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Preview: Comments on: EA Pays $860M for Hardcore Gamer Studio — But Why?

Comments on: EA Pays $860M for Hardcore Gamer Studio — But Why?

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By: Antion

Fri, 26 Oct 2007 02:30:22 +0000

Two things:

  • The Sims is a freak hit. It's not close to any other game in the industry. It's to single player games what World of Warcraft is for MMOs.

  • RPG and Action Games make up ~35% of the american software market and EA has nothing in these areas. This means that the money is going to the competition.

Case to the point, EA recently announced that the revenue from the sports division that rebrands the same titles every year (Madden, NHL, ...) is down roughly 30%. The company has come to rely too much on sequels and sports remakes and that makes them vulnerable. Thus they are diverifying their portfolio, and, on the way, prevent someone else from snapping up BioWare / Pandemic.

By: Raymond Padilla

Wed, 17 Oct 2007 09:20:44 +0000

-- This truly was one of the worst post titles on this site.

-- You belittle BioWare's accomplishment of selling over a million titles for a single-platform game, which KotOR was initially. Actually, you belittle the accomplishment of selling a million units entirely.

-- The acquisition fills some holes in EA's portfolio.

By: Robin

Wed, 17 Oct 2007 02:09:52 +0000

"Of course they made money, but like I said, not that much money in relation to revenue Maxis has earned for EA."

That might be relevant if Maxis's products were competing for the same part of the market.

Perhaps Hollywood should axe all development of non-iceberg-and-Celine-Dion-based movies too.

I've not seen the part of EA's mission statement that says they should strive to leave areas of the market for Take Two, Microsoft, Blizzard, etc. to earn $100m's from uncontested.

By: Yeebo

Tue, 16 Oct 2007 21:53:28 +0000

There is a SW television program in development (or so it is rumored). The SW MMO may be set in the same time period, or simply be launching near the date of the show.

Rumor + rumor + speculation = ?

By: Wagner James Au

Tue, 16 Oct 2007 19:56:50 +0000

"Which of the supposedly 'niche' games you list didnâ€(image) t make money?"

Of course they made money, but like I said, not that much money in relation to revenue Maxis has earned for EA. Which makes EA's high purchase price strange; and still stranger when Pandemic/Bioware's product is totally at odds with the CEO's own stated corporate mission.

By: brent

Tue, 16 Oct 2007 17:45:31 +0000

The title of this article is infuriating. Way to look like a pedestrian game writer. Sorry, but 'tis true.

By: Nathan Snell

Mon, 15 Oct 2007 22:52:46 +0000

If they wanted hardcore gamers who liked games that are hard to play, they should have purchased the Starseige Tribes intellectual property.

By: Robin

Mon, 15 Oct 2007 13:07:50 +0000

Which of the supposedly "niche" games you list didn't make money? KOTOR did over a million units.

Did you stop to think that there might be (millions) of gamers who want to buy more involving games, irrespective of how fervently you try to wish them away as irrelevant to your preposterous Second Life new world order?

Your Coen Brothers analogy is equally specious. If the Coen Brothers had the capacity to consistently churn out five or ten of their offbeat modest successes every year it would be approaching accuracy.

You really can be very silly James.

By: AK

Sun, 14 Oct 2007 15:21:05 +0000

I think its an outrage that EA are monopolising the games industry just to start and being allowed to get away with it. Microsoft recent made a fair play by spliting with Bungie, so why haven't Maxis split with EA after the huge success with "The Sims" series?

Mercenaries, Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars: KOTOR are some of my personal favorites. With Mercs 2 on the way I believed Pandemic especially would avoid take-over bids, perticularly now.

As for some of the articles comments I must disagree with most of them. KOTOR was a hit in its own right and justifying what a "big" hit is out of the question. For a game to be voted "Game of the Year" is a big title, no matter what the sales of the game are, and to sell over a million copies of the game does say something.

Finally I have to agree with everything "OTL" said in their comment. My sister plays Star Wars: Battlefront with us regularly and she's more into games like "The Sims" and the Harry Potter games.

By: krsnaKhandelwal

Sun, 14 Oct 2007 05:47:30 +0000

and questions like when are you going to go mad under assault from the IT enabled services.