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Preview: WFMU's The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon

The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon | WFMU

Street interviews, listener call-ins, vinyl gluttery, sporadic normalcy, original floperas and fiktion, blatant talking over songs, politix, tenderness, and a vague undercurrent of angst. Right up your alley!

Published: Thu, 23 Nov 2017 19:31:26 EST

Last Build Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2017 19:31:26 EST

Copyright: (C) 2018 Clay Pigeon and WFMU

The Dusty Show from May 25, 2017

Thu, 25 May 2017 19:23:22 -0400

Van Halen - "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love"
PJ Harvey - "Big Exit"
Set: Listener CAlls In
Foxygen - "America"
Set: Trump
Set: Listener call
Morbid Angel - "God of the Foresaken"
Set: Talking with Fabio and Tugboat Richie
Set: Pidge - Emil Blew A Tire

Media Files:

Callers, Tommy Touchdown, Orange Corrosive Pus + Music! from May 18, 2017

Thu, 18 May 2017 19:17:41 -0400

Cactus - "Parchman Farm" - Cactus [Carmine Appice, Tim Bogert, Rusty Day, Jim McCarty. Usually not a boogie fan, but damn, this is on fyre!]
Nancy Wilson - "Elevator Beat" - Music From Vanilla Sky [Opening comments]
British Sea Power - "Fear of Drowning" - The Decline of British Sea Power [In my mind, I am sucking at this point. Tanking hard. On this particular show I am playing a few things I am not neccesarily "sold" on, I like all the tracks on some level, but I am trying to push myself out of my comfort zone ... only to find I MISS my comfort zone. Where is my .38 Special song. Survivor song? Aerosmith Live Bootleg? I nixed those ideas early on. Not one damned clicky star for this. Not one stinking clicky star. Clicky stars can shove themselves!]
Set: Steve Calls, Lamenting the Loss of Chris Cornell. Listener Expresses His Feelings.
Set: Chris in the Ether
I felt bad cutting that call short. He sounded rattled.
Henry Mancini - "Hatari!" - Hatari! (Music From The Motion Picture Score) [Despotic Ghost Waltz Chair Drop]
Neil Ardley - "Rainbow Four" - Kaleidescope of Rainbows
Lacuna Coil - "Daylight Dancer" - Comalies
Set: A Call From Sean in Bristol, UK ---- Trump, Brexit, Awfulness, then it Brightens ...
The Coral - "Chasing The Tail of a Dream" - Distance Inbetween
Set: Chris Calls BAck with Affirming Support
Set: Chris Curdles The Blood with his Scream
I am sounding like the hind flank of a thin elaphant.
Set: Why can't I play three hours of this Darvon™ music? I want to do that. No talking. Just droning on, firing it up on the porch
Loscil - "Zephyr" - Plume [WHY did I sing? I like this Loscil.]
Set: Pidge ... Tommy Touchdown IV
Set: Pidge - Corrosive Orange Pus
Soundgarden - "Black Hole Sun" - Badmotorfinger [Always remember ... Chris Cornell.]
Thanks for listening to this episode of The Dusty Show on WFMU. I have gotten more than a little bit lax with the archives lately. not keeping up week to week. I have perhaps even a little shoddiness to enter into the showmaking itself and I am sorry about that. I could tell you how busy I have been, but then, I am sure you have been, too. So .. I appreciate your patience and your continued listenership. I felt bad about this show when it was over, but perhaps I am too hard on myself. I wish that I had some street interviews for you, but I couldn't seem to get it together. Even wandered around Grand Central Station in a stupor, unable to mustre sufficient strength or courage to interview people. It can be difficult. I'm sure it's not something I won't overcome soon. In the meantime, I do hope you'll continue to tune in and to call in and participate. As far as the morning show, I have no idea what will transpire, but we shall roll with it one way or the other. I would like Dusty to continue. It's important to me and so are YOU. You groovy listener, you! See ya next week. O'Pidgeness 5.18.17 Chris Cornell died. That sucks! He was cool front man, great pipes, handsome dude. I wanted to be him sometimes. WHo wouldn't. But now he is gone. No one gets out alive. Carpe Diem. Resist! Love to you and ALL persons.

Media Files:

Live and Sleep-Deprived I from Apr 27, 2017

Thu, 27 Apr 2017 20:43:35 -0400

Curtis Mayfield - "Check Out Your Mind"
Public Enemy - "Fight The Power"
Christos Dantis - "Maya Maya"
Britny Fox - "Long Way To Love"
Marilyn Manson - "Deep Six"
Joan Baez
Silverchair - "Pure MAssacre"
Meshuggah - "Licking What The Mouth Has Bled"
Vicki Carr - "It Must Be Him"
Chicago - "Searchin'"
KC - "Please Don't Go"
Phillip Glass - "Metamorphosis"

Media Files:

Dusty Goes Canadian from Apr 20, 2017

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 20:09:38 -0400

Rush - "Tom Sawyer"
Saga - "On The Loose"
Triumph - "Magic Power"
Joni Mitchell - "Court and Spark"
Neil Young - "The Needle And The Damage Done (Live)"
France Joli - "Come To Me"
Rick James - "Give It To Me"
Aldo Nova - "Fantasy"
Coney Hatch - "Devil's Deck"
Gordon Lightfoot - "Carefree Highway"
Set: Danny
Justin Bieber/Skrillex/Diplo - "Where Are U Now"

Media Files:

Dust E Schau from Apr 13, 2017

Thu, 13 Apr 2017 20:39:21 -0400

Billy Cobham - "Stratus" - Spectrum [00:00 - 09:37]
I threw this show together in 15 minutes after staying around the station all day working on the Friday Morning Wake N Bake, This is not to say I don't love Dusty ... it's just that I KNOW Dusty Show listeners can go anywhere anytime and ride it out. You are the best. Most of you.
Peter Banks - "The Loneliest Sea" - Two Sides of Peter Banks [09:37 - 12:27]
Set: Tommy Bolin lore, talking Zephyr
Set: AccuNod
Set: A Far Cry from Wankery
Set: Jan Hammer's Hand-Speed
Set: Fabio's Been Hanging Out With The Band
Set: Fabio Hates Fusion
How Many Notes Is Too Many?
Set: Fabio References The Simpsons
Set: Fabio's Music Friend Dies
Set: Unable to Feel
Saigon Kick - "Love is on the Way" - The Lizard [12:27 - 16:50 Miami combo]
Set: Holdsworth, Spyrogyra mentions
Admission: I am talking waaaaaaay too much. Not sure if I can stop.
John Tesh - "Watermark" - Pure Orchestra [16:50 - 20:13 I love John Tesh:]
Set: Pokin' Fun - Yanni Mention
Set: Tape Leader
Joohyun Park - "Metamorphosis Five (By Philip Glass)" - Glassworks [20:23 - 26:32]
Set: Just Blabbing with Fab
Set: We Could All Be Homeless Soon Unless We Are Rich
Set: I Unwisely Pry Into Fabio's Family Business - Apologies
Set: The Hug Was Insufficient for my Rudeness
Set: SAM Explained
Set: I Thought Cleaners From Venus werte New
Set: *were
Set: Today's New Music
Set: This Show Was Generated From My Laptop
Genesis - "Turn It On Again" - Duke [26:35 - 30:08]
Joohyun Park - "Metamorphosis Five (By Philip Glass)" - Glassworks [30:08 - 31:58]
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Flora The Lily of the West" - Moving [31:58 - 34:34]
Set: Always Help Me JAck-Up The Comment Count. It is all I care about.
Dave Borden and Mother Mallard - "Part 1" - The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint, Parts 9-12 [34:44 - 37:23 From Wiki: "Founding member of Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. (founded 1969), Mr. Borden is currently the Director of the Digital Music Program at Cornell University."]
Shania Twain - "Still The One" - Come On Over [37:23 - 40:46 Mutt Lange's production is so insane on this. He also did AC/DC and Def Leppard. I love this song. Yea Shania!]
Set: Shavin' Cream Hairs (The Highest Honor)
The Dubuque Community String Orchestra and Tracey Rush - "Harmony: First Adagio (Michael Reed Krein)" - Harmony - Adagio for Wind, Strings and Harp [40:46 - 43:33]
Grateful Dead - "Bertha" - Grateful Dead [43:33 - 46:02]
Herb Alpert - "Rotation" - Rise [46:02 - 51:20]
Set: Caller!
Set: Downsville Cattle Ranch
Set: Cobham Instance
i am mildly losing it at this point ... sorry
Set: Mild Fail
Heinrich Schiff - "6 Suites (Sonatas for Cello)" - Bach: Cello Suites [52:20 - 54:10]
Filter - "Hey Man, Nice Shot" - Short Bus [54:10 - 58:54]
Thanks for listening to this show. I have mixed emotions about it. On one hand it was wild and free, but I didn't have the goods altogether to make it transcend. Too much BS talk without substance. I was burnt out and unable to speak with Fabio effectively. All in all, a rather embarrassing outing for me, but I suppose I will never have the maturity and dignity I wish I had. I bite heads off chickens. The jester. I cry the tears of a clown. Love you all. xxoo KCRNYC99

Media Files:

Live in the Studio, Soft and Easy Favorites, Calls, Fab, Nice! from Apr 6, 2017

Thu, 06 Apr 2017 19:58:01 -0400

Set: Hangin' Out With Fab
Set: Fab's Lo-Impact Sports Enthusiasm
Set: Cruise Missiles And Ron Perlman
Set: Vincent Gallo and Sherilyn Fenn
Set: Sinking Wallendas
Set: Rat Near The Can
Beach Boys - "Surf's Up" - Surf's Up [09:45 - 13:47 Lyrics by Van Dyke Parks.]
Peter Banks - "Beyond The Loneliest Sea" - Two Sides of Peter Banks [13:47 - 15:47]
Todd Rundgren - "Hello It's Me" - Something Anything [15:47 - 19:55]
John Tesh - "Watermark" - The Power of Love [19:55 - 22:10 This song was co-written by Enya with others, as a listener suggested. I always learn from you guys.]
Mercy - "Love Can Make You Happy" - (single) [22:10 - 25:22]
Pavane - "Berceuse" - Pianorama - Modern Piano Music [25:22 - 27:44 A Conversation with Evan from Providence, RI]
Doobie Brothers - "Another Park Another Sunday" - What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits [29:37 - 33:50]
Stanley Watson - "Journal of America (something like that)" - Chuck Mangione With The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra -Together: A New Chuck Mangione Concert
Gladys Knight & the Pips - "If I Were Your Woman" - If I Were Your Woman [36:01 - 39:12]
Joohyun Park - "Metamorphosis Five (By Philip Glass)" - Solo Piano [39:12 - 45:08]
Weather Report - "Havona (Excerpt)" - Heavy Weather [45:08 - 46:43]
Set: Fabio and I Are Speaking with Caller, Lou
Nancy Wilson - "Elevator Beat" - Music From Vanilla Sky [47:06 - 49:43]
Hot Tuna - "Water Song" - Burgers [49:49 - 55:01 Talking with Tugboat Richie]
Blood, Sweat, and Tears - "You Made Me So Very Happy" - Blood, Sweat, & Tears [55:55 - 58:00]
Weather Report - "Havona" - Heavy Weather [58:00 - 60:00]
Thanks for listening to this episode of The Dusty Show on WFMU. I have enjoyed the last shows, just playing music and talking, taking some calls. I especially enjoyed the first part of this show ... playing pretty music and making up poetry and stuff. I don't have time to write more now. Getting ready for next week;s Wake N Bake Morning Shows. I will be on 6-9am Eastern Monday-Friday April 10-14. Hope you can tune in. Remembering Don Rickles tonight, the great comedian. I was always a fan of his. I loved him. He taught me a lot about being caustic and caring at the same time. I saw him in LAs Vegas circa 1976 with Vic Damone at The Sahara. Unreal. I am so glad I did. RIP great one. You were and will always be sensational.

Media Files:

Dusty Live. Playing LP's, Taking Calls, Waxing and Waning, Disobeying, Dancing! from Mar 30, 2017

Thu, 30 Mar 2017 19:55:00 -0400

Wishbone Ash - "Blowin' Free" - Argus [Brings me back to Curt Lindholm's Camaro, doing 120 on County Road 15, 1974. Forever young.]
Uriah Heep - "The Magician's Birthday" - The Magician's Birthday
Wendy Carlos - "The Light Sailor" - TRON Legacy Soundtrack
Set: Fabio's Guest, Tyler the film-maker, allows me to interview him.
Jaco Pastorius - "Chromatic Fantasy" - Word of Mouth
Slagerij van Kampen - "Watusi Warrior Drums" - Tan Box Set [Love dancing to this. I hope you danced along with me.]
Chris Squire - "Hold Out Your Hand" - Fish Out Of Water [Always remember the great bassist whose singular tone inspired countless imitators, whose voice was the secret ingredient in Yes' success, Bruford kills on this, too.]
Set: Bum Kaller
Set: The Mononuclosis Button
Set: Caller from West Lafayette, Indiana
Set: Paul Dennis my drawing friend ... where are you? Miss ya, man.
i love talking about sports ... must i feel guilty?
John Abercrombie - "Red and Orange" - Timeless [High-velocity, Organy, guitary music in background.]
Set: All Hail Old Purdue!
Set: Cougar Sightings!
Joohyun Park - "Metamorphosis Five (By Philip Glass)" - Metamorphosis Five
Jose Feliciano - "California Dreamin'" - Feliciano! [Wish I had just PLAYED IT!]
Set: Cheap Trick Bluster
Set: Sean from Bristol, England
Set: Human League - Phil Oakey
Set: Kajagoogoo Talk
Set: Throw A Chair Out A Window!
Rare Earth - "Born To Wander" - Ecology
Set: Curse Out An Open Window!
Set: Dave From Brooklyn
John Barry - "Science Fiction" - Midnight Cowboy
Robin Trower - "Day Of The Eagle" - Bridge Of Sighs [Best thing EVER]
Billy Idol - "Rebel Yell" - Rebel Yell
Set: Evan From Providence
Set: Turquoise Paint
Set: Nads!
Set: More Jaco - See Above
Set: Doped Up!
Set: Helpin' Bon Jovi!
Set: I must do a Southside Johnny Episode
Set: Human Dog!

