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Scripting News Workstation: Scripting News in Manila



BlogTree.Com is "the blog genealogy site. You can register your blogs and record which blogs inspired their creation. You can also search for existing blogs and view which blogs they in turn inspired." Great idea!

A BlogRoots discussion thread about BlogTree. It was written by the author of the nonplussed weblog, appears to have been designed on July 1, went live on July 21.

Paul Boutin explains how to record vinyl on a Mac. I need the same kind of cheat sheet for cassettes on Windows.

News.Com: "For a mainstream Web site such as MSNBC, blogs offer a stepped-up level of editorial control over the often raucous ramblings from readers in online discussion boards. The site closed the popular boards last December because of the high cost of monitoring discussions that often turned into obscene flame wars."

Four years ago today: "Endless paraniod flamefests can be fascinating."

Thanks to Jrobb for the pointer to, who has his TiVO wired up to the Web. I want this (without too much hacking). Just think of the collaborative filtering possibilities. Also I have to admit that I'd like to save copies of films like the Hollywood Revue of 1929 on my desktop hard drive. And while you're at it, hmmm, I guess I'd like to share it with other people. What am I going to do, Napster spoiled me. ";->"

I'm reading mostly good things about SpamAssassin. As you might imagine, with my email address in plain view on this site, I get a lot of spam. I could be a good test case for spam-reduction software.

Don't Link to Us! "links to sites that attempt to impose substantial restrictions on other sites that link to them."

The connection between private and public spaces is hot again. Jon Udell is discussing it on his weblog, answering a question from Groove's Ray Ozzie, posted on his weblog.

Al Hawkins answers my question from yesterday in a different way, from a user's perspective, not a developer's. "allows you to search 7 online book stores for books and prices" via XML-RPC and RSS.

(image) Recent movies watched on TCM. Citizen Kane, great movie, of course; and the Hollywood Revue of 1929. The latter was very sweet. The performers were young people, much younger than I am now. Except for the children, they're all surely dead, for many years. Perhaps the most surprising was Joan Crawford. What a cutie. The sharp eyebrows and mouth weren't there yet in 1929. She was soft and sweet, she danced and sang. I don't know why, but as I was watching Crawford perform I was thinking of Megnut. I think Joan was about her age then. I looked up Joan Crawford on Google and found this excellent fan site, it's being maintained by someone who obviously is fascinated with the fascinating Ms Crawford.

BTW, the closing song of the Revue was the first recording of Singin in the Rain. The camera goes from star to star, all dressed in rain coats and rain hats. They're all very unique and beautiful. We watched the closing sequence a half dozen times. The film was heavily promoted, apparently, as one of the first talking pictures. The actors were the most famous actors from the silent era, singin for the first time. Their facial expressions were something to behold.

Another BTW, Meg sent me a very sweet story about her friend quitting smoking. I can totally visualize it! ";->"

Sheila Lennon is going to the Newport Folk Festival to see Bob Dylan. I am totally jealous!