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Duly Consider

-- SEX POLITICS RELIGION ARTS -- SERIOUS AND HUMOROUS -- It is just a place to come with an open mind, though ours are not always-Please tell us if they're not!

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Alex Jones Destroys Piers Morgan; Piers Cries Foul (needed a gun)


Let's face it, Piers lost regardless, on the merits of the facts and their logical conclusions, even when you remove the emotionality. And frankly Piers knew that he was trivializing, ridiculing and condescending and couldn't possibly expect Alex to ignore his passive aggression. And yes, Alex is hyper-informed with all the facts from all verifiable sources, while Piers kept ignoring cogent (image)

Medical Care - All or Nothing?


Like it or not, without the profit motive, GE doesn't develop MRIs. The key is lowering costs while maintaining necessary incentives for research and development to remove the middle man, and I fully believe the current health care bill will push out private carriers. Private carriers are eventually going to have to compete with the government, and they hate that. Social Security was (image)

Noam Chomsky: Voice of Reason Without Rhetoric


Noam Chomsky speaks to BBC's Francine Stock at London's St Paul's Cathedral, Dec '02. 23min28sec Next, an interesting interview with an (attempted) focus on religion but is quite varied. Always good to hear Chomsky asked about new topics so there is some new stuff here amongst some older material. In all fairness, Interviewer Zwicker has been somewhat controversial regarding 911 conspiracy (image)

Considerable Sounds- Decade's Faith In Decade's End -(An Obligatory List)


By DC Music Editor Benjamin New"Best of" lists are a bit like the fabric that holds the universe together. (At least to the earnest music columnist). They are both in demand, composed of strings, and imply a sequence of some kind - an order within chaos itself. It is a comfort to perceive the grand parade of time marked by signposts like numbered measures in the score of a great opus. Just as (image)

Considerable Sounds- Best Of The Year - More Cowbell!


By DC Music Editor Benjamin New Oh no! It's the end of 2009! Time for folks like me, who have listened to far too much music to be considered vaguely lucid, to post reactionary emotional responses & smugly reiterate our half-baked thesis on the language of music and it's sociological implications on dwarf stars in(image)

Screaming Me-mes! Free Speech or Loud Bully?


I have been to and seen many town hall meetings and as much as I appreciate political concern, I have no patience for ignorance, heated passion or anything that cannot be logically applied to an issue, and backed up with relevant facts. It embarrasses me that our media play unedited, live town halls which demonstrate our worst instead of our best intellectual thought. I don't care what (image)

Cut Out the Middle Man


Even in biblical times, they recognized the dangers of people making a living on derivatives and speculation. They were called "the moneychangers". In most Muslim countries it is illegal to loan money with an interest rate. Finally, in America many have been brainwashed to think people who handle money should make a lot of it. Banks, insurance companies and the financial sector in general, are (image)

The Nerve of the Rich!


The rich overpaid themselves for the entirety of history, stealing from the poor, and now they say there isn't any money because of the poor. The rich raped me then complained that I am no longer a virgin. The rich decided life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness didn't include the necessary ingredients for such; i.e. food, education, health. The rich man who is not dying, is complaining (image)

Separating Myths From Logical Truth Regarding Evils Within World Financial System


Editors Note: The article below is a result of a submission from a reader. As this site is not a simple "sounding board" for ill-considered ideas or knee jerk conspiracy theories, I was forced to either ignore or address this otherwise compelling piece. Ms. Masterson is not an employee or agent of this publication. Any of the content in black and red, remains intact, unedited and the (image)

Palin's Alleged Affair; If True -- Hypocrisy


A recent story broke in the National Enquirer that Sarah Palin had an affair with her husband's business partner. It is already spreading in mainstream British papers and will no doubt hit our networks soon. Despite the bad taste this publication puts in my mouth, they are most often correct in matters of political seriousness. John Edwards was but one example. Normally, I wouldn't care about, (image)

Palin's Objective Measuring Cup


The sad reality is (and hopefully the truth doesn't insult too many from non-competitive universities) a 3.3 average GPA is quite low compared to "competitive universities" that hover well over 3.7, and the average HS from which students come, is of far greater difficulty at Harvard and other top tiers. Most valedictorians cannot get into Harvard. It takes objective excellence. The (image)

What One Says When Told Of Sarah Palin Pick


1. Why didn't he just pick his wife Cindy if he just wanted a beauty pageant winner?2. Why not Anita Bryant?3. Sarah Palin, oh yeah, she makes great desserts, doesn't she?4. Her foreign policy experience is that Alaska is adjacent to Russia.5. Is that the best he could do?6. Hey, anybody can be President in America!7. Beauty Queen, Hockey mom, Mayor of a town of 5-thousand people, Governor of a (image)

Considerable Sounds: Gongzilla Invades - The Monster Returns!


