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Published: 2009-11-01T20:24:22-08:00




I finally got my own dot com. It's not ready yet, but come on over.

What is it up in the air for


I live about a mile from the house I grew up in (the west coast house, that is) and Lex goes to the same middle school I did. Back then it was a junior high, and I still call it...

Arrrrgh, we be makin' the homemade candy corn


recipe here These are so good that I hid a stack from everyone else and we are making another batch after supper tonight. Sophie stopped her pumpkin carving last night (well, she enlisted SG to do all the work anyway,...

This is how we do it


People ask me kind of often how I do it. The job, the kids, the 4 different soccer teams and doctor visits and lunches and suppers and occasional shift in my church nursery and all that stuff. Usually I just...

Acme Ride


My brain will not let me sleep. It makes me yawn all afternoon and all through supper and all over SG when he stops by to visit afterwards, but now, when it's the middle of the night? Now is not...

Don't forget the Arnica Montana; that's important, too.


So I have been thinking a lot about this post that Kate wrote a few days ago. She wrote it in response to this other one. I have so much ricocheting around inside my head about this that I'm not...

I just handed my pinball crown to him


Last week, my first baby turned thirteen. This one will not need braces -- isn't that thoughtful of him? He grew a few inches over the summer, and now likes to walk up to me (especially if he's got shoes...

Side effects may include:


increased appetite (check) weight gain (check) facial swelling (partial check) depression, mania, psychosis or other psychiatric symptoms (check, check plus, I dunno) unusual fatigue (check) mental confusion (check plus) insomnia (check) anxiety (check plus) twitchy left eye (OMG) shrewishness (checkity,...

Friday = Red


It's Autumn Color week, and instead of taking any new pictures, I lugged my camera around all week and then made do with what I already had. I feel like that person who is mumble singing along to a song...

Thursday = Brown


It's day four of Autumn Color Week. Still haven't made time to pick up my camera, but I found enough old photos to put together. That one of Soph in the corner is one of my favorites of her, blurry...

Autumn Color Week


So I saw on Hula Seventy that there is a photo thang started by Poppytalk called Autumn Color Week, and I said to myself, Jen, you should do that. No matter how busy you are. Seriously. (Only I don't really...

Hoarse and buggy


That is the very worst pun sin I have ever publicly committed. So we've moved on (please, please let that be accurate) from head lice to maybe Swine Flu. Maybe equals You must wear a mask when your siblings are...

Love Thursday ~ beach glass


SG and I spent all of last week in Maui. Eight perfect, warm days; seven warm, breezy nights; nine or more dives (for him); something like sixteen snorkely swims (together); lots and lots of sea turtles; almost as many rays;...

Back on aina makua


a few more photos here Currently having a few reentry snags, but will be back soon with stories and restaurant reviews and videos of rays, turtles, eels, sharks, and lots and lots of fishes. And maybe of me snorkeling.

Project 2,996 September 11th Tribute ~ Joshua Poptean


Please read about Project 2,996 here. From Bronx Builders: Status: This company is missing 3 workers who were attending a meeting at Windows on the World. The missing workers are Manuel DaMota, Joshua Poptean and Obdulio Ruiz-Diaz. Joshua Poptean...

My doorbell rang; it was a sailor and a truck driver


and they were here to tell me to watch my language. But I have a great excuse: head lice. I spent $100 on lice shampoo. Over the last 24 hours I have bagged up stuffed animals, barbies, dry-clean-only comforters, ugg...

Tetherball is the Devil's game


I'm just going to start adding Minor Injury to the kids' back-to-school lists: Lex has broken his arm at school three times; 1) in kindergarten by jumping off the top of a chain-link fence and landing on his elbow, 2)...

At the candy store


in Monterey: SG: Dude! Look! It's a Chuck Norris Pez dispenser Me: Naw, I think it's Star Wars (not because I could really tell, but because I read the "Star Wars Pez" sign). Both of us: Looking at Pez with...

Meet Bea


The more I read (in my grandmother's book) about my great-grandmother, Bea, the more I want to learn about her. For a person so interested in and close to my family, I'm shocked by how little I do know about...

I dearly love the state of Texas,


but I consider that a harmless perversion on my part, and discuss it only with consenting adults. ~ Molly Ivins. Last week I packed up a couple of suitcases and took the kids to Texas, where I'm from. They were...

The World Spins Madly On


Good Morning, this is your wake-up call.


It's summer vacation for my kids, but they still have to get up early every day, throw on shorts and sunscreen, eat breakfast, comb their hair, brush their teeth, and grab their backpacks and lunches before I scoot them out...



We eat a lot of quinoa around here (thanks to SG for telling me how SuperHealthy it is), and Nate likes it especially lately so he had some for breakfast yesterday. He sat there eating while I did dishes and...

