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Preview: In For The Krill

In For The Krill

Updated: 2017-07-29T21:44:32.989+12:00


Relocation Sale! Everything Must Go!



Hi! Good to see you! Folks tend not to come around these parts anymore. Funny how about the time we slowed down on Krill everyone else seemed to give up on their blogs. Hardly anyone we follow has posted in years. I guess all the kids are busy hanging around their bookfaces, instagrats, and whatever.

It's comfy here, though. We know this little website template and how everything works. Not hard to make things look half-decent. If there was only a way to give you a page-to-page reader like a regular webcomic. Tried Wordpress for awhile. It ended in tears. If I wanted to code websites I wouldn't be a cartoonist. The pain threshold was too high for some nice page-to-page action, and if I had a dollar for every time I heard another Wordpress site had been hacked, I could have paid someone to do that stupid coding.

But here I am, rambling on like some old geezer on Blogger. Words, schmords - pictures talk! Images! That's what the net is all about these days! Put away the dictionary, grandad! Pick up that brush and draw some more Krill comics, you narcoleptic dinosaur!

So no matter how you've managed to get to this icy corner of the web, this is all you're going to see here. There's new In For The Krill, updated regularly in a reader-friendly page-click format at

Come on over and jump in. The water's freezing.

Greg and Jill xo

Not frozen, just rusty


It's been over a year since the last official post where we gave ourselves an extended, (and in hindsight, quite open-ended) leave of absence from Krill to address other projects*. The keen-eyed among you may have noticed another page or three sneakily added to the latest chapter, but otherwise this site has had a level of activity that would make a glacier's movement look like a dance party.We can't promise that won't change overnight, but we have a peace offering of six new pages, and our whispered promise, echoing across the dark ice, that we're working on more.*Specifically for me, "An Anzac Tale".142143144145146147[...]

Just stepping away to finish another comic…


"New page every Monday" my weeping barnacle! There are Adelaide buses on a more reliable schedule than In For The Krill pages and we're going to have to come clean and stop pretending that the situation won't change for awhile. In fact, a new page may not be posted for much of 2012.

No, no, we're not abandoning this story! After 140 pages, we're as keen as ever to keep this labour of love going, but in the meantime we're both contractually bound to labour of lucre. Jill's animation scripting commitments have often taken her away from Krill for extended periods, but as a page of script yields several pages of comics we've been able to work around that. Not this time, as I have a new book to deliver to Working Title Press, and if I'm to meet the December deadline, I need to stop typing and get back to the drawing board. Now. And stay there.

It's an exciting project. "An Anzac Tale" is scripted by my Captain Congo cohort Ruth Starke and is a  visually ambitious and unique take on Australia's part in the Gallipoli campaign of World War 1. Expect to hear more about it before its release next year - a little after you start seeing new pages here again. Just need to draw the thing first and get through this post without saying we're putting our penguins on ice.

In the meantime, issue four is our favourite so far, and a copy is only a click away.

Thanks. Back as soon as possible.

UPDATE: You may have noticed that a couple new pages have been stealthily posted below with little fanfare, so as not to get anyone's hopes up regarding anything resembling a regular schedule, or attract the attention of any publisher who may wonder why I have had a waking moment not spent on their project. I wonder myself.

Big shout out and a double squidsky to gentlman cartoonist Tim McEwan for this thorough and glowing review. Skol!

Issue 4 available now!


Attention fans of comics-printed-on-paper: In For The Krill #4 is now available from Indyplanet. 36 pages of printed penguin goodness for a mere US$3.5 + postage. Click HERE to order your copy.

Signed copies of a limited edition of 100 will be available in Adelaide's finest comic shops shortly for only slightly more money (less actually, since you don't have to pay postage to walk up to the counter and pay for it).

Meanwhile, work continues apace on current pages. Schedule, schmedule. We still have day jobs, y'know.

Page 141



Page 140



Page 139



Page 138



Page 137



Page 136



Page 135


Back after a week's holiday on ice…(image)

On Ice


Oops! We don't have a new page for you this week. So much for New Year's resolutions…

Last week we wrapped up what will be printed as Book 4. Here's a preview of the cover art to give you something to look at until next Monday. (We hope!)