Media Files:

Post-Marathon Lazy! Just playing records, talking, singing, dancing. from Mar 23, 2017

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 19:24:16 -0400

Henry Mancini - "Hatari!" - Hatari! (Music From The Motion Picture Score) [Can't love this more.]
Eric B. & Rakim - "Follow The Leader" - Follow The Leader [I heard this on WDRE the first time I visited NYC and it made me want to live here.]
Nancy Wilson - "Elevator Beat" - Music From Vanilla Sky
Queen - "Doing All Right" - Queen [Queen's first album is my favorite.]
Steve Reich - "Music For 18 Musicians" - Music For 18 Musicians [I know I played it recently ... :>) Been loving this.]
Kraftwerk - "Computer World" - Computer World
Future - "Ain't No Time" - EVOL [My favorite song from 2016. LOVE.]
The Rolling Stones - "Fool To Cry" - Black and Blue [I wanted to play Memory Motel, but it's so long.]
Hot Tuna - "Water Song" - Burgers [Loved this Papa John Creach era of Tuna]
Set: Failed Call by David
Grand Funk - "Closer To Home" - I'm Your Captain [Couldn't read Terry Knight's hype because of ring-wear on the LP jacket!]
[Mark's Wa-Wa!]
Skid Row - "I Remember You" - Skid Row
Yanni - "Santorini" - Live at the Acropolis [Like this, actually. I wish I could compose for an orchestra. Go Yan!]
Foghat - "I Just Want To Make Love To You" - Foghat [Was NOT produced by Todd. I was SO wrong on that. It was Dave Edmunds as BK pointed out on the Accu. My bad. Sometimes I just like to trust memory. But my memori is now like a Sprite can which has been shot through many times by a .22.]
Wendy Carlos - "THe Light Sailor" - TRON Soundtrack [Music behind DJ]
[I talk too much. Pushing for clever. Often failing.]
Slipknot - "The Nameless" - Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) [Love]
Thanks for listening to this episode of The Dusty Show on WFMU. THANK YOU especially for your pledges during marathon. We did it! What a great event it was, cluminating in the Hoof N Mouth which was Funsville USA. Still auditioning for the morning show and appreciate your support in that regard. I will be on from April 10-14, an entire week, so I hope you will listen in then! Thanks again for being here and for listening. Enjoy SPRING! Always remember. CP3241799

Media Files:

The Dusty Show from Mar 9, 2017

Thu, 09 Mar 2017 19:53:53 -0500

Clay and Bronwyn c
Thanks for a great week you guys! I appreciate your pledges, and if you couldn't pledge, I ain't mad at ya. I really enjoyed being on with Bronwyn. She was great! It's also nice to do the Dusty show when I have been focusing so much energy on the Wake and Bake auditions. I hope you have been checking out both. Wake and Bake is a big challenge for me, technologically, musically, logistically. I love radio, though, and I am not getting any younger. I felt as if I had to go for it. 3 hours is more than 1. Whatever happens, we'll still get together and hear some music and some voices. I appreciate your reading this, your listening, your support, and radio friendship. Hope things are well with you in your world. We all have challenges, no doubt. But we are strong. We are Dusty! Always remember. CP nycsnodei3141799

Media Files:

Solo Live - Taking Calls - Stashu and Joe McGAsko Visit + James! Great instrumental moments! from Feb 23, 2017

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 19:23:33 -0500

Peter Banks - "Beyond The Loneliest Sea" - Two Sides of Peter Banks [The original guitarist of Yes. After leaving Yes he formed Flash and had some success with them. Passed away in 2013. Always remembered on The Dusty Show.]
Henry Cow - "Nirvana For Mice" - Henry Cow
Set: First Caller ... JD (A little hard to hear, but I am somewhat deaf from years of high-intensity rock).
Steve Reich - "Music For 18 Musicians"
Set: Second Caller ... Kevin in Mid-Town Manhattan
Slagerij van Kampen - "Watusi Warrior Drums" - Tan [From the Netherlands]
Set: Third Caller ... Izzy the Eight-Grader
Mahavishnu Orchestra - "One Word" - Birds of Fire
Set: Fourth Caller - Victor from Ames, Iowa
Hermeto - "Slaves Mass (Missa Dos Escravos)" - Slaves Mass
Set: Yvonne (DJ Stashu) Visits Me In The Studio
Set: Stashu Urges YOU to Watch the Movie, UHF
Set: Check out L'il Wally. Polka Artist. Great!
Vijay Iyer Trio - "Helix" - Historicity
Set: Caller Five - 65-Year Old Dude From The Early FMU Days
Yes - "The Fish" - Fragile [RIP Bassist Supreme, Chris Squire ... Always Remember ...]
Set: Hugging Fabio
Neil Ardley - "Rainbow Four" - Kaleidescope of Rainbows [The "sax" music I am talking about.]
Set: An In-Studio- Visit from WFMU Jock Joe McGasko
Henry Mancini - "Theme From Hatari" - Greatest Hits - The Best of Henry Mancini
Set: Stashu and Joe McGasko Join Me for some Dusty Springfield
Dave Borden and Mother Mallard - "The Continuing Story of Counterpoint Parts 1+4+8 (excerpt)" - Migration
Set: Caller Six - Rusty (?? - Sax Player
Set: Caller Seven - David in the Bronx - A Dusty Regular
Jeff Beck - "Diamond Dust" - Blow By Blow [Produced by George Martin]
Set: Caller Eight ... Danielle
Joohyun Park - "Metamorphosis Five (By Philip Glass)"
Set: In- Studio with James - Co-Host with Dave Hill on Monday Nights.
Set: Puddle of Mudd Instance
Thanks for listening to this episode of The Dusty Show of WFMU. I came into this show SO completely unprepared I was mildly panicked. Then when Fabio said he couldn't stick around I was really worried, but the listeners, the callers, the in-studio guests, really carried the day and it ended up being a fun show. You know, I would be HAPPY just to play that wonderful music and not bury it under phone calls, but I am supposed to have a "talk" oriented show, so I feel as if I can't play too much music or it's breaking the rules. Not that there are many rules at FMU. Anyway ... I love all the music that was played and I hope you seek it out in some uninterrupted form. ------- I will be on the air next Monday and Tuesday, Feb 27th and 28th, from 6 to 9AM Eastern, as I continue to audition for the new WFMU Wake N Bake Morning Show. I am one of three finalists so I am very excited about possibly having the opportunity to be on 5 days a week, full-time. If you think I should get the job, please let WFMU know what you think. I appreciate your support. Keep your fingers crossed for me. The competition is very talented and tough. OK. Better get to work here. Thanks for listening. Hope you are doing well. Call the show sometime! Take care and ... always remember. I think I gorgot to say that at the end of this week's show. Happens sometimes. Happy Anniversary Kirsten! Eight wonderful years together. I love you! Love you, too, listeners. You are the absolute best of the best. Let's stick together! CP NYC 2/23/17 99

Media Files:

27 High Energy Hits from Feb 16, 2017

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 19:27:47 -0500

A Flock of Seagulls - "Space Age Love Song" - A Flock of Seagulls [00:00 - 02:06]
Damian Jr. Gong Marley - "Welcome to Jamrock (Live)" - Welcome to Jamrock [02:06 - 04:14]
Danzig - "Mother" - Danzig [04:14 - 05:33]
Slipknot - "Psychosocial" - All Hope Is Gone [05:33 - 07:43]
Til Tuesday - "Voices Carry" - Voices Carry [07:43 - 10:42]
Rage Against The Machine - "Bulls on Parade" - Evil Empire [10:42 - 12:16]
Laibach - "Tanz Mit Laibach" - WAT [12:16 - 14:22]
Abigail - "Could It Be Magic (Slipstream Mix)" - Mad About the Boy [14:22 - 16:50]
Grand Funk Railroad - "Inside Lookin Out" - Red Album [16:50 - 19:48]
Britny Fox - "Long Way To Love" - Britny Fox [19:48 - 21:40]
The Fixx - "Red Skies" - Shuttered Room [21:40 - 24:04]
David Bowie/Pat Metheny Group - "This Is Not America" - none [24:04 - 25:25]
Hole - "Violet" - Live Through This [25:25 - 28:15]
Marilyn Manson - "The Beautiful People" - Antichrist Superstar [28:15 - 30:22]
Snap! - "The Power" - World Power [30:22 -31:55]
Prodigy - "Firestarter" - Fat of the Land [31:55 - 34:08]
Coal Chamber - "Loco" - Coal Chamber [34:08 - 36:03]
Disturbed - "Down With The Sickness" - The Sickness [36:03 - 37:56]
Live - "Lakini's Juice" - Secret Samadhi [37:56 - 40:05]
Stone Temple Pilots - "Vasoline" - Purple [40:05 - 42:42]
Tom Petty - "You Got Lucky" - Long After Dark [42:42 - 44:42]
Janet Jackson - "Rhythm Nation" - Rhythm Nation 1814 [44:42 - 47:13]
Beastie Boys - "Pass The Mic" - Check Your Head [47:13 - 49:00]
Snoop Doggy Dogg - "Gin and Juice" - Doggystyle [49:00 - 51:18]
Karwan Hawramy - "Dilem Tenge" - none [Kurdish Pop]
Lime - "Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight" - The Greatest Hits [52:55 - 54:15]
Cult - "Wildflower" - Electric [54:15 - 56:05]
Drivin and Cryin' - "Fly ME Courageous" - Fly Me Courageous [56:05 - 59:28]
Keith Jarrett - "Shenandoah" - The Melody At Night, With You [59:28 - 60:00]
Thanks for listening to this episode of the Dusty Show where I finally, in listening to this show at a later date, have concluded that the talking over the records has gotten out of hand. I am in near manic territory on this episode. Kind of a painful listen, really. Still, some seemed to enjoy it, and the comment count was high, as it might be after a trainwreck or hyena act. At any rate, I am still in the running for the morning show and I really hope to get that gig. I am on Mondays and Tuesdays from 6-9am Eastern for the next few weeks through marathon. If you would like to hang out in the mornings, please let the station know how you feel. I hate asking. It's embarrassing. But, your support makes a difference in this instance, and so I thank you in advance. Regardless of how the morning show thing works out, I am glad we can share radio moments together on the Dusty Show and despite the logistical challenges, it's still a stone gas to do each week. Must run. SO much to do. Getting older. No time to waste. Love. Peace. Courage. Unity. ClayP 99 2/24/17NYC

Media Files:

A Solid Hour of Styx! from Feb 9, 2017

Thu, 09 Feb 2017 19:16:41 -0500

Styx - "You Need Love" - Styx II [00:00 - 03:42]
Styx - "Lorelei" - Equinox [03:42 - 06:52]
Styx - "Mother Dear" - Equinox [06:52 - 10:44]
Styx - "Sweet Madame Blue" - Equinox [10:44 - 15:08]
Styx - "Crystal Ball" - Crystal Ball [15:08 - 18:35]
Styx - "The Grand Illusion" - The Grand Illusion [18:35 - 22:57]
Styx - "Miss America" - The Grand Illusion [22:57 - 27:43]
Styx - "Fooling Yourself" - The Grand Illusion [27:43 - 32:00]
Styx - "I'm Sailing Away" - The Grand Illusion [32:00 - 37:11]
Styx - "Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)" - Pieces of Eight [37:11 - 40:20]
Styx - "Great White Hope" - Pieces of Eight [40:20 - 44:06]
Styx - "Babe" - Cornerstone [44:06 - 48:22]
Styx - "The Best of Times" - The Best of Times [48:22 - 52:25]
Styx - "Mr. Roboto" - Kilroy Was Here [52:25 - 57:00]
Styx - "Lady" - Styx II [57:00 - 1:00:20]
Thanks for checking out this episode of The Dusty Show. I hope you enjoyed it. It was fun playing an hour of Styx music. Styx is much-maligned in some circles, but I had a gut-feeling that hearing an hour of Styx collected together might somehow be transcendent and reveal what a prolific band they were. I say were even thought they are still technically together, but to me Styx cannot be Styx without Dennis DeYoung, much as Grand Funk can't truly be Grand Funk without Mark Farner, and Chicago can't be Chicago without Peter Cetera. In all seriousness, I was surprised at how it impacted me to hear this music. It actually played quite a part in my formative years in the midwest, where Styx originated and enjoyed great popularity. I'm sure I wanted to play guitar like Tommy Shaw and write songs like Dennis DeYoung. I have heard them described as "pomp rock" and I kind of like that. Like an American version of say ... Queen? Not so far fetched. At any rate, I love the band and, though they aren't my favorite, they really did create an impressive catalog of hits that are quite uplifting taken in high doses. I hope it had that affect on you. Effect? Affect? That one always confuses me. See you next time dear listener. I really DO appreciate your continued loyalty and listenership. :>) Always remember .... CPNYC21517UTFRODT9958

Media Files:

Groundhog Day! from Feb 2, 2017

Thu, 02 Feb 2017 20:15:23 -0500

Set: Shelby on Park Ave
Johnny Cymbal - "Mr. Bassman"
Set: Jamal on Seventh Ave
The Byrds - "My Back Pages" [Dylan song]
Set: A Scene From Groundhog Day
Set: Angelique Speaks
Grand Funk Railroad - "Loneliness" - E Pluribus Funk
Set: Scott's Thoughts
Set: Mike Conners and John Hurt by C Pigeon
Set: Corraling Chris
The Fun and Games - "The Way She Smiles" - ElePHANT cANDY
Set: A Moment with Mary
Prince - "Sexy Dancer" - Prince
Set: A Scene from Mannix ....
Set: Just Josh
Zebra - "Tell Me What You Want" - Zebra [from Long Island via New Orleans]
Set: John Hurt Moment
Set: Simply Steve
Jesus Jones - "Right HEre Right Now" - Doubt
Set: Mitch McConnell Moment
Set: Marianna and Man at MSG
Set: He's Up Late by C Pigeon
Set: Meet Marty
Technotronic w/Ya Kid K - "Move This" - Pump Up The Jam
Set: Chris from DC
Red Hot Chili Peppers - "The Zephyr Song" - By The Way [w Frusciante]
Set: Grenauer by C Pigeon
Set: Lydia Lifestyle
Bob Dylan - "Not Dark Yet" - Time oUT OF mIND

Media Files:

Street Interviews, Clay's Classics Cavalcade, Pidge Songs, Politics, & More - Solid Despite Two Tech Gaffes from Jan 26, 2017

Thu, 26 Jan 2017 20:13:41 -0500

Set: Man leaning against wall on 7th Avenue - Manhattan
707 - "I Could Be Good For You" - 707
Set: Dominick outside a bar near Madison Square Garden
Omaha Sherriff - "What's It All For" - Come Hell Or Waters High [From a Maxell promotional LP comp.]
Set: Judy At Madison Square Garden
Cintron - "Goin' Crazy" [from radio station comp (forget which one) - This Band was Revered on Long Island!]
Set: Tony From France
Set: Drinking Down By The Lake - C. Pigeon
Set: Keith at Madison Square Garden
Set: Kelly Conaway audio courtesy of Chuck Tood / NBC News
Merciless - "Metro" [another Clay's Classic ----- CC9 developing NOW! WOW!]
Set: Kalia
Set: Future Instance - Ain't No Time
Set: More Katia
Mott - "By Tonight" - Drive On [Post Ian Hunter Mott ---- Always Remember Overend Watts.]
Set: Scott - An Old FMU Fan from Way Back - MSG
Law - "Sun Won't Shine" - Hold On To It [Singer Roy Kenner was in the post-Joe Walsh James Gang with Tommy Bolan. He also worked with Domenic Troiano.]
Set: Michelle at MSG
Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Blue Collar" - Bachman Turner Overdrive [Underground classic from its era. IMHO]
Set: Dance Liberal Dance - C Pigeon
Set: Kevin - Seventh Avenue Sidewalk
C4AM95 (The F---ing Champs) - "Heart To Heart" - III
Set: Kelly Supports The Marchers
Set: Mary Tyler Moore ... always remember ... :>(
Kansas - "Mysteries and MAyhem" - Masque
Set: Spicer Press Conference Meltdown
Set: 51-Year Rangers Fan and Trump Enthusiast
Alvin Lee - "I'm Going Home" - Woodstock
Sky King - "Secret Sauce" - Sky King

