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Information and How to Articles on Home Buying, Selling, Renting, Mortgages / Home Financing, Real Estate Agents and Feng Shui / Vaastu.


The what, when and how of lease agreements
Both the landlord and the tenant need to know what they’re getting themselves into. Before drafting a lease or signing one, find out all you can about lease agreements/forms.

Landlord’s guide to solving disputes with tenants
Problems are inevitable no matter how clearly you chalk out legal contracts even in a landlord-tenant relationship. Here’s how you can solve your disputes in a simple and peaceful manner.

When buying a house, watch out for a neighborhood that suits your personality and meets your requirements. A few tips to get you started in the right direction of choosing a good locality for your home.

When selling your house tempt buyers with your kitchen
Polls claim that the kitchen is a major deciding factor when purchasing a home. So here’s what you can do to tempt the buyers with a dream kitchen.

Utilize the A-B-Cs of Feng Shui while selling your home
Feng Shui is a science that is employed by many in the world of architecture and interior decoration. You don’t have to be an expert or a devotee of this science to bring in some positive energy to your house.

Securing the Best Selling Price for your Home by not spending a Fortune
Buying a home can be a challenging process. However, selling a home also involves a whole set of challenges.Curb appeal is very important in preparing a home for sale.Maintenance is also important, and should not pose as an issue later. Proper preparation of your home is important and should not be left until the day you are showing your home!

Mistakes Sellers Make When Listing Homes
Overpricing a home is the most common mistake sellers have made when listing their homes.The sellers must understand the market.This helps in making the sale easier.It is always better to deal with an agent different from the one representing the buyer.Sellers can plan their advertising budget and should choose appropriate mediums for advertising their home.Selling a home is not an easy task. Several aspects have to be considered and re-considered.

Tips on Vaastu to enrich your house for a better and quicker sale
Its not about being fashionable when you employ the rules of vaastu in your house. Learn the simple steps you can take to create positive vibes while selling your house.

The magic of chi in your home office
Feng Shui brings you the recipe for success in your home office. Follow the simple guidelines to enjoy your personal workspace and gain prosperity.

House Shopping and Vaastu
When buying a house check for basic features that are compatible with the guidelines of Vaastu, so you can make a new start in a healthy and positive atmosphere.

Several Money Saving Tips For Selling Your Home.
Fees differ with various estate agencies. Therefore, bargaining with them may help. You should never tell an estate agent what other agencies have valued your home to be. Selling your home privately can save you a lot of money.Advertising could be done through newspapers, flyers and pamphlets.The easiest way to sell your home would be by using one of the numerous online house selling services. It saves a lot of time. For example,, lists details of properties for sale on its website.

Always negotiate when you sell a house by owner
Selling your home is not an easy process. Arriving at the decision to sell your home is the easiest part.It is always advisable to get the assistance of a professional who is experienced and trained in this field. If you decide to sell your home for sale by owner, you have to know what to do when you're involved in a Purchase and Sales Contract.On reaching the contract stage, you must be aware of any contingency the buyer has added to their offer.Many number of home sale deals do not get finalized due to the buyer’s incapability of financing.

How do you qualify for a Mortgage?
Mortgage acts as a tool that pledges a real estate property as repayment in order to get a loan. You must be financially stable in order to get a good mortgage rate.

Tips for Renting a Home
Living in a rented home has many benefits. One of the main benefits is not being compelled to continue staying in the same home or same location.

The five pillars of Feng Shui to achieve gigantic success like Pepsi and Sony
From Oprah, Donald Trump to biggies like Pepsi and Sony have all accepted feng shui to bring prosperity to their work and maximize their sales and profits. Find out about the five basic principles of feng shui that stand behind their success.

Buy a house that is Feng Shui compatible for a peaceful and joyous life
Buying a house is a BIG decision. Find a house that not only fulfills your basic requirements but is compatible with the principles of feng shui to bring in some peace and happiness in your life.

Screen prospective tenants thoroughly to find the right tenant
Most landlord troubles can be avoided by just finding the right tenants in the first place. Here are four simple steps you can follow to find the right tenant for your rental.

