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Scene Builder Playset: Tavern

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 03:53:30 CST

(image) Publisher: Aspectral Comix


A Fantasy Graphics Resource Pack!

Perfect for illustrating scenes in your video games, RPG Adventure Modules or Rule Books/Manuals, or for use in your Fantasy Novels!

This Package includes:

+ 1 tavern background with alternate versions, plus tables and stools that can be placed in the tavern scene.

+ 2 elements (Table and stools): 3 tables of varying size to illustrate distance in the Tavern, as well as stools of varying sizes to accompany the tables.

+ 3 figures (full-body): an Adventurer, a patron, and a tavern wench.

+Instructions and legal rights in explaining how to use this package and what you can use the graphics in this package, for.



All scenes are build in a photoshop document with each element as its own layer. There are 4 pre-set scenes for inspiration and getting started, but you can position anything in this package as your project requires!
     Also included are separate files with scene elements in .jpg and .png formats for other uses you may have.

Price: $3.75

Drama Cards 1120

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 03:02:02 CST

(image) Publisher: 26 Letter Publishing
Price: $0.00

Powers Unlimited® One for Heroes Unlimited™ 2nd Edition

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 03:02:02 CST

(image) Publisher: Palladium Books

Powers Unlimited® One

A power-packed sourcebook for the Heroes Unlimited RPG, Second Edition

Page after page of new super abilities by Carmen Bellaire and Kevin Siembieda: Matter Expulsion, Battle Rage, Energy Shield, Gun Limb, Hyperdensity, Immunity to Magic, Sensory Orb, Sliding, Swing Line, Tractor Beam, Blur, Liquefaction, Mega-Wings, Weapon Melding, and more.

  • More than 120 new Minor Super Abilities.
  • More than 45 new Major Super Abilities.
  • More than 20 new psionic powers.
  • Written by Carmen Bellaire.
  • 96 pages of action by Bellaire, Siembieda, and others.
Price: $8.49

Rules 1120

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 03:02:02 CST

(image) Publisher: 26 Letter Publishing
Price: $0.00

Series A 1120

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 03:02:02 CST

(image) Publisher: 26 Letter Publishing
Price: $0.00

Series B 1120

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 03:02:02 CST

(image) Publisher: 26 Letter Publishing
Price: $0.00

Weapons 1120

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 03:02:02 CST

(image) Publisher: 26 Letter Publishing
Price: $0.00

Invasive Species

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 01:09:14 CST

(image) Publisher: Michael Brown

A request for help from a farmer's daughter plunges the heroes into a plot involving insects, corporate greed, and official negligence. Failure to get to the bottom of things means extinction, financial ruin, and murder.

Invasive Species is a short, no-frills adventure for Cepheus Engine and other tabletop RPG science fiction games using a 2D6 mechanic (including The Original 2D6 Science Fiction Game) starring characters of varied career backgrounds.

Price: $1.25

Feezalmud's Goblin Cavern | Battlemap - The War of Auraspure

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 23:20:23 CST

(image) Publisher: The War of Auraspure

The War of Auraspure presents: Feezalmud's Goblin Cavern

30x20 Grid

Deep within Feezalmud's Goblin Cavern located just East of the City of Jestero,

Feezalmud, the Goblin Lord, waits patiently in his throne room.  His goblin minions

raid the countyside of Jestero under the comand of Feezalmud's son, Bullon.


Stop their raiding and save the countyside from pillages, murders, and the goblin slave trade.


Feezalmud's Goblin Cavern sets the tone for a party looking for difficulty.

Natural and Artificial traps litter the cavern.

Sticky mud slows every step and hinders reactions.

Foul stenches from decaying corpses run rampant through these dirty caves.


Face off against a grand battle after pulling throught he brown sloppy mud.

Find the key to Feezalmud's throne room and prepare for a battle to remember.


Bring your realistic world home with the hazzards lurking deep within.

Will you survive?

