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Not our Land!!

Sun, 20 Jan 2008 02:54:15 GMT

akotah nilateral ithdrawal from ll greements and reaties with the nited tates of merica e as the freedom loving akotah eople are the predecessor sovereign of akota erritory as evidenced by the reaties with the nited tates overnment, including, but not limited to, the reaty of 1851 and the reaty of 1868 at ort aramie. akotah, formally and unilaterally withdraws from all agreements and treaties imposed by the nited tates overnment on the akotah eople. akotah , and the population therein, have waited for at least 155 years for the nited tates of merica to adhere to the provisions of the above referenced treaties. he continuing violations of these treaties terms have resulted in the near annihilation of our people physically, spiritually, and culturally. akotah rejects nited tates ermination y ppropriation policy from 1871 to the present. n addition, the evidence of gross violations of the above referenced treaties are listed herein. akotah encourages the nited tates of merica, through its overnment ,to enter into dialogue with akotah regarding the boundaries, the land and the resources therein. lease contact the akotah nterests ection, aomi rcher, at (828) 230-1404 or hould the nited tates and its subordinate governments choose not to act in good faith concerning the rebirth of our nation, we hereby advise the nited tates overnment that akotah will begin to administer liens against real estate transactions within the five state area of akotah. akotah, through its government, appointed the following representatives to withdraw from all the treaties with the nited tates of merica based on the ienna onvention on the aw of reaties entered into force in 1980 and the .. eclaration on the ights of ndigenous eoples 2007: eghiya te eretofore known as ary owland anupa luha ani eretofore known as uane artin r. yate acinyapin eretofore know as ussell eans ni yuha ajin in eretofore known as hyllis oung akotah olitical and iplomatic elations with the nited tates of merica he first official contacts between akotah and the government of the nited tates of merica began in earnest after the nited tates conducted a commercial transaction with rance, commonly known as the ouisiana urchase, in 1803. rior to that time, akotah exercised complete and unfettered freedom and independence in their territory. ccording to the fantasy of nited tates history, the ouisiana urchase was a purported sale by rance to the nited tates of 530 million acres (2.1 million for $15 million. art of this sale included the territory of akotah who, of course never had knowledge of, nor gave consent to, the sale of their national territory. he first treaty between the .. and any segment of akotah occurred in 1805, , and various other treaties of peace and friendship, between akotah and the .. s citizens of the .. began to invade and encroach on the territory of akotah in increasing numbers, tensions and violence erupted. o prevent full-scale war, the ort aramie reaty of 1851 was requested by the .., to allow a transportation route through akotah territory. he treaty did not impair the sovereignty or the independence of akotah. n fact, the treaty expressly recognized akotah as an independent nation, and the treaty respected all national business of akotah. fter repeated violations by the nited tates of the 1851 reaty, warfare broke out between akotah and the .. akotah defeated the .. in the so-called ed loud ar, leading to the .. to call for another treaty conference at ort aramie. he second treaty agreed for the .. to abandon the ozeman oad, and the accompanying military forts that had been built along it, and promised to keep .. troops and settlers out of akotah territory. lmost immediately, the .. began violating terms of the treaty, allowing railroad and mining interests to trespass and steal akotah resources and territory. n 1874, the infamous .. military commander, eorge uster, led an invasion of the most sacred part of akotah territory, the aha apa (lack ills), prompting an invasion of gold seekers, and provoking another war between th[...]


Sun, 29 Apr 2007 00:23:13 GMT

(image) :


lease o here,

scroll to the bottom of yron ichard's hard hitting article- where with one mouse click you can send a form letter instantly to your enators and ongressman opposing .1082 he evitalization ct of 2007 which is scheduled to
go to the enate floor for a vote on onday, pril 30th.

( 3 !)

(he enate bill will probably then also rushed to the loor of the ouse shortly thereafter a few days or weeks later so we must continue to be vigilant past monday.)

his treacherous 262 page bill which supposedly "protects us" from dangerous drugs actually does the and has been ably exposed by yron ichards, author of ight or our ealth- xposing the 's etrayal of merica in conjunction with attorney onathan mord who is working with us in an effort to kill it.

utrageously, the bill would create an actual inside the !

his rug ompany would be called the "eagan-dall oundation for the ood and rug dministration" and if we allow this monster to be created inside the gates of the , all bets are , the gency will work to protect its from !

his bill gives the sweeping new power to attack safe dietary supplements (read yron's article for details.)