Checklist for your property before new tenants move in
Before you rent out a property, take a walk through it and take care of what needs to be mended. Here’s a checklist of important things you need to pay attention to.

Guidelines for landlords – Managing your rental business
Being a landlord may turn into a headache if you don’t know how to handle the various aspects involved in a rental business. Understand the aspects of a good management system to handle your property and tenants effectively.

Don’t sell your rental property just yet – save your investment
Thinking of selling your rental property? Don’t hurry it up because you just may be doing it for the wrong reason. Keep your investment intact and find ways to solve your issues with the property.

Buying Vs. Renting a House
The choice between buying a house and renting one depends on what you actually want and need. But here are some realities you should consider before taking a decision.

What every renter should know and do for a stress-free tenancy
From the renting to the moving out, all tenants should keep in mind some guidelines to protect their rights. Follow these diligently and you will have a stress-free tenancy.

Better safe than sorry – get renter’s insurance right away
In case of a theft or fire in your house, your landlord’s insurance on the house isn’t going to cover the costs for your personal belongings. Get renter’s insurance to safeguard yourself and your assets.

Clueless about decorating your rented house/apartment?
Just because you have a rented house/apartment, it does not mean you can’t decorate without annoying the landlord. Simple changes and additions can make your home beautiful.

What You Need To Know Before Applying For A Mortgage
You should be familiar with a number of terms and conditions when you are applying for a mortgage for the first time. It helps you to make the right choice when you are buying a home.

The Types of Mortgages available
There are various types of mortgages offered in the market today. Careful planning should be done in order to make the right decision. The type of mortgage you choose should suit your financial budget.

Hire an expert to manage your property
To juggle all the aspects of managing your property requires time, effort, money and some skill. Hiring a property manager will ease your responsibilities while maximizing your profits.

What you need to ask a property manager/ management firm before hiring
Deciding on hiring a property manager is a good decision but what all should you know about them and their services? Here is a list of basic information you should obtain before hiring a property manager/management firm.

Landlords! Look out for the property management agreement
Some property management firms do not take care of evictions or hire bad contractors for jobs on your property. Protect yourself from this nuisance by reading your property management agreement carefully.

Tips for tenants: Negotiating the lease agreement
Before you sign your lease agreement, make sure it is fair and you are not getting a raw deal. Negotiate your lease agreement if you are not fully satisfied.

Eradicate the mold before renting out your property
Mold can create serious health problems and landlords may be held liable if tenants are taken ill. Before renting out a property, proper measures should be taken to rid the place of mold infestation.

“Broom clean” at the end of a tenancy: what landlords should watch out for
When a tenant is moving out, how clean should he leave it? Broom clean they say. But apart from the dust, the landlords need to closely examine the space for holes in the walls or broken toilet covers.

Plants in your home for a feng shui friendly environment
Wood is an element of feng shui that needs to be used judiciously and generously to bring harmony to your living space. Instead of furniture made of wood, choose the right kind of plants and trees for a healthier and happier home.

Achieving success as a landlord: basic steps you must follow
To be a successful landlord, you need to juggle all the aspects related to rental property management. But a few basic tips if followed can guarantee a thriving business which can be extremely satisfying.

Types of Eviction
Eviction is a long legal procedure which may end up leaving you with a bitter taste in your mouth. But knowing the bitter truths is essential – here are the different types of eviction.

Problem tenants: avoiding them and dealing with the ones you already have
Problem tenants somehow creep into almost every landlord’s life. The trick is to know how to spot one at the start and avoid him, or know exactly how to deal with the one who is already living in your property.

Vacant house disasters: problem checklist with how to solve them
Vacant houses especially the ones put up for sale or rent need to be taken care of, more so when the owner is thousands of miles away. The most common problems of vacant houses can be remedied with a bit of supervision from an agent or property manager you hire.

The Fundamentals of Renting out a Room
Renting out that extra room in your house/apartment is not such a bad idea. But you need to plan the details carefully before you let someone share your personal space.

