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Preview: Scripting News Workstation: Scripting News in Manila

Scripting News Workstation: Scripting News in Manila



Sign up here for the blogroll for BloggerCon.

(image) The question came up if we would welcome a Republican blogger-in-chief at BloggerCon, and the answer is an enthusiastic Yes! Of course. BloggerCon is non-partisan and will not endorse a candidate or a party. Our only interest is in the use of weblogs in all aspects of politics, business, education, science, basically everything. This year the use of blogs in politics is front and center. We can all learn from each other as the candidates compete for votes. Voters can have blogs too. The more the merrier.

I'm almost caught up on the Lydon interviews. Today was Joi Ito Day. The only bit of controversy in his talk, as far as I'm concerned, is his belief that the great coders of the blogging world are in their teens and twenties. Pfui. Ito is 37. Wishful thinking? Now that I'm pushing 50, I've learned something all over again, a guideline of my teens and twenties, with a minor caveat, from a new point of view. Never trust anyone over 30 (and under 40). ";->"

Josh Allen's list of Microsoft bloggers, in OPML.

Jason Levine is searching for NY bagels in Brookline.

Elaine of Kalilily on Art Interludes at BloggerCon, an idea we're kind of running out of time on. I'm still game if artists want to use our environment to innovate.

Nick Denton: "Google text ads will give blogs a business model; but they'll also warp the format."

A test version of the blogroll in a web page. It should update approximately once an hour. Still needs some work. ";->"

Ben Adida: "Today, we have the technology to cheaply deliver any piece of music ever recorded to your car, stereo, or portable music player within seconds. Why isn't it happening?"

Zeldman asks the question no one dared ask, did Microsoft want to lose the browser patent case? Postscript: Vincent Flanders dared to ask.

Apparently I'm one of the 25 most innovative this year. ";->"

Jacob Reider posted a description for the Medicine and Research Day 2 session.

Word pirates. "Marketers, politicians and other short-sighted, self-interested, sticky-fingered people have been stealing our words. Not only do they take them for commercial purposes, but they misuse them entirely."

Joshua Allen: "My Boss Has a Blog!"

Wired: "Clark apparently decided to run following an elaborate Internet-based draft movement that grew on its own, without much help from the candidate himself."

Creative Computing review of ThinkTank from 1983.

Two years ago today the stock market re-opened.

This morning my home DSL is fast. And tempting. But I didn't go for it. I drove to the office, got a couple of cups of coffee on the way, got a parking spot right in front of Berkman on Mass Ave, and I'm getting ready to do some long-delayed programming work. We need an easy registration page for Day 2 of BloggerCon so we can see who's coming. I'm on it boss!

9/17/97: "I forgive you now, and always, unconditionally."