Media Files:

Live w/Fabio Taking Calls - A Farewell ton President Obama from Jan 19, 2017

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 20:15:53 -0500

Hello Dusty SHow listener! Admittedly, over the holidays I have gotten behind with my playlists. I have been VERY busy with work, and planning the morning shows. If you don't know, I am trying out for the morning host position on WFMU from 6-9AM M-F. I am excited about the possibility of being on five days a week, but the competition is very, very good. So, we'll see. If you think it's a good idea, please tell the station you think so. I'd appreciate it. ------Weird times in the USA, eh? As a "quasi" journalist, it's a bit scary to see the venom aimed at the press and to wonder if our First Amndment rights will stand against this administration. Trump is moving quickly and harshly in many directions. A troublesome sign. Hopefully we will remain strong in the face of this. Something we have not seen on these shores before. ---- So, it's Tuesday night 1/24/17 as I am writing this. Better get busy on the next show. Thank you so much for listening! Always remember ... CPNYC11799

Media Files:

Phun with Phish from Dec 29, 2016

Thu, 29 Dec 2016 20:13:40 -0500

Set: Phish Phan #1
Phish - "Llama" - Live at The Spectrum in Toronto, Ontario 12/12/92
Set: Phish Phan #2
Allman Bros - "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" - Eat a Peach
Set: More Phish Phans #3
Gov't Mule - "Banks of the Deep End" - The Deep End Vol. 1
Set: Phish Phan #Phour
The Grateful Dead - "Bertha" - The Grateful Dead
Set: Phish Phanns Phive
Widespread Panic - "Jack" - Live at Oak Mountain (Pelham, AL) 7/20/13
Set: Phish Phan Phsix!
The Black Crowes - "Jealous Again" - the Black Crowes
Set: Phish Phan #7
Bob Dylan - "Lay Lady Lay" - Nashville Skyline
Set: Phish Phans #8
Atlanta Rhythm Section - "Champagne Jam" - Champagne Jam
Set: Young Max
Rufus Wainwright - "Sonnet 29" - Take All My Loves - 9 Shakespeare Sonnets [Featuring Carrie Fisher - Always remember ...]
Set: Trump Supporter
Debbie Reynolds - "Tammy"
Set: For Some 2016 Was A Good Year
George Michael & Elton John - "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"

Media Files:

Partially Live - Kallz, Jamz, Tributes ... Pre-Holiday Cheer from Dec 15, 2016

Thu, 15 Dec 2016 19:46:08 -0500

United States Air Force Academy Band - "Pikes Peak" - Purple Mountain Majesty
Set: Trump Speaks About Business People He Knows
Set: We Can Do Things That HAve Never Been Done Before
Set: Polar Vortex™
Set: Car Montage
Van Halen - "Where Have All The Good Times Gone" - Diver Down [Kinks cover]
i am about to reach over and turn off the CD player for some STUPID reason - stopping the show dead in its tracks.
Set: Van Palin
Set: John Glenn Tribute
Set: Hasbro Pidgemixx™
Set: From Glenn to Glenn
Elton John - "Rocket Man" - Here and There Live [Recorded at Madison Square Garden - Thanksgiving Weekend, 1974.]
Set: Shaving Cream
Set: Going to the Phone
Set: Interview #1 - Trying to bring some LIFE to it and it's laying there like a tired potato. grasping at collapsed straws. Appreciate the caller. Like the Ary Johnson heat, admittedly. Taylor-Made
Set: Peter Seymore
Set: Buzz Aldrin School
Set: BAI Mention
Set: Nice caller ... I am just so not PRESENT lately on the phone. My bad. I want to hide in pre-production.
Laura Branigan - "Self Control" - Self Control
Set: Rave Music in Background - Orichalcum
Set: Dance Segment
Set: Kellyann
Matt Monro - "From Russia With Love" - From Russia with Love (Soundtrack)
Set: ABC FOX - Trump Hack
Set: Sean In Bristol UK
Set: He Voted for Brexit ... Now Regrets ...
Set: Young Banana -Obsessed Man in North Carolina
The Rolling Stones - "Ride 'Em On Down" - Blue and Lonesome [New Stones blues LP is awesome.]
Set: Greg Lake Tribute
Set: Mark Goodman MTV Clip
Set: Asia Moment
Emerson Lake & Palmer - "Still You Turn Me On" - Brain Salad Surgery [Always remember ... Greg Lake. I will miss him. I love his voice and artistry, Godspeed, brother.]
Set: Greg Lake Recounts a Fan Encounter (Youtube Audio)
Set: Holiday Stress
Set: Dave From Brooklyn
Set: Slipping Away
Michael Penn - "No Myth" - March [Sean's brother ... and Chris passed away, right? Sad.]
Guns N Roses - "Civil War" - Use Your Illusion II [2016 was a great year for Axl. Seriously. Proud of him.]
Set: Same Old Tom Cruise Sample
Set: Same Old Yes We Can Sample
Set: Same Old Romney Sample Earleir
Set: Same Old Same Old All work and no play makes jack a dull boy All work and no play makes jack a dull boy All work and no play makes jack a dull boy All work and no play makes jack a dull boy All work and no play makes jack a dull boy All work and no play makes jack a dull boy All work and no play makes jack a dull boy All work and no play makes jack a dull boy All work and no play makes jack a dull boy All work and no play makes jack a dull boy All work and no play makes jack a dull boy All work and no play makes jack a dull boy
Set: Hot Dog Stain by C. Pigeon
United States Air Force Academy Band - "Pikes Peak" - Purple Mountain Majesty

Media Files:

Dusty Live w/ The Gatekeeper, Rex Oliver --- Listener Calls, Music, More! from Dec 8, 2016

Thu, 08 Dec 2016 19:54:25 -0500

Set: Banter with Fab Upon Entering During Strength Through Failure Set: Fab's Limberness Set: Grandpa's Celebrex™ Set: Black Mirror Rex "The Gatekeeper" Oliver is my guest. Set: Green Giant Set: Doing The Ramp Set: Cliche Techniques Set: Zoned Set: Fab's Friend Threatens Me Set: Midge's Ure's Pere Ubu Set: Toledo Mudhens Set: Fab "Wows" It and Plays Wrong Record Set: THE DUSTY SHOW STARTS HERE Apache - "Apache Mountain Spirits Dance" - Spiritual Chants and Flute Music of the Native American Indians Set: President Obama Speaks Post-Election Set: Opening Salvo Set: Introducing Rex "The Gatekeeper" Oliver Set: Soliciting Calls Set: The Natural Inclination of Small Burrowing Mammals Set: Are We Mammals? Set: Pre-Emptory Dance Set: Pre-Prepared Segment Threat Set: Blowing His Cover Set: Solid Al Set: CALLER! I was SO busy trying to cue a record and diddle with this dial and that, that I TOTALLY MISSED what the caller was saying. Thus, I come off as rude. :>( I can't keep up anymore. Set: Who Did YOU Vote For? --- "Scenic Route" --- (I stole that term from Scharpling. I am SO off my game at this point. Sleep-deprived, altered, distracted, irritated. DId I mention my back was thrown out? I have more excuses should you want to hear them ... Set: Do Something For Me As I Turn You Down Set: Gatekeeper Disses My Rave Music How quickly they defect. Set: Turn Your Radio Down, Please Set: ANOTHER CALLER - Crap Is Scared Out of Him Post-Election Set: On The Phone While Driving My Anxiety Level is so HIGH, I Can't Even Listen Anymore Set: Screeching to the Tire Set: So Pissed Off - Monkeys With Machine Guns Set: Listeners Complain About Music Set: Gatekeeper Lore Set: The Realities of Turning 30 Set: Fetishization of Youth Set: CALLER - Trump Voter Set: ISIS Camp Near Deposit, New York Set: Bloody Friday - Will ISIS Attempt to Assassinate Trump ? Set: It Should Have Been Bernie vs. Trump Set: The Recount Set: Inevitable George Soros Mention Set: Saying Christmas Again Set: MOPAR Moment Set: Wankel Rotary Set: Gatekeeper Riffs Set: I Am Called M'am Set: We Can Handle The Truth Set: Trump's Taxes vs. Hillary's Emails Set: Another Trump Voter Calls In Set: That Lonely Bed Don Henley - "Dirty Laundry" - I Can't Stand Still Set: Totally Stepped on Palin Set: Trump Promises Set: Dave from Brooklyn Set: Standing Rock Tock Set: In Like Flint Set: Stupid Bob Eubanks Interruption - Schtick Wearing THIN! so ... tired ... of ... self Set: The Planet Is Dying Set: Hoax? --- Set: Not A Beatles Song Set: Gown Moment Set: Mania Set: Debut Gatekeeper Sound Effect Set: Dumpling Set: Trump's Pixx Set: Hostile Takeover Set: Desperate Dancing Set: Fabio Leaves and Gatekeeper Gets Pushy Set: Rock N Roll Me Set: Fabio's Hurt Set: COMMUNIST CALLER Set: Smaller Words!!!!! Set: A Communist Christmas Set: M.O.P - Mode of Production Set: Deep-End Set: Unapproved Shout Out Set: Final Word Set: Free-Associative Communist Poem Set: No Dogma! The Band - "Up on Cripple Creek" - The Band [Gatekeeper's Choice] Set: Hillary Concession (Excerpt) Set: Keith Ellison Status Elevation Set: Self-Diagnosis: A.D.D. and Mania Set: Fabio Doesn't Care Anymore - Gatekeeper = Fresh, Exciting! Set: Listener Leonard Sings Greg Lake At this point I didn't even know Greg Lake DIED! Bummed. Set: Pink Cloud Period Set:[...]

Media Files:

Dusty Music Matters 39 Song Spectacular! from Dec 1, 2016

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 19:27:56 -0500

Kiss - "Odyssey" - (Music From) The Elder [Produced by Bob Ezrin] Tower of Power - "What Is Hip?" - Tower of Power Jaco Pastorius - "Donna Lee" - Jaco Pastorius [Written by Charlie Parker (Miles Davis also claims to have written it).] Starcastle - "Elliptical Seasons" - Starcastle [From Champaign, IL.] Yes - "Yours Is No Disgrace" - The Yes Album Marilyn Manson - "The Beautiful People" - Antichrist Superstar [Produced by Trent Reznor of NIN] Johnny Sea - "Day For Decision" - Day For Decision Jeff Buckley - "Grace" - Grace [Recorded at Bearsville Studios in Woodstock, NY. - Grace was Jeff Buckley's only complete studio LP recorded before his death. He was the son of 60's folk icon, Tim Buckley.] Live - "Lakini's Juice" - Secret Samadhi [From York, PA] Set: Mark Farner Mashup by Pidge Karwan Hawramy - "Dilem Tenga" - Dilem Tenga [Kurdish Pop!] Megadeth - "Symphony of Destruction" - Symphony Of Destruction Set: Charlie Sheen PidgeMixx Porno For Pyros - "Pets" - Porno For Pyros [Perry Ferrell on vocals] Billy Cobham - "Stratus" - Spectrum [Former drummer of The Mahavishnu Orchestra.] Dirty Vegas - "Days Go By" - Dirty Vegas Gerardo - "Rico Suave" - Mo' Ritmo Janet Jackson - "Rhythm Nation" - Rhythm Nation 1814 [Produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis] Kanye West - "Love Lockdown" - 808s & Heartbreak Future - "Ain't No Time" - Evol Genesis - "Turn It On Again" - Duke Lou Gramm - "Midnight Blue" - Ready or Not [From Wikipedia - "Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic calls the song the "last great single of the album-rock era". Allmusic reviewer Bret Adams posits that, "despite its hit status, it's one of the decade's truly underappreciated singles".] Jefferson Starship - "Jane" - Freedom At Point Zero [Mickey Thomas on vocals.] Rush - "Subdivisions" - Signals 2 PAC w/ Roger Troutman - "California Love" [Single released after 2Pac was released from prison.] Rage Against The Machine - "Bulls On Parade" - Evil Empire Metallica - "For Whom The Bell Tolls" - Ride the Lightning Slipknot - "Gematria (The Killing Name)" - All Hope Is Gone Attack! Attack! - "Stick Stickley" - Someday Came Suddenly [GREAT VIDEO!] Coal Chamber - "Loco" - Loco Suicidal Tendencies - "Institutionalized" - Suicidal Tendencies David Bowie - "Cracked Actor" - David Live Molly Hatchet - "Flirtin' With Disaster" - Flirtin' with Disaster The Cult - "Wildflower" - Electric Lady Gaga - "Applause" - Artpop Tsar - "Calling All Destroyers" - Calling All Destroyers [Great LA band] Jeff Beck - "Diamond Dust" - Blow by Blow [Produced by George Martin] Rufus Wainwright - "Across The Universe" - Poses Thanks for listening to this episode of The Dusty Show on WFMU. I had intended to do an interview-based political show (imagine that) but I had just returned from a trip and I just didn't have the energy to pull it off. SO, I thought I would consolidate a lot of the tracks I've played in recent times and edit them all into one hour of fast-paced, edited music. It was really fun for me to play some songs and announce them live in the control roo, I hope you liked it. Write me and let me know what opinions you have regarding the show and any future things you would like me to try. Your opinions are valuable to me. Well, it's late I need some sleep. Thanks again for getti[...]

Media Files:

A Distortion of Imagination by C. Pigeon from Nov 24, 2016

Thu, 24 Nov 2016 19:39:12 -0500

The Dusty Show
Set: A Distortion of Imagination. Story and music by C. Pigeon
I had written this story in one sitting a couple of months back. I even re-wrote it, which is rare for me, hoping to give it more cohesion and less flowery language. I tried it in an American accent, but ended up defaulting to my preferred fake English accent, which I'm sure some find annoying. I get it. Admittedly, I ended up airing this because I was not going to be at the station for Thanksgiving (thanks Mary Wing for filling in!) and I had nothing prepared. So, I remembered this story and decided to air the original version. It's weird. Sometimes I hear a story and I think it's funny or pretty good, and then I can hear it the next day and it sounds like the worst thing ever. I know this story is not developed very well, is ALL over the place, and is probably a massive chore to sit through. It touches on a lot of the themes I like. Death, redemption, crows, corn, midwestern settings, men, women, cars, heaven, hell, etc. I wish it was better. The fact that NO ONE said a damn word about it pretty much tells me it sucked for the listeners, but I feel there is something in it that makes it worthwhile. THen again, I am biased, so it is probably a piece of self-indulgent crap. At any rate, here it is. Thanks for listening. Always remember.