Decorating kids’ rooms the easy way!
It is always difficult to determine when and how to decorate kids’ rooms. The time is now and here’s how you should go about decorating the room in a manner that redecorating later will not be an expensive affair.

Glossary for Mortgages
When applying for a mortgage the first time, it’s smart to know as much as you can about it. Some of the basic terms that are used in relation to mortgages are explained.

Firing your Real Estate Agent?
It happens. Sometimes things just do not work out with your real estate agent. If you have valid reasons then there are ways in which you can “let him go” in a decent and acceptable manner.

Simple Realities about Bad Credit Mortgages
Bad credit mortgages are easy to obtain these days but one needs to be careful about the finer details. Knowing all you can about bad credit mortgages and shopping around for the right lender will put on you on the right track.

Terrible Mortgage Mistakes that Cost You an Arm and a Leg
When applying for a mortgage, most people tend to overlook many factors and find themselves in a tight situation. You need to watch out for yourself and avoid making these mistakes.

Should you get Mortgage Life Insurance?
Mortgage life insurance policy ensures that in case of your death or the diagnosis of a fatal illness, your outstanding mortgage will be cleared. But first find out if you really do need this insurance policy.

Are you a Victim of Predatory Lending Practices?
Predatory lending practices can hurt your self respect, put a dent in your pocket or leave you homeless. To prevent yourself from getting victimized, educate yourself about these unfair practices.

Spot the Predatory Lender before He Traps You!
Predators in the finance world could drain your money even before you realize it. Learn how to spot a predatory lender or broker before you get caught in a sticky complicated web of deception.

The Basics of Private Mortgage Insurance
Private Mortgage Insurance pays the outstanding loan to the lender in case the borrower defaults. This insurance has helped many people buy homes without worrying about the down payment.

Learn how to avoid the clutches of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
Most homeowners think that little down payment means they have to pay for Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). Explore other options available before you trap yourself into a no-gain deal.

Home Equity Line Of Credit – a cross between a loan and a credit card!
Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) has always been in demand. Understand the basics before you head out to the lender.

Interest-only loan: Is it the Right Loan for You?
Interest only loans can ease your monthly payments initially or fund you temporarily. It is not advisable for a long term plan no matter how easy it may seem now.

Avoiding Identity Theft in Real Estate Transactions
Identity theft is continuously on the rise and can cause a whole load of unnecessary trouble. Learn how to avoid having your identity stolen in real estate transactions.

Title Insurance for Peace of Mind
Title Insurance protects you/ lender from any financial losses arising from dispute over the title of the property. It is a small price to pay if you can prevent others from claiming your property.

Shrink your Mortgage Costs and Monthly Payments
Picking the right kind of mortgage itself could save you a lot of money. Besides this you can take simple steps to reduce your monthly mortgage payments.

Bi-weekly Mortgage Payment Plan: should you or should you not opt for it?
A Bi-weekly mortgage payment plan can do wonders to reduce the life of your mortgage as well as save you thousands of dollars which would have otherwise been paid as interest. But is it really necessary to pay for this plan when you can do it yourself?

Mortgage Calculator: Making your Homework Easy!
A mortgage calculator is a multi-functional tool which can help you do your homework easily when shopping for a loan, refinancing, determining monthly payments etc. Be smart when you use it to obtain accurate and effective results.

All you need to know about an Open House
Holding an open house has become rare these days but it is not extinct yet. If you choose to have an open house, then tidy up and bring in the right kind of audience.

Understanding Negative Amortization Mortgages
A Negative Amortization Mortgage makes it easy to own a home with its minimum monthly payments that fit anyone’s budget. But how feasible can a loan be when despite your monthly payments your loan amount keeps increasing?

Making the Best of Open Houses
When attending an open house you need to stay focused. You can gain much from this experience if you stay sharp and gather as much information as you can.

A Home Inspection Before Buying a Home can Ease your Troubles
A Home Inspection can save you a lot of trouble and money later. Spend some money to get your home checked for flaws that you cannot easily detect even with a microscope.

