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Comments on Veronika Sophia Robinson: The Frame

Updated: 2017-04-01T05:12:53.892-07:00


Dear Veronika, I just wanted to get in touch with...


Dear Veronika,

I just wanted to get in touch with you and congratulate you on your media appearances over the last year. I first saw you in Channel 4’s ‘Extraordinary Breastfeeding’ with your great spirited daughters, and instantly admired your views and commitment to more natural parenting.

Today I saw you eloquently putting across your knowledge on ‘Vanessa’s Real Lives’ and was so impressed that I had to write to you. I also believe that you are swimming against the tide in this society we live in and it might be refreshing to hear from someone that actually agrees with you regarding breastfeeding. I also thought that your intelligence was wasted on that programme, especially when Vanessa listed off foods that she considered a ‘healthy diet’! McDonalds! Chips! Steak! Pah! Your reply that breast milk would be needed if children were eating that kind of rubbish echoed my own thoughts! You were placed in the lions den, surrounded by ignorance and you shone. WELL DONE!

Thank you for making your way of life public, it does bless and encourage people like me out there! I always thought it isn’t wrong what you are doing, the repulsion this society has to it is what’s wrong. It makes perfect sense to me that human children should have human milk and calves should have cows milk. They have four stomachs and we only have one, for a start!

It is very rare and special to see someone like you that doesn’t care what people think and dictate, and does the best for her children. I’m interested to learn more about you so I’ll be reading your magazine and articles and sharing them with the breastfeeding support group I belong to in Milton Keynes. You are an inspiration.

I wish we did live in a society that allows us to live more naturally and more children would benefit from the wonderful milk God created for them. Don’t give up! There are some people that do listen and hear what you are saying! What you have done with your children is not disgusting – I’m sure you’ve heard many people say to you that it is, and you may appreciate me saying the opposite for a change.

Keep up the good work and inspiring us mothers out there that long for a more natural existence.

Kindest regards,

Stella Torr
Mother to Ronan and Lawrence

P.S. I love nettle tea too! But fennel's my absolute fave...

Thank you again V for sharing your thoughts. It i...


Thank you again V for sharing your thoughts.
It is nearly 4 years since I first met you. Since then there have been moments when you or your words ( written here or via The Mother) have appeared in some form to give me a healthy shove into an action I have been dithering about for a while.
I do not confuse you with some sort of prophet or seer, as I know you would hate to be thought of as such, but as the true Earth Mother I know you to be. Yet you are someone who clearly sees what I myself do not, or will not, and is not afraid to vocalise it.
Have just read this post and found it to inspire yet another step into a way of life I know is right for my little "snap shot".
When you look at the frame that you feel yourself to be remember that you hold together many more souls than Paul and the Girls, just by being there for us. A belated but heart felt thank you for simply being out there on display.