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Comments on Veronika Sophia Robinson: What's on the label?

Updated: 2017-04-01T05:12:53.892-07:00


Linda ~ *some* writers would say you were technica...


Linda ~ *some* writers would say you were technically correct...

I'm writing colloquially in my blogs. Writing and language are always evolving (or in a state of devolution, depending on your interpretation) so there will be changes in punctuation and grammar. Spelling, however, is a completely different ballgame (!) and it is NOT arrogance to expect a teacher to check the spelling list before she gives it to her students.

How nice that you notice the teacher's mistakes. ...


How nice that you notice the teacher's mistakes. We're all human and we make them. It's not so nice to be so downright condescending and arrogant, while you yourself make those same, if not worse, mistakes, Yes, your own writings are constantly filled with grammatical errors. For, even in that very post where you yakked on about the teacher's spelling error, you went on to write, "It's no surprise, really, given her and Bethany are such avid readers." Her and Bethany? I think not, my dear!

The correct form would be:
A. It's no surprise, really, given she and Bethany are such avid readers.
B. It's no surprise, really, given her and Bethany's passion for reading.

Aren't you as embarrassed as you thought the teacher would be? Or do you claim some lame excuse for the myriad grammar and punctuation errors throughout your blog? Get off your high horse, lady.

this has put such a different perpective on labels...


this has put such a different perpective on labels for me. I am rather proud to give myself some labels (such as 'aspiring earth mother', 'sometime vegetarian') and as I read the blog, was really captured by 'intuitive parent' (hmm, might use that one next time I try to explain my parenting style...). And if my little girl wants to call herself a princess that's fine by me! But understand your sentiment, this is definietly food for thought for me!

I just wanted to say what you wrote about your gir...


I just wanted to say what you wrote about your girls going to PS is totally how I would feel. But it seems no one understands and they all think it is no big deal. My husband wants to send the oldest to school and he just does not understand what the big deal is. My kids do not want to go and I feel like I am talking to the wall trying to explain why i do not want to stick my kids in that system. I admire you for how calm you are taking this whole think. I am calm about most things but this issue really makes my head spin.

I use to be rawraw but lost my password so I had to change my name.

Hello dear hearts,Yep totally resonate with all th...


Hello dear hearts,
Yep totally resonate with all this labelling neurosis. BUT - I also delight in celebrating each other. And although our children know we love em no matter what. They - like us - appreciate and blossom in the resonance of acknowledgement.

When they were tiny we celebrated in joy their first steps, their little 'achievements' -
The child doesnt really understand about those school labels - but they naturally delight in success and naturally bring that home to mum.
Just like the cat brings home the latest kill to the bottom of our beds!!! and sort of presents in pride almost awaiting our delight!!??
So also our children seek the joys of acknowledgement.

Just a bit sad that as they 'mingle' their sense of what achievement is! - gets a bit muddied by the 'system' - But for them its still a huge achievement and its merit to you dear Veronika that they bring it to you in glee and delight.

I guess in this new world of school (which I am sure they will tire of lol) these tokens of shallow esteem offered them, might be like tokens of initiatory acceptance and inclusion??

Just some thoughts shared!
Have really been appreciating your sharing and talking about this time Veronika.
I would find it so difficult to be forced to deal with the system in such a head on way! as you are being called to right now.

But always remember your girls are just still the gleeful delightful blossoming young princesses they always were, just the scenary has temporarly shifted for them.
Blessings and light.

label-less...The same goes for illnesses as well. ...


label-less...The same goes for illnesses as well. How is it beneficial to a child with mental illness to label the child with 3 or 4 "flaws" b/c that is how a child views it, as a flaw, as something that is bad wrong with them. Diagnoses in the mental health field are over used, and abused. How much better would a child feel if you just told them, "hay, you have some issues you need to work thru, and you may have to take medicine or go to therapy, but you are OKAY! and you are YOU and God made you that way for a reason." i was falsely labeled as a child and to this day, even tho i know i am OKAY, i feel a bit of shame, even if they were misdiagnoses, and my mothers attention seeking behaviour.
Let the child be who they are, and love them with a love unbridled by terms and conditions on pieces of paper. Ok, the end, off my soap box! :)