Hire the Best Home Inspector Available
A decision to get a Home Inspection done is a smart one but hiring the right person to do it is where the real onus lies. So check out credentials, ask the right questions and hire the best man for the job.

Secured Loans: Solution to your Problems
Secured loans can make your life easier and sometimes happier depending on how you choose to spend your funds. But if you fail to repay the full amount in the end you run the risk of losing your home.

Gardening in Small Spaces
A small space should not deter you from having a garden of your own. With unlimited options, a little imagination and patience can transform any space into a haven of greenery.

No Property to provide as Collateral? Unsecured Loans to the Rescue!
Unsecured Loans require no collateral and therefore just about anyone can qualify for these loans. But it is not easy to obtain an unsecured loan and the conditions of the loan are not always the best.

All that You can Do with a Patio!
A patio can be a space to lounge/ entertain or transformed into a personal gym. All its takes is some imagination to create a space that you can enjoy.

Maintaining Carpets: Cleaning, Vanishing Spills and Preventing Wear and Tear!
Maintaining carpets properly will keep them looking good and not serve as breeding ground for germs. Learn simple ways to maintain carpets, vanish spills and prevent too much wear and tear.

Room Dividers: Much More than Partitions
Room Dividers unlike before are not just used to partition. Their functions today are varied and their designs and styles even more so.

Great Tips for Decorating Teen Bedrooms
Decorating teenagers’ rooms can be an absolute enjoyable experience. You just need some great ideas and enthusiasm to decorate a room that they will fall in love with.

Is Mortgage Cycling the Best Way to Repay your Loan?
Mortgage Cycling can save you thousands of dollars otherwise paid as interest and can also help you pay your loan extremely fast. But you need to first understand how it works and what the consequences may be if you fail in the process.

Using Wall Art to Decorate Bare Walls
They say a picture can speak a thousand words. Using pictures to decorate your wall can add life to the décor and reflect the personalities of those who live in the home.

Secure your Home from Intruders
Being heedless or being paranoid about your home’s security is not the way to go. Just protect your home with some basic steps and you will be able to sleep peacefully every night.

Coffee Tables are for All Homes
A Coffee table is an essential piece of any furniture in any home. With numerous kinds available, it takes some knowledge to pick the right one for your home.

How to Pick out a Beautiful Rug for your Home
To add refined touches to your interiors, use quality rugs which come in so many different patterns, designs, styles and colors. Pick out a rug which is best suited for you and your home.

Less Storage Space? Try these Simple Ideas
So many items and such less storage space. This can easily be remedied with some simple yet clever ideas which will maximize your space.

Option Mortgage: What, How and Is it for You?
A payment option mortgage gives the borrower the freedom to pick any of the choices available while making monthly payments. If this mortgage is not handled responsibly, the borrower may as well prepare himself for foreclosure or bankruptcy.

Renovate Boring Floors with Area Rugs
Area rugs can be placed anywhere and they will serve a purpose specific to that space. To enhance the décor of your home you can pick from the limitless choices available.

Houseplants: The Lungs of Your Home
Our homes are not as healthy as we think because of the unclean air we breathe everyday. Adding houseplants will cleanse your air, keep you healthy and enhance the décor of your home.

Endless Hours of Leisure with a Patio Awning
Some times the weather just makes it impossible for us to enjoy our own private outdoor space – the patio. Get a patio awning to enjoy your space well and to complete the look of your patio.

The Weed Battle on Your Lawn: How to Prevent and Destroy them
Weeds have the potential to really upset you especially when they creep up on your beautiful lawn. Learn how to prevent as well as tackle weeds to keep your lawn healthy and thriving.

Furnishing Our Homes Like Magazine Pictures
Magazines on Interior Decoration can get most of us drooling and wishing we lived in spaces like that. But our wishes can come true if we know how to look at these magazines properly and then incorporating the best into our homes.

Criteria for Buying Rental Properties
Buying a rental property is a solid investment but if you pick a bad property, then you may suffer losses which may be hard to recover from. Any rental property you buy should have some basic features.

