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Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like the AMAZING Recipes in The Motherhood's Holiday Rice Krispies Recipe Challenge


"Rice Krispies Holiday Showstoppers" Create a free slideshow with Picnik! Please check out all the awesomeness on TheMotherhood's Rice Krispies Recipe Challenge Circle! Our team of incredible bloggers did such an AMAZING, AMAZING job. You will be inspired to create...

DIY, cont.


How is it that Christmas is almost 10 days away? There were busy DIY elves working away this weekend, no doubt. There was lots of activity in Cooper's house! Here are some updates from Cooper's basement: Charm bracelets for the...

Homemade Holidays


We are loving our Homemade Holidays circle (started by the amazing Brandie), a conversation that has inspired us SO many times through the last few years with awesome ideas. Homemade Holidays has in fact made both of us focus most...

Fantastic Holiday Gift Ideas From Everyone in TheMotherhood


Thanks to and Cool Mom Picks for hosting an amazingly creative and inspiring Talk on holiday gift ideas for the holidays! Here are few of the highlights - - My favorite gift this year is to my parents. They...

Computer Dog!


Cooper's son decided The Motherhood needed a pet. He/she likes to sit under computers:

Advice for Expecting and New Moms – Highlights from the Talk


Today, in, we hosted a virtual baby shower of new-mom wisdom for new and expecting moms. Dr. Jen Trachtenberg - pediatrician, author and AVENT spokesperson and 10 top mom bloggers (each of them either expecting or with a young...

Curiosity, Grit, Zest, Gratitude, Social Intelligence, Self Control, Optimism


I love, love, love the traits my daughters' school is hoping to encourage and help instill in the kids there: Curiosity Grit Zest Gratitude Social Intelligence Self Control (at home and at school - they're different) Optimism

The State of the Mom Blogosphere - Highlights from the Talk


Ten hugely influential mom bloggers led a conversation in on The State of the Mom Blogosphere ... and rocked! Really, it was pure magic. So much great information was shared – from predictions for 2011 to advice on blogging, finding time and inspiration, working with brands, thoughts on platforms like Twitter, Foursquare and Gmail Priority Mail, and so much more.

TheMotherhood Survey of Mom Bloggers


During the week of September 6, 2010, surveyed more than 200 top mom bloggers on the topic of which social media tools and platforms they use most often. Here are the results from TheMometer (TM), TheMotherhood's own research into...

Here’s to the crazy ones.


“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. 
The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can...

Great Ideas for Lower Impact Living (from our live chat with Michelle Conlin)

2010-08-27T15:42:09Z hosted a live chat with Michelle Conlin (married to “No Impact Man” Colin Beavan) and nine fantastic bloggers this week to talk about Michelle’s year of 'no impact' living - no electricity, cars, planes, television, shopping, elevators, toxic cleaning... hosted a live chat with Michelle Conlin (married to “No Impact Man” Colin Beavan) and nine fantastic bloggers this week to talk about Michelle’s year of 'no impact' living - no electricity, cars, planes, television, shopping, elevators, toxic cleaning products, etc. – and about some of the ways we are all trying to live more frugally and greenly.   The ideas shared were incredible.  Here are the highlights (read the entire conversation here):   Things we are doing to live a life of less impact   Our kids take a hot lunch to school each day with no waste - they take cloth napkins & our utensils too. (Gina Rau)   Our thing is putting out only one can of trash per month. It keeps everything in check for us. Renee Limon   Just by taking off shoes (when you enter your house), you can reduce the toxins on your floor by over 80%. huntstevens   We have three families that live within 1/2 mile of each other and we've been trying small ways to "co-house"; Using 1 lawn mower for all three families, trading different magazine subscriptions, co-op babysitting, prepare large meals and share with one another, etc. (Holland) Green idea: use the gorgeous newspaper/magazines for wrapping paper and book covers! I have a bathroom papered in New Yorker mag covers. Sarah56 We have greened up our holidays by reducing the amount of gifts we give, giving handmade, and avoiding commercialism like the plague. Sara Sophia I buy solid shampoos and conditioners. Sara Sophia It was my idea to get rid of our TV because I realized it had become the enemy in our own living room. Michelle Conlin We have moved a lot (one of the sacrifices we make for my husband's career) and we try to choose walkable places to live.  It's a win-win: use the car less, and enjoy old-fashioned foot traffic interaction with people and places. Problem is, it's harder and harder to find places like this. Frugal Mama Our community just started curbside composting.  You can put *way* more stuff in than you can in your own little compost (like meat, eggshells, cat litter, all kinds of stuff).  Tracy Mayor Focusing locally is big for me - the artwork in my house (such as it is) was all created by local artists.  Diane Mac I do a lot of freezing of things we buy in bulk. We only shop once a month so I have a very stocked freezer. I make our own freezer meals and also make them for my in-laws. Lisa Sharp [We sometimes take] no-impact vacations where we take the train and our bikes to a local spot instead of going far, far away. Michelle Conlin We just returned from a week of hiking and kayaking in the Pacific Northwest. We had no TV and it was amazing how much we read and talked and just reconnected with each other. Internet and cell phone coverage was spotty and eventually we just stopped checking for it. It was the most wonderful, spiritual, healthy vacation we have EVER had in our lives... robin We grow some food of our own (small garden) and have canned some favorites. I don't think we save any money and it certainly is more effort and time, but I believe that being involved in our food is important for me and my children. Gina Rau  As Michael Pollan always says, stick to the perimeter of the grocery store--less packaging. Avoid the deadly and trans-fat and high-fructose-loaded middle aisles. Michelle Conlin I use Dr. Bronner's bar soap but no[...]

Mother Love


I'm visiting my Mom for a few days and I've got to say it just slays me. She has declined so precipitously over the last few years that I still can't quite believe she isn't coming back. I look at...

VTech’s Ultimate Tips for Encouraging Kids to Read


I love when our work with moms and brands creates great new information that's valuable to all of us. We just recently completed a project with VTech (creator of the V.Reader e-book for 3-7 year olds) where 16 favorite mom...



I just heard that the teenage daughter of our good friends almost died. She's okay now, but only after a terrifyingly close call. The diagnosis by the ICU doctors: Yaz. Her birth control pills. She's a freshman at UVA and...

My sister, the farmer


Yesterday Iris and Fern met the chickens. All went well, but Fern now likes to eat the shingles off the roof of the chicken coop.