he bill renews the rescription rug ser ee ct which had expired, and ennedy has set up a payola scam akin to business owners paying protection money to the mafia whereby drug companies wanting faster approval on their products can pay the which will receive $380 illion or more than 50% of their budget for new drug approvals from the industry they're supposedly "regulating."

enator rassley has expressed grave reservations about this bill, wanting to know why a special center can't be set up inside to monitor the dangers of drugs already on the market but his alternative bills won't make it to the floor because ennedy controls the committee.

he ife xtension oundation has made it possible to oppose this dangerous bill with just one allowing you to send a form letter to your enators and ongressman- so please go here: scroll to the bottom and click on the button that says " "!

hen please call your enators via the apital witchboard at

202-225-3121 to lob in the same message: " .1082- the evitalization ct! t doesn't protect us from unsafe drugs, it does the opposite! t creates a drug company inside while giving broad new power to attack safe dietary supplements!"

or ealth reedom, ohn . ammell, resident nternational dvocates for ealth reedom 556 oundary ay oad oint oberts, 98281-8702 800-333-2553 .merica 360-945-0352 orld

About Bush's UN speech...

Wed, 20 Sep 2006 22:00:06 GMT

(image) .....nvoking the death and suffering inflicted upon merican civilians five years ago before such an international audience clearly raises the following question: what about the far greater death and suffering unleashed upon the world by militarism in 9/11s aftermath?

ccording to a recent report, over 100 raqis are being killed every day under the occupation, meaning that raq suffers the equivalent of 9/11 each and every month. ince the invaded the country three-and-a-half years ago, hundreds of thousands of raqis have died. any thousands more civilians have been killed in fghanistan. eanwhile, the death toll among troops in the two occupied countries has now surpassed the number of deaths inflicted on eptember 11.

Ugly Secrets the News will NEVER tell you!

Thu, 9 Feb 2006 00:26:13 GMT

he article says it all. ill we ever learn? t doesn't look as if we will, just look at history.*************************** : ews & nalysis : orth merican merican tragedythe plight of the war woundedy ames ogan7 ebruary 2006ne of the terrible legacies of the criminal wars in fghanistan and raq is the number of maimed, sick or traumatised former soldiersmany of them just in their twentieswho will require medical assistance for the rest of their lives. or political reasons, the scope of the tragedy is barely being reported despite the impact it is having on a significant layer of young men and women, their families and communities.ue to improvements in surgical techniques, medicine, body armour and transportation, only nine percent of merican casualties in raq die from their wounds, compared with 17 percent in ietnam and 23 percent during orld ar . he official death toll since ovember 2001 stood at 2,513 as of ebruary 7261 deaths in fghanistan and 2,252 deaths in raq. he official wounded number stood at 17,096676 in fghanistan and 16,420 in raq.he lower death rate compared with previous wars means that soldiers are surviving after suffering horrifying injuries. s many as six percent of all wounded in raq who could not return to duty have required amputations, compared with three percent in earlier conflicts. n rmy hospitals alone, more than 330 troops have had an arm or leg amputated53 suffered multiple amputations. he total figure of amputations is likely to be higher. he arine orp, which does not release casualty data, has engaged in some of the bloodiest fighting in raq and suffered a considerable proportion of casualties.n features published on ctober 25, 2005 and anuary 31 this year, the ew ork imes has documented the plight of some of the worst cases of wounded soldiersthose who have been classified as polytrauma patients. iting the director of the eterans hospital in ampa, octor teven . cott, the imes reported that the typical polytrauma case had head injuries, vision and hearing loss, nerve damage, multiple bone fractures, unhealed body wounds, infections and emotional and or behavioural problems. ome have severed limbs or spinal cords.t least 215 soldiers have been treated in four specialist centres dedicated to keeping the most severely wounded alive and rehabilitating them. everal new patients are admitted each weekmainly casualties of roadside bombings in raq. any have major brain damage and have needed to be taught how to speak and walk again, even how to swallow. n a grim indication that the entagon has well-advanced plans for future wars, the epartment of eteran ffairs plans to construct 21 more such specialist case cited by the imes concerned a 29-year-old marine with profound brain injuries, third-degree burns and a damaged nervous system. e and his young wife will require hundreds of thousands of dollars of assistance each year to ensure adequate care and ongoing treatment and rehab.aul asquina, a military doctor at alter eed ospital, told the imes in ctober 2005: omeone who loses one limb is a challenge to get back to a meaningful, functional lifestyle. ut someone who loses three limbs, on top of other types of soft tissue wounds, fractures, head injuries, spinal cord injury, paralysis...?omplicating the physical rehabilitation are the emotional and psychological problems provoked by memories of how they were wounded and the extent of their injuries. octor cott told the imes last month: e expect to follow these patients for the rest of their lives. ut have a great deal of concern about our countrys long-term commitment to these individuals. ill the resources be there over time?oncern over the long-term fate of the wounded is compounded when the true dimensions of the casualties that have been suffered by the military in fghanistan and raq are considered. n top of the official figure of close to 20,000 killed or wounded-in-action since ovember 2001, there are now tens of thousands of soldiers who have been e[...]

