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Sweet, bitter, fat: Genetics play a role in kids' snacking patterns, study finds

Thu, 22 Feb 18 00:13:00 -0800

The types of snacks a child chooses could be linked to genetics, a University of Guelph study found. The study investigated whether genetic variants in taste receptors related to sweet, fat and bitter tastes influence the snacks preschoolers choose and found nearly 80 per cent carried at least one of these genotypes that could predispose them to poor snacking habits. These findings could help parents tailor their kids' diets based on their genetics of taste.

Tomatoes of the same quality as normal, but using only half the water

Wed, 21 Feb 18 00:12:10 -0800

When reducing the water used to water cherry tomato crops by more than 50%, the product not only maintains its quality, both commercially and nutritionally, but it also even increases the level of carotenoids, compounds of great interest in the food-processing industry. In addition to being natural colourings, some are Vitamin-A precursors, which are beneficial for the health and have cosmetic uses.

Neuroimaging reveals lasting brain deficits in iron-deficient piglets

Wed, 21 Feb 18 00:09:10 -0800

Iron deficiency in the first four weeks of a piglet's life - equivalent to roughly four months in a human infant - impairs the development of key brain structures, scientists report. The abnormalities remain even after weeks of iron supplementation begun later in life, the researchers found.

Low-fat or low-carb? It's a draw, Stanford study finds

Tue, 20 Feb 18 00:08:00 -0800

New evidence from a study at the Stanford University School of Medicine might dismay those who have chosen sides in the low-fat versus low-carb diet debate.

Findings do not support suggestion that certain diets may be better for adults with certain genetic makeup

Tue, 20 Feb 18 00:07:50 -0800

Weight loss over a year was not significantly different for overweight adults who followed a low-fat or low-carbohydrate diet, and neither a person's genetic makeup nor their insulin secretion level was associated with how much weight they lost.

You are what you eat: Diet-specific adaptations in vampire bats
Vampire bats feed exclusively on blood. It has therefore been long suspected that they have highly specific evolutionary adaptations and most likely also an unusual microbiome. An international group of scientists analyzed the genome of vampire bats and the microorganisms that live in their gut and asked how much the viruses contained in the blood may affect the vampire bats. Their findings have now been published in Nature Ecology