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The Glass Set


The Glass Set is an indie / shoegaze band with an 80's postpunk influence from Boston, MA.
Their third album "First Image" is to be released early september. Previous albums are "The Glass Set" and "Something Unknown".
The Glass Set is Joel Cohen (guitar), Allen Esser (drums) and Lea Callahan (vocals). Leah also sang for Betwixt and Turkish Delight.

You can stream / download The Glass Set on their bandcamp page:

The Glass Set

Privacy//Policy - This Is Our Mandate


First album of Privacy//Policy, a young band from Cleveland, Ohio. The three guys got together about a year ago.
Main influences are Joy Division and The Jesus And Mary Chain.
Their 9 track album can be streamed/downloaded from their Bandcamp page.
I also found a page with a band interview on On The Beat.
Really cool sound and support DIY!

It's Raining - Awaken At Twilight LP


Third and final release of It's Raining, a moody indie rock band from Detroit.
Matthew Smith seems to be the main man behind It's Raining as he wrote most of the songs, did the production, and was the only constant member of the band.
11 tracks with lots of variety. 'If I Drift' is a short and moody instrumental.
Special guest is Keir McDonald of Viv Akauldren playing keyboards.
The album comes with a poster, a postcard and a leaflet with info on the band. The latter is scanned and included in the file.
It's Raining took their influences (and looks) from the moody guitar wave bands from the UK.

I also ripped the 'Radioland' 12" and 'The Party She Cried' 7" again as HQ MP3's and FLAC. Should be the complete discograpy. (original post here)

Awaken At Twilight LP (Certain Records-CER 1003-1987)
1. Days That Don't Begin
2. Another True Door
3. Moments Like These
4. If I Drift
5. Winter
6. Repeat
7. Christine Is Not Herself Today
8. Upstairs
9. Again
10. In Empty Harbors
11. Awaken At Twilight

Awaken At Twilight (320)

Awaken At Twilight (FLAC)

It's Raining 12"+7" (320)

It's Raining 12"+7" (FLAC)

V/A Painting The Fence Red LP


 Late 80's comp. album on Idealogical Sound Records, the label of Easter & The Totem.
four bands on this one. The record starts with Best Foot Forward!. Bass, drums, sax and vocals give us poppy, funky stuff. The least interesting band on this one.
Next is Easter & The Totem themselves. Their records are very hard to find but they released a discography album 'Agit Pop 1981-2011' which you can buy/download on CD Baby. The tracks on this comp. are included as well.
On side B  we have Keeping Up With The Reagans, an indie band I know nothing about. 'Brixton Riots' is the standout track.
Last is Cultural Thugs AKA Nigel Laybourne. Only a few tracks on a handful of compilations were released by Cultural Thugs. If you dig the electro bands on labels like Rouska or Concrete Productions, you need to hear this. Nigel is a wellknown producer of UK hiphop acts like Blade, The Herbalizer and London Posse.
This album should come with an insert with info on the bands but my copy hasn't one.

Painting The Fence Red LP (Idealogical Sound Records-TOTEM 2-198?)
1. Best Foot Forward! - With Or Without You
2. Best Foot Forward! - How Can I Let You Know?
3. Best Foot Forward! - Sexual Thing
4. Best Foot Forward! - Crying Out
5. Easter & The Totem - The Tyranny Of Reason
6. Easter & The Totem - Greater Than Ourselves
7. Easter & The Totem - Duplicity
8. Keeping Up With The Reagans - Just Thought Of You
9. Keeping Up With The Reagans - Brixton Riots
10. Keeping Up With The Reagans - Rainy Season
11. Cultural Thugs - Force

Painting The Fence Red (320)

Painting The Fence Red - Side A (FLAC)

Painting The Fence Red - Side B (FLAC)

Distorshaus - Plastic Angel EP


This record falls out of the timeframe I usual post music of but it's quite rare and quite good as well.
Could find some info on Distorshaus on the net. Seems the band was active from 1994 to 1997. The band, minus the female vocalist Helen would later form punkmetalgoth band 9xDead. Guitarplayer Adam was in punkband This System Kills in the 2000's.
Distorshaus were from Newport, Wales and the 'Plastic Angel' 12" was released in 1994 (according to discogs).

