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Karamasoft Support Forums: UltimateSpell

Forum for UltimateSpell for ASP.NET developers


Overide Dictionary in Code


setting Ultimatespell.dictionary='xxx' in form Load does not seem to work. setting Language seems OK I have to set the appropriate value for the Dict in the asp form

database-based dictionary


Hi, is it possible to implement database based custom dictionary? I know UltimateSpell only supports file-based one off the box, but is it possible to override the API so I can implement my own? 

UltimateSpell Dictionary on LoadBalancing



We are using ultimate spell check product in our application. When a user is uses "Add to Dictionary" feature the ultimate spell check saves the information in the server side custom dictionary and uses it when next time spell check is invoked.

Our application is load balanced on the server side with F5. The new word which was added to dictionary is currently saved only in one server and rest of the servers does not have this information. Because of this when next time user invokes spell check it was not guaranteed that this new word is used.

Can you please tell me is their any option of have the custom dictionary which is in server side can be shared across all the web servers within the ultimate spell check or is their any option by which we can solve this issue like configuring the ultimate spell check to use some client side IE features.


IgnoreInternetAddresses and colons


A client reported a bug to us and after researching it is appears that the issue actually comes from Ultimate Spell. Should a incorrectly spelled word end in a colon then it will not be picked up. For example, coloon: will not be recognized as misspelled. Ifwe set the IgnoreInternetAddresses option to False then it is picked up; however, the misspelling is obviously not a part of an internet address. I do see an old thread in your forum from 3+ years ago reporting this and the response was to set the option to false. The thing is coloon: is obviously not an internet address, so this appears to be a bug. Are there plans to correct this? Thank you Chris Keithley Thomson Reuters Elite

Not Initializing


I've used ultimatespell before in projects and I have newest version.  I added to a simple page and it will not initialize and shows all kinds of errors if I click spell check button on popup window

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="Test.aspx.cs" Inherits="NewIntranet.Test" %>
<%@ Register TagPrefix="kswc" Namespace="Karamasoft.WebControls.UltimateSpell" Assembly="UltimateSpell" %>




        Helloww world

        What's haapening

        Spelling check

        all good here
                    ShowSpellButton="true" SpellAsYouType="true" CustomDictionary="CustomEnglish.dic">



Dictionary issues


In Ultimatespell (3.7.4451.26209) when I load the Italian dictionary downloaded from the dictionary list it will return "Not in dictionary" for any word I put in. I debugged a bit and found that if I remove the first line of the dic file then most nouns are fine but still I get problems with the verb forms (e.g. usi "you use" from the verb usare) all over the place. There must be something wrong with this dictionary? Also I would like to have a Greek dictionary, anyone knows if there is one? I tried to generate one from Aspell but again it only worked for half of the words sort of. Thanks Best regards Johan

Which Dictonary do you use?


just wondering which dictionary Karamasoft is using? and how often are the dictionary updated?

modal dialog for Chrome


The UltimateSpell component have an option to show spell check dialog as modal window, but due to Chrome doesn't support modal window since version 37, is there any work around to keep showing dialog as modal window? We're using ASP.NET component v3.7.

Spell button crashes Internet Explorer


I updated one of my projects from Visual Studio 2005 to Visual Studio 2010 and I also updated the UltimateSpell using the UltimateSpellFull40.msi. I have done the clean up procedure as posted on this forum. The spell check button works on debug mode however whenever it attempt to use it after installing my web project on the test server, it forces Internet Explorer browser to close. When I use it from the test server, the UltimateSpell dialog box is empty and has no spell suggestions, the buttons are greyed out except OK and Cancel. When I click OK, this is when Internet Explorer crashes. Does anyone have a solution or any idea what is going?

Add Correction Suggestions


I need to add some correction suggestions to UltimateSpell in an ASP.NET site. I have tried adding the new suggestions to file, but they don't appear in the application. What do I need to do to get new suggestions into the spelling checker?

Ignoring HTML Characters when performing a Spell Check


I'm working through trying to get Kendo Editor to work with UltimateSpell. My issue is the editor does not expose a text only view of the text in the window so when you perform a spell check you are running the spell check on the HTML rather than just the text value. Does Ultimate Spell provide a method to perform a spell check and ignore all HTML characters? For example, in my current case, the spell checker tries to check the spelling of this string:


Kendo UI Editor allows your users to edit HTML in a familiar, user-friendly way.
In this version, the Editor provides the core HTML editing engine, which includes basic text formatting, hyperlinks, lists, and image handling. I really want it to ignore the HTML and spell check this string: Kendo UI Editor allows your users to edit HTML in a familiar, user-friendly way. In this version, the Editor provides the core HTML editing engine, which includes basic text formatting, hyperlinks, lists, and image handling. Thank you for your assistance.