Still with the blue pencil, white-paint smudges, and uneven ink.

Page 134



Page 133



Page 132



Page 131



Page 130



Page 128 + 129


128                                    129

New Captain Congo!


Excuse this non-Krill intrusion, but here's big news: The new Captain Congo adventure, "Captain Congo and the Maharaja's Monkey" is released today!

(image) As last time, it's penned by acclaimed children's author Ruth Starke, contains 48 full-colour beautifully hardbound pages, and retails for a very reasonable AU$24.95. Published by Working Title Press, distributed by Penguin, and available in the usual places throughout ANZ plus many an online retailer. If you'd like a copy with my signature and a scribble, you can order directly from me for AU$30 postpaid within Australia. Please send an e-mail to place your order or inquire regarding overseas postage rates. Here's a couple sample pages to whet your appetite, all lovingly coloured by Bernie Mireault.
(image) (image)



Nothing much happening on the surface, but underneath the new site is being loaded up and all the pages of "In For The Krill" are being archived. All the while writing and drawing the next chapter and resisting the urge to redraw slabs of the old ones, but sometimes I weaken and feel compelled to insert a new page. This can happen for a few reasons, but in this case foremost among them was the fact that I love drawing Pete's square head and wanted the opportunity to start putting more chops in the background.

More soon.

Ah, I'm blogging!


I don't mean to, because this isn't meant to be a diary, but I drew this today and don't know what else to do with it. There's no penguins in it or nuthin'.

Okay, back to work now. Everything's back to normal tomorrow.

Going Supanova


Look for a Panic Productions table in Artist's Alley at Sydney's Supanova this coming weekend (June 27 -28). I'll be there with David Follett and Pawel Zawislak, flogging our wares and scribbling for all and sundry. Come by and say hello.

This is your chance to pick up a signed copy of Captain Congo and the Crocodile King, Snort Stories #1, a Panic Productions DVD animation collection, In for the Krill #1, and the brand-new still-has-that-fresh-from-the-printers-smell In for the Krill #2.
(image) Plus I'll have a sneak preview of "Captain Congo and the Maharajah's Monkey" - and that's just on my side of the table! Leave some room in your shopping bag for goodies from David and Pawel. If you're not in Sydney, but still want to get your hands on IFTK#2, check back soon and I'll have it available on indyplanet.



Krill's mother-site Panic Productions, has undergone a DIY facelift. Fresh, and only a little lumpy and scarred.

Giddy with the thrill of using idiot-friendly web-building applications (don't take it personally iWeb, but I'm only with you because you're easy), this very site will be undergoing a major renovation shortly.

If I walked into your kitchen waving a hammer, wearing a disconcertingly clean tool belt, and used those very words, it would indeed be cause for alarm. But trust me, this will be good. More Krill pages, more often, easier to read. I believe it's called webcomics.

Expect to be up and running, or at least stumbling at a cracking pace, soon. Same url. You need not do anything but wait. If you're a reader of IFTK, you should be used to that.

Where I've been hiding


Boy, have updates on this site dropped off lately.
Here's why:(image) That's 48 pages of "Captain Congo and the Maharaja's Monkey" laid on my studio floor (only willing to do that after all have been safely scanned and archived). That doesn't include the thumbnails, manuscript annotations, and pencil roughs which would make this carpet about three times thicker. And of course it doesn't show the brilliant colour work of Bernie Mireault.

The point of this is to justify to myself and the five or six others that may care, my absence from Krill. Abandoning an ongoing story for many months is poor form, I know, but at least I have been spending my time with another penguin.

(image) "Maharaja's Monkey" will be released later this year. In the meantime, the first volume, "Captain Congo and the Crocodile King" has been nominated for the Childrens Book Council of Australia's "Picture Book of the Year" and has gone into it's second printing. Still at fine (and not so fine) bookshops.

Back in the Krill, very soon.

Something New to See


Have been a bit quiet with the posting lately. Here's something new to look at. (image)
Stare as long as you like, Estelle loves an audience.