Media Files:

More Anti-Trump Protests - Election Fallout Continues from Nov 17, 2016

Thu, 17 Nov 2016 20:05:57 -0500

Set: Audio from Nov 12th - Anti-Trump March in Manhattan - Chanting and Street Drummer
Set: Protestor Adam
Set: People Are Livid!
Set: We're Here Too!
Set: DNC Snub
Set: Whose Streets? OUR Streets!
Set: Divisive Campaign
Set: Not The America She Wants
Set: Maintaining The Energy
Set: Wake-Up Call
Mahavishnu Orchestra - "Inner Worlds Part 1 & 2 (Excerpt)" - Inner Worlds [Narada Michael Walden on Drums]
Set: Not My President
Set: Tim Smith & Friend at the Protest
Set: Stop Armageddon!
Set: Whatever It Takes
Set: Hillary Clinton from her Concession Speech
Set: Build A Fence Around Mike Pence
Set: Against The Barricades
Set: Occupy Came and Went Too Quickly
Set: Opening of the Pens
Set: Why Do You Reject Him?
Alan Parsons Project - "Breakdown" - I Robot
Set: Nasty Women
Set: Climate Change Is Real (Pidge - Guitar)
Set: Gay, Mexican, Not Scared
Set: Giuliani On The Protestors (ABC)
Set: Grumpy Trump Men
Set: &%*@ Your Wall!
Set: Old Marcher from '68 Comes Home
Set: Dumb Bastards
Set: Final Word
Luther Vandross - "Superstar" - Busy Body
JAWS Moment
Set: Kids Against Donald
Set: A Disgrace?
Set: Trump on PBS - Obamacare
Set: Joe at Madison Square Garden (Weds, Nov 16th)
Set: Pete at Madison Square Garden
Damian Jr. Gong Marley - "Welcome to Jamrock (Live)" - Welcome To Jamrock
Set: Steve @ MSG
Set: Paul Ryan Celebrates on MSNBC
Set: Shtrong!
Set: John Likes Hillary
Set: City Jackhammer
Set: Rugged WFMU Men and Women
Suffocation - "Reincremation" - Effigy of the Forgotten
Set: HomelessInk Homeless Man on 42nd Street
Set: He Became A Trump
Set: The Shelter is Killing Me
Set: Establishable and Quantifiable
Set: Positive Last Word
Set: Sam Voted For Trump
Bruce Springsteen - "The River" - The River
Get Smart Moment
Set: Derek Voted For Trump
Set: Alex Jones Prayer from the Alex Jones Network
Grand Funk - "Inside Lookin' Out" - Red Album

Media Files:

Post-Election Wrap-Up - Anti-Trump Protest! Pure Doom! from Nov 10, 2016

Thu, 10 Nov 2016 19:49:41 -0500

Set: Scene 1 - Post-Election, Anti-Donald Trump Protest in Manhattan, USA Set: Sore Loser? Set: Should The Dems Have Gone w/Bernie? Set: Crowd Chantz Set: A Person of Colour Set: White Supremacy Won Set: Marianna from Mexico Set: Trump's Deportation Threats Set: Were You Surprised Jillary Lost? Set: Does it Change Your Opinion of the United States Arlo Guthrie - "Deportees" - Arlo Guthrie [My older brother brought this home from radio school when I was in high school This song made me feel melancholy back then, and still does.] Set: More from the protest ... Set: Can't Articulate Set: He Hates Donald Trump Set: Does The Electoral College Have Too Much Power? Set: The First Few Months Set: The Arms of Government Set: James at MSG Sammy Davis, Jr. - "Sweet November" - I Gotta Be Me [Love this. It's from some movie I am too lazy to Google. Here Come The Brides of Frankenstein. No. Maybe ... Sweet Charity?] Set: The protest rages on ... Set: State Dept. Contractor Set: He Used to be a Republican Set: Daniel - Secret Trump Voter Set: Chill In Chappaqua Set: Whose Street ? Our Street ! Set: Bob and the Woman Before Him Set: John Lennon - "Imagine" - Imagine [This song seemed to irritate and even anger some listeners. Yes, it is played often. I always think of John when protests happen. His political and social activism inspired many of us at that time. It also takes me back to Junior High in Iowa. Haters can shove it. Ha!] Set: Not Our President! Set: He's a Facist Set: A Revealing Set: Loud Cheer as Two Protest Groups Encounter Each Other And Are Absorbed By Each Other Set: Sandwich Eating Cage Fighter Set: Getting Ready for a Fight Set: Trump Voters Set: The Leaks Set: Perry Comey Set: Less Fake Than All-Star Wrestling Set: How Do You Spell Racist? Set: Shocked Alien Set: America Is Dumb Set: Resist! Set: My Body My Choice Set: Aggrivation Set: Liberal Bubble Set: Bebs at the Knicks Game Set: The People Have Dokken, er, Spoken Max Frost & the Troopers - "Shape Of Things To Come" - Shape of Things to Come Set: The Protest Continues ... Set: Nothing You Can Do Set: Tom Voted For Gary Johnson Set: Chex™ 'n Balances Set: This Is What Democracy Looks Like! Set: Louisiana Voter Public Enemy - "Fight The Power" - Fear of a Black Planet [Luv] Set: Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay! Set: Disgusting! Set: Working Class Americans Set: Give It Away, Give It Away, Give it Away Now! Set: Drew Set: Common Ground Set: Closet Liberal firetruck creeps closer, then magically disappears! Set: Uglier and Uglier Set: Horserace Set: Bluster Set: Blocked In Traffic Set: Hillary Is OK Set: Taking the Streets! Set: Should They Have Protested BEFORE The Election? Set: Not The Country I Signed Up For Set: Ill-Informed, Power Hungry People Set: What Democracy Looks Like Set: Stein Enthusiast Set: The Pussy Grabs Back! Set: Just Like the Old Occupy Days! Set: Hey Hey Ho Ho, etc Crowded House - "Don't Dream It's Over" - Crowded [Always thought this was a well-written, beautiful song.] Set: Bill! Set: Displeased Set: Trump U. Refund Set: Hate Mongers Set: Bill's Friend ... Set: Did YOU Watch the Returns or Go To Bed? Set: Showing It's Head another disappearing siren Set: Angry at These Young People! Set: Thrilled With Trump's Wi[...]

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The Dusty Show Pre-Election from Nov 3, 2016

Thu, 03 Nov 2016 20:01:09 -0400

Set: A Bartender on 26th St.
Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes - "Great White Buffalo" - Tooth, Fang, and Claw
Set: Drew on 26th St
Set: 2 Guys Visiting from India at Madison Square Garden on 7th Ave
Set: Donald Trump will MAGA
Jan Hammer & Jerry Goodman - "No Fear" - Like Children [Both from Mahavishnu Orchestra.]
Set: Man on 5th Avenue Struggles with his Trump Vote
Buckinghams - "Susan" - Portrait [Love the psychedelic break.]
Set: Dana on Broadway and 28th
Terence Trent D'Arby - "Vibrator" - Vibrator
Set: Hillary's Emails
Set: Jeff at Madison Square Garden
Harry Nilsson - "Salmon Falls" - Duit on Mon Dei
Set: Aunt Hill and Nephew
Ice-T - "Colors" - Colors Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Set: Hillary Audio from CNN
Set: Tom at Madison Square Garden on 7th Ave
Kings Kaleidoscope - "Defender" - Becoming Who We Are
Set: Arthur is Voting for Trump
Daughter - "No Care" - Not to Disappear
Set: A Delicate Mind
Set: 2 Chelsea Women on 23rd Street (Where the Bomb went Off)
No Use For a Name - "Permanent Rust" - The Daily Grind
Set: East Orange Veteran
Set: Trump Goes MAGA
Keith Jarrett - "Shenandoah"

Media Files:

2 Weeks 'Til The Election! Singles Goin' Steady! from Oct 27, 2016

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 19:16:50 -0400

Set: James at 5th Ave. and 27th
Bubble Puppy - "Hot Smoke and Sassafas" [Texas band that eventually became Demian]
Set: Janet Speaks With Us
The Collage - "Any Day's A Sunday Afternoon"
Set: Going for Trump
Set: Trump at the Catholic ROast
Set: Never Voted
Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus - "Quick Joey Small"
Set: Non-Committal Voter
Set: Hillary at the Catholic Roast
Set: 3rd Party Voter
Medicine Mike - "I've Never Been so High" [Canadian artist]
Set: Chasing a Man On Foot for the Interview
Set: Hillary People on 5th Avenue at 27th
The Lemonade Charade - "Cecil"
Set: Harry likes Trump
Friends - "Teach Me To Drive The Car"
Set: A Texan and a Woman from France in NOMAD, NYC
Peter Capp - "Highway of My Mind"
Set: Tom and Bam
John L Sullivan - "Tear Time" [From Norfolk, Nebraska]
Set: Sylvia on 5th Ave and 27th
Set: Unexcited Voter
Set: Hill at the Catholic Roast III
Denny Nash - "Livin' Free and Clear" [Utica, NY label]
Set: John
Kuldip Singh - "Butterfingers"
Set: Yankees/Trump Fan
Set: Trump's PArdon
Isley Bros - "Go For Your Guns"

Media Files:

One of the Worst Dusty Shows Ever from Oct 20, 2016

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 20:18:28 -0400

Gown - "Taylor's Jam" - For The Maples [Intro music] Set: Opening Comments I had intended to do a live show with Fabio, but he was very ill and couldn't hang around. At that point, I had to choose between airing a new story I had written which is like, 57-minutes long, or going live. Going live for me, since I don't do it frequently, is a hit-or-miss proposition. On this episode I pretty much missed by a country mile. Nervous, fake, annoying ... these adjectives work. Set: Early Callers Set: I Probably Have Seen Network, Actually, but not Recently Set: David and I Sing Rock 'N Robin, one of my Least Favorite Songs! Set: Some Stupid Jack Reacher Comments Set: Unneccesary Singing I spelled that wrong. Right? Set: Weak Neil Young Parallel Set: New Brunswick Pride Set: I Feel Bad That I Encouraged That Young Man To Say "I Don't Like America." I hear a certain mania happening. The nervousness makes me try too hard. Need to relax. Arbies tanking. Confidence eroded. Elvis Presley - "Unchained Melody" - Unchained Melody [Love this. Elvis on piano.] Set: Trump "Rigged" Audio Courtesy of NBC Set: Fredericks of New Port Richey I felt like I was impolite to Fredericks. In the hour format, I struggle with wanting to cram as much entertainment value as I can in that 60-minutes. When there is casual conversation, the pace of it, the slowness, the meandering, it makes me anxious. Something great, something outrageous, something poignant, needs to happen NOW and frequenty, or it feels like failure. I have difficulty listening in this state, because I am accelerating ahead to the NEXT moment coming up. The present is disposable. There is only 10-seconds from now. All that matters. Set: Millennials Influence (There is No WAY I Spelled that Right. Set: I Need More Gage Set: Annoying Backstory in Fake Radio Voice (Grade F) Broadcast Low for Me. Linda Ronstadt refers to my second radio job at WOKF in CLearwater, FL. We had an automation system that used the Drake-Chenault reel-to-reel system of categorizing and programming music. Drake Chenault. Look that up. Early computerized programming. Set: Trump From C-Span Set: A Call From Tugboat Richey - Great Man Dusty In Trough - Future Unclear - Please Pledge to SILENT FUNDRAISER! OMG I am so far BEHIND! Set: Joe Padgett Not sure why I totally lapsed into the fake DJ voice. Truth is, I don't know who I am on the radio. Me does not exist. There is only fear and elation. Exhilaration and Angst. The people on this show are fine, but a poor performance, an alienating performance, by me. So tempted to erase this show from the archives, but ... as Fabio says ... Strength Through Failure. I hope he is right. Set: Clint Eastwood Reference Set: Dump Him! p u r e m a n i a Set: Grateful Dead Moment Set: The 95 Summer Tour Set: Ping Pong Memory Improv Slipknot - "Pulse of the Maggots" - Subliminal Versus Vol. 3 Set: I Just Reached Over and Shut It OFF! The Slipknot fail jarred me, rattled me. It was hard to overcome. The show, in my mind, was a horrible, horrible goner at this point ... and in reality, it was. One of the worst ever, in my estimation. Please pledg[...]

Media Files:

Inching Ever Closer - Soon It Will Be Over from Oct 13, 2016

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 20:20:15 -0400

Set: Initial Screw Up
[Man #1 + Matthew and Girlfriend (That Opening Screw-Up Fried my Nervous Cones!]
Kansas - "Can I Tell You"
Set: Trump Threatens Hillary With Jail (ABC)
Set: Man on a Park Bench in Bryant Park Manhattan
Rendez-Vous - "Distance" - Distance EP [from Italy]
Set: Shamrock Shirt on Italian Guy
Larry Gatlin - "Might Time Magic" - Oh Brother
Set: A Man
Set: Al Gore Stumps for Hillary
Set: Two Trump Supporters
Set: Puppy
Utopia - "Swing To Tghe Right" - Swing to the Right
Set: Bagel-Eater
Set: Woman Calls for a Revolution at Mike Pence Rally in Iowa (Mediate)
Set: Amberdawn 431-B
Set: Trump on Scalia (PBS)
Set: Andrew Next To Grand Central Station
Happy Monday - "Step On" - Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches
Set: Two Voters at 42nd and Madison
Shania Twain - "You're still The One" - Come On Over [Mutt Lang Produced]
Set: Brian in Grand Central STation
Set: Obama in N.C. (Channel 90)
Mushroomhead - "Solitary Unraveling" - XX
Set: Dominick from Fort Lee
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - "Zorba the Greek" - Going Places
Set: Nick Wraps It Up
Set: Trump on the Emails (Face The Nation)
The Dubuque Community String Orchestra - Micheal Reid Krein's Harmony: Adagio

Media Files:

Post VP Debate - Politik, Musik, Komeradship - Clapping! from Oct 6, 2016

Thu, 06 Oct 2016 19:15:00 -0400

Set: Aaron In Bryant Park
Wilco - "Reservations" - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot [Last record with Jay Bennett RIP]
Set: Trump Convert
Impakt - "Defcon"
Set: Demi in Bryant Park
Winger - "Headed For A Heartbreak" - Winger [Awesome]
Set: Juan in Bryant Park (From Uraguay)
SNL audio clip courtesy of NBC
Set: Trump audio - CBSN
Woody Herman - "La Fiesta" - Giant Steps [Chick Corea song]
Set: Doug is Reticent
Set: Do YOU Feel Something When They Run Up The Flag?
Set: What are YOUR thoughts on Bobby Fischer?
Set: Mike Pence is Hawkish - ABC
The Rolling Stones - "Anybody Seen My Baby?" - Bridges to Babylon [Like!]
Set: Matt: Bryant Park
Set: Trump Audio CBSN
Set: Mother & Daughters - BP
Paula Cole - "I Don't Wanna Wait" - This Fire
Set: Phil Anselmo speaks at Loyola
Down - "Stone The Crow" - NOLA [formerly of Pantera]
Set: Andrew in Bryant Park
Paul Stookey - "Wedding Song (There Is Love)" - Paul And ... [of Peter, Paul, and Mary]
Set: I Am In Hull by C Pigeon
Set: Justine in Bryant PArk - VP Debate audio from ABC
Set: Tyler on 42nd Street across from Grand Central Station
Jethro Tull - "Hymn 43" - Aqualung
Set: Rick Loves Trump/Pence
thank YOU for being, geezerette and everybody!
brian ... hull ... england
Set: Trump audio CBSN
Living Colour - "Cult of Personality" - Vivid

