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Preview: Comments on Veronika Sophia Robinson: What mid-life crisis?

Comments on Veronika Sophia Robinson: What mid-life crisis?

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Thanks Veronika.If you think of anything I should ...


Thanks Veronika.

If you think of anything I should add or change let me know. I am updating it tomorrow to include a list of signs of when a person is going through a mid life crisis, since that seems to be a common question for those starting to experience one.

peace :)

hi Casey ~ I thoroughly enjoyed reading your artic...


hi Casey ~ I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article. Thanks so much for the link to your great blog. So inspiring.
Your article is perfect ~ everything I feel about the midlife transformation. Best wishes, Veronika

I like what you wrote about mid life crisis.I just...


I like what you wrote about mid life crisis.

I just wrote and I am editing this article about Midlife crisis. I would love to get your feedback as I add , refined and further polish the material.



Alison, rant any time you need to.You could look a...


Alison, rant any time you need to.
You could look at taking wheat and dairy out of the diet and seeing how the ecsema responds ~ they're usually the two biggies! Best wishes ~ keep your chin up! ~ Veronika

Hello again Veronika. Thanks for the comments.. M...


Hello again Veronika. Thanks for the comments..
My husband decides what money is spent on. I buy very little for myself (phonecards to phone home, rarely an item of clothing from a charity shop, etc), but my hubby buys large amounts of booze and tobacco, petrol etc (I walk, or, rarely, take the bus, or get a lift).. Hubby will not cut down on his personal spending, or on tv/ phone/ internet and other unnecessary things. He doesn't eat much at home, since he cooks cr*p for a living he usually eats at work, but he is against anything natural or healthy (veggies, non-medical treatments, spiritual things). He resents what I already buy/read/do that conflicts with his views, and he isn't likely to budge. I have asked him to do the food shopping, but he refuses. He complains no matter what I buy..
Sorry if I sound negative. I do believe my daughter's eczema is mainly emotional (I was very stressed during pregnancy, and my husband continues to stress me out)
but I also believe it is possible to be allergic to certain natural substances. I appreciate the input.
Thanks for letting me vent.

angela ~ i forgot to say ~ it is very helpful to s...


angela ~ i forgot to say ~ it is very helpful to start or join a food co-operative. I do one with Suma Wholefoods and it means about 30% off the price you'd pay in shops. Over time, with regular orders, you can build up a good amount of pantry staples. They even do bulk loo paper! and various cleaning products. They specialise in things like allergy free foods.

We buy brown rice and pinhead oatmeal in huge sacks. It costs next to nothing compared to buying 'little' containers in shops. love, Veronika

Hi AlisonAlthough foods like dairy and wheat are c...


Hi AlisonAlthough foods like dairy and wheat are common allergens which can lead to ecsema, more commonly skin conditions are 'reactions' to an emotional environment ie, stress.Can you identify where your daughter might be experiencing disharmony? Some people are incredibly sensitive to all sorts of things and this can manifest in the skin, digestion, headaches etc. There is a great CD programme on Mind Body Nutrition which pretty well debunks the idea of food allergies. It is absolutely fascinating material based on many studies in the mind/body field.You can cut down on animal foods (which is one of the bigger causes to global warming) easily but that doesn't mean you have to load up on nuts. They're a very rich food which should be eaten sparingly and not by the handful as we tend to do. A few nuts here and there are more than enough to fulfil nutrtional requirements.If your husband wants to eat crap food, that's fine, but it his business and should NOT come out of the family food budget. Why should your or your daughter's health be compromised by a 2 second taste sensation? Really??? Nobody in Britain should be *expected* to feed a family on £30 a week. Food is our medicine and we should eat the highest quality food available.Realistically, it would be wise to look at all your outgoings and see where else you can make changes. Many people balk at the idea of healthy food and yet seem to have the money for cigarettes, alcohol, new cds, a tv license, trips to the movies, filling the car with petrol for day trips and so on. Funny how we feel obligated to spend a fortune on council tax for fear of being put in jail, yet we don’t think to consider the consequences of NOT investing our healthy food. But that’s ok, because the National Health Service will pick up the tab, won’t they? Imagine though, if we had a country full of healthy people? Imagine it! We could pay far less in taxes or work less. So consider it this way…What you’re not spending on food, you’re spending on your future health care.For a family budget of £30 a week, you could comfortably live off food from Aldi such as el cheapo baked beans, nutritionally deficient white bread and loads of mass produced sugar-laden biscuits ~ and probably still have change.HOWEVER *IF* you wish to take a far sighted approach to your family’s health, then you need to invest in it now, on a daily basis.Personally, I’d find it impossible to feed a family a nutritionally sound diet on this income because you simply can’t stock up on the foods the body needs such as fruit and vegetables. What you could do in the short term is start stocking up on filling foods to use as a base for your meals, such as lentils, brown rice, quinoa, millet, passata (sieved tomatoes), dried herbs and natural seasonings and with a pantry full of healthy whole foods acting as staples you can then add loads of leafy greens to your diet. One of the consequences of our modern diet is that most foods are heavily processed. Combine this with the fact people speed eat (gulp food with no chewing or thought) and also, when you eat nutritionally empty foods the body wants more food in a tireless search for nutrients…we need loads of empty foods to feel any sense of satisfaction. Exchange all this for nutritious wholefoods and a conscious approach to eating where you are chewing slowly and deliberately, and you’ll find you need less food.Try to make meals based on raw foods and you’ll feel fuller quicker and more satisfied because the body has actually got nutrients out of it.For example, grate 2 carrots, add a handful of sunflower seeds (ideally soaked first in water), some finely chopped parsley, a drizzle of flaxseed oil (for your omega oils) or cold pressed olive oil, and a squeeze of fresh orange juice. You can’t just gulp a meal like this down, you have to chew! Serve it with some quinoa. Add a spoon or two of red veg[...]

Hello Veronika and friends..I had two comments/que...


Hello Veronika and friends..

I had two comments/questions, and didn't know where to go..
I'm considering cutting down on animal foods in my diet, but I don't know where to start, or how much it costs to buy and prepare vegan wholefoods.. I have £30 a week to spend on food for myself, my husband and our 16-month-old daughter. I know hubby won't allow me to totally stop buying and serving cr*p, but what CAN I do with that budget?
Secondly, our daughter has eczema and suspected food allergies (both run in hubby's family). How can I safely introduce new healthy foods to her, especially since many nuts etc can cause severe reactions? Thanks, and blessings to all

There is the midlife crisis and there are Saturn ...


There is the midlife crisis and there are Saturn returns, which hit around age 28 and mid-50s.
The Boomer Chronicles

Everyone's talking about The Secret these days. I ...


Everyone's talking about The Secret these days. I have to say I'm skeptical...
The Boomer Chronicles