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Preview: SEO Stomping Grounds

SEO Stomping Grounds

Balls to the wall SEO. Ain't nothing sacred here.

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Drink the Google Koolaid



Hi.  I have nothing to hide because I can't rank sites!

Expensive Shit


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It has only been 8 years since my last post but I think it may be time to start stomping again.  So here we go mother fuckers.  Let's get expensive!

Hot New Indexing Tool?


Netscape. It's not new and this isn't new news. However, their social search is being eaten up by certain search engines. I would recommend that you do some experimenting of your own.... style for sure.

Matt Cutts Trys to Educate Everyone on Undetectable Spam


Take a quick read of Undetectable Spam over at Matt's blog and get a chuckle out of a cool reply email. I love how this guy was covering his tracks. Thanks for the laugh Matt but now I am off to purchase some links ;)

Google Image Search Gets a Face Lift


If you have done any image trolling recently you will notice a few changes over at Google Image Search. The background colors have been removed and some nifty mouse over action has been added. How is that for an earth shattering piece of SEO news?

Blogsearch : Google Blog Search Down


Well, trying to do some research just a second ago and noticed that Blog Search has gone down. Fun times when you get the google sorry string

Favorite Forum Post of 2007 so far


Scheme from Wicked Fire gets the best post of January 2007 award.

Great Advice on Un-Banning an Adwords Account

Happy Birthday to Blue Hat SEO


Since it's definetly my favorite blog, I just wanted to wish a very happy birthday to Blue Hat SEO. If you haven't started reading it yet, it is time to do so. There is some great information over there.

Defensible Traffic


"[QUOTE]I hate the buzzword "Defensible Traffic" but I thought I would play up to the bitches in my industry and mention it. Defensible Traffic. I mean. Oh mi god! on't get me wrong but honestly. It's like, totally not cool!

define:"defensible traffic" defensible traffic is traffic that does not depend on the SE's oaky. We all have it. We should get more of if it (and out of it). I can't wait till the next fuckin technology that comes along and is an "RSS Killer" because shit then " Defensible Traffic " will be out of date and I probably haven't bitched about it for quite a few years[/QUOTE]"

Go search defensible traffic. If you havent heard of Defensible Traffic then you probably should quite your day job and start smoking heroin.

Kids. A fifth of rum before my wifes dumb diaper party is a bad idea.... Honestly though. I wonder why she keeps me.

Isn't it funny how I pretend I have readers at my blog?

AdWords Quality Score


For those of you interested in how google likes to fuck around with everything and make changes that keep us on our toes, has posted a very nice invertview with Nick Fox, Senior Product Manager for Ads Quality at Google. "Google is running a test now -- we haven't formally announced it yet, but I guess I'm going to tell you now -- showing in the front end, quality score information to the advertiser." This makes me wonder if they are going to release this to the public broken, sine we all know that they like to distribute broken tools. Overall the quick invertivew will get you thinking and worth a read.

Indexing Benefits of Myspace? Myspace SEO


A question for your. How can myspace be manipulated for indexing and seo purposes? Is it a punishable offense in the big 3's eyes? What is the best way to do this without getting accounts baned? Focus on the indexing part for now ... Nevermind the great opportunity for zip leads at this time.

A sidenote... I was just fuckin smarpriced. That shit irks me bad. Gotta go find out which site is sticking a shank up my ass now.

Answer is simple. Comment spam with hidden links, if you go to big with anything they will drop your ass. Myspace is fun like that. Just drop your links in you myspace seo efforts without anchor text. Oh... and make sure the profiles your dropping them in are indexed..... there are out of the box scripts that will do just that for you for under 20 dollars. If you can't make that back you have to consider selling your ass for a living instead.

You have other options also. Check out Eli's Quick Indexing Tool for some more info.

Looking To Buy Links?