Plastic Angel EP (Mystic Records-MRD99401-1994)
1. Plastic Angel
2. Tender Pain
3. Nothing
4. Haunted

Distorshaus (320)

Distorshaus (FLAC)

Geschlecht Akt - Foreplay 12"


UK postpunk band Geschlecht Akt only released this 12" on cult label Criminal Damage. Nothing spectacular but if you dig other bands on Criminal Damage, it's worth hearing.
I have no info on the band but I think the drummer went to play for The Men They Couldn't Hang.
The name of the band is German for intercourse and looking at the title of the record and the song titles I suppose the lyrics have an erotic twist.

Foreplay 12" (Criminal Damage Records-CRI 12-119-1984)
1. Miss Fortune
2. Libido Twist
3. Temptress

Geschlecht Akt (320)

Geschlecht Akt (FLAC)

V/A The October Country LP


Great comp. album on Nate Starkman & Son of US indie/underground artists.
Dark Arts is actually Stephanie Payne. Her first release 'A Long Way To Brigadoon' has been posted here before. Two albums followed in the 90's, the 'Carnival Of Lost Souls' and 'Something Once Whispered To Cava'.
Marnie was a member of Party Boys but later went solo. Her first album 'You Hurt Me' is well worth tracking down despite being hard-to-find these days. Two more albums followed in the 90's which I never heard before. In 2004 a kind of best of comp. was released containing the songs of The October Country.
Autumnfair was a dark postpunk band from ther late 80's. A 10" was released in 1990. In 2002 Mobilization released a discography CD although 'Naomi' is not on it.
The Soul Brothers can also be found on the 'Viva Los Angeles II' comp. They released a few cassette-only albums.

V/A The October Country LP (Nate Starkman & Son-We Buy 6-1988)
1. Dark Arts - Egeria
2. Marnie - The Courtesan
3. Marnie - Shanghai My Heart
4. Autumnfair - Naomi
5. Dark Arts - These Are Made Of Love
6. Soul Brothers - Tuesday Morning
7. Soul Brothers - I Buried Paul
8. Autumnfair - Black Spring

The October Country (320)

The October Country - Side A (FLAC)

The October Country - Side B (FLAC)

Rhythm And Faith - Time To Run 12"


Sole release of Rhythm And Faith, issued on Future Records in 1983.
Rhythm And Faith's origins lie in Italy as two members of postpunk band Style Syndrome moved to the UK to form a new band. Both Anna and Stefano felt that Style Syndrome was getting nowhere in their homeland so they decided to move to the UK to get more recognition. Not that this helped a lot as I don't think Rhythm And Faith lasted for a long time. To be honest, I don't think that the UK was waiting for another Siouxsie & The Banshees as the songs of Rhythm And Faith remind me a lot of them.
On this 12" they had the help of  Rab, drummer of punk band The Wall.
Style Syndrome never officially released anything back in the day (except contributing a track to the 'Gathered' comp.), but there's an album of  remastered demo tape recordings  released in 2012 on Synthetic Shadows (vinyl) and Infrastition (CD).

Time To Run 12" (Future Records-12 FS 8-1983)
1. Time To Run
2. Young Too Young Girl
3. When The Wind Blows Love Will Die
4. Illusions

Rhythm And Faith (320)

Rhythm And Faith (FLAC)

Deception Bay - s/t MLP


Got a request to post something of US band Deception Bay. I only have their first self-titled mini-album from 1989.
Deception Bay already existed from 1984 as Independent Project released a 10" of early recordings in 1991.
Long, repetitive songs with a gloomy atmosphere reminding the early Factory bands, especially Section 25.
Deception Bay released another album in 1991 'My Color Flag' and then seemed to disappear.

