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The hottest thing from the North to come out of the South.

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Giant Sandy Devotional


I used to think of Howe Gelb as a Bob Dylan for my generation (or at least a John Prine). His lyrics are always literate and clever, and he staked a claim on the alt-country turf when the geography of that genre had yet to be mapped. Jason and the Nashville Scorchers released their debut EP (with its rocking revision of "Absolutely Sweet Marie") in 1982 (the same year the Kinmans re-emerged as

And Now for Something Completely Different


Blogger tells me that I passed 300 posts somewhere back there, and it's only taken me the better part of five years to do it. I couldn't have stuck with it this long without my loyal readers, especially those daily comments from 独懸賞金ム and 分海賊なら. You guys are 男性の為が! !!Apropos of nothing, here's a poem what I hath recently wrot:Well, the Spaniard sported an unsightly 'stacheAs he sweltered in the

And Now for Something Remarkably Similar


Every purse was loaded with almighty cashAs Ranaldo softly strummed,And then Thurston bit into a blackened old pearBut he'd rather have a plum!Fandom is fun, but it can cost a ton.And we gently nudged the unsightly smudgeUntil the stain was goneFrom the pants that we wonIn an online auction.Stay tuned for "Unclabbered and Admirable Palsy".The Nectarine No.9: These Days

Rectifying Monkey


Melvins - Youth of AmericaMission of Burma - Youth of America (courtesy of the Saints - Youth of America (courtesy of Southern Shelter)Regarding his dystopian punk/motorik masterpiece, Greg Sage wrote, "The song YOA itself is out of a dream I had about the future. A time where people 'over breed' themselves to the point that even the most simple thing had become the highest level



Were the 1980's really that bad (see 8/19/10 below)? There's good music to be found in any decade, if you know where to listen. There are always forward-thinking musicians creating visionary sounds. Predictions of the future that were made in the past can be amusing when they're inaccurate (like the Jetsons, jetpacks, or Disney's Tomorrowland), but they're startling when they come true.

Rocktobtlanta and Halloweethens


Monday, 10/18/10: School of Seven Bells at the EARLWednesday, 10/20: Los Campesinos with Johnny Foreigner at the Variety PlayhouseSaturday, 10/23/10: Bettie Serveert with Magnapop at the EARLSaturday 10/30/10: E.S.G. at the New Earth Music Hall in Athens, as part of the Next to Last FestSunday, 10/31/10: Fiend without a Face at the EARL Halloween BashTuesday 11/02/10: JEFF the Brotherhood at 529

Burning Down Your House


The Jim Jones Revue arose like a phoenix from the ashes of Thee Hypnotics. The JJR played four songs on Daytrotter this summer, including one from their brand new album, Burning Your House Down (which comes out this week).If you usually avoid the type of performers featured on Daytrotter, do yourself a favor and make an exception. Or you can listen on myspace. I generally eschew "A meets B"

My Punk Half of the Drainpipe


Although I haven't been blogging lately, I read music blogs every week. I was right pleased to be mentioned in three of my favorites: I Blog Econo, sIBlingshot on the Bleachers, and Last Days of Man on Earth. Last Days features the Underneathica theme song (circa 1981), so grab that mp3! It's nice to be remembered by your peers.Ib (of SibLINGSHOT) wrote a comment on his blog about the sad state

Behind the Face of the Music


Does the story behind an album's creation add to the listener's enjoyment, or detract from it? I like to know how a record was made, and what the songs signify. But sometimes I think that the stories bandied about in the news media can overshadow the music itself, and mislead potential listeners.We all know the story of the guy who got dumped by his band and his girlfriend, and how he retreated

Landing Signs


The members of Venice Is Sinking must feel as though time moves in slow motion for their band. Their third album, Sand & Lines, was released last month, roughly a year after a fire destroyed the Georgia Theater. The group recorded Sand & Lines there back in May 2008.To add to the sensation of slow motion, Daytrotter recently made available the session that Venice Is Sinking recorded there last



My concert-going habits have also changed. I think I only went to three shows last year. So far this year, I've seen the Residents, Acrassicauda, and Wintersleep. Shows I'm looking forward to:8/14/09: Mission of Burma, Raymilland, and Oh-OK (among others) at the Athens Popfest! Raymilland's "Recordings 1979-81" is available from BDR Recordings. Linda Hopper (ex-Oh-OK) has released a new Magnapop

Soylent Lucidity


"While the Allman Brothers Band... defined the Southern Rock genre, Kevin Dunn destroyed it," Tony Paris writes in his excellent review of No Great Lost, the CD anthology of Kevin Dunn's solo recordings from the 1980's. It's an impressive collection of music that sheds light on an overlooked oeuvre.Eno's solo albums of the early Seventies are an obvious touchstone, but Kevin Dunn is his own Fripp