Try eBay. In the past I have found some nice permanents for below market value but yesterdays hot auction is even better. A crusty old .Gov was auctioned off ending at a bid of $9,914.84. Some is going to have a great time with this. Remember. Keep your eyes open. There are opportunities out there.

Nift;y Tool


So Eli did it again..... He took my money.... Made me happy? Whatever. Anyways. Check out his latest post at my favorite SEO blog(notice the capitals for SEO... its because SEOptimizers are rockstars). If you use his tool don't be a tool... donate. It's just the right thing to do when someone makes something for you. That's hot.

Google Alerts and 1st Place Blog Posts Anyone?


Heres a hint.

Think blogs..... but not blogs... (out of the box ya know)oh ya and think massive tech geek traffic.

URL Problems.... That's not whats wrong.


I am fuckin sick of clients telling me that session ids and url issues( I'm saying issues rather than canonization because I'm drunk and dont want to look it up... disregard the lack of punctioization too) are not causing problems with their SERPS. I currently have another client who I have been arguing with for 8 months due to sessions and other meta issues that have caused not only 2k pages to be placed in the supplemental results but to have the pages that are not become ommited results. It's always great to have a supp. issue along with a dupe content flag flying. Wow. I'm glad they are here to tell me whats not wrong... I am still pushing the issue and it WILL get resolved but I still need to bitch about it sometimes.....

Dupe issue is due to the massive amount of header code and duplicate titles/meta tags with a giant nav system.....not to mention a crazy ass 1k+ hits on the same "dynamic page" daily from every engine due to some crazy ass sess ids and other issues.... but shit....

ALthough.... Like he said there is no problem with the duplicate issue or the session ids.

I love linkbait


Honestly not much needs to be said if you know what I'm talking about. If you don't....

This was created to be an SEO monster and it will probably take off due to the fact he took the time to go all out. Last month I created 3 glossaries for clients and they have performed how I wanted them to.

The reason I haven't spell checked this post is that I live above a nightclub and there are way to many beautiful women outside... besides.... my wife is asleep. I can't function correectly when shes not with me. Internet Web Hosting Sucks


They are by far the worst hosting company. They make it impossible cancel and account, and if you don’t do it correctly they will keep billing you. Think you’ll be ok when your credit card expires don’t worry they will keep billing you and eventually refer you to collections. When you call to speak to a supervisor and tell them to cancel an account you aren’t using anymore and is in collections, they still won’t cancel it. They will however keep sending you an email to an address that no longer is in existence and refer you to their online web form.

1 & 1 Web Hosting Sucks
1 & 1 Hosting provider sucks
1 & 1 Hosting Sucks
1&1 Internet Web Hosting Sucks
1& sucks
1&1 Control Panel Sucks
1&1 Internet Inc FAQ SUCKS
1&1 Hosting Reviews
Reviews of 1&1

1and1 Web Hosting Sucks
1and1 Hosting provider sucks
1and1 Hosting Sucks
1and1 Internet Web Hosting Sucks sucks
1and1 Control Panel Sucks
1and1 Internet Inc FAQ SUCKS
Reviews of 1and1
1and1 Hosting Reviews sucks

If you have a scraper please feel free to reproduce this post in it’s entirety and if you need help building one so you can republish this post let me know I’ll help in any way I can.

New MSN Search Operator : LinkFromDomain


MSN has offered up a pretty cool new search operator for those into deep site research. LinkFromDomain: will return data on a sites outbound linkage, which is something I typically include on competitive reports for clients since its always fun to sneak some of your competitions link juice.

On to the fun stuff.

This new operator can be combined with a site: operator to help you hunt down your competitor’s wikipedia links and play wiki samurai for the day. For example, you could use to get a list of msn index wiki links and view the titles of your competitors pages. Armed with this information you can hunt out those categories and eradicate your competitors wiki links. On the other hand you could play the sneaky roll of keyboard ninja and use to keep of your precious hord of wiki links and make sure that those pesky wiki samurais are not burning them down. If they are, make sure you head right on over to wikipedia and revise the incorrect wiki article.