Resolution 4400x2933 500DPI 9.21MB JEPG

Low Resolution 3000x2000 300DPI 4.15MB JPEG

(Use this Version for

These maps are designed to be compatible with RPG groups using a virtual tabletop (VTT) program such as Maptools or, or localized RPG groups using tabletop posters for their maps.

Price: $2.00

Shaintar Anthology #4: Magic and Mysteries

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 22:28:24 CST

(image) Publisher: Savage Mojo

Welcome to Shaintar, traveller. Sit down and read a while. 

This is Shaintar's 4th anthology: Magic and Mysteries

The first part of the anthology contains the 7 Black Lantern Reports. Here you'll find out all about the Black Lantern Society, how they're structured, what it takes to become a Brother and a number of secrets are revealed. Following are several reports filed by Brothers detailing places such as magical schools and guilds, mercenary companies, Red Store, the cult of the Dragon and so much more. Each report contains new informatin along with stats for gear, edges, hindrances, trappings and other interesting tidbits. 

The rest of the anthology is devoted to Magic and Cosmology, Sean Patrick Fannon's definitive guide to magic in the realm of Starfall, where Shaintar is located. In it, you'll find all kinds of magical history and learn about the Starfather, what happened to his empire and the plan that was put in play to create the covenants and save Shaintar when the spire was shattered. You'll also learn about the Paths, the Ascended tied to each path along with new trappings, blessings and how certain gifts work. 

This book provides a great deal of background information, items, magic, trapings and much more. For Lantern Brothers, this book is a must read, giving them some choices: which spoke to belong to, rank structures, how reports are made and the history in Magic and Cosmology hints at where the Lanterns are headed.

Price: $24.99

RPGPundit Presents #8: 3 Medieval-Authentic Magical Grimoires

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 22:08:34 CST

(image) Publisher: Precis Intermedia
This weekly OSR periodical from the mind of RPGPundit features a different theme or topic in each issue.

Issue 8 (Nov 21, 2017): Three Medieval-Authentic Magical Grimoires

Grimoires were the key magical texts of medieval European occultism. They were not spellbooks in the OSR sense, nor were they really magical handbooks. They were the collected and disseminated works of advanced magical techniques. The Grimoires presented in this issue are based on real historical texts, adapted in ways to be useful for an OSR campaign.

Price: $2.99

Town Square North 24" x 24" RPG Encounter Map

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 19:26:57 CST

(image) Publisher: BattleMats


Town Square North - RPG Encounter Map

24" x 24" image of a town square with optional square or hex grids.

Files included:

For Large Format Printing

Zip file containing 300 DPI JPEGs for 1" and 1.5" square grid variations

Zip file containing 300 DPI JPEGs for 1" and 1.5" hex grid variations

Zip file containing 300 DPI JPEG with no grid variation

For Virtual tabletop

Zip file containing VTT optimised JPEGs with all grid variations

Warning: for personal use only, commercial usage or printing for re-sale is not allowed.

Price: $0.99

Page Portfolio 010: Stained Background

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 17:32:09 CST

(image) Publisher: LPJ Design

Page Portfolio is online PDF art resource that gaming companies can use. All the art pieces in this background art resource can be used in any of their upcoming RPG ideas or projects. When a person acquires Page Portfolio, any of the art in the PDF can be used in any of their own products as if they owned them. This is due to the limited licensing agreement of Image Portfolio. This specific Page Portfolio contains 8 full-color pages of all US Letter sized in PDF and jpeg 300 DPI format ready for your use as needed for any gritty and grim filled inspired setting. 

Price: $2.09

Shanghai Turkeypocalypse

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 17:18:12 CST

(image) Publisher: Savage Mojo

Some apocalypses come with four horsemen. Some are accompanied by fire and destruction. This one’s feathery and plump around the middle.

In the Suzerain universe there are plenty of strange corners to reality. None is stranger than what happened in the small Maryland town of Shanghai in 1848, though. Forgotten by history, we tell the true story of one Shanghai night, when a burp in space-time linked a sleepy farming community to a city under siege.

