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Indymedia news from London.

Published: 2017-05-02T00:55:41+00:00


The UK Indymedia website is to be archived


Open publishing was disabled on this site in mid-July 2016 as there was a very low volume of original grass roots news reports from activists being posted and the collective running the site was dwindling as people were working on other things.

#ANTIFA: #TEDDYBEARS #PICNIC @slatukip @dubdanu @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB


LESS THAN thirty brazen little crybabies escaped the clutches of mummy and daddy to parked their prams in Hyde Park for their annual Teddybears Trump Picnic, whilst policemen in riot gear stood guard for the nasty big bogeymen from the UAF, who had threatened to turn up and spoil the fun of the little Angels and cherubs of the EDL's Hitler Pre-School Division. Sealed off in a secluded part of the park, crouching on a bed of used condoms and dog dirt, when the policemen's backs were turned, several several wee nationalists got up to mischief, squatting down, emptying their diapers onto the grass. Several nationalist babies worse for wear, slipped face-first on faeces, proving a welcome diversion to the monotony of the same old tired and worn speeches.

#ANTIFA: TOMMY GOES ANTI-BLACK @slatukip @dubdanu @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @2FERDI7


ONCE a hardened Islamophobe goes anti-black, there's no turning back. Ex-leader of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson, has, until now. shied away from openly supporting other forms of racism besides loathing Muslims, under strict orders from paymaster Pamela Geller to keep his hatred narrowly focused on one particular target. Under Geller's advice, Yaxley-Lennon established its notorious Uncle Tom divisions designed to masquerade the EDL's outright fascism as a purely anti-Muslim group, when, as known to just about everybody in the UK, EDL members are anti-everybody not from a straight, pure white Anglo-Saxon bloodline. Since the rise of Black Lives Matter, the worldwide antiracist organisation that campaigns against institutionalised anti-black racism, Tommy has returned to his BNP roots in tweeting hatred against black people, openly supporting the cold-blooded murders of innocent black men by US patrolmen.

Trident month of direct action- video report


Direct action video report

Keep Jeremy Corbyn!


Readers, following the events of the last couple of weeks I would urge all of you to sign the following vote of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn. It is now more vital than ever that a socialist voice is heard in opposition to the impending move to the right. I for one don’t believe that Corbyn who was voted in less than a year ago with 59% of the vote (more than all the other candidates combined!) by the members should be without support at the recent behaviour of both Labour MPs in their coup attempt.

#ANTIFA: #BUCKBY JO COX RAPE SLUR @slatukip @misscheeky666 @siegfails @JLRFB


Jack Buckby, the neo-Nazi ex-BNP candidate who is standing on his own against the Labour candidate in the Batley and Spen parliamentary constituency, has sickeningly tweeted appalling lies about the murdered MP, horrifically and absurdly accusing the late Labour MP Jo Cox of being "complicit in the rape of children", using her picture in a vile smear video shared on social media. The shameless LibertyGB candidate thrown out of university in Liverpool for racist activities, crudely exploits Jo Cox's death with a stomach-churning lie, spitting bile on the grave of the recently murdered MP, untruthfully linking the late MP with the child sex abuse scandal of Rotherham. The suspect in Jo Cox's murder, Thomas Mair, is currently detained awaiting trial in the autumn, the continued suffering of the Cox family heightened with Buckby's horrific and deceitful slur.





Look event:


Let us unite and be together and fight for human rights and for freedom of movement.

#ANTIFA #ALERT: #STOP #FARAGE @slatukip @exposingBF @misscheeky666 @JLRFB #UKIP


BREXIT is to reach its peak of nastiness this Thursday, when the gutter press, the Sun, Express and Mail are all set to influence the way people vote in the EU referendum. Whilst the Express headline is likely to go full-nazi, on the strictest instructions of UKIP donor Richard Desmond, the most influential scare tactics are surely to come from the Sun. Non-domicile megalomaniac Rupert Murdoch is all ready to tell one last almighty lie to sway the vote in his favour, as a warmongering criminal, money-laundering, tax-dodging multi-billionaire control who wants to rule Britain and the whole of the English speaking world. Don't let Murdoch, IBS, Gove, Boris, and worst of all, Nigel Fuhrage win - the leader of UKIP who shouted "Hitler Was Right", according to his former classmates, and told Jewish pupils they would be "sent to gas chambers".


Ironically, Nigel Furhage uses the anti-fascist aeroplane the Spitfire on his publicity videos, where in fact, he has since his childhood been a lover of the German Nazi Messerschmitt.

#ANTIFA: FARAGE ADMIRED HITLER @slatukip @siegfails @misscheeky666 @antisemitism


SPANISH newspaper El Pais has contacted one of Nigel Farage's former schoolmates, and discovered that Farage is not a huge Islamophobe and anti-refugee in his role as leader of UKIP, but during his youth, he was an avid hardcore neo-Nazi who racially abused Jewish pupils with the most sickening hate, using phrases including "Hitler was right" and whispering in their ears that they would be "sent to gas chambers", the most vile and horrific allegations that must not be brushed under the carpet, just because he is a party leader. A translation of his fellow pupil's words, follows, as a screenshot.