Media Files:

The Story from Sep 29, 2016

Fri, 30 Sep 2016 14:57:53 -0400

Clay Pigeon - "The Dusty Show"
Set: Aaron in Bryant Square Park

Media Files:

Aired Corrupt File Panic Hour w/Ken, Fab. and TechJeff™! (intended show to follow next) from Sep 22, 2016

Sat, 24 Sep 2016 21:58:37 -0400

Set: Peter, will you vote this fall? Set: Not A Hillary Person Set: What About Trump? Set: Optimystic Set: Keeping My Gunpowder Dry Sugarloaf - "Green Eyed Lady" - Sugarloaf [Featuring the late Jerry Corbetta ... always remember. If you don't like Green Eyed Lady you can shove it!] Set: A Brazilan in Bryant Park Set: A Good Portion Behind Him Set: Recent Upheaval Set: We've Reached the Bottom Set: Closing The Borders Set: Some Portuguese Set: Audio from RT Concerning Killing in Tulsa Set: Blood on the Glass Set: A Man From Baltimore I had to interview him while alternately chasing him through Bryant Park. A motion interview. Set: Wisconsin State of Mind Set: A Solid Voice Set: Back-Doored Policy Set: A Rough Four Years Set: Fire Truck on 42nd St. Set: Mayor DeBlasio Speaks About the Bombing on 23rd St. Set: An Intentional Act Don Henley - "The Boys of Summer" - Building The Perfect Beast [Great song, right? C'mon.] Set: Sourpusses Set: Bruce Hornsby Mention This Boys of Summer does get to me on some lonesome level. Set: To The Left Set: Guantanamo Is Still Open Set: Settling For Her I neglected the playlist here for a few minutes as I entered into some type of fugue, (2:49am 9/24/16) Set: I Lied! Set: Small Potatoes Set: Smott Set: President Kennedy Speaks in 1963 (audio courtesy of MSNBC) Frank Sinatra - "September of my Years" - September of my Years [perfection ... +gordon jenkins.] Set: World Peace Day Set: Hussain Set: Implement Positive Change Set: Staying Away From The Politics Set: Steering Away Michael Jackson - "Jam" - Dangerous Set: Will You Vote This Fall? Set: Comin' Back In The Polls Set: Millions Into Billions Set: POTUS Curses Future - "Ain't No Time" - EVOL Set: You Look Like Howie Long Set: Mentally Qualified Set: Outraged and Excited Set: Donald Trump audio courtesy of Gwen Ifill's Washington Week Set: Nijah Outside Grand Central Station Set: She Met President Obama! Set: The Lobster Entree Set: How Did He Pay? Set: Nice Tip! Set: Summers Done - Stay Focused - Stay Positive! Set: Hillary Clinton Audio Courtesy of CNN Hole - "Violet" - Live Through This Set: Young Mexussian Couple Leaning Against Grand Central Station Set: I'm Thinking, I'm Thinking Set: They're Not All Bad Set: Followed Much On It Set: Deep Roots Set: Bomb II Audio From FOX Set: Ernie! Set: A Little Sickly Set: Falling Chips Set: Over-Aggressive Set: Walls and Other Crazy Stuff Set: Mutt Set: Beautiful, Beautiful People Set: WCBS - Giants Football Montage Bobby Goldsboro - "Blue Autumn" - Honey [Got totes nostalgic listening to this. It made me miss my grandparents.] Set: Generally More Conservative Set: I Predicted Jeb! Set: Walker and Ryan Set: Is Hillary As Bad As They Say? Set: October Surprise Set: Suspicions Set: Clawing Back Set: Wincing Set: If YOU Were Hillary's Campaign Manager - What Would You Tell Her To Do Set: Tethered Pence Mike Pence audio courtesy of C-Span Skid Row - "I Remember You" Set: Barbara! Set: Bernie Inspired! Set: Tabloid Fodder Set: Extraordinarily Tight Set: Brangelina Divorce - Audio C[...]

Media Files:

Dusty In Miami from Sep 15, 2016

Thu, 15 Sep 2016 19:24:29 -0400

Jan Hammer - "Miami Vice Theme" - Miami Vice Soundtrack [Hammer, former keyboardist of the Mahavishnu Orchestra.]
Set: An Irish Traveler in Miami
Set: Vintage Lucky Charms TV Commercial General Mills
Set: A German Visitor in Miami
Set: Gulf News TV - Merkel's Party Defeated
Set: More German Guy
Nena - "99 Luftballons" - Nena [From Wikipedia "While at a June 1982 concert by the Rolling Stones in West Berlin, Nena's guitarist Carlo Karges noticed that balloons were being released. As he watched them move toward the horizon, he noticed them shifting and changing shapes, where they looked like strange spacecraft (referred to in the German lyrics as a "UFO"). He thought about what might happen if they floated over the Berlin Wall to the Soviet sector."]
Set: Andrew From Baltimore
Set: Hillary's Pnemonia - CNN/Rush audio
Set: Andy From Broward
Set: Old RAID TV Commercial
Slick - "Miami" [This song was a big hit for Will Smith.]
Set: Andy II
Set: Trump Theatens to Shoot Them "Out of the Water." Audio courtesy of NBC News.
Set: North Koreas Nuclear Threat
Set: CBSN - Wild Horses Story
Michael Murphey - "Wildfire" - Blue Sky - Night Thunder [From WIkipedia " ... earlier in the decade he had been part of a duo known as the Lewis & Clark Expedition (which had appeared and performed in an episode of I Dream of Jeannie) in 1968 with his fellow singer-songwriter Boomer Castleman."]
Set: A German Woman in Miami
Set: Poolside
Set: Steve From Miami Beach
Set: Departing Miami
Expose - "Point of No Return"
Set: Landing at JFK
Set: Back in New York ... Bill in Bryant Park
Set: Hillary's Got Pneumonia by C. Pigeon
Set: More Bill
Set: From Inside Edition - Hillary's Pneumonia
Set: Karen in Bryant Park
Overkill - "Elimination" - The Years of Decay [Jersey band!]
Set: Obama Talks About Trump on RT
Set: Steve On A Park Bench - Hot Day - 42nd St.
Set: Nixon - I Am Not A Crook
Set: CNN - Basket Of Deplorables
John Tesh - "Watermartk" - Pure Orchestra [From WIkipedia - "Tesh was born in Garden City, New York, on Long Island, the son of Mildred (Bunny), a nurse, and John F. Tesh, a textile chemist. He graduated from Garden City High School in 1970."]
Set: Donna in Bryant Park
Set: Trump on RT
Set: The Mosquitoes, "He's A Loser," from Gilligan's Island. The Mosquitoes were actually "The Wellingtons," who sang the Gilligan's Isalnd Theme ...
Set: The Way-Outs from The Flintstones

Media Files:

Top Issues, Ground-Floor Interaction, Important Musik, Into the Gentle Now ... from Sep 1, 2016

Thu, 01 Sep 2016 20:52:00 -0400

Set: Mike at Grand Central Set: Colin Kaepernick on why he sits for the national anthem. Janet Jackson - "Rhythm Nation" - Rhythm Nation 1814 Set: Speaking With Sue Set: Trump on NAFTA Set: More Sue Set: Glastonbury Coyote Warning Set: New Polls Brian Hyland - "Gypsy Woman" - Brian Hyland [Produced by Del Shannon. Song written by Curtis Mayfield. Hyland was from Queens. He is best remembered for his teen hit, "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. This was a Dion-like comeback for Hyland. Later he recorded with Allen Toussaint. He still tours today and The Dusty Show loves him. :>)] Set: Trump Rails Set: Charlie Likes Donald Set: Always Remember ... Gene Wilder Set: A Minute with Elizabeth Set: Hillary Speaks Harlequin - "Innocence" - Radio Romances [From Canada ... evidently, there is another Harlequin, but this is not that Harlequin.] Set: Steve Volunteered Readily 2b Interviewed The Broughtons - "The Last Electioineer" - Superchip [Edgar Broughton Band 80's Incarnation] Set: Maurice by the Hot Dog Cart Outside Grand Central Hello Accu-Legends. Cosmic Matrix just checking in. Set: Trump Loves China Shadows of Knight - "I Am The Hunter" - Dark Sides [Most famous for their cover of Them's (Van Morrison's) "Gloria" in the '60s.] Set: He Doesn't Like Liberals Set: NOAA Weather Radio Report - Stanley Watson on Guitar Clan of Xymox - "A Day" - Clan of Xymox Set: Just Joe Set: Hillary Will Not Respond Set: Michael Likes Trump Set: Trump's Business People Coal Chamber - "Loco" - Coal Chamber [Weird 2013 video of Coal Chamber with live eagle and flag onstage?!] Set: Clinton on Aliens / Area 51 Witness Set: Nancy From Pittsburg Lou Reed and John Cale - "Slip Away (A Warning)" - Songs For Drella [From an LP recorded in tribute to Andy Warhol] Set: Trump on Huma and Anthony Weiner (Audio Courtesy of CNN) Set: Fyornov Visits With Us Set: McEnroe Melts Down! Bonus! - Johnny Mack plays KISS on guitar! Set: More Fyor Set: Ronald Reagan Speaks In Jersey on a Past Labor Day Juan Gabriel - "Abrazame Muy Fuerta" - Abrazame Muy Fuerta [Always remember] Thank you for listening to this episode of The Dusty Show. I hope you enjoyed it. I always enjoy making them for you. On this epsiode, I got to edit a little more than usual and that's always fun for me. Making up little songs or playing with loops of people's stammering. Everything is music. I am always hoping to find Trump enthusiasts for these shows and it's not easy. Not that they aren't there, because they certainly are, but because I am visuallyb trying to identify them as they pass by at up to 6 mph, often grim-faced and angry looking. With just Democrats, Bernie People, Stein Lovers, and Johnsonites, it's preaching to the choir. The Trump folks add an important counterweight to the proceedings. At least I feel this [...]

Media Files:

Comment Glut! Union Square Comeback! Major Playlist Address and Summation from Aug 25, 2016

Thu, 25 Aug 2016 19:36:45 -0400

Set: Tom in Union Square Park - Into Pokemon Set: Old 60's Milton-Bradley game of "LIFE" TV commercial. Tommy Keene - "Based On Happy Times" - Based On Happy Times Set: Jake The Archtiect Set: Audio from the motion picture "The Fountainhead." Wishbone Ash - "The King Will Come" - Argus Set: Mexican Artist w/Child in Union Square Park Def Leppard - "Photograph" - Mirror Ball [Live!] Set: Young Man Set: Audio from Dr. Drew on FOX stepped right ON her .... Bonnie Tyler - "It's A Heartache" - Wings [Re-recorded version with extras fried awesome voice!] Set: Italian Man In The Park (special greeting for Fabio later) Set: A scene from The Godfather Slipknot - "Pulse of the Maggots" - Subliminal Versus Vol. 3 Set: Alex in Union Square Leaning on a Railing - Approachable Set: A song from Harry Potter Giuffria - "Call To The Heart" - Call To Your Heart [Greg Giuffria, keyboardist of Angel] Set: Feloness ... free. Set: A young man playing The Beatles in the Park. The Temptations - "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" Set: Richard Speaks to Me and You Modern English - "I Melt With You" - After The Snow Set: A Trump Supporter Set: Trump Audio courtesy of FOX News Bee Gees - "Tragedy" - Spirits Having Flown Thanks for listening to this episode of WFMU's, Dusty Show. Now in our 11th year. It was nice to see so many comments this week. You know I like to see the good numbers. I suppose I am insecure. I feel like revealing a bit of the process that goes into making a "recent" Dusty Show. Here's how it's been going in recent months. Step 1 - After work, I go to either Union Square Park, Madison Square Garden/Penn Station, Bryant Park, or Grand Central Station and I attempt to gather about 9 to 11 decent-lengthed interviews. I record them to my cell phone. I try to get a good mix of male/female, younger/older, Dem/Repub/Indie, etc. However, usually I end up a little male-heavy, older-heavy, and Dem-heavy. I actually hve to kind of "profile" people to try and single-out who I belive might be Trump voters. Dems are easy to spot by their clothes. So, most times the recording process goes fairly smoothly. Sometimes it is a very fast process if I "get on a roll." Sometimes it is like pulling teeth and I am recording for two-and-a-half hours or more. Know that, in the not too distant past on Dusty (when I was unemployed for a long stretch) I used to spend 4 solid nights-a-week working on shows. This was when I used to do everything on microcassette and a dual cassette deck with vinyl. God, that sounds romantic. I tottaly sold OUT! Got a day job, honed my show production time down to one grinding 15-hour session. went digital (mostly), and create Dusty on a laptop. Acually, I never WAS an analog purist. Not really. I like the old gear, the great sound, the wax, the album covers ... but I like didge, too. It's all in what you DO with it, y'know/? Didge is even more of a challenge because of the endless[...]

Media Files:

Dusty in Bryant Park from Aug 18, 2016

Thu, 18 Aug 2016 19:23:39 -0400

Set: A man in Bryant Park - 8/17/16
Set: Henry the Little Wooden Marionette
Set: Bronymir in Bryant Park
Stevie Wonder - "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" - Innervisions
Set: Yvette in Bryant Square Park (Next to a Lively Outdoor Bistro)
Set: Trump's African-American
Set: Yvette Keeps Going
Set: PEach Coloured Garments
David Bowie - "All The Young Dudes" [Live on the Reality Tour]
Set: Michael from England
Atlantic Ocean - "Jaws" [A Clay's Classik]
Set: A Young Visiting Salesman from Atlanta
A Flock of Seagulls - "Space Age Love Song" - A Flock of Seagulls
Set: Dan an Ex-NYPD Cop
Glenn Yarbrough - "Baby The Rain Must Fall" [Always remember his wonder ful voice. Song written by Elmer Bernstein.]
Set: 3000 Miles From L.A.
Set: Barley Pop (Chest Hair) by C. Pigeon
Set: Woman From St. Louis
Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Blue Collar" - Bachman Turner Overdrive
Set: Canadian Bus Driver
shh glenn shhhhh
Set: Thanx!
Metallica - "For Whom The Bell Tolls" - Ride The Lightning
Set: A Couple of Friends Out To Dine
Miles Davis - Sketches of Spain

Media Files:

Those 2nd Amendment People from Aug 11, 2016

Thu, 11 Aug 2016 19:55:25 -0400

Set: Bernadette in Union Square Park
Set: Trump on the 2nd Amendment
Queen - "The Game" - The Game
Set: Chris in Grand Central Station 8/10/16
Set: A Little Back-and-Forth with Betty at GCS
People! - "I Love You" - I Love You
Set: Mets Fan at Grand Central
Set: A-Rod Retires - audio
Set: The Mets Fan Continues
Grace Jones - "I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect For You)" - Inside Story
Set: Yvette in Grand Central
Set: Hillary Clinton Audio Courtesy of CBSN
Set: Dick Dishes at GCS
Edward Bear - "Close Your Eyes" - Close Your Eyes
Set: Emily and her Englishman
Set: Terry Thomas and Milton Berle from It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World - United Artists - 1963
Moon Martin - "Rolene" - Escape From Domination [He wrote Bad Case of Lovin' You for Robert palmer]
Set: Jabbering with Jeff
Set: Donald Trump audio courtesy of CBC
Soundgarden - "Black Hole Sun" - Superunknown
Set: Kevin!
Set: Hillary Clinton audio courtesy of CBSN
Set: A Family Speaks
Metro - "Paris" - Metro
Set: Panakey on Politics
Set: Donald Trump audio courtesy of The National
Laid Back - "White Horse"
Set: Hillary Believer
Set: Katie Ladecky Audio Courtesy of NBC Sports
The Sportsmen - "A Garden in the Rain" - Favorite Quartet of the Jack Benny Show
Set: Greg Hates Politics more than You!