The political issues behind the Iranian nuclear confrontation

Sun, 22 Jan 2006 03:06:02 GMT

s it not true that:-- if we do nothing, --vote for candidate (because really they are all for power, greed, lies and corruption), --pay taxes to fund war and corruption and --don't look at our actions and lifestyles as being a part of the bigger picture...then we are really part of the cause of the wars, hunger, poverty, sickness, disease, and suffering in the world? o say no is to lie for these scenarios go on and on with end in sight. ere is another example...gnore it with the same peril as ignoring the raq situation before it started.**************************** : ews & nalysis : iddle ast : ranhe political issues behind the ranian nuclear confrontationy the ditorial oard21 anuary 2006he escalating confrontation between ran and the major powers over ehrans nuclear programs raises crucial political issues.nce again the ush administration is recklessly setting the course for military conflict. gain, the uropean powers, ussia and hina, caught between ashingtons demands and their own economic interests in ran and the iddle ast, have chosen to appease the . hile economic sanctions are currently under discussion, the hite ouse has repeatedly made clear that all options, including a military attack, are on the table.he -3ritain, rance and ermanyhave called for an emergency meeting of the nternational tomic nergy gency () to refer ran to the ecurity ouncil for punitive sanctions. ussia and hina are yet to finally agree. owever, at a meeting on onday in ondon, all five concurred with the that ran had to return to full suspension of its uranium enrichment activities, thus providing the pretext for increasingly aggressive measures against ehran.he entire rationale for action against ran, recycled endlessly in the international media, reeks of cynicism and hypocrisy. ll five permanent members of the ecurity ouncilthe , ritain, rance, ussia and hinahave nuclear weapons and have failed to meet their obligations as signatories to the uclear on-roliferation reaty () to dismantle their huge nuclear is nothing benign about these stockpiles. ather their purpose is to bully, threaten and ultimately be deployed against smaller, weaker powers, as the incendiary comments of rench resident acques hirac last hursday make clear. peaking at a nuclear submarine base in rittany, hirac warned that rance would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons against any state that sponsored a terrorist attack against vital rench interests. he flexibility and reactiveness of our strategic [nuclear] forces allow us to respond directly on the centres of power, he declared. glaring double standard is applied to ran, which is being menaced with economic sanctions and military strikes over its nuclear programs, while alliessrael, ndia and akistanalready have nuclear weapons. ther countries, such as razil, either have built or are currently constructing uranium enrichment plants, which are not outlawed under the .ust as it used raqs alleged weapons of mass destruction, the ush administration is exploiting the ranian nuclear threat to advance its ambitions for untrammelled domination of the resource-rich region. ran, which has the worlds third largest reserves of oil and the second largest reserves of natural gas, sits in a key strategic position astride the iddle ast, entral sia and the increasingly important ndian subcontinent. ven if the ranian regime were to abandon all nuclear programs and completely demolish its nuclear facilities, ashington would invent another pretext for its provocative actions, which are aimed at establishing ascendancy in the region over mericas uropean and sian rivals.n opposing the predatory activities of imperialism in the iddle ast, however, the orld ocialist eb ite does not give any political support to the reactionary theocratic regime in ehran nor to any attempt on its part to acquire nuclear weapons. he slamic epublic established following the overthrow of hah eza ahlavi in 1979 represented the inter[...]

