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// Hello World

SharePod and anything else I get time to write about...

Updated: 2014-10-07T17:21:03.651+13:00


The Wii is mine!


Thanks to all of you who signed up for the ActionThis trial... I won the Wii by lets say a large margin! :)It is still on order apparently, so its not actually in my hands yet, but will be soon :)In the meantime, I'm working on SharePod 3.8.3

We're moving...


Hopefully you will have noticed that SharePod has moved to!Along with a nice new domain name and style, the SharePod blog is now at not styled yet (will be soon), but that will become the blog to check for SharePod news and upcoming features.I'm not sure what will happen with this blog yet - hopefully I'll make time to update it once in a

SharePod 3.8.1


This is a bug fix release. You only need to get this if you are having these following problems:Unable to delete track because missing ArtworkDBXmlException while loading a ShuffleDownload

SharePod 3.8 released


3.8 is out:Add/remove album artworkVideos now auto-resume from last positionShuffles should now work againVideos dont play in random mode in the media playerDownload

Help me win a Nintendo Wii


During the day I work as a developer on ActionThis - a web and Outlook task management system.We've just started a bit of a competition - the person with the most signups using their referral code wins a Nintendo Wii! I would love to win this, so if you have a spare minute, please signup for a free trial with the code INT577. Heres a link. I hope you'll find it useful.I'll let you know if I win!

SharePod 3.8 coming soon


So I've been adding/removing album artwork on my 5th Gen Video for a couple of days now and it all looks good :)I'll try to finish it up over the weekend - so expect SharePod 3.8 within a few days

SharePod 3.7


SharePod 3.7 is out :)New features:View-only Album Art support! (Full read-write Album Art will be in the next version) The album art is displayed in the Track Edit window.SharePod should now be able to detect your iTouch/iPhone if you are using appropriate mounting software (iPhoneFS etc). Should be able to view your songs, and hopefully add/remove them too. Please post on the forums if you have

First album art shown in UI


Live view of my SharePod tasks


The Artwork support is coming along nicely, I hope to complete the majority of it tonight :)I use ActionThis to keep track of all the things I have to get done, and I've made a little widget for my website to show all the tasks I'm currently working on for SharePod!Hopefully it will be interesting to see how many small bits go into a SharePod feature/release.See the live view here

Artwork support coming to SharePod...


You won't be seeing it this week, but behind the scenes I'm working on adding Artwork support for SharePod! The first version will be read-only view of artwork, the following version will be full add/remove artwork.I've got a working ArtworkDB parser, but haven't converted the binary images into anything viewable yet. Making progress though :)

Vista issues


Regarding these (never-ending!) Vista issues, I have got a Vista machine up and running now, so in the next week I will be trying to replicate some of the crashes that have been reported.I've just checked the stats - it was its busiest month in January with 47GB transferred!!

SharePod 3.6.4 + more


Hello everyone, its been a while since I've written about any updates! Christmas/New Years is usually pretty busy for me. Kate and I spent a week in Melbourne over new years. It was great fun and 42c several days in a row :)Now things are back to normal, I've been making some significant changes to SharePod, and tonight (well morning, its 1.30am local time...) 3.6.4 is available.So whats new?

SharePod 3.6.3


SharePod 3.6.3 is available!Changes:Fixed: Cant select songs from the menu on new iPods for people still affected after 3.6.2Added: 'Part of Compilation' flag to Tag Edit windowFixed: Few small bugs

More info on the Classic/Nano menu bug


After the 3.6.2 release, it turned out some people were still seeing the menu bug.The bug is that songs added by SharePod are visible but not selectable in the iPod menu.After some more investigation, I have found the field which the new iPods expect and that SharePod 3.6.2 doesn't create. A beta has been released to a number of people with 100% success rate :)3.6.3 will be out hopefully tonight!

SharePod 3.6.2


SharePod 3.6.2 is available!Changes:Fixed: Cant select songs from the menu on new iPodsFixed: Drag/drop to playlists and playlist reorderingFixed: Could not save when a track tag (eg. Artist) was made emptyAdded: Workaround to not need admin rights when using SharePod with an older iPod. This will also solve the 'iPod Handle' errors for most people. See the Faq for more details.I am aware of

Fix for iPod Classic / 3G Nano menus bug!


After lots of investigation, I have a working version of SharePod which doesn't break the menus on iPod Classics and 3G Nanos.It will be out this week :)Phew, Apple, that was a tricky one!

Please try out the 3.6.1 Beta


As promised, here is the SharePod 3.6.1 Beta. Please try it out if you have any of the following issues -Running on a 64bit OSUsing an iPod Shuffle and getting an Xml errorSystem.ArgumentException on loadEither post your feedback as a comment to this post, or email me for more complex feedback :)

Outstanding 3.6 Issues


From your emails and comments, there are 4 main issues with v3.6:1. Lack of 64bit supportThis might be really easy or really hard. Expect a test release tomorrow.2. On new iPods, cannot select songs from menus after using SharePodCurrently under investigation!3. iPod Shuffles give an Xml errorWill be fixed in 3.6.14. System.ArgumentException on some iPodsWill be fixed in 3.6.1If you have

Get SharePod 3.6


Yep, its available!Only 1 new feature, but its a big one - Support for new iPods and iTunes :)Get it from the downloads page

Where is SharePod?


Over the last few days SharePod 3.6 has been with beta testers. The good news is it works perfectly with the new iPods!There are a couple of small issues with Windows Vista (SharePod needs to run with Admin rights) , and I just need to work through these in the next few days before the release.Things are looking good for a weekend release :)

SharePod update in the works


SharePod will be supporting the latest iPods very soon (within 2 weeks!).Thanks to wtbw's example c++ code for the new database format, it is being ported to SharePod as I write this :)If you have a new iPod and want to be a SharePod beta tester, please email me!*Edit: Please stop emailing me about beta testing :) I have had lots of responses (thanks!) and dont need any more at this point!

SharePod will not update the latest iPods


Just heard about this news! The newest iPods (the touch screen generation) have a check in them to prevent programs like SharePod and Amarok from modifiying songs on the iPod.No-one has had any success in cracking it yet, so I'll have to just watch and see what happens. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to try and crack the checks myself...

SharePod on Digg 2


Friday was a big day, the SharePod article on digg was the most popular in the last 24 hours(!), and served 5Gb of traffic that day :)

SharePod is on (again!)


SharePod is on another post!The article is about the Top 10 freeware applications that everyone should know about. A friend pointed it out to me a couple of hours ago, and in that short space of time the post has had another 1000 diggs :) Its not the first time it has featured on, but this is the most popular post so far.So, please go and digg the story, see if it can make it

More code samples...


How about this one? First I create a new playlist (called "New Playlist") and add a track to it. Then I can modify that track (in this case the comment field).Then I can use the built-in IPodExporter class to easily copy a track to the users c:\ drive!Could it be much easier? :)try{ Playlist newPlaylist = iPod.Playlists.Add("New Playlist"); newPlaylist.AddTrack(iPod.Tracks[0]);}catch (