Deception Bay MLP (Independent Project Records-IPR 22-1989)
1. Since You Followed
2. Hook This Chain
3. Not Far From This
4. Ride
5. For The Season

Deception Bay (320)

Deception Bay - Side A (FLAC)

Deception Bay - Side B (FLAC)

Cheshire Cat (The Bouncing)


Clothilde of Cheshire Cat (The Bouncing) asked for some promo on her band. Cheshire Cat (The Bouncing) are from Lille, France and only has two members, one on drums and one on bass and vocals. No guitar or keyboards but the band really doesn't need those. Great basslines and vocals create a minimalist but nice postpunk sound. Stated on their bandcamp page, they are influenced by punk, garage and the 80's batcave bands.
Cheshire Cat (The Bouncing) released an album 'Shows Its Tail' in 2012 on Alone Prod. Download has an extra song with Jacquy Bitch (Neva).

Listen on Bandcamp.
There's more links to be found on that page as well.
Clothilde has a site with her artwork as well:
Clothilde Sourdeval

Man From Missouri - s/t LP


Originally posted by Rainy Day Sponge on Lost-In-Tyme. Managed to find a copy myself some years ago. My copy is the US pressing with different artwork then the Greek version(on Nate Starkman & Son). Both are not so easy to find.
Prior to the album, Man From Missouri released a 10" flexi posted here before (includes one song not on the album).
Those interested in indie/underground stuff on Independent Project and Nate Starkman & Son definitely need to listen to it.
Check the links for more info on Man From Missouri.

Note: tracks 8 & 9 are ripped as one track.

Man From Missouri LP (self-released-1986)
1. Cover Tailor
2. Eat My Iron
3. American Dogs
4. Accident
5. No Title
6. Hygiene
7. Labor Day
8. No Title
9. Bwayer Tatalingus Debate
10. Epitaph

Man From Missouri (320)

Man From Missouri (FLAC-Side A)

Man From Missouri (FLAC-Side B)

Spahn Ranch - Thickly Settled LP


Spahn Ranch were from Detroit, MI and released 'Thickly Settled' on Insight, the label run by Eric Cope of Glorious Din. Not to be confused with the 90's band from LA.Don't think they were Manson worshippers but the music feels like an introduction to some obscure cult. Cool mix of psyche and postpunk.From their MySpace:Spahn Ranch was formed in August of 1986 in Detroit, MI. Although the name would suggest a connection with the Manson Murders, the band had no affiliation. In it's infancy, the band played in many local venues on the bill with various local bands. Quickly a strong following developed, which immediately precipitated a self titled cassette release of six tracks on the Ikthus Network label. After having missed their own billing at a show, the band was introduced to Eric Cope of Insight Records from San Francisco, CA. He offered them a contract with Insight after reviewing their cassette and video work. The band accepted and began recording their first LP, 'Thickly Settled' in California where they were welcomed by receptive audiences. 'Thickly Settled' was hailed as one of the best albums of the year by England's Underground Magazine, and also met favorable reception in the U.S. of A. None of the members of Spahn Ranch had any formal music training and had not played an instrument prior to forming the group. "The sound they create is tense and raw, not polished to distract from the music itself. Drummer Odell Nails lays down a thick, almost tribal drum beat, accompanied by Hobey Echlin's bass foundation for the music. Guitarist Brad Horowitz adds the energetic, consuming guitar melodies, changing the tunings for each song in order to make no two sets alike. Bob Sterner's vocals with a touch of folk influence, mesh with the instrumental sounds that give the finished product, intense music which envelopes and audience." Odell and Hobey played in shoegaze band Majesty Crush in the 90's.  Recently Odell also plays with Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). This album was originally posted on Lost In Tyme. Thickly Settled LP (Insight-SR-1291987-1987)1. Witness2. Lo & Behold3. Echoes Of The Day4. Wonder And Perish5. Dissipation6. Each Time Centered7. Atonement8. Trial9. Count Down10. Thickly Settled11. Crutch12. ......Thickly Settled (320)Thickly Settled - A (FLAC)Thickly Settled - B (FLAC)[...]