Ariel Sharon: a political assessment

Thu, 19 Jan 2006 01:25:48 GMT

riel haron: a political assessmentart oney ean haoul18 anuary 2006his is the first of a two-part article.o matter how riel haron responds to medical treatment in the coming days, his political life ended on anuary 4 when he suffered a massive stroke. t is therefore appropriate to make a political assessment of his career.his is all the more important in light of the whitewashing of harons brutal life work and the nauseating tributes to the peacemaker from imperialist politicians, the liberal as well as the conservative media, and figures across the political spectrum in srael, including his opponents.riel haron will, despite such false accolades, be remembered by millions throughout the world for his anti-alestinian policy of murder and ethnic cleansing. e is a war criminal whose life has been marked by a series of atrocities perpetrated against the alestinian people and sraels rab neighbours. e escaped prosecution for war crimes committed in ebanon in 1982 only because the nited ations nternational ourt of ustice at he ague ruled three years ago that past and present government leaders cannot be tried for war crimes by a foreign state because of their diplomatic immunity, and can be held to account only in their own country.haron represents more than the criminality of a single man. e rose to become prime minister because his entire military and political career was devoted to pursuing the ionist aim of a reater srael at the expense of the indigenous alestinian population, of the sraeli working class, who have borne the costs, and the genuine interests of ewish working people the world over. e could achieve his aims only by violent, military means.harons political evolution from a abour ionist to the foremost representative of the tendency that goes back to the arch-chauvinist ladimir abotinsky expresses the dead-end of the ionist project and, ultimately, the inability of all nationalist movements, be they ewish, alestinian or rab, to end imperialist domination in the iddle ast.arly life and military careerharon came from a family of ardent ewish nationalists. is grandfathers closest friend in his home town of rest itovsk in elarus, then part of zarist ussia, was the father of enachem egin, the future ionist terrorist, founder of the ikud arty and sraeli prime minister. ith the onset of orld ar ne, the family moved to blisi in eorgia to escape the fighting.haron claimed in his autobiography arrior that his father, amuil haron, was, like his father before, him a ewish nationalist, pure and simple, with no political allegiances whatsoever, not to socialism or communism or anything else. amuil haron had always intended to emigrate to alestine.n 1921, amuil, having completed his agricultural studies at the university, fled blisi with his young wife for alestine. hey made their home in an agricultural settlement surrounded by hostile rab farmers, not far from el viv, where riel haron was born in 1928.haron likes to recall that when he was 13 his father gave him a dagger to protect his family. haron said, he knife was symbolic, to protect ourselves from our enemies. t was a lesson have never forgotten.s a young man he joined the ewish ettlement olice prior to joining the aganah, the underground ewish efence orce and forerunner of the sraeli efence orce (), fighting in the 1948-49 war against sraels rab neighbours. t was here that he gained experience in combat against the alestinians and developed his policy of pre-emptive action, summed up in the mottos strike first and hardest and always escalate.he alestinians, for their part, looked to the various bourgeois rab states to support them. ut these regimes were hopelessly divided and too busy looking after their own interests to prevail against the superior forces and training of the sraelis. he rab nationalist governments that were to come to power in the 1950s under the banner of an-rabism were no more capable of overcoming their differenc[...]

Manifesting love

Mon, 14 Nov 2005 01:40:55 GMT

found this on he orld ind ociety website a while ago and think it is so beautiful and wow, wouldn't it be wonderful to do something like this here. e could designate a time and meet in a chat room. eah, this is happening, anifest love as a group. know ishi is a member here and hope it's ok to put one of his articles on my log. he link is: ( hope wrote it right)his is really something to think about. t is what a group can do as one.amaste'isaet anifest ogethern the air there seemed to stir, a rare wind of other-worldly fragrance. t was a sweet essence, like orchid blossoms on a summer day, yet felt all over the body as a flowing current, not as a thing smelled by the nose. o the uninitiated, the mind said, ve never felt anything like this before but even so, there was a presence in the back of the mind saying at the same time, t last feel this again. ince she and were not uninitiated, we looked at each other with a knowing glance, and just then caught the eyes of the couple sitting next to us. s a felt thing, when we looked at them and they gazed at us, there was an immediate, mutual knowingness that of us were experiencing something extraordinary, yet familiar. t was as though nowledge of some deeper kind than that which is had in the ordinary world were traveling unseen streams winding their way from eye to eye. he and both knew at the same time, that they too, were both amazed, yet nowing. n the distance, the 40 or so people that were now meditating together in this remote forest meadow, had suddenly become even more silent than before. n fact, no one spoke or made any sound at all, not even the various children near the thick bushes at the feet of tall ouglas irs. irds seemed to sing with an added joy during such moments as the hour-long meditation progressed. o those practiced in inner awareness, it was clear that the atmosphere of our group was not just a shared intimacy between human beings, but the beings of the forest clearing. ven the plants glowed with an unusual vitality, and childrens faces looked somehow far more ancient and reposed than their scant years would normally reveal.ooking out over the clearing of grass and people with an unfocused gaze, it was possible to notice something else extraordinary. t was not difficult to see how the small motions of bodies being adjusted in the heat of the day on soft grass was oddly uniform, as if all of us were to some variable degree part of the larger of , rather than as a mere collection of separate individuals. n fact, each and every time there swept among us these ecstatic feelings of and like some current of electricity as yet to be named by estern science, such uniformity of small motions in the group were made far more obvious. learly there were during certain moments, a connectivity of nervous systems being set upa synergy or group mind of feeling-based unity, that was the common experience of absolutely everyone there. or this many children to be absolutely silent and focused for so long was a minor miracle in itself. ut perhaps even more extraordinary, mused to myself, is that adults in this modern world do not take every opportunity they can to frequently immerse themselves in what could accurately be called, the excellence of progressive, group intention especially while in meditative states of consciousness.hese moments of mutual bliss came and went like the waves of a tide. very five to ten minutes there would come another wave of very high feeling, especially a felt love in the heart and to a lesser extent, the entire body as well, one that could only be described as spiritual. t was during such moments that it was not hard for anyone to clearly see that spirits in bodies, and that whatever we do in this world, (or others) is therefore a matter of spiritual concern. uch felt and mutual love is far too sweet and of much gr[...]