Media Files:

Relentless Political Coverage Threatens Further Audience Erosion from Aug 4, 2016

Thu, 04 Aug 2016 19:33:51 -0400

Set: Street Steel Drummer and distant siren near Grand Central Station Set: Peter in Bryant Park Chase - "Open Up Wide" - Chase [02:56 - 05:32 --- From Wiki - "Chase's work on a fourth studio album in mid-1974 came to an end on August 9, 1974. While en route to a scheduled performance at the Jackson County Fair in Minnesota, Bill Chase died at the age of 39 in the plane crash of a chartered twin-engine Piper Twin Comanche in Jackson, Minnesota. Also killed, along with the pilot and a female companion, were keyboardist Wally Yohn, drummer Walter Clark, and guitarist John Emma."] Set: Trump and the Baby - Audio courtesy of AP I lean a little too heavily on soundbytes during this episode. I was a little short on interview material. Set: David on the Sidewalk Across the Street from Grand Central Station Melissa Manchester - "Just Too Many People" - Melissa [11:07 - 13:36 --- Produced by RIchard Perry. She had big hits like Midnight Blue, You Should Hear How She Talks About You, and Don't Cry Out Loud.] Set: Gold Star Father, Khizr Khan, at the DNC. Audio courtesy of ABC 15 Arizona. Set: Shy Woman in Grand Central Station Set: Trump Speaks About Sacrifice on ABC Rush - "Earthshine" - Vapor Trails [17:01 - 19:38 --- Nice live version from YouTube - ---- I always want more love for this LP and song. Hard enough to get some to cotton for even classic Rush, much less late-period stuff. I think this song measures up to their best.] Set: Jonas from Denmark in front of Grand Central Station Danish envy. I sometimes imagine living there. Never been. My family has some Danish heritage. Set: Deepak Chopra from FOX Radio Steppenwolf - "Draft Resistor" - Monster [23:52 - 26:23 --- From Steppenwolf's website (they are still together in some incarnation.) "John Kay (born Joachim Fritz Krauledat, 12 April 1944, Tilsit, Germany) is a Canadian singer, songwriter and guitarist known as the frontman of Steppenwolf."] Set: Jason is Leaning Trump Set: Trump Gets A Purple Heart - Audio: CNN I rather unfairly edited out the last part of the "Purple Heart" audio clip in which Donald Trump introduces the soldier that gave it to him to the audience. Would have painted him in a more positive light. White Zombie - "More Human Than Human" - Astro-Creep 2000 [30: 38 - 33:13 --- I really need to stop the singing. I get excited by the music and I want to have fun with you, but I embarrass myself in doing so. And sometimes ruin the music. I did a rather butch editing job on this.] Set: Jennifer Chimes In Set: Senator Lindsay Graham (SC) on CNN Molly Hatchet - "Flirtin' With Disaster" [35:13 - 38:02 --- Concerning singer Danny Joe Brown. A sad demise. Always remembered. From Wiki: "Brown left Molly Hatchet in 1980 because of chronic diabetes and pancreatic problems, but soon starte[...]

Media Files:

Continuing Political Coverage Continues - Couldn't Stop If I Wanted To from Jul 28, 2016

Thu, 28 Jul 2016 19:52:00 -0400

Set: Young Man in Union Square Park - He Knows FMU! Filter - "Hey Man Nice Shot" - Short Bus [2:20 - 5:09] Set: Bernie at the DNC Set: Man In a Bernie T-Shirt Ken Nordine - "Green" - Word Jazz [7:50 - 9:20] Set: Speaking with a Woman in the Park Set: Michelle Obama at the DNC - Audio PBS Beach Boys - "Girl Don't Tell Me" - Summer Days and Summer Nights [12:36 - 14:50] stepped on myself - show ruined! Set: Hillary Man in the Park Set: Bill Clinton at the DNC Stereo Machines and Kinesis - "Excerpt from Cassette NO. #10" - Cold Waves of Color (1981-85) [17:58 - 21:00] Set: Rich The Anarchist Set: Bernie at the DNC King Crimson - "One More Red Nightmare" - Red Set: Jackie at Grand Central Station nOiZy Set: Donald Trump, Jr. at the RNC Bob Marley & The Wailers - "I Shot the Sheriff" [30:02 - 32:37 I think I should have thought this track through before I played it, considering the cops who were recently shot in Dallas and the sensitivity of that. Pretty callous to be carrying on as I did during this song. The problem is that this segment was originally 9-minutes long, but I edited it down, including a part that more fully ties this song the incident in Dallas. As hard as I try, I still sometimes screw up and make an ass of myself.] Set: Dion in Union Square on Micro-Cassette Set: More Michelle Set: A Quick Moment with John Ike Turner Featuring Tina Turner And Home Grown Funk - "Philadelphia Freedom" - The Edge [37:00 - 39:50] Set: Trump at the RNC Set: Brian Wants Trump Super Heroes Invasion - "Wonder Woman" - Super Heroes Invasion [Purchased on I-Tunes] Set: Joe Biden at the DNC The Cult - "Wild Flower" - Electric [44:34 - 47:07] Set: Two Friends In Grand Central Station Set: Obama at the DNC Black Oak Arkansas - "Up" - Raunch'N'Roll Live [55:07 - 1:00:00] Writing this two-weeks after this episode aired. Friday night, Aug. 5th - 11:32pm. Tomorrow ,y wife and I will attend Lake and Bake - a summer party for WFMU staff at STation Manager Ken's place! Should be fun, though I already feel my social anxieties kicking in. Much easier to be on the radio than face-to-face with people sometimes. So, the politics continues, to the chagrin of some in the audience, and happily for others. As for me, I get sick of it sometimes. Literally. Inundated. Saturated. With politics. It's so horrible. But, at this point I see no choice but to continue. Until the election. And then .... never again. Onward. Glad you are with me, whoever you are. I appreciate your comments and emails. Drop me a line sometime. Take care and ... always remember. Bonus Poem: Undulating pink-colored worm in the bottom of a dry basket choking on sand skin cracked and sore in comes breadcrumbs from Jim he does not know the worm cannot eat them the worm needs diatomaceous earth push[...]

Media Files:

Russ Never Sleeps! - Dusty Show RNC! w/Jim The Poet, Interviews, Listener Calls, Music, and Les. from Jul 21, 2016

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 19:25:47 -0400

Public Enemy - "Fight The Power" - Fear of a Black Planet Set: Nick From Australia @ Union Square Park Set: Failed Interview Set: Former Republican Presedential Candidate, Ben Carson - RNC `Vicente - "Fernandez" - Por Tu Maldito Amor [From Wiki "remained atop the US Billboard Regional Mexican Albums chart for 21 consecutive weeks."] Set: Caller, Ben Carson, Satan, Hillary Clinton & The Californian Occult Set: I was kind of a -ick to him. Too aggressive. Way too partisan on this episode. Set: Trump and the Wall Set: Desperately Riffing Whilst Awaiting Jim The Poet Set: Jim The Poet from the RNC! Set: Chris Christie Puts Hillary On Trail at the RNC Ian Hunter - "Cleveland Rocks" - You're Never Alone with a Schizophrenic [Guess this is some Drew Carey theme? Robbed me of my enjoyment when you told me ... and I rather like Drew! By the way ... the Raspberries reference (also misconstrued) was because they are from Cleveland, I believe. Now .. Michael Stanley Band and Phil Keaggy and Glass Harp are from Youngstown. So is Bam Bam Mancini.] Set: Need You To Know - When I Run In Place and Clap and Dance ... I am really damned doing it! Set: Melania Plagiarized Michelle (edit from CNN News) Donna Summer - "I'm A Fire" - Crayons [I wasn't very reverent in my intro. She was actually singing great here. Think she had a run in with the LGBT community at some point. Hope that was healed. Always remember ...] Set: Nothing to Say at ALL! Set: Caller Alex Will Ask His Aunt About Hillary Before Deciding I know you think I interrupt a lot, but you have to move these things the hell along, you know?! It's an hour, not one of these three-hour things, I can't even imagine what that might be like, Set: HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE by C Pidge Set: Background Music by Orichalcum. Unmarked 12" obtained at Record Fair a few Years Back Set: Another Caller Set: Gulag Paranoia Set: Snowfence Escape (Embellished Slightly) Set: Tell The People How You Love Them Set: Sniveling Democrat Set: I'm No Cossack Set: Sherriff David Clarke - Milwaukee Ian Gillan - "Child In Time" - Child In Time [Deep Purple SInger ... Solo] Set: Newt and Ted Cruz Let It All Hang Out Set: Make the Caller Wait for Ian Gillan's High Notes! Set: Leaning Trump Set: Hearing Trump Wrong? Set: Pathetic Trump Rhymes I Now Regret Set: Not A Single Caller Set: Enough with the POLITICS? Set: Russ Never Sleeps! Set: Throwing It Away! Set: Punish Your Country Set: Caller Riffs Set: Two-Party Woes Set: Yet Another (Male) Caller Set: Gettin' Anxious! Set: Dave From Brooklyn - Swears! - I had to "Hit the Button." Set: I Love You Jesus Terrible Rhymes Set: One More Call? Set: Last Caller! Set: Detesting Him - Not Trusting ... Her Set: I May Just Do It Thanks for listening ot this episode of T[...]

Media Files:

Just Staying On This Election Thing from Jul 14, 2016

Thu, 14 Jul 2016 19:29:37 -0400

Set: Meghan At Grand Central Station 7/13/16
Poco - "Dallas" - Head Over Heels [Written by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen of Steely Dan]
Set: Michael at Grand Central
Set: Bernie Endorses Hillary (Audio Courtesy of ABC News)
Beaver and Krause - "Nine Moons In Alaska" - In A Wild Sanctuary/Gardharva [Synth pioneers.]
Set: Jack In Grand Central Station
The Kolonel and Dusty chime in.
Set: More Jack.
Set: Tim Duncan Retires from Basketball (Audio: ESPN)
Beast Featuring Austin Terrell - "Tim Duncan" [Thanks for the greatness, Tim!]
Set: Jackie in Grand Central Station - Likes Hillary
Set: Philando Castile's Mom - Audio Courtesy of CNN
Glass Hammer - "Panegyric" - Ode To Echo [Jon Davison sings ... now with Yes.]
Set: Al Prefers Trump
Set: Former President George W. Bush Speaks at the Dallas Memorial for 5 killed Police Officers
Gamma 1 - "Solar Heat" - Gamma 1
Set: Jennifer in Grand Central
Set: A Message From Anonymous
Set: Michael in Grand Central Station
Jethro Tull - "And the Mouse Police Never Sleeps" - Heavy Horses
Set: Monica in Bryant Park - Manhattan
Susan Boyle - "Wild Horses" - Wild Horses
Set: Dallas Police Chief Addresses Alton Sterling Murder
Set: John @ Grand Central - Worried About Hillary
Set: Donald Trump Audio Courtesy of CNN
Jackyl - "The Lumberjack" - Jackyl [Jessie DuPree on vocals. From Marietta, GA, I think.]
Set: Benjamin @ Grand Central
Set: President Obama Audio Courtesy of ABC News
Curtis Mayfield - "Check Out Your Mind" - Curtis Live! [A favorite 2 LP set of mine. LOVE!]

Media Files:

Dusty In Dubuque from Jul 7, 2016

Thu, 07 Jul 2016 20:00:54 -0400

Set: The National Anthem - Dubuque Ice Cream Social Band
Set: Submariner at the Ice Cream Social
Set: Lead Miner!
Set: Kate Smith and Fireworks! Dubuque Golf and Country Club
Kirsten singing in background
Set: Carolyn and her Cannon
Set: George C. Scott as Patton
Set: Carolyn Carries On
Set: A Scene from Woody Allen's Radio Days
Set: On the Porch with Rich
Set: A Scene from It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World
Set: A Married Couple
Set: More Fireworks at the Dubuque G&C Club
Set: On the Flight Back to NYC
Set: Back In The City ... Ari the Marxist
Set: Preacher in Union Square Park
Set: Anti-Trump T-Shirt Salesman
Set: Trump's July 4th Message on his Website
Set: A Moment with a Marine
Set: John Brown's Body Excerpt (I'll fill this out later)
Set: Friends ... One Likes Hillary ... The Other Likes Trump
Set: Hillary Says ... Deal Me In!!!
Set: Alton Sterling audio clip Courtesy of CNN
Set: A Man @ 14th and Broadway
Set: Another Street Preacher
Set: President Obama Stumps For Hillary
Set: Yes We Ken!
More George C. Scott as Patton
Alice In Chains - "The Rooster" - Dirt [Always remember Layne Staley]

Media Files:

Pride & Politics - A Woman-Empowered Hour from Jun 30, 2016

Thu, 30 Jun 2016 20:44:23 -0400

Set: Dee at the Gay Pride Parade - Manhattan
Indigo Girls - "Closer To Fine" - Indigo Girls
Set: Hillary On Guns
Set: Beth and Coreen at Pride
Set: Kat's Message of P.A.L.
Pat Benatar - "We Live For Love"
Set: Kara In Union Square Park
Wendy Carlos - "The Light Sailer" - TRON Soundtrack
Set: 1972 Presidential Candidate - Shirley Chisholm
Set: A Marching Band at Pride
Set: California Woman @ Pride
Evanescence - "Bring Me To Life" - Fallen
Set: Donna @ Pride
The Thursday Night Package!
Buffy Saint-Marie - "God is Alive Magic is Afoot" - Illuminations [Her 6th LP considered her "art" LP - a total failure upon release, today reconsidered]
Set: Sally at Grand Central Station (sorry for audio quality)
Snap! - "The Power" - World Power
Set: Barbara at Grand Central Station (Outside on SIdewalk)
Connie Stevens - "Apollo" - The New Sensation of Television Connie Stevens In The Warner Brothers Series Hawaiin Eye [From 1959]
Set: Sharon at Grand Central
Set: Rachel in Grand Central Station
Set: NY Representative 2oth District (1973-1977) Bella Abzug
Abigail - "Could It Be Magic (Slipstream Mix)"
Set: Emily at Grand Central
Scandal featuring Patty Smythe - "The Warrior" - The Warrior [Holly Knight song]
Set: Two Nice Women at Grand Central
Helen Reddy - "I Am Woman" - I Don't Know How To Love Him

