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Published: 2011-01-05T19:03:21+00:00


Student demonstrations: Advice for those wanted by Police.


There are reports of individuals who the police are searching for in order to make an arrest. Some people may believe they do not have much chance of escaping arrest due to the amount of details the police have on you (such as your name) and may not want to go underground and are therefore considering handing themselves in. The writers of this article (All Colours Are Beautiful) would like to share this advice:

Racist, Fascist & Zionist Facebook pages hacked by TeaMp0isoN & ZHC


A Few hours before the start of 2011, TeaMp0isN & ZHC announced that they were going to do a "Mass Clean-up" on Facebook, a few hours after the announcement, 100s of Facebook pages were hacked

Preston Poverty: Figures


New figures show the starkness of the growing inequality in Preston, Lancashire.

Help! Lives are in danger!


Afghan and Iranianwomen and children seekingasylum in Greece beingbattered and assaultedby the elite units of the Greek police, right outside The Ministry of Citizen Protection. Asylum seekers, outside The United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Greece, have—once more—sewn their lips!

Bicycle Social Centre Manchester


We are shortly opening a cycling community centre in Manchester. A place where people can socialise over an inexpensive vegan lunch, use the tool library, attend bike maintenance classes, earn a bike and much more!

Call out for solidarity actions against Shell


Any day now Shell will find out whether it will be able to continue with the dangerous Corrib Gas Project in Co. Mayo, Ireland

BNP & EDL Websites Hacked & Member Information Leaked


A list showing the full contact details of shoppers and donors who used the far-right English Defence League’s (EDL) clothing website & the database of BNPtv has been published online.

Tax dodgers shut down again


It was the last weekend before Christmas, the busiest time, the cash bells ringing, then came the snow. It was the last weekend before Christmas, UK Uncut had decided to target the tax dodgers, shut down as many retail stores as posible, then came the snow.

Heinz Means Strikes In Wigan


Workers at the Heinz factory in Wigan stopped work on Wednesday, leading to the production of an estimated 2 million fewer cans of beans and other foods. They are striking against a below-inflation pay offer, which has been combined with attacks on sick pay and changes to the bonus scheme.

Pro student letter in todays Northern Echo


In response to the right and far right polutting newspaper letters pages and message boards with anti student crap its time we took them on.

A message of Solidarity to British Students - From Iranian Students


In response to a solidarity massage to Iranian students from occupant students in the universities of UCL, Manchester, Sheffield, SOAS, Brighton, Goldsmiths and Bath:
((image) Iranian students inside the country as well as those studying abroad have drawn up a message of solidarity to the British students who are protesting against cuts and privatisation of Education system as well as universities.

Next to Nowhere Christmas gig Sat 18th Dec


Survived another year? Come and celebrate with Liverpool Social Centre: Bands, food, DJs, sparkly lights and merriment.

Support for students is very strong


The old control of the media is not enough to get hegemonic control of society in the context of the new student risings.

Why is the press unable to report protests accurately?


Article analysing and critiquing the recent mainstream press coverage of the tuition fee protests

Police misconduct: Green Black Cross launches appeals for information.


Witness police brutality/misconduct in the student demos? Visit the website and get in touch...