I can think of a few other fun uses for this operator but its more fun to discover them yourself. So put on your ninja armor, pick up your new weapon and head on out to do some serious pirate killing.

Wikipedia Spam Spamming


One of the nice things about spamming is that it brings in some nice traffic in itself. While the links help you with the trust game, the traffic is definetly a nice added bonus. Especially when its targeted (When the links stick on nice pr pages it usually is).

who rain on my spam parade like its the thing to do. I find it even funnier that they are spamming the shit out of wiki themselves with affiliate links while they preach all high and might.

I mean. I found 4 editable pages on 3 .edu websites about 3 months ago and was the only person spamming it for 2 of those months but do you think I deleted the links that showed up later? No. I sent an email asking for them to not go to overboard with their spamage and they replied. I guess I'm just a drunk romantic right now so I'll stop ranting after this last sentance. If you spam stop fucking with non-competition.

Wiki and Yahoo Bookmarks


Well. Now that Eli is talking about Wiki I thought I would follow his bad ass footsteps and do some chating of my own.

One of my favorite things of the day is MyYahoo! bookmarks. They are perfect for getting your "trusted" links(or your pages for that matter) indexed quickly. And by quick I mean within 24 hours. Last month I finally took front page in all 3 engines for a term that was floating between 40-60 across the 3 for the last four months. It happend literally overnight for Yahoo and I credit it to wiki and yahoo bookmarks. Remember. The page was optimized for the term and had some link popularity that was coninually growing, but the wiki links(15 of them) were recognized within a day (again due to yahoo bookmarks) and helped kick the dirty little bitch of a site into gear for a #2 ranking in a competitive landscape of 65mil+.

Google followed second due to a similar indexing technique with MSN comming in at third (they indexed only half of the links).

Excuse any and all writing mistkes since I have consumed my fair share (over a 3rd) of a 5th of rum.

Blogger and Google




. I have seen alot of talk about people having trouble getting blogger blogs indexed in google... seo . while google blogsearch picks em up like crazy(actually that is my theory). I have noticed blogger blogs being indexed then popping in while avoiding the main index. I'm not doom saying but I thought I might stir up your seo head about the blog mess y seo blog. seo I mean. Could it be that B&P has taken a toll on blogger... or even worse.... BLOGS! Holy shit. seo Link farms link farms. seo Lets go comment spam about it.

EDIT: Not three seconds later and this post is indexed in google blogsearch. Lets try something. seo is the best search engine optimization technique. seo

EDIT: Okay I spammed the shit out of this post and I want to see what happens..... Im probably just really drunk, thinking I'm smart and shit.

SEO Egghead wraps up Matt Cutts


SEo Egghead has been good enough to provide all of us Matt junkies with a wrap up of 21 seo tips he has hinted at over the last year. Now, I'm not saying that you should take Matt's word as gold but reading is reading so go take a look. Hopefully none of this is new to you but it might be worth a look. Oh. My favorite speaker also offers up some tips in the post.



Life is pretty funny. I got pretty damn annoyed with Vanessa Fox last night but it got me thinking about how the internet functions and why I love it so much. There are very few places where people are judged purely on action rather than other factors such as race or disability. I mean, I listen to radio shows online that are hosted by people who would never be given a chance on an FM station but end up offering a show that is solid and provides great information and entertainment matt cutts. On top of that I can't even tell if a certain business partner of mine has fiery black and latino blood. Don't you think the world would be a better place if this was everyones attitude everywhere?

Vanessa Fox is an Annoying Speaker


I'm catching up on news and I just realized that Vanessa Fox is a damn annoying speaker. I've been trying to listen her rambling on about webmaster central, mexico, accents and such but all I can focus on is how she gulps for air or starts swallowing something every 30 seconds. What the fuck is that all about? Im not trying to be mean but has anyone told her about water yet? Linkbait in the form of annoyance maybe?