Cyan Revue - Four Wounds LP


Wish you all the best for 2014. This blog has been quite inactive the last year. I'm planning to post some records of blogs that are deleted/inactive. I ripped the records from my own collection.
Here's the second release of German postpunk band Cyan Revue, with Tobias Gruben (Die Erde, Heroina) on vocals, who sadly passed away in 1996. Originally posted on the Fritz Die Spinne blog but now deleted (hope you're doing fine Fritz!).
The other albums of Cyan Revue are posted here as well (mp3 only). Both are great as well.
Sleeve scan taken from the net as Windows ICE refused to do a decent job with the front cover.

Cyan Revue - Four Wounds LP (Yellow Ltd.-EFA 2205-1986)
1. Consecration
2. Permanent Days
3. Animal
4. We Dive
5. The Retire
6. In Distant Lands
7. The Unknown
8. Procez (The Strain)
9. Rats
10. Peoploids

Four Wounds (320)

Four Wounds - Side A (FLAC)

Four Wounds - Side B (FLAC)

The Loved One - The Radio Fantazias CD


2nd in a series of The Loved One reissues.
'The Radio Fantazias' collects the latest works of Dryden Hawkins and Zeb Yek, originally released/recorded in 1994. This album collects 8 pieces with the same title. This is The Loved One at their most experimental.

All of the Radio Fantazias were composed from one set of shortwave radio passes recorded from 1981 to 1986. These electronic variations were composed using the shortwave as the only source material.

You can hear snippets of the tracks on the Metaphon homepage.
Those interested in ordering a copy,  can order one at Edit House.
Thanks to Dryden for sending me a copy.  Hopefully the other reissues won't take that long but I guess Dryden is busy with a lot of other things!

The Harrow - s/t EP


Great female-fronted cold wave postpunk band from Brooklyn. Two members were in Revel Hotel before.. One of them is Frankie Deserto AKA Frankie Teardrop of the Systems Of Romance blog. He was also a member of Dream Affair and The Funeral Crashers. Another wellknown member is Greg Fasolino of 80's goth band The Naked And The Dead and later in Bell Hollow.
No free download as requested by the band but you can check stream/download on the Function Operate bandcamp page.
This EP is a cassette-only release. Be sure to check other stuff on Function Operate as well.

The Harrow Bandcamp

Schröttersburg - Demo 2013


Got a mail from Michal out of Poland to promote his band Schröttersburg. He describes their sound as a mix of postpunk and noiserock. Cool stuff.
As there are no new posts planned with older stuff, I can as well post some new, interesting bands that somehow fit with the music posted here before.

Schröttersburg site

Listen on Bandcamp


Survival - Civil War Tape


Normally I don't plug new bands or new releases here but I'm making an exception as Alex of Survival wrote me that the music posted on my blog is a big influence/inspiration for the music he makes with Survival.
Survival are from NY and recorded this demo as well as a split tape with fellow dark punkers Anasazi (who have two 7"s out on Sacred Bones and Toxic State, as well as some tapes on their own).
Cool female vocals, eerie guitar , somber keyboards and a drumcomputer. It has a bit of a more coldwave sound than most of the new dark punk bands. Hopefully we"ll see some vinyl release in the near future.
You can get the tape from Burn Books or Inflammable Material.
For fans of Blue Cross, Anasazi, Belgrado, Bellicose Minds, Arctic Flowers, Crimson Scarlet, ...

Civil War

All tracks can be heard on Youtube as well:

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="//" width="560">

Vazz - Chronoillogical CD


Forced Nostalgia will release a discography CD of Vazz. It will be out next month but you can already pre-order a copy. I posted the records of Vazz before so for those who like the band can get an official CD now. The CD also includes the 'Whisper Not' tracks previously released on tape-only and reissued on Forced Nostalgia as a vinyl split album.