AutoCorrect for WinForm app?


Hello, Could you provide sample code for AutoCorrect in a WinForm app? williamj

How to add "Change To" word to dictionary?


Hello, How do I "Add to Dictionary" when the correct spelling is in the "Change To" textfield? williamj

UltimateSpellCore file is out of date in UltimateSpellFull40.msi


Hi, I've trying to upgrade my version of UltimateSpell from 3.7.4606.15153 to 3.7.5321.17623. And I have noticed the spell checker and corrector functionality is now no longer working and believe the javascript might the issue. Because the following files have an older version displayed within their headers. UltimateSpellCore(2011) and UltimateEditorInclude(2010). The pakcage I downloaded was the UISuite, but I installed and utilised the DLL's and javascript files in UltimateSpellFull40.msi and UltimateEditorFull40.msi

Grammar check for WinForm demo?


Hello, How would I include a grammar check in a WinForm app? Thanks. williamj

UltimateSpell in Windows app


Hello, Could you provide an example of using UltimateSpell in a Windows Form app? Thank you. williamj



This command has been deprecated in Google Chrome V37 and now simply does nothing.
It is used in your Ultimatespell scripts

UltimateSpell causing IE9 to freeze


Hi, We have recently had an issue, specifically with UltimateEditor with SpellAsYouType enabled (but I believe the actual core issue lies with the UltimateSpell component) where clients are having their browsers freeze/crash at random (preceded by a "long running script" error). It is quite hard to replicate and it took some time, but we have successfully replicated the issue on your Ultimate Editor sample ( Steps are as below (IE9): 1) Ensure that SpellAsYouType is enabled 2) Clear out all editor content 3) Start typing quite quickly, including new line characters, and every now and then hold backspace. 4) Browser proceeds to lock up with "Long running script error" before freezing completely (only way to end is usually though task manager). Step 3 varies greatly and there is a large amount of randomness to it. Some clients are getting it when just typing normally at completely random times, but we have managed to replicate it easiest by essentially typing very fast, with lots of new lines and backspacing. May need to attempt to replicate several times as it is very random and does not seem to happen 100% but this is a very critical issue for our users as it is effectively preventing use of our system in some cases. I'm not sure if it helps, but when I was recently debugging the issue, my javascript debugger pointed to the following function infinitely looping at the point of the browser crash: "UltimateSpellAsYouType.prototype.usd8v" - Specifically, the call in this function that appears to have the issue is the "moveEnd" function (something to do with selection?). Immediately before the browser crashes, this function is called a huge number of times (and noticed that during the "long running script error", the number of calls keeps on increasing massively).

Spellcheck textbox focus issues on modal windows.


