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And so it begins... by

Hi everyone!

I'm sat at my desk at uni now making a proper start on this project. The official start date was a week ago, but getting a computer and a login set up in the engineering department took longer than anyone anticipated. I've spend the last week doing bits and bobs at home, but having just moved house, lots of DIY jobs keep appearing from nowhere so it's been difficult to make a definite start (or do anything else for that matter).

At least it's about done now (the house I mean), and having a computer and desk here is nice too, so I should be able to catch up really quickly.

I'll try and blog things as much as I can througout the project, but right now I'm going to get to grips with MATLAB, and look forward to a cold brewskie this evening (If I havn't melted in this ridiculous heat by then).

Andrew Robinson (Robbo)