More info:
Listen (excerpts):

allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="100" src="" style="display: block; height: 100px; position: relative; width: 400px;" width="400">Whisper Not by Vazz

About re-ups


From time to time I get questions to re-up files. As stated before, I have no access to my external hard drive from my very old PC. The good news is that the HD still works as a friend checked it on his laptop. But there are files damaged so that scares me a bit.
I can probably get a 5-years old laptop for free very soon so I can re-up files again. Just need money to buy a new laptop myself.
So please have patience when asking for new links. Also would like to let you know that I'm not going to re-up files endlessly. This blog is probably going in hiatus by the end of the year as I don't have any stuff to post for the moment and lost the drive for it as well.

Þeyr - As Above LP / The Fourth Reich 12"


Got a mail a few weeks ago asking me if I had some records of  Þeyr.
So here are both records I own of them. Both were released in the UK as well on Shout. They are the easiest to find although still pretty hard to find.
Þeyr existed from 1980 to 1983 and are one of the better known postpunk bands from Iceland. Their discography includes two albums and four singles & EPs.
The 'As Above' LP looks similar to the 'Mjötviður  Mær' LP but has a different tracklisting as well as English lyrics. 'Homo Gestalt' is also known as 'Life Transmission' (released as 7"), an ode to Ian Curtis.
The 'The Fourth Reich' 12" was the band's second to last release and show the hardest side of the band.
My copy of the 12" is the Icelandic version.As stated, also released on Shout with different artwork.
A bit of scuffing noise on side A of the 'As Above' album which I couldn't remove.

As Above LP (Shout-LX 001-1982)
1. Homo Gestalt
2. Killer Boogie
3. Dead/Undead
4. Wolf
5. Technologos
6. Poème
7. Current
8. Rudolf
9. AreYou Still There
10. Enough
11. Shout
12. Mjötviður 

As Above - 320

As Above - FLAC - Side A

As Above - FLAC - Side B

The Fourth Reich 12" (Mjöt-MJÖT 1-1982)
1. Public
2. Metamorphosis
3. Zen
4. Blood

The Fourth Reich - 320

The Fourth Reich - FLAC

Darkness & Jive - The Singles


Never seen a post on this Newcastle band. Darkness & Jive started in 1981 and lasted for about 7 years. It seems that the band is active again these days.
Collected here are the three singles the band released. The first two were released on wellknown indie label Red Rhino. The last one was on a small label called Floating World (only 3 releases; also 7"s of Tralala and Pasha).
Darkness & Jive also did 2 Peel sessions which can be found on CDBaby (and other download sites). Their 'lost' album 'Rebellion And Romance' can be found there as well. Personally not too fond of their later stuff.
The band had a wild, raw side as well as a more softer, tender side. 'Hooked On You' shows the softer side of the band. The other songs are way more frenetic and more my cup of decaf.
My copy of the 'Jigsaw' 7" doesn't come with a sleeve so I took those from the band's website.
Another great song 'Death In Venice' appears on the 'Better Than A Poke In The Eye' comp. 7".

Hooked On You 7" (Red Rhino-RED 21-1982)
1. Hooked On You
2. Tarzan

Furnace 7" (Red Rhino-RED 27-1983)
1. Furnace
2. Guys & Dolls

Jigsaw 7" (Floating World-FLOAT 3-1985)
1. Jigsaw
2. Victims

D&J (320)


Glorious Din - Leading Stolen Horses LP


Got a request to post the first album of Glorious Din. Previously posted on the dormant Fritz Die Spinne blog more than 5 years ago but the link is dead. Ripped my own copy. Worth to re-post I guess.
Really great postpunk sound on this album. Eric Cope has a similar voice as Ian Curtis.
For more info and comments of ex-members, I direct you to the original post on Fritz Die Spinne. They were talking of compiling and reissuing Glorious Din material but nothing happened yet.
An early version of 'Water From The Temple' and an unreleased elsewhere track can be found on the 'Numb Tongue No Taste' comp. tape.

