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Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi


I spent a couple days in southwest Uganda near the country's border with the DRC to visit Bwindi Forest, a biologically diverse rainforest that was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1994. It's home to several endangered species including the mountain gorilla. Several gorilla groups have been habituated and UWA rangers lead up to eight visitors a day...

IxDA Awards 2014


We were finalists in the IxDA "Empowering" category for Ledger Link! Here's the video I made for our submission....



"I was the little Briar that pull'd you back..." FitzGerald translation...

Seeing in Kampala


Driving in Kampala (Uganda) is challenging. I won't list all of the things that make swimming in its teeming transportation ecosystem difficult, but I will discuss one aspect that I take for granted in the US -- my ability to "see." Unlike the physiology that gives us "vision," the act of seeing is learned. As a result we become conditioned...