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Alba legacy archive: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Perth, Dundee and Aberdeen.

Published: 2008-01-31T21:55:53+01:00


An interview with Plane Stupid on the nature and future of the influential anti-


Plane Stupid is a well-known and very successful anti-aviation campaigning organisation which regularly catches headlines, and promotes direct action targeting the fastest growing cause of climate change: aviation. The group came together in 2005, when a group of activists disrupted an international aviation conference using rape alarms attached to helium balloons during the key note speech. A group has formed in Scotland, which in January breached the security of Edinburgh airport and blockaded a private jet company that fuels the conspicuous consumption of the very rich. The following is an interview conducted via email with Robbie Gillett, one of the founding members of Plane Stupid.

Private Investigator, Server Threatened for serving Federal Court Judgments.


Deyanne Dusty Harrison served a federal Court Injunction on Placer County on December 29,2007 to free Alvin from malicious kidnap. The Federal Injunction was transfered to Nevada USDC on January 25, 2008, and "Dusty" a Placer County court officer was threatened for performing her duty and turned on her client.
Thia happened with P.I Floyd Smith in 2005 whom we paid over $20,000.00 he was threatened and abandoned.

Finkelstein: Controversies and the Israel/Palestine conflict


In this lecture at Edinburgh University Norman Finkelstein tackles the most controversial topics in the Israel - Palestine conflict. Examining what the record and world consensus shows he explains that most of the controversy is fake and that the issues are actually very simple to understand.

Change of Religion under Islamic Shari'a: the Case of Barack Obama


Senator Barack Obama, a Democrat candidate for president claims that he was born of a Muslim father and that he converted to Christianity. This article deals with the issue of conversion according to the Islamic Shari’a.

Cuts resurrected for Edinburgh schools


The latest drive to improve education by New Labour got off to a bad start after Edinburgh city council set up a cross-party group to decide which schools get closed in 2008.

REMEMBER HOLOCAUSTS, with new enquiries, new passion, rage, love . . . .


This sunday is holocaust memorial day.
There is a "holocaust memorial day trust" www site,
there is also "" . . . . but there are also other things to remember,
as with the "remember each eleventh" campaign, the key is to both remember the actual people involved - ALL types - as whole people who were going to have entirely different breathing existences, of laughs, of wry sideways smiles, of mistakes, of gifts left for the worlds future in little ways or large . . . . but also to keep enquiries open to avert the stupidities recurrence. . . .

Justice For Atenco!!!



Rivlin's Court stinks of bullshit and corruption


Mr Chris Coverdale making wars history


Murder of a young communist leader in Colombia by paramilitary


BOGOTA, January 22nd, 2008 - The Colombian Association of University Students (ACEU), demonstrates
its indignation and disgust as opposed to the barbarian MURDER OF ALIRIO
QUIÑONEZ, agrarian youth leader and member of the Central Committee of Colombian Communist Youth.

CIA Supported Rightward Shift of Labour Party


The British American Project received funds from the CIA to help what it saw as anti-Americanism within Europe. When you look at some of the people who were involved in the project on the list, it helps explain why they have appeared more like Tories than the Tories themselves. Also, what was Mandelson really up to when he was a member of socialist organizations in his youth?

Venezuela: A Breath of Fresh Air


Eyewitness to progress in Venezuela - it's now a country for all. No longer will the masses allow it to be just benefiting the elites, with some large crumbs thrown to the upper middle class,

Jet-set waltz off while the planet burns


Over twenty environmental protesters have this morning breached security at Edinburgh Airport and blockaded the entrance to the private jet company, Greer Aviation.

Death and Darkness in Gaza


A humanitarian crisis is underway as the Gaza Strip’s only power plant began to shut down on Sunday, and the tiny coastal territory entered its third full day without
shipments of vital food and fuel supplies due to Israel’s punitive sanctions.

Home Office intimidation of voluntary asylum workers


The Border and Immigration Agency is now threatening 'unqualified' people who write letters on behalf of asylum seekers with prosecution, as part of their latest campaign to deprive them of any form of representation.

Video of Matias, a Mapuche killed by the police


The 3 of January of 2008, when he was participating in a land reclamation along with other 30 compañeros a bullet shoot by the police force killed him instantly.
His compañeros and compañeras decided not to leave the body in the hands of the police and they carry him away with them.....
From this corner of europe we want to sand a strong hug to the family and his friends.
And our most deep admiration for Matias, a Mapuche fighter who gave his life for the rights of his people.