Here comes the sun, and I say, it's alright


This afternoon we packed everyone up and went over the hill to the beach. And, judging by the amount of people there, four people in Northern California did something else like watch a movie or mow the lawn. But, whatever....

9 for a true love as true as can be


red chair in the alley, Chinatown, San Francisco, July 2008 Summer is about halfway through, at least by the school calendar that the kids and I use to mark it. Lex has gone from matching my height when he finished...

Ugly doll is testing phone to twitter/flickr app.


Ugly doll is testing phone to twitter/flickr app., originally uploaded by Not Calm (dot com).

This is beautiful, hold my hand


I'm standing waist-deep in the water in Monterey Bay, hopping around on one foot and trying to get a fin on the other. I've got a mask on, am remembering to breathe so I won't panic, and remembering that remembering...

Define "hands-free"


So the other morning I was getting ready to drive to the office and I was talking to Jenny about work stuff, and we weren't done talking and I needed to go BUT I didn't have my phone headphones because...

Now it's us and now it's we


Wow. I was going to write a little bit about Michael Jackson, but then I read Susie Bright's post, and Megan Smith's. I picked the girls up from camp tonight late and told them about MJ while we drove home....

Speak softly, big stick optional


So, I'm a total monster who made Willow cry today because I yelled (not really at her, but definitely in her general vicinity) about the mess in the living room. Why are you crying? I asked her. I'm not MAD...

Sweet wild road ahead


Yesterday morning I had to go to the pharmacy before work, and of course it took for-ev-er. I sat in the waiting room, catching up on work email from my phone while I waited. And waited. When it was finally...

Born on the couch; Sophie's Birthday Eve Story


If you are a kid living under my roof, it's a given that you get to eat cake for breakfast on the day after your birthday. On the night before your birthday, you'll find yourself curled up in a queen...

I'm so cheap


Really. Read about it here. And share your cheap ways with me so I can be even cheaper.

Happy, happy birthday to me, and to you


I'm feeling thankful for the small things today. It's Sophie's birthday today. (Edited to add: It WAS her birthday when I started this, but now it's a couple of days past.) I snuck out of the house this morning early,...

Antie Jen (that's me)


Max is a sweet, sweet baby. He's content and likes to be outdoors. At six weeks (but born a couple weeks on the early side) he was already struggling to hold his head up while the adults around him said...

Well hello there


I've been up since 4:45 this morning, probably because SG and the kids were all telling me to sleep in for Mother's Day, really, really late, so they'd have time to make me breakfast. You can't get out of bed...



One of my favorite people went and took photos of some of my other favorite people. Go see.

love thursday: best day ever


more on love thursday here Last weekend Lex was in all four performances of the school play at the jr. high. I forgot to take his photo, of course, because I am Mother.Of.The.Year. I worked in the cast room for...

I just pretend to be a crankpot


Weekend before last the girls and I spent a few days in the woods with no electricity, no cell phone reception, and no showers. Also, about 300 Brownies and their moms. I bitched and moaned about going (not in front...

New post up


at BeautyHacks

Ah mes oui, savez toujours delice!


::see this if you are wondering about the title:: I'm not going to lie; I was pretty pissed about the fish. I was literally just back from camping with the girls all weekend at a place with no showers when...

Some call it brave


shells SG picked up for Willow in Monterey Bay that have nothing to do with this post, but they're pretty, and it was really nice of him to bring them to her My kids are on spring break, and so...

Cute factor is off the charts


hiccups, originally uploaded by jasonsyawp. My brother, laughing at his hiccuping baby.

Meet Maxwell Stanley


Saturday before last, this baby made my little brother into a dad; a completely smitten and full of wonder dad who tells me on the phone that he could easily sit and hold his son all day and just *look*...

Play it once, Sam, for old times' sake


When I was little, maybe ten, my mom bought this old player piano from someone in Santa Cruz who lived at the bottom of a steep hill. Or maybe the top. All I remember is the story of how the...

He don't care for high-tone places


Just getting the last of the blue out of my system here. I'm not sure what grabbed me and made me all weepy, but I spent a few days with tears in my eyes and everything was too loud and...

19th nervous breakdown


When I was a kid, people used to have "nervous breakdowns." I think that the mental health care community has discouraged that term for awhile now, instead using more exact language to describe folks' states of being. Fair enough. I...



My grandfather's Yashica - I need to have it refurbished. Hopefully will happen before they stop making film entirely. I've been to therapists before: marriage counselors, kid counselors (with my kids, but not actually as one), individual counseling. There was...



I wrote about giving the girls some curls on Beauty Hacks

And I hate elevator music


We had a little earthquake here in the San Francisco Bay Area the other day, and they reported that there was no damage. Think I should call someone about my desk chair? The one that I peed in when the...