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I've gotten out of debt, now on to my dreams!

Published: 2010-09-16T14:29:50-07:00


DebtHater's Blog is Moving so Follow Me to My New Home


I told you I would and I am: Debt Hater is moving to a new Wordpress blog: All my posts are there now. The blog is evolving, so bear with me. Also, please know that DebtHater on Typepad will...

The Six STUPIDEST Things I Lose Money On


"D'oh!" That's all I can say when I lose money the silly way -- on fees and such that, if I lived right, I'd never have to pay. Granted these are small potato items (usually), but they're also the kind...

Walletpop Chooses Top Five Debt Bloggers Who Happen to be Ladeez!


Wednesday afternoon, AOL's WalletPop published Vera Gibbons "Paying off bills pays off: Top five female debt bloggers" featuring yours truly and four ladies blogging about living life in debt, getting out of debt and being debt free. Don't miss these...

Check Out Anjuan Simmon's "Five Must Read Blogs for Black Entrepreneurs"


I met Anjuan Simmons (@Anjuan on Twitter) at the Blogging While Brown Conference and was glad to make the connection! Check out his article 5 Must Read Blogs for Black Entrepreneurs on Black Web 2.0 which features yours truly and...

July Monthly Report: In the Black Thanks to Vacation, Ironically


I finished July with $56.83 remaining. I was out of town and on vacation for 12 days this month, spending primarily money I had saved for travel. Report for June End of the month: $56.83 in the black Saved: $1,886.67...

Why I Save Money to Give Away: What "Tithe" Means to Me


I save 10% of my income specifically to give it away. I call it tithing, but tithe is a loaded term. If you are not Christian, then you probably don't know what tithe means. If you are Christian and were...

Living With the "Low" Interest Rates on my Savings


I decided to save six months of living expenses because that's what I needed for my own peace of mind. For most single people with a steady job, three months of living expenses is typically recommended and should be sufficient....

Don't Nickel and Dime a Hole Into Your Finances


We can nickel and dime ourselves into debt. I wonder if most people in considerable consumer debt got there by drips and drabs, not by deluge. I bet it started with a few missing dollars here and there in their...

June Monthly Report: In the Black Despite Overage in May


Woo hoo! I finished June with $10.43 remaining in disposable income. This is despite carrying over a $230 deficit from May because of the bank's mistake and subsequent overdraft charges. How did I do it? Not with frugal spending practices,...

Get to Know Debt Hater in Just Nine Posts


Ok, so y'all know I am having some problems with this bootleg, free blog version of Typepad. For one thing, it's hella hard to get through the blog and find posts. So, for everyone dropping by for a visit, including...