Hi We are using UltimateSpell v3.7SP4 and are running into some weird focus issues when working with modal windows. We have our own server control for creating the spellcheck text box. When this server control is used on a modal window (launched using the window.showModalDialog) for some reason the window loads with keyboard focus (caret) already in the spellcheck textbox when it should not be. And even more strange, when we mouse click onto the textbox the caret just disappears. Now if you start typing, nothing happens :(. but if we press tab the caret reappears in the spellcheck textbox and then users can type into the control. But again, if we click the mouse over the control the caret is again lost!! I have this isolated down to a standalone aspx page and a stripped down version of our server control but am not sure how I can upload that with this post. So here's some basic information: The modal window is launched using the javascript below on the main page: < Input type="button" runat="server" id="lauchnew" onclick="launchpopup()" value="launch new popup"/> function launchpopup() { window.showModalDialog("spellcheck2.aspx", "myWindow", "status = 1, height = 300, width = 300, resizable = 0") } ---------------------------------------------------- The modal window contains the following markup < mycontrols : SpellCheckTextBox ID="buFY_Budget_History__Adjustment_Comments_Narr" runat="server" /> --------------------------------------------------- The server control code is as below public class SpellCheckTextBox : TextBox { private UltimateSpell ultimateSpellControl; /// The ID of the primary spell check control on the page public const string SpellCheckControlId = "SpellCheckControl"; #region Properties [Bindable(true)] [Category("SpellChecker")] [DefaultValue(true)] [Localizable(true)] [Description("Highlight misspelled words as you type.")] public bool SpellAsYouType { get { EnsureChildControls(); return (ultimateSpellControl.SpellAsYouType); } set { EnsureChildControls(); ultimateSpellControl.SpellAsYouType = value; } } #endregion #region Overrides /// /// Creates an instance of the spellcheck control and adds it to the Controls collection of this control /// protected override void CreateChildControls() { Controls.Clear(); ultimateSpellControl = new UltimateSpell(); ultimateSpellControl.ID = string.Format("{0}{1}", SpellCheckControlId, ClientID); ultimateSpellControl.ControlIdsToCheck = base.ClientID; ultimateSpellControl.SpellButton.ID = string.Format("{0}{1}", ultimateSpellControl.ID, "Button"); ultimateSpellControl.SpellButton.ButtonType = SpellButtonType.LinkButton; ultimateSpellControl.SpellButton.CssClass = "SpellcheckButton"; ultimateSpellControl.SpellButton.Text = "Check Spelling"; ultimateSpellControl.IncludeDirectory = "/SpellCheck/"; ultimateSpellControl.CustomDictionary = "/SpellCheck/"; ultimateSpellControl.ShowAddButton = false; ultimateSpellControl.ShowSpellButton = false; //Last character being removed when mouse clicking out of spellcheck field //Per this is required to fix the problem. ultimateSpellControl.AutoEventWireup = false; //Add the control to this CONTROL'S controls collection this.Controls.Add(ultimateSpellControl); ChildControlsCreated = true; } [...]

UtlimateSpell and Standard DocType


Hi, Is the UltimateSpellCheck control supported on IE10 and Document Mode : Standard? When I go to the demo site( , I notice on my IE Developer tool the Document Mode is set to "Quirks". So, Is Standards Mode not supported? I am noticing some strange behavior on the demo site, when I use IE 10 and set the Document Mode to "Standard" I set my mouse cursor on the text area and copy some text from clipboard. Try to set my focus back on the text area. I notice (1) My mouse cursor is set on a different position in the spell text area other than where I set my focus. (2) As I continue to paste a bit more text, the font-style of the text seems to change (3) Sometimes I notice that the text is overplayed on existing text in a weird font. Please advise, Thanks, -Sashi

Spell-As-You-Type doesn't kick in in IE8 until after SpellCheck button is pressed


We are running UltimateSpell v. 3.7.4795. This problem appears only in browsers running IE8, in particular IE 8.0.7600. When the page loads and users enters text the underlining of misspelled words doesn't work. But once they press the spellcheck button and the spellcheck dialog pops up, if they cancel the dialog then all the misspellings get underlined on the page as they should. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix besides telling users to upgrade to IE9? Thanks, Tomasz

apostrophe or apostrophe


When users cut and paste from a WORD document into my web app, the apostrophe character is a instead of a 'The spell check shows that the word with the funky apostrophe is misspelled.  I tried adding the words with the funky apostrophe to the dictionary but it still say's they are misspelled.  How can I fix this?

Issue relating to RequestValidation=False and .NET 4.0+


Hi,I am having the issue where you get "A potentially dangerous Request.QueryString value was detected from the client" due to encoded html tags in the request URL for UltimateSpellInclude/UltimateSpell.callback.aspx.I am aware of other forum posts about this, suggesting that the site/page be put into RequestValidationMode="2.0". concern is that this is not really an acceptable "fix" and feel that reverting to older validation shouldn’t be a requirement. Has alternate fix been developed/made available?Thanks![...]

Mismatch of button labels and functions


Using 3.7.4964.17099
Identical UltimateSpell folder contents.
Spellasyoutype and UseSpellcheckinIE are both set to false

On most sites the spell check pop up window has correct labels on the buttons.
This includes testing under IE9

On one site (using IE9) the button functions all work, but the labels on them are incorrect
eg. OK button has "ignore all words" but acts as OK

Ignore All case


Hello, I have a textbox with some mis-spelled word in it. I just ignore and close the spell check. Again I open the window it shows me that mis-spelled word again. Problem is when I do Ignore All. When I close the spell check window after doing Ignore All it shows 'Spell Check complete' message every time. I think once spell check opens again it should show show that word again. Akkis