#RACIST #SHEFFIELD #DOCTOR: @slatukip #ANTIFA @misscheeky666 @jlrfb @siegfails


A Britain-First supporting Muslim-loathing doctor, fully qualified weight loss medical doctor (registered with the GMC as a doctor), is boasting that his clinic discriminates against Asian (seemingly specifically Muslim) clients, whom he accuses of being liars and cheats, despite of being of an Asian background himself. Dr James Bond (presumed real name) from Sheffield is a doctor who operates weight-loss and personal training clinic, and is also a paid employee of the Sheffield Star, a newspaper whom he writes health and fitness features for. Discrimination on grounds of race or religion is illegal, and is grounds for Mr Bond's dismissal as a General Medical Council, as is Mr Bond's open agreement that Islam should be banned from the United Kingdom (see screenshots below). Dr Bond also wants Islam banned from the UK, and uploads and favourites extreme Islamophobic videos, including one entitled "DEPORT ALL MUSLIMS"....., behaviour unbefitting as a GP.

#ANTIFA #ALERT: JACK #FUCKBY @slatukip @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @2ferdi7


JUST as we thought we had seen the back of electoral neo-Nazis, with the demise of the BNP, along goosesteps ex-BNP and Pegida organiser Jack Fuckby, Buckby the repulsive Adolf Hitler admirer who was dismissed from his university course in Liverpool for his repulsive fascist activities. Whilst all other parties are not standing in Birstall as a matter of respect to the family of murdered MP Jo Cox's ward, Fuckby knows no shame, determined to rub in the sorrow and suffering in the most abysmal manner. It is the unwritten rule of politics that nobody counters party re-election in by-elections for murdered members of parliament, so no benefit can be gained from politically-motivated acts of terror, to remove all incentive for murder. Antifascists are asked to be on their look-out for fascist activity in the Birstall area.

#ANTIFA: #BRITAIN'S #BREXIT #BREIVIK @slatukip @misscheeky666 @exposingBF @JLRFB


COLD-BLOODED neo-Nazi murder suspect Thomas Mair appeared in court today, and instead of giving his name when asked, by the judge, he ranted "DEATH TO TRAITORS, FREEDOM FOR BRITAIN.....", combining the taglines of both Anders Breivik and #Brexit. Whilst everybody is innocent unless convicted, Mr Mair's statement was most definitely pro-murder and strongly indicative of British independence. Log onto the internet, and search Twitter for "death to traitors", and you will come across thousands of far right, neo-Nazi and white supremacist posts along the same line from EDL, BNP, Britain First, NWI, NEI, SEA, National Action, NF posts, and all the other worldwide white nationalist organisations including not forgetting the KKK. As expected, Mair is not charged with terrorism offences, and neither with a racially-aggravated crime, not does Brexit come into the realm of the criminal charges, thus it is fair, legal and justified to rationally make reference to the facts and allegations ALREADY in the public domain, whilst the #Brexiteer camp tries to turn public attention away from far right links to #Brexit, scared witless people will vote for #Remain out of sheer disgust at #Brexit's links to the toxic far right politics of hate, Mark Collett and friends, seemingly the tip of the iceberg.

The BBC reported that a police search on Thomas Mair's house discovered nazi regalia.


#ALERTA #ANTIFA: LITTLE JAMES LAMB @slatukip @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @ant1fane #ed


White supremacist groups like National Action are reaching out to more and more young people, encouraging them to get involved with the hate politics that killed Jo Cox, using terms like "white genocide" on their profiles. James is one for the anti-terror police to look out for in future, and the police and ANTIFA should keep tabs on him. Just take a look at the face on the profile - looks like a young Oswald Mosley or Nick Griffin in the making. It doesn't matter how childish young 20 year old racists are, when they say "the traitors will be made accountable", they ultimately mean via the bullet or the gun, as what happened to murdered Birstall and Batley MP - Jo Cox.

#ANTIFA: RICHARD BOON #NEI @ant1fane @slatukip @JLRFB @dsahad @misscheeky666


NEO-NAZI NORTH EAST INFIDELS (NEI) / Durham EDL member Richard "Saex" Boon of Newcastle posted the most appalling comment on the cold-blooded murder of MP Jo Cox from Birstall, Kirklees (near Batley), West Yorkshire, on the Britain First facebook page, approving of her murder. Jo's killer was a gunman in his fifties also armed with a knife who shouted out the words - "Britain First" while shooting her.

Richard "Saex" Boon is a former civil servant, who has worked at the MOD for ten years and also Newcastle Job centre, before he went sick (supposedly from disability), setting up his motorcycle repair garage business called "Busted Knuckle Garage" in Newcastle where he repairs motorbikes

#ANTIFA #ALERT: #BREXIT #DUNGEON @slatukip @siegfails @missheeky666 @JLRFB #ukip


WARMONGER AND THATCHERITE POWER-GIVER Rupert Murdoch nailed his colours to the mast by supporting #Brexit. His rightwing populist newspaper has supported Britain's withdrawal from Europe since the last election, running one hatemongering racist populist campaign after another. Announcing the Pope is indeed Catholic and bears poo in near trees, should be a wake-up call for any hopeful, wool-over-their-eyes Labour #Brexiteers who think an independent Great Britain would magically herald a socialist government. Unless another Tony-Blair-style Blue Labourite takes charge of the opposition, Labour will never be elected to no10, with or without the seats lost to the SNP. Rupert Murdoch has decided the outcome of all British prime-minsterial elections since Margaret Thatcher as the publisher of Britain's best selling newspaper, and should a general elections be held anytime after #Brexit, the oppressive Australian tax avoider will ensure that once again the Tories win the election outright with Boris Johnson in-charge, or in coalition with UKIP which would be the ultimate fascist nightmare, handing tangible power in return for the Sun backing #Brexit to the biggest arch-villain of all - Rupert Murdoch.