By DC Music Editor Benjamin New Go to the shelter my baby, my baby...go to the shelter... What do you find between the toes of Gongzilla? Slow runners. Run, don't walk to the nearest venue featuring the band! (But do so in an orderly fashion). I can not recomend this band highly enough, their recordings are phenomenal documents in themselves, but live? Live they lay more than Tokyo (image)

Considerable Sounds: The Triumphant Return of - Return To Forever


By DC Music Editor Benjamin New Field Report: Intelligence Gathered On Artistic Insurrection Dossier Return To Forever...08 Return to Forever's show on Tuesday night at the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia received more standing ovations than than than the combined scores of teams in the average (or above average) Super Bowl. The enthusiastic ovations were to be expected - (image)

Hidden Reason Obama Will Win


Even if not perfectly politically aligned with a particular voter, Obama presents several factors with which McCain cannot compete, the largest being "sex appeal". Despite the fact, most will not consciously admit that such a thing could possibly be a motivator for their vote for such an important office, psychologically, it is unavoidable and powerful.A recent article in The Nation said, "Barack(image)

Considerable Sounds: Changes


By DC Music Editor Benjamin New Brian Eno Music is many things to many people, what it is not- is static. It lives and evolves. And like the music itself, the means through which it is distributed are also in flux and perhaps never more so. And what is change? (besides being a political slogan adapted by every single candidate). Change, as a positive notion, is a continuity of sincere (image)

Considerable Sounds: Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue


By DC Music Editor Benjamin NewWhat is new in the world? Nothing. What is old in the world? Nothing. Everything has always been and will always be. -Sai BabaThe Universe is expanding, eventually it will be a cold dark place. In time, there will be too much space between the elements of subatomic particles to exist as matter, all matter will become energy, (image)

Considerable Sounds: Banned In The U.S.A. Part II - the 70s and 80s


By DC Music Editor Benjamin NewPART II - A HISTORY OF CENSORSHIP "Did you ever hear anyone say 'that work had better be banned because I might read it and it might be very dangerous to me?’” -Author Joseph Henry Jackson Up until about half way through the twentieth century, laws about censorship only applied to newspapers. They didn't apply to other mediums like motion (image)

Considerable Sounds: The Music Industry Is Dead - An Obituary


By DC Music Editor Benjamin NewThe music business is dead, passed on! It is no more! It has ceased to be! It's expired and gone to meet it's maker! It's a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! If it weren't nailed to it's perch it 'd be pushing up the daisies! It's metabolic processes are now history! it's off the twig! It's kicked the bucket, shuffled off it's mortal coil, run(image)

Considerable Sounds: Music That Matters


By DC Music Editor Benjamin New"The more artificial taboos and restrictions there are in the world, the more the people are impoverished." - Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher, founder of Taoism -Molecular Mysticism and The Music of the SpheresThe musician integrates into the social fabric, but is not of it. Art simply does not exist unassailed by social forces and the material world. One (image)

Considerable Sounds: Hipgnosis- Exquisite Album Art


By DC Music Editor Benjamin NewHello again fellow travelers. Have a seat here on my couch, take your shoes off and make (image)

Media Hype... Who Really Cares?


Today, immediately after the SC primary, on one of the nations biggest news sites, Propeller, we see an interesting illustration of the level of interest people really have in what the media has termed a huge day in politics.The truth is somewhat lackluster. What has been acclaimed as a "gloves off" primary season, has been possibly the mildest in recent history, though clearly well-contested.The(image)

Breaking the Propaganda Code With a Moral Code


Today's politics is full of good metaphors (if "metaphor" becomes a metaphor for "BS"), but I find myself needing to address this with stark reality in order to make sense of it. As a college teacher of Logic and Critical Thinking with most of my education in Literature and Comp, I am adept at dealing with analogies, but the propaganda has become so overwhelming that I find myself wanting to (image)

Considerable Sounds: Eat Well, Stay Fit, Die Anyway


By DC Music Editor Benjamin NewThis week Considerable Sounds offers sound advice to a greater extent than advice about sounds. The New Year has already been a surprise - the news from Iowa... conventional wisdom proves to be an oxymoron. Huckabee's win ( regardless of what else might be concluded) shows that money and fear mongering don't always mean votes. Obama's decisive win put some pep in my(image)

Globalization: Inevitable? Yes... Good Policy, No!


It seems that Americans have fallen for one of the oldest political lies of all, that inevitability means we should join the pack. Yes, it is true the world is globalizing, and we stand to benefit if it is properly managed, but to suggest it is a positive policy goal to pursue it and to expedite it just because it is inevitable, is a fallacy.By this same reasoning, if we truly saw that illegal (image)