Media Files:

Mancentric Election Coverage - Hot Downloads - Dancing - Clapping! from Jun 23, 2016

Thu, 23 Jun 2016 20:07:34 -0400

Set: Michael in Union Square Park
Aretha Franklin - "Nothin Compares to You" - Sings The Great Diva Classics
Set: Ian Favors Non-Electoral Politics
Chicago Loops - "Silverback"
Set: Trump On Hillary's "Old" Message
Set: Nick In Union Square Park (Some WInd Problems)
The Beatles - "Revolution #9 (Edit)" - The White Album
Set: Hillary on Trump's Tweets
Set: Ukranian Man In Union Square Park
Set: Sammy Davis, Jr. from the motion picture "Robin and the Seven Hoods." (Unsure of song title)
Set: Record Cart Vendor in Union Square Park
Set: AXL DC Live in Prague May 2016
Set: Hari Krishnas in the Park
Set: Demetrious, a Window Dresser
Set: I Realized After Recording That I Only Interviewed MEN This Week. Next Week ... The women's show!
Set: Trump on Hillary's Blood Money
Bob Dylan - "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" - Freewheelin Bob Dylan
Set: Sean Knows FMU - He Is LEaning Against a Wall in U.SQ..P.
Set: Dems Stage a Sit-In on the House Floor.
Opeth - "Cusp of Eternity" - Communion
Set: Kumar In Union Square Park
Nine Inch Nails - "All The Pigs All Lined Up" - The Downward Spiral
Set: Trumps Vision
Set: Trump Supporter In U.SQ.P.
Set: Hillary Serves Trump
The Beatles - "Within You, WIthout You - Tomorrow Never Knows" - Love

Media Files:

After Orlando from Jun 16, 2016

Thu, 16 Jun 2016 20:23:07 -0400

Set: Jeff and Friend in Union Square park
Queen - "The Show Must Go On" - Innuendo [Freddie's last ...]
Set: Trump audio from FOX News
Set: Woman in Union Square Park
Set: Chris at Grand Central Station
David Bowie - "This Is Not America" - Falcon and the Snowman (Soundtrack)
Set: Hillary Furious audio from ABC News
Set: Austinian Gun-Owner
Rufus Wainwright - "Across The Universe" - Poses [Love him.]
Set: Chelsea Man
Set: A Young Woman and Friends @ Grand Central
Rod Stewart - "The Killing of Georgie (Part 1)" - A Night on the Town [This was controversial in '76 when it was released. Rod was ahead of his time.]
Set: Robert @ Grand Central
Set: Christina Grimmie Death Announcement - ABC
Christina Grimmie - "With Love"
Set: Matt at Grand Central
Set: Shannon and Dorothy in Chelsea
Swamberger and the Solilloquists of Sound - "Orlando" [Scene commentary from 2006.]
Set: President Obama on ISIL (ABC News audio)
Set: Australian Travelers @ Grand Central
Set: More Hillary
Five Eight - "Orlando" - The Good Nurse
Set: Amelia @ Grand Central
Set: Difficult Man (I Regret This Terse Exchange)
Set: Trump Audio from FOX News
The Feelies - "Paint It Black" - Ricki and the Flash (Soundtrack)
Set: Another Chelsea Man ...
Set: Elizabeth Warren
Cher - "You Haven't Seen The Last of Me" - You Haven't Seen The Last of Me [From the "Burlesque" soundtrack]
Set: Outro

Media Files:

For the Trumpteenth Time - Politics, Musik, Life Evolution, Clapping from Jun 9, 2016

Thu, 09 Jun 2016 20:13:51 -0400

Set: Flagman
Set: Fearful Voter
Lemmy and Ted Nugent - "Tie Your Mother Down"
Set: Paul
Telex - "On The Road Again" - How Do You Dance [from Belgium]
Set: Chess King
Set: Arkansas Razorback Trump Fan and Firetruck
Grand Funk w/ Zappa - "Out To Get You" [Zappa produces, plays lead on this track]
Set: Mark on 23rd Street
Set: my heart just stopped in that dead space. wth
Garbage - "Empty" - Strange Little Birds [out soon]
Set: Hillary thanks Jersey
Set: Gary Johnson Voter
Set: Russian Woman
Ultravox - "Blue Light" - Systems of Romance
Set: Tristan and his Girlfriend at Grand Central
Ogre - "Helionosphere" - 194
Set: BErnie Fan on 14th St. by the Relentless Ice Cream Truck
Set: Bernie Sanders audio courtesy of MSNBC
Set: Adrian ...
Cursive - "Gemini" - I Am Gemini
Set: Eric Likes Trump
The Presidents of the United States of America - "Lump"
Set: Man at Bus Stop
Set: Trump Enthusiast
Set: Trump
Pinback - "June" - Some Voices
Set: Hillary Enthusiast
Set: Bernie courtesy of MSNBC
2 Pac, Dre, Roger - "California Love"

Media Files:

Memorial Day in the Park - Join Me. Talk, Music, Birds. from Jun 2, 2016

Thu, 02 Jun 2016 19:17:55 -0400

Set: Painist in Washington Square Park
Set: GMO Enthusiast in Union Square Park
Marilyn Manson - "The BEautiful People" - Antichrist Superstar
Set: A Man in Union Square Park Talks Politics, Life, Moore
Set: FMU's AccuPlaylist - Be There Now!
The Last Poets - "When the Revolution Comes" - The Last Poets
Set: Muhammed 's Muslim Outreach in Union Square Park
Set: Belt Sander/Ron the Unemployed Actor
Ron Goedert - "Squidd" - Breaking All The Rules [The late former lead singer of White Witch. always Remember]
Set: Bagpiper and Droning ICe Cream Truck
some issues with wind and digital distortion clipping. noted.
Set: James The Medical Biller
China Central Broadcast Folk Music Orchestra - "Dance of the Golden Snake"
Set: Trump Threatens To Sue The Media
Set: Return Of The Man In Union Square Park
Anne Murray - "Daydream Believer" - I'll Always Love You [John Stewart song (from Kingston Trio)]
Set: Hamster Loving Woman on Broadway
Set: A Drummer in Washington Square Park
stepped right on him
Set: Hurambay Mention
Set: Van Halen Montage - Us Festival May 1983
Set: I love Diamond Dave.
Van Halen - "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" - Van Halen

Media Files:

George Washington's Horse Bears His Stately Load from May 26, 2016

Thu, 26 May 2016 19:23:47 -0400

Set: A Construction Worker in Union Square Park
Set: Peter from Colorado
Wishbone Ash - "Doctor" - Wishbone Four
Christian Bale Cameo
Set: A Documentarian ...
Ram Jam - "404"
Set: Michael ... Nice Man
Spooky Tooth - "I Am the Walrus"
Set: Young Minnesotan
Set: Photographer - '80's FMU Fan
Judge No. - "K.I.S." - Anime Shock
Set: Man with Hat and Pit Bull - 17th/Broadway
Set: Marie and her Rabbit ... Kathy!
Casey Anderson - "Green Rocky Road"
Set: Bill in Union Square Park
Gerardo - "Rico Suave" - Mo Ritmo
Set: Hari Krishnas in the Park
Set: Occupy Veteran in Union Square Park
Saluting Fort Wayne!
The Dillinger Escape Plan - "Good Neighbor" - Option Paralysis
Set: Union Man
Dale Suddenly Appears on the Accu!
Woefully short of 100 comments as constant political coverage continues to erode listenership.
Jane Morgan - "Fascination"
Set: Political Song - C. Pigeon
Eddie Money - "I Think I'm In Love"

Media Files:

Isolated Complaints about The Sameness - MusikPolitixSame from May 19, 2016

Thu, 19 May 2016 19:25:08 -0400

Kenny Burrell - "Be Yourself" - God Bless The Child Set: Chris at Grand Central Station Rick Derringer - "Real American" - JAmes A Johnston WWF Album [IS this Todd produced? Sounds like.] Set: Ellen Visits with Us Is Bernie too ... old? Jill Clayburgh - "Kind Of Woman" - Pippen Set: Marcello From Brazil Jonsi Birgisson - "Tornado" [from Sigur Ros] Set: Moments with Mike at Grand Central Grand Central is very loud. I may escape it soon for quieter places. I like the excitement there, though. Set: Bernie Moment Human Aftertaste - "Change" - Black Toad [from Iowa City] Set: A Nice Irish Couple T Rex - "Dawn Star" - Futuristic Dragon Set: Brad Likes Trump Set: Obamalogic Matic Horns - "Giddion Fighter" [Respect.] Set: John ! Doobie Bros - "Another Park Another Sunday" - What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits [Love this.] Set: Mike II Set: Trump Says It's A Hoax! Lady Gaga - "Applause" - Artpop Set: 2 English Guys at Grand Central Rolling Stones - "Mixed Emotions" - Steel Wheels 2:10am Sat May 21 - 2016 - NYC ... Hello. Clay Pigeon here, in the coop. The mosquitoes are biting. The zika-infested sunzabitches are biting and it's not even June. I am sitting here with the hood of my hoodie pulled over my head, just to give the mosquitoes less skin-access. Still they swarm and bite. Atleast bats love them. Something has to. ------ 2:13am, I am starting to nod. Can't keep my eyes open. If I had a comment about this show, it would be that I have started to feel the irritation of some listeners concerning the sameness of recent episodes. I get it. The shows ARE very samey . All I can say is, I have been enjoying the formula, or, at least, I am comfortable with it. Admittedly, the last couple of Wednesdays as I have hoofed it up to Grand Central, I have asked myself ... "Why are you doing this? Why the relentless election-related shows, week after week ... the same questions .... same venue ... and again I must say ... I don't know why. I only know that I have felt the need to continue. I like it. The politix. The election. The people. The candidates. ------ Funny story. The other night I walked down to Union Square Park to so some interviews. To try and recapture a past vibe. Just talk some generalities with people. Only when I got there, I couldn't do it. I froze up. No confidence. Now, only within the walls of GRand Central, with all its hustle and bustle, can I walk up to a stranger and say, "Can I ask you a question for my radio show on WFMU in Jersey City?" Of course, two times out of three, I'll get th[...]

Media Files:

Formulaic Adherence to the Established Template - MusikPolitix from May 12, 2016

Thu, 12 May 2016 21:47:38 -0400

Set: Speaking with King at Grand Central Station
Uriah Heep - "Bird Of Prey" - Uriah Heep
Set: Shongatae from Zimbabwe
The Bangles - "If She Knew What She Wants" - Different Light
Set: Man #1
Herb Alpert - "Rotation" - Rise
Set: Anthony Prefers Trump
Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Bqand - "Travelin' Man" - Live Bullet
Set: Man #2
Hermeto - "Slaves Mass (Missa Dos Escravos)" - Slaves Mass
Set: A Moment with Homer
George Jones - "A Picture of Me Without You" - A Picture of Me Without You
Set: Justice!
Jewel - "America"
Set: Ralph!
Fredericks on the Accu! HEllo Old Friend ...
And all of you Accu-Vetz! Love to you all! +Peace
Lobo - "Where Were YouWhen I Was Fallin' In Love" - Lobo [His 4th and Last #1]
Set: Steve!
Chevelle - "The Red" - Wonder What's Next
Set: Trump Traveler and Frenn
(Dusty Insider Info!) All Songs Edited To 2:35 Target Length This Week
Joohyan Park - "Transformation 5 (Battlestar Galactica)" [Phillipd Glass composition]
Since I am updating this page on 5.21.16, I'll direct you to my comments after next week's show. Head over there now. !

Media Files:

LIve w Fabio, Marcel, Jonathan Herweg, Talking Trump - Listener Calls - No Floperas from May 5, 2016

Thu, 05 May 2016 19:59:57 -0400

Focus - "Moving Waves" - Moving Waves [Most famous for their song, Hocus Pocus. A Dutch band. Love them.] Set: Fabio Contemplates Bailing Set: Precious Window Double Image [Music in the background unless otherwise indicated. Just freely tracked through this record.] Set: Dumped Trump Caller Set: That Maniac Ted Cruz Set: Dave In Brooklyn I am so busy messing around with CD players and turntables and the board and Fabio and the caller that I can't handle the technical requiements of it all! Also, I lose track of what the callers are saying. Set: Fabio Bails. Half-Baked Effort Continues. Set: The Lone Grand Central Interview Bailter Space - "Robot World" - Robot World [From New Zealand] Set: Bailter Space and Pavement - Tampa - Early '90's Set: Are They Like My Bloody Valentine? Just Trying To Keep Up ... Set: I PLAYED THIS ALREADY ... HOW EMBARRASSING Set: Jarring Transition to Ted Cruz Suspending His Campaign Set: Dear Lord ... Just The Sheer Amount of Early-On Gaffes! Set: Caller - 18 Year Old Young Man Set: Are YOU Anxious? Set: Pringle Humor Misjudgement -5 Points Overall Score 121 Grade Thus Far: Surprisingly ... a B. Set: Freshman Year in Italy - Visit Shakee's! Fiddling with so much media - can't even think about his "good old days" response ... so i sound like i am not paying attention, or am addled. Set: What's YOUR Hometown? Set: Runnin' on FMUES Henry Mancini - "Hatari!" - Hatari! [Mancini the great genius. Love him.] Set: Sybil The Playwrite Calls In ... Set: Struggling Animals Steve Reich - "1. Pulses" - Music For 18 Musicians [Love this ...] Set: Stay Glued Set: Sibilance and Rumin-ations Set: My Friend Omar Set: Carly Falls Off The Stage Set: Trump Post-Indiana ... Winning Big League Set: Garbled Caller On Football Phone Set: Peace and Love ... Loosen Up ... DefDust Set: The Treble Edge - Ready For Bel-Tone Set: TrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrumpTrump Set: Call Dearth - Lull Threatens Set: Daniel Calls From Jersey's Northern Tip Set: Ironed Hair and a Nylon Jacket Set: Bizarre Dull 50-50 Assertion Set: Christmas Tree! Set: Dumping It and Going to a Hot Line - Set: WFMU's Own, Jonathan Herwig! My own theories are some of the weakest presented on Dusty. I look to others for their insights and intelligence. Set: Marcel Visits The Studio Set: Callers - Man and Polish Woman Set: How Poles See Trump Set: Kreeping Nationalism Set: Fabio: Love is a Strong Word Set: Trump In Ten Seco[...]