Gaia NCN Wisdom

Sat, 4 Oct 2003 17:12:52 GMT

i veryone, have been visiting gere on and off for a few months now, and have heard only good things about . o here am again hoping to get your feedback on something found on the internet. orry to have been away so long.o anyways, the content of this material seemed to really strike a chord. hat do you think of this? aiauthors otell references made in the first person(s) herein, are grammatical conveniences created for the sake of the reader. uch words as "", "", and "/" are therefore not meant to be taken as literal personifications, as they have been received from the arthmind in another form. uring meditation, most of these messages arrived in my consciousness as complete packets of information, through pictures and collections of symbols, and always without any "personal" content such as one would usually receive from a given entity. he channeling of the arthmind is a matter of linking with a source of natural wisdom, one that is devoid of any real subjectivity. ymbol and meaning appear in the minds eye singularly, or one after another in succession, coupled with intuitive knowledge. his is direct knowledge whose signature is rendered lightning-swift in the receiving mind. ith it comes complete certainty as to its accuracy and profound scope.epending on the meditator's state of consciousness, arthmind information will often be gained in extremely compressed packets, as intuitive flashes. hese can contain enough information in a 60 second period of contact to comprise an entire book, so long as one has the ability to unravel them completely. he difficulty in effectively receiving information of this kind, is in its subsequent translation into words and practical action. ortunately the same information may be accessed repeatedly, and in the slow process of many years and many arthmind contacts, eventually decoded fundamental portions of its content. t is made evident through these excursions into the lanetary ind, that information thus given is by no means random. t is purposeful and directed ntentionally for specific reasons. hose specific reasons are based upon one primary motive, which in one phrase defines the very purpose for the existence of humanity. he evolution of consciousness is that universal purpose. e as conscious beings, must embrace this osmic ntention, or else find destruction through our own misguided works.ur true purpose is revealed to be same one prevalent in all the galaxy. n all places and times, universal transformation of form, (evolution) is carried out via the expansion of consciousness. ur kind is uniquely poised at this moment in human history, to act successfully on that true purpose of life. he following material is ntended to facilitate exactly that...he heat of this arth fever you provoke, which brings closer your own self destruction year after year, can be cooled. he body of the planetary collective may once again be brought to balance. his may be done by viewing ature as a guide and teacher for right living. here are those few among you who remain teachers and spiritual adherents, as well as those native peoples who still live close to the arth in natural ways, who are capable of leading the way back to an embrace of ature as ally. hese few have not forgotten the importance of natural laws. t is they who remember the sacredness of the arth, and are capable of revealing the right paths of living. earn from them, and take up their example of right living in your own lives. o not destroy or hinder those who follow the natural ways, nor the sacred regions they seek to protect. hese are as oly as any of the greatest emples and hurches in sincere dedication to the worship of od. estroy them, and you destroy a great many of the remaining guardians of spiritual progress for your species. eturn to those natural areas of the arth to remember the many profound principles they have to teach. ithin thei[...]