Pura Guvera


It's interesting how technology can change your music listening habits. I grew up with radio, vinyl and cassettes. I still have my first CD player. Then came the internet, mp3's, iPods, and all the sites you could search from the comfort of your home, rather than digging through record store crates. I joined eMusic, and quit five years later after buying music from almost 600 artists. Lala

If Reagan Youth Played Disco Biscuits


Versions Galore is back! Covers by the score! Leo's been a busy boy. Check it out: Versions Galore 2.0To celebrate, here's one of my favorite covers ever (the Revillos doing "Hungry for Love", originally by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates):

Born Sloppy


This post goes out to all the slain bloggers and the fallen bloggers: cyber comrades taken down by the Despicable Millionaires Copywrong Act. Truthfully, I had been planning this post for awhile, but I thought to dedicate it after I tried to visit my friend Leopold at Versions Galore and saw the dreaded "blog not found" page. Leopold can still be found on Facebook, and he's parked the domain,

No Jesus, Know Peace


Maybe the dudes in Wintersleep sensed that I was talking about them, because they have just announced a North American tour (with Matt Pond PA) that will include a June 24 appearance at the EARL in Atlanta. Meet me at the merch table. Also recently announced: No Great Lost, an anthology of Kevin Dunn's recordings from 1979 to 1985. Kevin is an Atlanta guitarist and former member of the Fans (

No Future, Know Clutter


Another real new Fall album, Your Future Our Clutter, will be released on April 26 by Domino Records. It includes a cover of "Funnel of Love", a song that I blogged about here. A track-by-track description of YFOC is available at The Quietus. A vinyl single with a non-LP version of the song "Bury" will be released on Record Store Day.A Balloon Called Moaning, the 8 song EP by The Joy Formidable,

Kickstart My Art


My multi-fauceted friend Paula Carino recently released Open on Sunday, her first alboom since 2001's Aquacade. I've known Paula since the Eighties, so it's hard to be objective about her music; but I like it a lot, and I think her lyrics are smarter than the average bear (wolf, fox, or other animal du jour). Paula financed her CD through Kickstarter. You can buy it on iTunes, CD Baby, or direct

Set the Controls for the Phasers to Stun


There's something especially special about Australian rock. I absolutely LURVE Radio Birdman, You Am I, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Love of Diagrams, Anne McCue, and Grand Atlantic. North Americans have a unique opportunity to see the fabulous powerpop quartet Grand Atlantic this month. The tour starts tomorrow (March 5) in SF. They will swing through Chicago and Toronto. There will be two NYC

Crazy Rhythm Method Men


The Method Actors are a dream band for vinyl completists. The Athens post-punk duo released several 7" singles, a 10" EP and an album (in single LP and double LP versions). The sleeves feature lavish original paintings and arresting B&W photos of the Mutt & Jeff pair. But the music of the Method Actors has never been available on CD until now. On March 9, Acute Records will release This Is Still

Tactical Bakeoff


Other new records I bought and liked in 2009: Future of the Left: Travels with Myself and Another (reviewed here)Grand Atlantic: How We Survive (reviewed here)Hex Dispensers: Winchester Mystery House (mentioned here)Marked Men: Ghosts (reviewed here)Obits: I Blame You (reviewed here)Venice Is Sinking: Azar (reviewed here)My favorite new songs of 2009, in a zip file: Tactical Bakeoff(See comments

Underestimated in '09


I read somewhere a critic's opinion that you only need one Super Furry Animals album. I would have a hard time choosing just one. Their records may be uneven, but there have been many great songs scattered across them. One of the things I admire about SFA is their ability to perform songs in so many different genres of pop music from the past five decades. The last album, Hey Venus, was perhaps

TV Baby


This Sunday evening (February 13), the PBS program Austin City Limits will feature an hourlong performance by Them Crooked Vultures. The band will be in Atlanta tomorrow (Feb. 11) at the Tabernacle.If you have the LinkTV channel (on DirecTV or the DISH Network), keep an eye out for Sleepwalking through the Mekong, a documentary about the band Dengue Fever and their visit to Cambodia. It will be

Quizzical Graffiti


Musical virtuosity doesn't seem to count for much in the indie rock scene. It is valued more in genres like jazz, bluegrass and metal. Dexterity and speed are impressive, but feel is equally important (though less quantifiable). On the debut album by Them Crooked Vultures, the sense of pleasure is palpable in the collaboration between Josh Homme, Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones. The three are

Overshadowed in '09


I'm not going to tell you that the records I enjoyed most are the best of 2009. But I will suggest that you might like a few things if your tastes and mine are simpatico. The band Canadian Invasion made a great record called Three Cheers for the Invisible Hand. They didn't get a lot of blog love, except when they covered a Vampire Weekend song. (I preferred their Fugazi cover.) The only place I