Media Files:

Half-Baked: Gauntlets, Lockjaw, Politix-Lite, Haute Downloads, The Ant- Mhorr from Apr 28, 2016

Thu, 28 Apr 2016 19:38:11 -0400

Tower of Power - "What Is Hip?" - Tower of Power
Set: The Silvered Gauntlet
Angel City - "Marseilles" - Face To Face [Adelaide, Australia ...]
Set: Tyler From Arkansas at Grand Central Station
Set: Trump Accuses Hillary of Playing "The Woman Card"
Queen Latifah - "U.N.I.T.Y." - Black Reign [Jersey City's own ...]
Set: God Be Real II
John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band - "Tender Years" - Eddie and the Cruisers [Too Bruce? I forgive 'em .. sounds nice.]
Set: Plump
William Onyeabor - "Better Change Your Mind" - Atomic Bomb [Nigeria]
Set: Talking With Todd
Set: Hillary Responds to Trump's "Woman Card" Comment
Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band - "Gypsy Pilot" - Rudy theFifth
Set: Shattered Pants
The English Beat - "Save It For Later" - Special Beat Service [Dave Wakeling and co ...]
Set: Lockjaw
Helmet - "Unsung" - Meantime [Produced by Steve Albini]
Set: Trump Fan
Set: Ted Cruz Announces the Choice of Carly Fiorina as his VP Choice
Dwight Yoakum - "Guitars, Cadillacs ..." - Guitars, Cadillacs ... etc., ... etc. [Debut LP]
Set: Paul's Ant
Prince - "Way Back Home" - Art Offical Age [ALways remember ...]

Media Files:

Prince Dies - Politix Lurch Onward - Musik, Calls, Late-Show CD Disaster! from Apr 21, 2016

Mon, 25 Apr 2016 21:26:39 -0400

Set: At Grand Central w/ George
Set: Trump
Eric Carr - "CarrJam" - Unfinished Business [From 1981 - The Ex-KIss drummer ... always remember]
Set: Neal
Donny Hathaway - "A Song For You" - Donny Hathaway [RIP ... fantastic artist]
Set: Life w/ Larry
Set: Cruz Control
Kasabian - "ClubFoot"
Set: Bern Baby Bern!
Set: Rebecca and her Husband
Slick - "Miami" [I Miss Miami!]
Set: A Different George
Cheap Trick - "When I Wake Up Tomorrow" - Bang, Zoom, Crazy ... Hello [New Trick]
Set: A Moment w/ John
Set: Trump
James Gang - "Praylude" - Miami [The late Tommy Bolin on guitar.]
Set: DC Woman
Porno For Pyros - "Pets" - Porno For Pyros
Set: Jack Speaks His Mind
Oliver - "Jean" [Produced by Bob Crewe]
Set: Sarah Shares a Moment With Us
Set: Cruz
Stevie Nicks - "Stand Back" - THe Wild Heart [Prince Produced]
Set: Bob
Set: CD SKIP! AND THE BACK-UP CD! Disaster struck at the :50 minute mark. Too bad. It's disappointing in that I worked hard to finish the show - but still good that we got to talk about Prince for a little while. In hindsight, I should have archived the political show I had recorded, and I should have taken calls all hour with Fabio. If you are reading this in the future, this was a strange day because Prince died. Threw a wrench into everything. If you're interested, the last ten minutes of the show that never aired have now been attached to the end of the archived episode. Thanks to JEff Moore at FMU for the technical assistance. RIP Prince - a fabulous, influential, gifted, forward-thinking artist who made a big impact on my life and on the lives of millions of others. So OVER the rock star death this year. Enough! Always remember ...

Media Files:

Bern Baby Bern! --- Bernie Sanders Rally, Washington Square Park from Apr 15, 2016

Fri, 15 Apr 2016 18:58:51 -0400

Fantasy - "Stoned Cowboy" - Fantasy [00:00 - 01:53 My brother brought this home from college when I was a kid. An underground classic from that era. I know a few of you will remember it. Scott Williams did.] Set: Bernie Sanders Rally - Washington Square Park April 13th. 2016. Just prior to the NY Primaries. Set: A couple of young Bernie supporters ... Rage Against The Machine - "Bulls On Parade" - Evil Empire [04:39 - 06:27 I love Zach De LaRocca's intensity. Probably overdid the baby samples. Not sure what that was about.] Set: Young Cornell West Afficianado Set: Cop Announcement - I told him I wanted a soundbyte and he gladly gave me one. Cooperation! Set: A Couple of FMU Fans! i notice some crude edits in this show. because i mixed it without headphones. i couldn't hear the subtleties ... you can hear the edits by focusing on the background sounds. after i missed the show on thursday, i had to edit in all the song intros that i would have done "live" on the radio. i edited this show hastily. that bothers me, but i just ran out of time. Lime - "Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight" - II [11:15 - 13:14 From the Netherlands. Soundbytes from the "Get Smart" LP w/ Don Adams.] Set: Plutarch Enthusiast Set: Socialism Doesn't Work C4AM95 (The F---ing Champs) - "Heart To Heart" - III [16:20 - 18:20] Set: Actor Tim Robbins Stirs The Crowd Merle Haggard - "The Fightin' Side of Me" - The Fightin' Side of Me [21:00 - 23:02 Always Remember ...] Set: The Jokes On You, America! Set: Herb (FMU Fan) and Emma Locust - "Hold On To America" [25:58 - 27:42 A record I got in high school Locust was a great band from Fort Dodge - Otho, Iowa that played all the little towns in Western Iowa. Great memories. They were my idols.] Earl Wilson, Jr. - "I'm Gay" - Let My People Come [28:14 - 30:14 This musical was staged in the West Village in '74.] Set: Sedate Fringe Dweller Set: Leslie Set: Hey Bernie! Set: Poor People's Party Eminem - "Lose Yourself" - 8 Mile - Motion Picture SOundtrack [33:50 - 35:43] Set: The Political Revolution Set: A Young Man's Bernie Song Set: Speaking with a Socialist Megadeth - "Symphony of Destruction" - Countdown to Extinction [40:04 - 41:55 From Clay's Classic 7even - Many Clay's Classics appear in this episode. I didn't have time to get any hot downlodes.] Megadeth - "Symphony of Destruction" - Countdown to Extinction [40:04 - From Clay's Classic 7even - Many Cl[...]

Media Files:

Same As The Last Ten Shows from Apr 7, 2016

Thu, 07 Apr 2016 20:49:54 -0400

Set: Felix and his Wife at Grand Central
Set: Getting to Know Noah
JJ Cale - "Call Me the Breeze" - Naturally [02:11 - 04:33]
Set: A Dialogue with Dmitri
The Beatles - "Long Long Long" - The White Album [06:42 - 09:04]
I will update this playlist with more information very soon..
Set: A Moment with Mike at Grand Central Station
Set: Nancy Likes Trump
Joni Mitchell - "Woodstock" - Ladies of the Canyon [12:27 - 14:54]
Set: A Discussion With Dwain
Set: A Moment with Mary
Grateful Dead - "Bertha" - Grateful Dead [17:37 - 20:02]
Set: WFMU Fan
Set: Dennis Dennis Dennis!
Quicksilver Messenger Service - "What About Me?" - What About Me? [23:10 - 25:38]
Set: Elite Libra Educator and his Friend
Joan Baez - "Diamonds And Rust" - Diamonds and Rust [28:47 - 31:11]
Ross Gets Real
Set: Just Jabbering with Jerry
Crosby Stills Nash - "Wooden Ships" - Crosby Stills Nash [33:57 - 36:27]
Set: A Man Speaks ... His Friend Approaches
Set: Cathy and her Daughter
Bob Dylan and the Band - "Lay Lady Lay" - Before The Flood [38:50 - 41:19]
Set: Mike, Too
Set: Visit with a Passing Man
Blind Faith - "Can't Find My Way Home" - Blind Faith [44:15 - 46:33]
Set: Meeting Michael ... then Daughter Appears On Left
Richie Havens - "Freedom" - Woodstock Album [50:10 - 52:42]
Set: Jabberthon with Jeremiah
Hot Tuna - "Water Song" - Burgers [55:50 - 60:00]
Set: Hail Mary, 11th Hour Caller
Set: We're Weak!
Thank you for listening to this episode of TDS. Or, maybe you are just reading this playlist and you never even listened to the show at all. Or, you're not even reading this at all. Whatever the case, this was another in a series of programs with interviews recorded at Grand Central Station. I've been allowing the show to be very "samey" in recent weeks, by design. I have enjoyed the formulaic approach. Anyway ... I hope things are well with you wherever you are. This year is just rocketing by. Already April. Well, it's late. Be well, Dusty Listener. See you next Thursday! Always remember ... CPNYC4816230AM99

Media Files:

Thon 2 Weeks Gone, STILL Gettin' It On - @Grand Central from Mar 31, 2016

Thu, 31 Mar 2016 19:22:31 -0400

Set: Babbling with Bruce
The Who - "I Can See For Miles" - The Who Sell Out [The Who's biggest biggest single in the US to date.]
Set: Erik at Grand Central
Set: Let's Be Frank

Set: Dialogue with Danny
The Supremes - "Reflections" - Reflections
Set: An Australian Woman Offers Up Her Thoughts ...
The Animals - "Don't Bring Me Down" [Goffin/King composition.]
Set: Our Pal Paul
The Spinners - "I'll Be Around" - Spinners [Thom Bell/Phil Hurtt composition.]
Set: Perfectly Pam
The Hollies - "Pay You Back With Interest" - For Certain Because
Set: A Moment With Michael
John Davidson - "There's a Kind of Hush" - A Kind of Hush
Set: Just Joe
The Hombres - "Let It All Hang Out" - Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)
Set: Just ... Joan
BJ Thomas - "Close To You"
Set: Donald
Bee Gees - "Lonely Days" - 2 Years On

Set: I wrote a whole long thing and my stupid computer crashed and I don't presently have the will to type it all again. Suffice it to say, I talked too much on this show and I aim to reign it in in the future. Stay with me. Always remember .... CPNYC44161228A99

Media Files:

Post 'Thon and Gettin' It On! from Mar 24, 2016

Thu, 24 Mar 2016 20:37:45 -0400

Henry Cow - "Nirvana For Mice" - Leg End Set: Talking with Tom at Grand Central Shaw Blades - "Your Move" - Influence [Tommy Shaw from Styx and Jack Blades of Night Ranger. Originally recorded by YES on The Yes Album (Atlantic - 1971)] Set: Gabbing with Gary Vicki Carr - "It Must Be Him" - It Must Be Him [Love this standard.] Set: Blabbing with Brian and his Wife Phil Lynott - "Yellow Pearl" - The Phil Lynott Album [The great Thin Lizzy vocalist.] Set: Talking with Tobey Set: Jabbering with Jeff Set: Our Friend, Francisco Robert Plant - "Big Log" - The Principal of Moments [The great Led Zeppelin vocalist.] Set: Speaking with Santo Set: Lindsay from Charlotte Set: Vote Madman Perry Ferrell - "Got To Get You Into My Life" - The Art of McCartney [The great Jane's Addiction vocalist.] Set: Kneel Set: Bernice! The Chips - "Rubber Biscuit" [Later recorded by The Blues Brothers, but you knew that!] Set: Cruzing with Steve Prodigy - "Firestarter" - The Fat Of The Land [According to Wikipedia ... "The title and lyrics were subject of controversy in the UK because of their violent nature."] Set: As Evening Approaches ... Elizabeth Set: Jawjackin' with James Set: Chatting with Chris Set: Terse Keith The Ramones - "Street Fighting Man" - Too Tough To Die The Rolling Stones - "Street Fighting Man" - Beggar's Banquet Thank you for listening to this episode of The Dusty Show. I was anxious to get back at it after Marathon, as so much has been happening in the news. First off, thank you for your support during our recent Marathon fundraiser. All of your pledges are appreciated. Thanks to Fabio, Ken, and Irwin for the co-hosting fun! Visit those archives if you haven't. --------------Suddenly I am tired. I hope you enjoyed the show and the music. Write if you have the notion. --- onward into the future. More politix, people, musik, togetherness, fun. Always, always remember my friend. For the last glints of the suns weak rays bounce off the water tower. The crows are flying home. Night is nigh. The hoofed cattle loe. Always remember. Set: A Interview with Bruce The Who - "I Can See for Miles" [...]

Media Files:

The Dusty Show Post-Super Tuesday from Mar 3, 2016

Thu, 03 Mar 2016 19:51:28 -0500

Bjarte Engeset - "The Ballads of Revolt" - Norwegian Classical Favorites
Set: Speaking with Scott at grand Central Station - 3.2.16
Cristos Dantis - "Maya Maya" - A Night In Greece
Set: Eddie Holds Forth ...
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Simple Harmonic Motion - "Long Train Running" - Voices Only 2009
Set: An Interview with Diane at Grand Central
Guns 'N Roses - "This Is Love" - Chinese Democracy
Set: A Moment with Jonathan
Slave - "Slide" - Slave [Atlanta band, right? Drac on guitar. Always loved this.]
Set: Rob - This Week's Token English Guy!
Janis Joplin - "Piece of My Heart" - Cheap Thrills
Set: Dennis at Grand Central
The Guess Who - "Hand Me Down World" - Share the Land [Written by Kurt Winter]
Set: A Moment With Meredith
Set: Ginger from Houston
Chicago - "Dialogue PArts 1 & 2" - Chicago V [Always Remember ... Terry Kath]
Set: Mike
Lou Reed - "Metal Machine Music" - Metal Machine Music
Set: Cruz Voter
T.Rex - "Life's a Gas" - Twopenny Prince [Live in Germany]

Media Files:

Return AGAIN to Grand Central - Trump Lovers and Liberal Amounts of Liberals from Feb 25, 2016

Thu, 25 Feb 2016 19:23:46 -0500

Proto-Kaw - "Greek Structure Sunbeam" - Early Recordings with Kansas 1971-1973 [Early Pre-Kansas]
Set: Steven at Grand Central Station 2.24.16
Peter Tork - "Tender Is" - Stranger Things Have Happened [Ex-Monkee]
Set: A Moment with Mary ...
Set: Trump audiobyte Courtesy of FOX News
Peter Nero - "The Philosopher" - Sunday in New York
Set: A Discussion with David ...
Peter Paul And Mary - "Flora" - Peter, Paul & Mary
Set: Hillary audio courtesy of CSpan
Set: 5-Minutes with Martha
Hazel Dickens - "Black Lung" - Come All You Coal Miners [From Kentucky]
Set: Lynne on Life ...
Set: Jeb! audio courtesy of CSPAN
Pete Seeger - "Which Side Are You On?" - Greatest Hits
Set: Rich & Son ...
Set: Bern in South Carolina
Mantovani - "Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing" - Love is a Many-Splendored Thing [Easy Listening Giant]
Set: Look, It's Larry!
Gordon Lightfoot - "Carefree Highway" - Sundown [Love this album.]
Set: Dialing In Dan ...
INXS - "Don't Change" - Shabooh Shoobah [Always remember Michael Hutchence]
Set: Trumps Nevada Victory Speech (Excerpt) - FOX News
Set: Young UK'ian Couple new to the US ---
Dennis Wilson - "The End of the Show" - Pacific Ocean Blue [Always Remember ...]

Media Files: