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Comments on Veronika Sophia Robinson: Saint and Sinner

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PS for Antje, if you read it :) You can't make pe...


PS for Antje, if you read it :)

You can't make people see how irresponsible they're being. You can give them information, and they'll decide for themselves if they're being irresponsible. That's all any of us can do.

Oh and television doesn't stop children being able to play with each other. Honest!

re Oprah... philanthropy... being 'worthy' .... ...


re Oprah... philanthropy... being 'worthy' ....

Maybe I'm wondering what kind of 'wannabe' education the girls will get. As an autonomous home-edder and a hater of charities 'meddling' in local situations which really don't need meddling with, this really bugs me. Needing surrogate children doesn't excuse it. It's meddling.

Unless the school's like Summerhill, lol.

Hi V, Yes I felt appalled at the hanging of sadda...


Hi V,

Yes I felt appalled at the hanging of saddam too. I thought he looked sad in the pictures and I wonder why he's been made scapegoat for the worlds probs. We'd be called all sorts of names if we suggested hanging other similar styled leaders like Dubya himself eh!
I don't believe in capital punishment, am not even sure if I believe in the prison system. let's see therapy and detox systems instead hey!

Good for you on the juice fast, me instigating the return of my daily juice and smoothie, just not brave enough for a fast just yet :-)

big love as always
xxx star

Happy New Year Veronika! I ordered a couple of sam...


Happy New Year Veronika!
I ordered a couple of sample TM's and loved them so much that I now subscribe. I love the magazine beyond any other. I love your life philosophy. I have managed to find one or two friends who are like-minded in my area and who don't mind that I still breastfeed my son who is 14 months. He enjoys it, I enjoy it and my husband is totally supportive. Sadly, some people are beginning to make me feel uncomfortable. They think it is wierd that I still feed him and moreover that I enjoy it. Many see me as a breastfeeding "Nazi". I am quite vocal about the subject and can't hide my sorrow when a mother stops and puts her baby on the bottle... why would you do that? Problem is they don't know what's in formula do they? More and more people seem to see bringing up children as a race. The first to sleep through, to be weaned, to walk blah blah. The one thing I hear from older people is make the most of your time with them... they grow up so fast. Why bother having kids if you just want to get them grown up and out the door?
A note about Christmas. I hate the commercialism. I took my children to the carol service at the local church and bought them one or two second hand toys from a charity shop. After all, a 3 year old and a 14 month old are hardly going to know and I don't want them to expect piles and piles of crappy plastic that makes wierd noises and then breaks. I hate the peer pressure that goes with it. I noticed the sideways looks I get when I say my children prefer to play with my pots and pans while I am in the kitchen. They NEVER watch television and can play together and on their own. One mother asked me how I got through the days without sticking the kids in front of the TV ... easy, I play with them, I let them play, I involve them in things around the house and we go out for walks or to the stables or whatever. TV is like a dummy, why start it??? One more thing, I like you saw a heavily pregnant woman smoking, and like you I kept my mouth shut, but I regret it now. I wish I could have made her see how irresponsible she is being. What chance has that baby got if she is too selfish to sacrifice her vice for the sake of its health?
I wonder, will you hold a gathering or camp or something this summer?
I can't wait for my next copy of TM and next saturday, I have learnt alot!
Love and blessings

awesome words. Yep Oprah is brill and resonated wi...


awesome words. Yep Oprah is brill and resonated with all your sharing. Blessings
x ruth