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Management training and consultant provided by PHS, each UK business training article gives a detailed overview

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PHS Management Training - Consultant


Management training and consultant provided by PHS, improve performance by utilising best practice

5S Training - Lean Manufacturing Housekeeping


5s training and 5s housekeeping improvement consultant provided by PHS. Download training article on Lean manufacturing 5s h

BPR Training - Business Process Reengineering


BPR training and implementation consultant provided by PHS. Download BPR management training article on organisation step ch

Business Process Improvement Training


Business process improvement training provided by PHS consultancy.

Change Management Training


Change management training, article reviews change process, developing direction and management vision

Change Management Action Plan


Change management action plan from PHS providing training or consultant

Managing Change Training


Managing change training, consultant article prepares people to endorse organisational change process, creating shared agend

Business Management Consultant


Business Management consultant provided by PHS. Sectors include operations, manufacturing & production, change management, f

Customer Complaint Handling Training


Customer complaint handling training PHS article on innovative complaint and abusive call behaviour handling

Distribution Requirements Planning - DRP Training


DRP consultant & distribution resource planning training. PHS applying MRP management logic to stock within the distribution

Enterprise Resource Planning


Enterprise resource planning history, PHS ERP training consultant reviews history of manufacturing planning

ERP Training


Implementing ERP, PHS training article on successful implementation, manufacturing and control systems

Make to Order Training


Make to order training and consultant provided by PHS. Overview of Make to Order process

Sales & Operations Planning Training - S&OP


Sales & operations planning training PHS consultant. S&OP process training article on management plans, ownership and respon

Non Financial Manager Training


Finance training for non financial manager PHS business insight into financial and management accounts, cash versus profit,

JIT Training - Just in time


Just in time training the move to Japanese lean manufacturing. PHS JIT consultant explores excess stocks, quality in the man

Kaizen Training - Continuous Improvement


Kaizen training PHS continuous improvement article, the commitment to improvement that permeated every level of the organisa

Lean Training


Lean training PHS manufacturing consultant article explores the history, waste, JIT and business implementation

MRP Training


MRP training, PHS consultant article explores material requirements planning system, stock control levels and production pla

MRPII Training Article


MRPII Training provided by PHS, article describes Manufacturing Resource Planning tracking manufacturing and procurement pro

Business Process Mapping Training


Business process mapping PHS training article explores what to map, detail and assess

Procurement Management Training


Procurement management training and PHS consultant explores systematic checklists, mapping to corporate strategy, avoiding c

Procurement: Managing total cost & price and whole life costing


Procurement training article looks at managing total cost & price and whole life costing system of goods and services

Procurement training: Tenders negotiation and win the deal


Procurement training explores the specification process, public and private sector, inviting tenders and analysing. Risk of

Procurement: Legal issues & contract law - Terms and conditions


Procurement management training article explores the legal issues, contract law not just for lawyers, checking supplier term

Marketing Procurement Training Consultant


Marketing procurement to internal customers, training and consultant from PHS overview of procurement and communications.

Procurement: Managing suppliers and contractors


Supplier management training, explores the purchasing relationship, managing suppliers and contractors, pre-qualification an

Sustainable Procurement Training


Sustainable procurement training, PHS consultant article consider the environmental impact of the products and services

Procurement team management training and consultant


Leading and managing a procurement management team, motivating and rewarding; time management and reduced stress, training a

Project management - Business improvement


Project management training for business improvement, PHS consultant training article explores project definition and scope

Project Definition


A project definition clearly states the objectives to be achieved and the methodology to be employed, article by PHS managem

Project Scope


The project scope should state clearly what's included in the project with objectives measured, article by PHS management tr

Redundancy Management


5 phases of redundancy management and executive outplacement selection

Supply Chain Management Training


Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource Planning PHS training article explores evolution

Implementing Supply Chain Management


Implementing supply chain management, training and consultant provided by PHS

Supply Chain Training: Anything New


Supply chain is there anything new out there? MRP, CRP and APS. PHS training and consultant

Supply Chain Management Systems


ERP, supply chain management systems training and management consultant provided by PHS

How to delegate effectively


How to delegate effectively, choose the task, person and communicate effectively. Good time management

Run Effective Meetings


Run effective meetings, produce benefits and don't waste time. Time management

Effective Time Management Training - Objectives and Activities


Effective time management training article, activities concentrate on being effective not being busy. Use key tasks and obje

TQM Training - Total Quality Management


Total quality management training and TQM consultant from PHS, Training article explores the improvement process, history, q

Value Stream Mapping Training


Value Stream Mapping training and consultant. Download mapping training article, assess value process content and focus impr

7Ws Elimination of waste - Training Article


7Ws Elimination of waste training, PHS article on lean manufacturing elimination of production waste only making what is req