Enjoying the Outdoors with a Charming Porch Swing
A porch swing adds a delicate touch to your patio or outdoor space helping you enjoy the different seasons even more. Read the simple details you must consider when buying a porch swing.

Hiring the Right Contractor for Your Home Improvement Project
A Home Improvement project submitted into the hands of an incompetent or dishonest contractor can soon turn your dream into a nightmare. Picking out the right contractor and working out the details at the start can save you this trouble.

How to go about Hiring a Financial Adviser
Hiring a financial adviser is a job that needs to be done carefully. Finding someone who shares your financial goals is as important as finding someone competent and trustworthy.

Basics of a Leaf Blower and How to Buy One
Leaf blowers are practical and can save you a lot of time and energy. Understand your needs before you pick out a leaf blower from the various types available in the market.

Choosing Appropriate Trees for Your Property
Trees can add interest to a landscape and complete the look of your home. But you cannot choose just any tree for your yard; you have to consider certain factors to pick the right trees for your property.

Learning to Shop for Loans and Comparing Lenders
Shopping for loans from various lenders is essential as offers vary from one lender to another. Learn how to compare lenders and pick the best loan for your needs.

Hire a Mortgage Broker for Best Results. But Hire the Right One!
Mortgage Brokers can find anyone a suitable loan and with their expertise can make the whole loan process easier. But the catch lies in finding the right broker.

Fertilize for Your Lawn Appropriately for a Lush Green Bed
Lawns may need fertilizers to provide resistance to the grass and keep them thriving beautifully. But understand more about fertilizers and how you must use them for best results.

A Home Improvement Loan can Save the Day
You may wish to make renovations on your home or make repairs which are absolutely necessary. Some times it is difficult to fund big projects; here is where a Home Improvement loan comes in.

Different Kinds of Properties Related to Foreclosure
There are different kinds of properties related to foreclosure: Pre-foreclosure, foreclosure auction and Real Estate Owned Properties. Before you invest in any of these properties, know the various benefits and risks involved with each of them.

Selling Your Home on Your Own? Hire these Three People For a Successful Sale
Selling a home on your own is a decision you may take to save some precious money. Even if you do not hire an agent, you need to hire some others – a home inspector, evaluator and an attorney.

Top Five Myths about Mortgages that can Damage Your Pocket
Misunderstanding, ignorance and skepticism breeds myths and for the common man myths with regard to mortgages are many. Get rid of these myths so you can benefit from mortgages and avoid costly mistakes.

What Kind of Wallpaper Should You Buy?
Wallpapers are fun and can create interesting effects in a room. There are several aspects of wallpaper that you need to know before you pick one out.

Planning and Creating Your First Garden
Gardening can be a great pastime and can enhance the beauty of your home. If you are new to gardening, then a simple plan and an organized procedure will get you on the right track.

How to Buy Foreclosure Properties in Auction
Investing in foreclosure properties can be extremely profitable. But it requires some skill and lots of research to buy foreclosure properties at auctions.

How to Detect a Roof Leak
If you find a dreaded moisture stain on your ceiling, then its time to start snooping around to find the cause of it. Do not wait till you have to spend big bucks because finding the cause early can save you a lot of trouble later.

Advertising Your Rental Property Effectively
A rental vacancy for too long can be a burden to the owner especially since he will have to spend money and effort to maintain it. Advertising effectively can ensure your rental property’s occupation.

Enjoying Your Garden More with Outdoor Furniture
To enjoy you garden more, you should consider adding furniture. But you can hardly just place your couch outside, you need to take in several factors before you find appropriate furniture for your garden.

Planning and Implementing a Vibrant Flower Bed
Flower beds can be spectacular and add beautiful colors to any yard. Before you just dig out any area for a flower bed, consider several basic factors to create the picture you have in mind.

Finding Rental Homes for You and Your Pet
Many people give up their pets because it is difficult to find rental accommodation which allows pets. But you can prevent this if you approach the landlord in the right manner and a systematic plan in hand.