This adventure is for any characters in the Suzerain universe.

Price: $0.00


Mon, 20 Nov 2017 16:56:01 CST

Publisher: StarbrightThis special bundle product contains the following titles.Extreme Future Fate EditionRegular price: $15.00Bundle price: $1.00Format: Watermarked PDF Extreme Future is now available as a setting for FATE. Fate is a generic role-playing game system designed to offer the least possible obstruction to role-playing. Fate has a large number of innovative gaming mechanics. This game includes the Fate core rules and the Extreme Future setting in one integrated package. Extreme Future is about a universe where human space spans the galaxy, but where we share it with countless alien powers and robot empires. It's a dangerous galaxy, strewn with the remains of civilizations that came before us, their secrets, powerful weapons, and enigmatic ruins waiting to be explored. This distinctive background, with a high-adventure, space-opera feel, integrates beautifully with the Fate rules to create a huge game universe where the GM's and players' im...Galactic West powered by Fate CoreRegular price: $15.00Bundle price: $1.00Format: Watermarked PDF The story of humanity discovering the Galactic West system is a tale of conquest, but also one of survival, and persistence. Through treaties with alien nations, political compromise, military conquest, establishment of law and order, building farms, ranches and towns, marking trails and digging mines, the whole system is gradually settled. Now the folk of the Galactic West system are becoming a proud frontier people, whose values are focused on equality, democracy, and optimism, as well as individualism, and self-reliance. From frozen moons to advanced planets, under the direction of the ‘core worlds’, the Federation is becoming ever more tightly bound together. But it is still a system that is recovering from civil war and there is scope for adventure on one frontier world...Mecha SmashRegular price: $15.00Bundle price: $1.00Format: Watermarked PDF Mecha Smash is an RPG that is: Story-focused. The adventurers are never confined to a certain subset of allowed actions. They are able to do whatever they wish and the rules are flexible enough to deal with that. The focus is on a compelling story, not tactical combat or levelling. However, the system is not pure storytelling, where absolutely everything is at the gamemaster's discretion. The GM does not have to decide the outcome of every fight.   It is suited to mecha settings. There is a setting provided, but it is able to work with whatever setting the GM dreams up. There is specific guidance on integrating mecha into a game, and the game is well suited to converting the mecha from a GM's favourite manga.     The rules can be understood within an hour of reading the r...Space Pirates powered by FateRegular price: $15.00Bundle price: $1.00Format: Watermarked PDF This is a very detailed setting that brings space pirates to the Extreme Future universe. The setting includes all the Fate Core rules in this book, so it can also be played as a stand-alone game. There are descriptions of life aboard a pirate spaceship, explanations for why spaceships on the Tarazet Periphery have large heat sails rigged on them and have their weapons mounted in broadsides. The economics of pirate plundering, and the trade routes they prey on are covered in depth, and the strategies pirates use in their attacks are also covered in just as much detail. So roll up a ship full of pirates and start plundering on the Tarazet Periphery, me hearties!...Total value:$109.95Special bundle price:$7.50Savings of:$102.45 (93%)Price: $109.95[...]

Roaming The Ruins : Stockart Background

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 15:34:16 CST

(image) Publisher: Christian Hollnbuchner

With this installment in this product line I continue to work on a palette of original and affordable stockart for personal and commercial projects of publishers and gamers alike.

The image presented here is a simple background, featuring a female adventurer roaming some ruins.


The Pack contains:

  • 1 PDF with a preview image (75% size) and the license agreement.
  • 1 PNG image. The image is 2550 x 1650 pixels in size at 300 dpi.

Price: $2.95

UPF Assault Scout Technical Manual

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 15:30:02 CST

(image) Publisher: Frontier Explorer

Hello Explorers!

The Frontier Explorer presents

(image) UPF Assault Scout Technical Manual

The UPF Assault Scout.  Probably the most iconic ship in the Frontier, the assault scout can be seen in almost any SpaceFleet patrol and as part of every planetary militia.  Small, fast, and versatile, the assault scout is a ship unmatched by anything in the Sathar fleets.

