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To walk away from the mainstream takes total brave...


To walk away from the mainstream takes total bravery...sometimes when I percieve pressure to meld with the norm again I teeter on the edge of 'hiding' or denying parts of myself..just so as to make life 'easier'. But it causes agonies within.

I realised the other day that almost every aspect of what I do seems outwardly different to the norm. The homebirthing, the long term breastfeeding, the fact that I am a 'SAH' mum, that we don't spend or rely heavily on gameboys and candy to placate our kids. That we home ed. That we don't use orthodox medicine, just herbs. I have embraced Islam which means that I wear hijab..another choice that puts me on the 'outside'.

As a family we get accused of being far out. This is honestly not our purpose. We just do what is comfortable for us. And we are not afraid to be different..even though this carries a price. Being different draws attention to us and that can be very difficult to handle. I am really not into defending our life choices but we are called to again and again. Our kids, so far, haven't shown any signs of wanting to hide our far outness..but then they are out of school. It wasn't that easy when they were part of it.

I've only read a couple of your Saturday posts, Veronika, but your blog makes scrumptious reading :)


I just saw your beautiful video of breastfeeding y...


I just saw your beautiful video of breastfeeding your daughter. I could not breastfeed my oldest, who was one and a half when she was adopted. My middle child weaned at ten years and three months. (I think she might have weaned earlier but I finally had another baby and all that yummy milk came in--like melted ice cream, she said). I did have one nasty incident with a family member when she was four saying that I was sexually abusing her. Tabitha is now the most confident, outgoing, independent and bright child you would ever hope to meet, and I am sure it is all the time she spent at her mother's breast. My last baby Shelby is almost five and still nurses at least once an hour. I don't think she will wean for a long time, it is still too important to her. I do post many pictures of her nursing so that people can slowly get it into their minds that it is perfectly normal. Hugs to you for all your bravery.

I will be reading your blog now--you are a kindred spirit in many ways. Although I could never give up chocolate.

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Hi from one full-term breastfeeder to another. My...


Hi from one full-term breastfeeder to another. My first daughter weaned on her own accord at age 6 (boy watching you nurse your younger on the youtube video brought back memories!). My younger one is 4 years 4 mos and almost weaned. She asks to nurse about once every 2 weeks or so at the moment and usually takes one "suck" and says "no more milk". Last time, she said "I guess we need to open up your nursies and put more in!". Out of the mouthes of babes...


Veronika I just wanted to tell you I absolutely LO...


Veronika I just wanted to tell you I absolutely LOVE your blog. :) I found myself drawn to it after watching a part of your documentary on u-tube. You have a huge crowd of supporters on a breastfeeding support forum found at Pop in and say hello to us if you find the time. I am sure your breastfeeding experience could be a source of inparation to some of our "kelly"moms.