I'm not sure how retro it actually looks, if it actually looks like something out of the 1950's, but I like how it turned out.


Fish on earth, goodwill to all mankind!

Summer Workshops in Fully Booked


This May, I'm conducting comics workshops for Fully Booked -- one for kids and another for adults. The details are in the posters below; just click on each one to view them at a larger size.



Limited slots only! Sign up at the Customer Service area of Fully Booked High Street, or call 858-7000, 858-7036, 858-7037, or 858-7038. Full payment will be collected on the first day of the workshop. For inquiries about the course, e-mail brainfoodph(at)gmail(dot)com.

Are You On Facebook?


There's an online comic book convention happening on Facebook, and it may be the first of its kind, so curious person that I am, I decided to set up a virtual table space for my work over there. Just to see what kind of interest it'll generate. The convention proper happens on March 12-15, 2009, but in the days leading up to it, I'll be posting all sorts of artwork from recent as well as upcoming projects.

If you're on Facebook, join in on the festivities and add my virtual convention table on your groups. Leave a note! See you there!

The Yellow Box


At the mall, I was accompanying my niece to the ice cream stand and as we were going down the escalator, I turned around and saw her standing at the top, unmoving.

"What's wrong?" I asked. I started slowly stepping up the escalator, prompting stares at the other people in the mall. They must have been thinking, "Don't they have elevators in the planet where he came from?"

And Cheska pointed down and said, "I was just following instructions."

True enough:


I Breathe Comics: Bakemono High


Every couple of months for the pages of K-Zone Magazine, I write and illustrate a comics series called Bakemono High, about a school full of monsters. The challenge I set for myself is to come up with two-page self-contained stories, treating each one like an improv performance where I just start by drawing panel one and see where the stories take me.

This one is an unpublished strip, inspired by some of my freshman English students.

Because Toys Can Always Be Bought


My niece Cheska, currently in the midst of a Bakugan phase, has been bugging the adults -- her parents and grandparents -- at home, asking them to buy Bakugan not just for herself, but for her classmates as well.

When the adults made it clear that no, they will not be buying toys for her classmate, that just buying toys for my one niece was more than enough of an expense to send them to the po' house, she decided to change tactics and ask if she could give away her Bakugan instead.

"But I promised Sarah!" she argued, when the parents said no to her request. Old toys are one thing, but Cheska seemed intent on being charitable not just to Sarah, but to Billy and Andre and everyone else in her school as well. "Her mom won't buy her Bakugan!"

"Why won't her mom buy her Bakugan?"

"Because she says they're expensive," she said.

"O! You know naman pala it's expensive! You're just gonna give it away!" It becomes clear that there is a conflict of operational values here: my niece is intent on applying the value of generosity, while the adults are intent on not making my niece a pushover wuss who'll give away things to friends who, given that they study in an exclusive private school, are likely to be far from impoverished and in dire need for any more toys in their houses. There's another contradiction here: at home, Cheska's the typical self-absorbed six-year old, but she seems to be a poster child for charity in school.

Later, I approach my niece, "I don't understand. You're so selfish at home, always want to have everything, always your way, but with your classmates you want to give all your toys away..."

"Because eh! Papa and mama can always buy me new toys if I don't have toys, but if no one loves me at home I'll be super sad na and cry because they don't sell love in stores..."

I Breathe Comics: Happy Hearts Day


I was supposed to wait until Thursday -- new comics day! -- or on February 14 before posting this, but I just couldn't wait. Today, patience is not one of my virtues.


Knee-deep now in illustration work, but I'm also preparing for comics production workshops this summer. I'll maybe have one in Fully Booked, and am wondering where else I can share what I've learned from the two years of teaching comics classes to college students. It's always interesting to see the talents in these venues, and I appreciate how teaching these classes not only helps me articulate aspects of the craft that have previously only been intuitive, they also help push the quality of my work, for fear of being left behind by aspiring artists.

I am the Silly


Over dinner in a restaurant, Katy Perry starts singing "Hot N' Cold" and

I Breathe Comics: Thursdays with Miko 4


The end of the first Thursdays with Miko story. I'm trying something new out next Thursday, and I'll see what I can do too about revealing a bit more about my next big comic book project. In the meantime, enjoy!



Thanks to Roy Agustin, who wrote the first Thursdays with Miko plot on a scrap of scratch paper and left me to panel the story out and dialogue it all on my own. Maaaan!

Get Your Bakemono High in This Month's K-Zone!


The February issue of K-Zone is out now, with a Bakemono High Valentines Special featuring Chuck and Salem, and "Anti-Valentine Cards" designed by me, to give to your (not-) loved ones. Go check it out, and send letters of love and adoration to K-Zone Magazine afterwards!


Also, for those of you who missed it on TV, News on QTV recently aired a short segment promoting J. Torres and our upcoming collaboration, Lola: A Ghost Story.