Despite its advantages, the original Stiletto class assault scout had some design issues. This Technical Manual reviews those issues and presents the details of a new Swift-class.  Roomier, hardier, and   designed for longer missions, the Swift-class is quickly becoming a mainstay of SpaceFleet's roster.

This 20-page document contains complete deck plans for two versions of the iconic ship: a remastered version of the original deck plans from the game as well as a redesigned and expanded interior for a new version of the ship.  It also contains details about the operation of the ship and notes on the design.  While the Assault Scout is an iconic ship in the Star Frontiers setting, it can be easily adapted to other systems and settings.

In addition to the PDF with the ship description, the download includes a number of additional digital files including the deck plans, ship cross sections, front, back, and bottom views of the ship and a 3D model suitable for printing or use in other modeling software.  The deck plans are presented at 1m per square, 2 squares to the inch and rendered at 200dpi for printing or use in virtual table top systems.  They are presented both with and without a grid and can be scaled as needed.

As is true with all the Frontier Explorer products, and per our agreement with Wizards of the Coast in creating Star Frontiers material, this download is completely free. But while we can't charge for our products, we are allowed to accept donations and “tips” from interested users.  The Frontier Explorer Presents series is our “tip jar”.  As such, we are releasing this project as a pay-what-you-want product to allow donations from the community to help support the Frontier Explorer.

If you like what you've seen in the published issues of the Frontier Explorer magazine and want to help keep it going, consider making a donation when you download this title by making a non-zero donation in the price box. If you don't want to contribute, that's fine as well.  Enjoy the free deck plans.  If, after downloading this product or any of our magazine issues, you want to make a donation, just visit our website and hit the donate button in the left sidebar.  All donations go toward maintaining the magazine's website and producing the magazine and special issues.

We hope you enjoy this special Frontier Explorer Presents issue. As always, keep exploring!

Price: $0.00

GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 15:04:58 CST

(image) Publisher: Steve Jackson Games

Master Grappling . . . or Face Defeat!

The canny warrior knows that grappling is fundamental to fighting. Any melee -- from a brawl to a swordfight -- could suddenly move into the clinch. Some fighters even specialize in such tactics!

This is a hard subject to get a hold on, however; volumes have been written about leverage alone. GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling brings this depth to GURPS. Expansions to the GURPS Basic Set and GURPS Martial Arts rules include:

  • Trained Strength. Discover how technical proficiency complements raw power.
  • Control Points. Transform grappling from an all-or-nothing affair to a matter of degree.
  • Position Revisited. Achieve leverage by jockeying for not only posture, but also facing and orientation.
  • Armed Grappling. Control and entangle your foes with a surprising variety of melee weapons.
  • Combat Options. Narrow your focus with the One Foe option, exploit Committed Attack to force a posture change, pass a limb to trap your opponent, and more.
  • Techniques. More than 30 of them -- some new, some modified. Use an Escaping Parry to break a clinch, or Change Position to establish a weight advantage.
  • Fighting Styles. Learn Jacket Wrestling or Shuai Jiao -- and distinguish between between bear and lion attacks -- with six classic styles plus four specifically for animals.

Whether your campaign features athletes wrestling for prizes and honor, lawmen who must control and disarm suspects, or historical warriors trained to fight to the death, Martial Arts: Technical Grappling will add detail and realism to your battles.

This supplement requires GURPS Martial Arts for GURPS Fourth Edition.

Price: $9.99

GURPS Power-Ups 1: Imbuements

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 15:04:58 CST

(image) Publisher: Steve Jackson Games

The Power is Within You!

Ever wanted your character to pick up a sword - any sword - and make it a "flaming sword"? How about a gunfighter who could pick up any pistol and bypass armor without changing ammo? Now you can!

Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch has written GURPS Power-Ups 1: Imbuements specifically to address this ability. With skills falling somewhere between cinematic combat skills and magic spells, Imbuements allow characters to channel an exotic force - or supernatural ability! - into whatever weapon they have in hand.

