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Macbeth: A Graphic Novel...or Play.


My graphic novel based on William Shakespeare's Macbeth is now available on Amazon. A big thanks to all who supported this project, your encouragement made it a reality. Barnes and Noble sells it too, currently at the sightly lower price. $9.99 And at Kings Bookstore Canada. It's simply the darkest telling of this story that I could achieve -- But I stuck to Shakespeare all the way! To me it

'while it was smiling in my face, have pluck'd my nipple from his boneless gums'


'I have given suck, and know how tender 'tis to love the babe that milks me. I would, while it was smiling in my face, have pluck'd my nipple from his boneless gums, and dash'd the brains out, had I so sworn as you have done to this.' -- Lady Macbeth I thought this a strange admission -- the Macbeth's have no children but Lady M claims to have experienced nursing a child. What happened to that

The Time Approaches...


The Time Approaches...crossing the finish line, that is. I have about two pages to go. Ok, Pi day over and another thing I had to do done as of yesterday, back to work on Macbeth. A final cataclysmic battle to illustrate today, but first I have to make parsley soup...and ride my Mongoose. But after that, more battle...more cowbell. If you've followed my posts you'll have seen part of this

How I Squared the Circle....Happy Pi Day!


A break from Macbeth --- it is Pi Day after all (14th day of the 3rd month). An article on my work over the years with this mysterious transcendental number.... painting maths.

Star Faced English Soldiers...and why not?


Two panels from page 63. I just plucked this from my FB page....a note to the actors really, who took part in Prague Shakespeare Company's Macbeth. So I'm nearly done but must down tools to get something else sorted out over the next few days, damned annoying timing. I think I more or less made the 28 day target, but I'm not sure exactly when I started (or switched from the intense 7



The English power is near, led on by Malcolm, And the good Macduff. Revenges burn in them... 

'Scarf up the tender eye of pitiful day'


Ok...7 days was pushing it.


I reckon it's a 28 day project -- Objective = As stark a black-and-white 'graphic narrative' as can be. Bleak and inky black. Why is this of note? Ever listened to Shakespeare? Beautiful language, but time has rendered many lines opaque to the ear. With this version I hope to shed a wee bit of light on some of the darkness. For example what does this mean-- 'in a sieve I'll thither sail' ? In

30 Pages....


So ...I did not make the 40 page mark I was aiming for---I would have, if I hadn't begun to lay in text, but I had to do this extra task because of, well, the qualities in Shakespearean language. I noticed, for example, that a break between certain lines gave me, and hopefully my readers, a better understanding of the play. But breaking up the statements meant more panels...

Blocking...(7 Day Graphic Novel)


To block or not to block? Blocking will keep everything under control and give me a page count too. Not blocking would likely lead to headaches but might yield some creative surprises. With my graphic-novel most of the blocked pages proved right on the money straight out of the pen, so maybe here I can wing it and just draw each page as I go without planning. Not the way There is something

MIDWAY and Making Something New.


2016...amazing. About two months back I took a break from my graphic-novel*, I had reached midway point at 130 pages, and I thought it a good time to take a breather and gather my thoughts. During that drawing break I thought I might actually set myself an outrageous goal and create an entirely different graphic-novel* just 7 days. I wondered if I could create a 50 page comic book in black

Hecate (Hec' a Tee) in detail.


Black Magic Woman - 'Hek' a Tee' or The Triple Hecate.


'Hek' a Tee' or 'Hecate'  Last night I was lurking in the dark again along with a number of 'witches', the 'Wyrd Sisters' of Macbeth. This painting series I am working on is an ongoing project that I last picked up on last December (when my computer died and I had little choice but to change subject and revert to traditional media). I had been working steadily on my book which relies a lot on



Lady Macbeth This picture is part of my ongoing series of theatre studies. On occasion (and for a quite a few years now) I meet with actors to sketch and paint them in the process of stage rehearsals.  This canvas was painted in december 2014 based on Jessica Boone performing Lady Macbeth at the Kolowrat theatre in Prague. The excellent Prague Shakespeare Company will be performing 'The

Volume 2


An example from a scene currently underway in volume 2... Volume one is 130 pages long and fully complete. A few weeks ago I started working on Volume 2, but I'm only 5 pages in because I'm split between working on it and making V1 publicly available....that and a one thousand mile tour of Scotland - a road trip (mostly) that wiped my mind clear of all that had been on it graphic-novel-wise.

Market Test...


This is a screen-shot of the top half of one of my pages... With the first volume now finished and ready I have still a few things to do before I can make my graphic-novel public. BUT - I am delighted to say that I received some very exciting feedback in the last few days....more on that later. I have also contacted a few comic book stores to ask if they would be open to helping me run a



Work in Progress...she is tiny, a pixel person. When I plotted out the book I realised I was 'directing' the work just like a film director might. I've worked on many comic stories in the past but usually only a few pages. This story is hugely ambitious because its 262 pages long. In plotting things out I storyboarded everything and along the way many unusual things occurred to me. Things I



Pamela. When I set out to draw this story one concern I had was running out of steam or that I would begin repeating myself in some way with story elements. So I was delighted when this picture of Pamela sprang from my pen with total ease...if only that would happen more often. Many pages and panels are really hard work for me and can seem to take an impossible length of time and grind.

So, Forever Now...


That moment when someone says 'Hello' - but you just can't put a name to the face. So, Forever Now...or for as many months (...or maybe just three or so) I've been busying away trying to bring the first volume of my graphic novel to something like a complete volume 1. I made it about a month ago and have been tidying up its many loose ends ever since. It takes a long time to edit a story (

'Clarisa' - T-Shirts Based on Art from My Graphic Novel....


Clarisa - CLICK FOR BIGGER PICTURE The nature of my graphic novel is still very much on the QT. But I've completed volume 1 and it runs to 130 pages and today I've decided to test interest in a T-shirt design based on one of my characters. Meet 'Clarisa'... At this stage I'm just counting heads to see if it would be possible to cover the costs of the production of a fine quality hand-pulled

Volume 1 of My Graphic Novel...


A month or so back I reached 130 pages and over the last few weeks I've been tweaking things. So I'm pleased to say the first volume of my graphic novel is complete. Now what to do? I suppose I should explain what it's all about. All things in good time. It's enough for now to have passed this milestone. Probably the most time-intensive thing I've ever created. That's 130 pages I sketched,

MACDUFF : New Drawing.


A Second Wyrd Sister


Another drawing of a Prague Shakespeare Company witch or 'Wierd' 'Wyrd' or 'Weyward' sister who meets Macbeth on a ' blasted heath'. There is no real evidence Shakespeare travelled to Cawdor. But he knew intimate details of the 'witch' burning trials in Aberdeen. I've been to what's called 'Macbeth's Hillock'. It seems the real Macbeth was even more influenced by witchcraft than the one in the