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Preview: Comments on: Israellycool Podcast #7 June 29th, 2005

Comments on: Israellycool Podcast #7 June 29th, 2005

Down Under Punditry in the Middle East

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By: Anonymous

Thu, 30 Jun 2005 16:30:11 +0000

Hey Avi, I think you really nailed it (no punn intended) when you named "apathy" as the culprit. It seems that most people have a tendency towards apathy when living their lives in the familiar "now", not giving much thought as to the later consequences of current actions. Many are too stuck in ego and self-preservation to bother :(

By: Anonymous

Thu, 30 Jun 2005 08:56:01 +0000

Bravo, Avi! Just keep in mind that these mysterious nail and oil devils are nowhere to be found. No witnesses. Not a trace. Nada. If they ever catch them, they should receive the maximum sentence. Makes no difference if they're anti-disengagement supporters or Shabak or Police goons. Actually, it does make a difference. The latter are far more disgraceful. I would parachute-drop them over Labanon, where they can better assist the Arab and Muslim goal of annihilating Israel. OK, I'm exagerating. Skip the parachute. Shy Guy

By: Anonymous

Thu, 30 Jun 2005 08:34:59 +0000

Shalom David, Great podcast although as you predicted I am one who disagrees with you at least on two points. First- It is true the IDF needs to be united but they are being instructed to perform an action outside of their duty, in fact completely contrary to their duty. The Job of the IDF is to protect the Jewish people and their state. They were directly engaging against Jews and in an action which to your own admission will put Jews in danger in the future. Such an action if it must be carried out by anyone should be a police action. The division is being created by the army performing this oxymoronic function. I hate to think of what division may be caused if disengagement is actually implemented. So a soldier is a soldier it is true, and he must obey orders. However for every rule there are exceptions and every soldier is first and foremost a Jew and a human being. Even a soldier is responsible to resist when they are asked to perform something that goes completely contrary to everything they stand for. That is the whole refute of the Nuremberg defense of following orders. Sometimes you are asked to use your common sense. I'm bringing an extreme example I admit but just as any soldier whose duty it is to defend and protect must resist an order of cold blooded murder, a Jewish soldier whose duty it is to protect and defend Jews and the Jewish State must be responsible as well to question orders that so diametrically appose that ultimate purpose. Again, if this is a painful step to saving lives in the long run then a soldier is a soldier and what must be done, must be done. However to your own admission, you do not believe this uprootment will save lives. It appears the only thing it will save is some careers, at least in the short run. -Second issue is that of protesting. I 100% agree that there are lines that should not be crossed and danger to our fellow Jews is that line. However inconvenience is not crossing that line. I believe that the roadblockers (nail and oil free version) are bringing a taste of the pain of disengagement to the public who needs to be aware of it. Lets be real(ly cool). There are those on the right who will never be convinced of left wing views barring some incredibly drastic events and vice versa for the left. Most of the population though falls into the middle and it is that apathetic opinion the roadblockers are trying to influence. For this majority, the disengagement is a world away. A sad and unfortunate event they sigh about while reading the paper or watching the news but something they feel no real connection with nor ability to influence. The road blockers say " As much as this inconveniences you... our homes, our very lives are being uprooted, and your going about your life like nothings changed!" Now yes, maybe this will make people angry but that is the idea. Anger spurs action. no one should be apathetic toward such monumental events, and if they are spurred to action the next step is to have them think. That's the orange everywhere and the signs about dangers of increasing terror due to the uprootment of Jews. Apathy is what allowed this thing to get this far in the first place. Jews must stick together as you said and the not caring enough to act on another Jews behalf is what empowers the few elites to dictate the fates of our fellow brothers in Gush Katif. If one needs to spend some time in idle thought on the way home from work in order to realize that' then so be it.

By: Anonymous

Thu, 30 Jun 2005 08:30:57 +0000

'Disputed territories'!? You are beyond the pale sometimes...