No more worrying about keeping your favorite weapon around. Now, the power comes from you!

Price: $4.99

GURPS Power-Ups 2: Perks

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 15:04:58 CST

(image) Publisher: Steve Jackson Games

Penny Candy for Your Character!

Everybody loves little bonuses for next to nothing. In GURPS, that means Perks -- one point advantages that add just a little edge to your character, and a whole mess 'o flavor. But like sweet treats, can you ever have enough?

Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch, architect of GURPS Fourth Edition, gathers together dozens of perks from previously published material, including the combat perks from Martial Arts. Power-Ups 2: Perks is your one-stop-shop for one point edges.

But that's not all! We've expanded on the old perks, making them easier to customize and fit into your character sheet. And then we added dozens more -- over 160 perks in all!

For the player looking for a bit of personality to add to his character, or the GM looking for examples to help him create his own campaign specific perks, Power-Ups 2: Perks has the goods.

Price: $5.99

GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 15:04:58 CST

(image) Publisher: Steve Jackson Games

There Is No Substitute for Talent

Training is good, but being a "natural" is better! GURPS Fourth Edition brings this real-life adage to the gaming table with Talents - advantages that improve groups of related skills and make them easier to learn. But so many Talents appear in so many GURPS supplements that choosing among them can involve tiresome amounts of page-flipping. GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents solves this problem by collecting all the "official" Talents in one place, noting their point costs, skill lists, and reaction modifiers - and their original sources, for campaigns that use only certain GURPS supplements.

Power-Ups 3: Talents is more than a catalog, though. It offers clarifications on what counts as a unique skill for Talent purposes, how Talents interact with defaults, and how to include combat skills in Talents without breaking the game. Also, it proposes many entirely new optional rules for Talents, such as:

  • Alternative Benefits. Replace the reaction bonuses granted by Talents with a wide range of other possibilities.
  • Anti-Talents. Flip Talents on their head for characters who suffer from broad-based incompetence.
  • Extended Talents. Crank Talent up to 11 . . . for times when four levels just aren't enough.
  • Learning Talents. Develop your Talent in play.
  • Smooth Talent Cost. Price Talents more precisely, whether to curb abuse or to encourage use.
  • Talents as Training. Adapt Talents to work as intensive training instead of as natural gifts.

If you like Talents, then you'll love all the examples and options that Power-Ups 3: Talents provides!

Power-Ups 3: Talents requires only the GURPS Basic Set, Fourth Edition.

Price: $5.99

GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 15:04:58 CST

(image) Publisher: Steve Jackson Games

Enhance Your Game!

Enhancements are useful tools, providing unlimited ways to modify advantages. GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements adds to the material from the GURPS Basic Set to provide new and powerful options.

This is a one-stop compendium of all general enhancements introduced after the Basic Set was released -- over 50 total, including several never before seen in any other GURPS supplement! Each enhancement is classified so the GM can know if it's benign, game-breaking, or somewhere in between.

You also get extensive guidelines, advice, and rulings on how to handle tricky enhancements. Meta-enhancements provide a way to customize new classes of abilities easily, the Cosmic enhancement is discussed in depth and fleshed out with several new variants, and the rules for modifying existing damage are greatly expanded and clarified.

Finally, you'll find a table of every enhancement -- including ratings for those classic abilities. Now you'll always know which enhancements are trouble!

With GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements, you'll unlock near-infinite possibilities to augment your advantages. Forget those spam e-mails promising enhancement; this is the real deal!

Price: $5.99

GURPS Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 15:04:58 CST

(image) Publisher: Steve Jackson Games

Strike a Bargain with Fate

Spending character points on permanent abilities is wonderful – but it doesn't guarantee that the dice will be nice. Sometimes, you don't want to leave the story to the mercy of random rolls! To solve this problem, GURPS Fourth Edition offers the alternative of players using points to buy successes and influence the game world. GURPS Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys takes this idea and runs with it, collecting all previously published rules for spending points on in-play outcomes, clarifying and expanding them, adding new possibilities, challenging the basic concept of points, and offering guidance on how to tailor everything to your campaign.

Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys is an exhaustive study of escaping the mindset that character points are for keeps and only the GM has a say in the story. Highlights include:

  • Buying Success. Influence success rolls, damage rolls, rolls on tables, and more -- up to and including avoiding "nuisance rolls."
  • Player Guidance. Alter setting and plot, obtain cash and favors, and seek divine intervention . . . for a price.
  • Survival. Deflect injury, infirmity, and even death for both yourself and your Allies.
  • Amazing Feats. Use points to push your abilities past their limits to pull off combat tricks, high-powered magic, and super-stunts, and even to make permanent changes in the world.
  • New Kinds of Points. Learn about splitting character points into multiple categories -- not to mention Destiny Points, Impulse Points, Serendipity Points, and Wildcard Points.
  • Shaking the Foundations. Revisit where points come from, where they go, and whether you even need them.
  • And Much More. Bids and wagers with points? Karma? Bullet Time? It's all here!

If you've ever felt that character points should do more than buy skills and Hit Points, or yearned to adapt points-for-outcomes systems from other RPGs, then you'll find Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys refreshing and useful!

Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys requires only the GURPS Basic Set, Fourth Edition.

Price: $5.99

GURPS Power-Ups 6: Quirks

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 15:04:58 CST

(image) Publisher: Steve Jackson Games

Small Problems, Big Fun

With GURPS characters, as in life, it's often the little things that matter most. Take quirks, for instance. At just -1 point apiece, you might think they don't count for much. That's one way of looking at things . . . but not the only way, and certainly not the most fun way!

GURPS Power-Ups 6: Quirks shows you just how much color a few quirks can add to your characters. It collects all the formally defined quirks published up to February 2013 and adds a bunch of totally new ones, many inspired by NPCs from GURPS supplements dating back as far as 1986. The result is nearly 200 quirks -- most of them highly customizable, many with numerous examples.

This volume also explores and expands the role of quirks. Ever wonder about what effects make a "fair" quirk? What can and can't be a quirk? The five-quirk limit? Graceful ways to handle adding, removing, or changing quirks? Here are your answers!

Whether you're looking for ready-to-go quirks, ideas you can quickly adapt, or just a little inspiration, GURPS Power-Ups 6: Quirks has what you need to populate your game worlds with interesting people.

Price: $7.99

GURPS Power-Ups 7: Wildcard Skills

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 15:04:58 CST

(image) Publisher: Steve Jackson Games

Heroes Gone Wild!

A great thing about GURPS is that its skill list covers not only classic adventuring tasks like combat, covert ops, and unsafe driving, but also social interactions, sciences, parrot-training, basket-weaving . . . And now, thanks to this new supplement, GURPS comes with options that can enhance certain action-oriented playing styles: wildcard skills that modify character sheets by replacing many standard skills.

GURPS Power-Ups 7: Wildcard Skills greatly amplifies on the few words in the GURPS Basic Set, giving you all of the "official" wildcard skills published up to November 2013 (more than 65 of them), plus:

  • Answers to questions about how wildcard skills interact with such fundamental concepts as bonuses, controlling attributes, defaults, and techniques.
  • Advice on defining new wildcard skills in terms of high concept, skill count, and skill breadth, with extra detail on those that simplify character templates, martial-arts styles, and supernatural abilities.
  • Optional rules for wildcard skills to relax penalties, combine multiple wildcards, grant bonuses that reach beyond skill rolls, enhance critical successes, and even bend the story itself!
  • Discussion of how to use wildcard skills in your campaign, ranging from "no wildcards" all the way up to "wildcards only."
  • Wild speculation, such as wildcard techniques and wildcard advantages.

If you enjoy cinematic, streamlined gaming without massive skill lists, then get GURPS Power-Ups 7: Wildcard Skills and see a whole new side of GURPS: the wild side!

Price: $7.99