Leading Stolen Horses LP (Insight-R 41585-1985)
1. Tenement Roofs
2. Pallet On The Floor
3. Arrival
4. Cello Tape
5. Sixth Pillar
6. Leading Stolen Horses
7. Water From The Temple
8. Insects

Leading Stolen Horses (320)

Leading Stolen Horses (FLAC)

Cat Wax Axe Co.


Final post for 2012. This blog will be updated on a very irregular base 'cos I lost some interest in doing this. It's over 5 years that this blog is running and I lost the initial enthusiasm already for some time.
Back to Cat Wax Axe Co.(also written as Catwax Axe Co.). They were a lot from Derby. Not much info on them I could find.
In the beginning they played some kind of punk with rockabilly influences which you can hear on their first release, the 'Waxwalk' 7" on punk label Rondelet (Anti-Pasti, Special Duties, The Fits, ...).
The '25 Gallons Of Paranoia' 12" is very different. It seems that the band listened a lot to The Birthday Party. Quite cool tunes on this one although the vocals aren't as manic as Nick Cave's one.
This 12" is the second release on Fever Records. (Track titles on side B are switched)

Waxwalk 7" (Rondelet-ROUND 17-1982)
1. Waxwalk
2. Jumbo Jet (Hey! I Want Your Crazy Wild)

25 Gallons Of Paranoia 12" (Fever Records-FEV 2-1984)
1. Down On The Killing Floor
2. Scratch
3. Old Poker Live In Pandemonium
4. Quirky Town

Catwax Axe Co (320)

Catwax Axe Co (FLAC)

Wishing you all the best for 2013!

Barton And Harry - Mulch 12"


First release on this small indie label Fever Records. Already posted the Gasrattle 12" before. Fever Records also released one of the earliest My Bloody Valentine records, the 'Geek' 12".
Never heard Barton And Harry before but got this one in very cheap and was quite surprised. Nothing groundbreaking though but they have a strong The Birthday Party influence.
Contrary to the band's name, there were three members. Barton wrote all the lyrics. Harry is Harry Stafford of the Inca Babies! Third member Daley played drums I guess. This is Barton And Harry's only release.

Mulch 12" (Fever Records-FEV 1-1984)
1. Mulch
2. Beauty
3. A Boy Called Ned

Barton And Harry - 320

Barton And Harry - FLAC

Astaron - LP / 12"


Long time no post.
Found out about this great dark new wave band from Austria through A Viable Commercial, Goutroy's blog.
Don't know why this hasn't been reissued yet.
Astaron was a female duo Angie Mörth and Martina Aichhorn. Their first release was a cassette 'Das Grauen aus Dem All / As I Start. It was presented as a split tape with Asstart which is Astaron under a different name. Second release was also a cassette 'As Time Joins In / The Slurring'. It seems that the LP is the same as this tape minus some tracks. The 12" was their last release as the band split up in 1989.
Angie Mörth alos appeared on the Angie 'Scheue Treue' 7" (1983) and also played in Viele Bunte Autos. Viele Bunte Autos did a split 7" with Karl Gott in 1982 an also appears on the 'Austreibung' comp. tape (Astaron also appear on this tape). Klanggalerie released a retrospective CD of Viele Bunte Autos in 2007.
WAV provided by bX59-cppw and converted to FLAC by yours truly.

Astaron LP (Ton Um Ton Records-TUT 1187-1987)
1. Black Galley
2. Finale - The Burning
3. Little Girl Crying
4. St. John's Fire
5. As Time Joins In
6. Torch-Light Procession
7. In An Absence
8. Sea-Blue Ladies
9. Collecting Bones
10. The Slurring / Untitled

Astaron 12" (Bugel Records-TUT 760 030-1988)
1. Lance The Ensemble
2. The Icequeen
3. Golden Carriage
4. It

Get the HQ MP3 rips from A Viable Commercial.

Astaron LP

Astaron 12"