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Preview: Cute Creeps From Pop Culture

Cute Creeps From Pop Culture

Updated: 2014-10-05T03:08:39.475-04:00


Imposter Alert!


An important message to all fans of Jay Stephens and The Secret Saturdays... the person or persons running the Ning site Secret Saturdays Season 3 is a fraud. The site is NOT, as claimed, run by me, nor is the person posting on that site claiming to be Jay Stephens me. This site is illegal in many ways, and I urge all my fans to boycott this imposter. Thank you.

Happy 2010!


Hope all you Monsterammers have a great year in twenty ten... mine has begun in fine form with many new beginnings. Can you belive the ol' Monsterama is entering its' 5th year? If you have time, go back through some of the older posts and let me know which ones you liked best...



One of my heroes, Stan Lee, reads The Night Before Christmas. Enjoy, true believers!

Hope You Were Good...


... 'cause a visit from Krampus isn't as fun as it looks.

Cryptid Claus


Here's a nasty little holiday treat for you, with a warning from the film itself: "What you are about to see may traumatize you for life", especially if you still want to believe in Santa as a benevolent magical elf. Finnish filmmaker Jalmari Helander's short films Rare Exports Vol. 1 and 2 pose the awesomely bizarre question: 'what if Father Christmas was a rare species of cryptozoological

True Zombie Tales


Check out this amazing article over at Mens Journal about real Haitian zombies! From journalist Mischa Berlinski: "About a month after I arrived in Jérémie, a rumor swept through town that a deadly zombie was on the loose. This zombie, it was said, could kill by touch alone. The story had enough authority that schools closed." Forget the brain-eating undead of Zombieworld... this is the real

European Saturdays


The coolest thing (to me, anyway) about this report at Kidscreen on the European roll-out of Secret Saturdays merch is the news that Rainbow Productions will be designing costumes for personal appearances. I'm going to need photos of these if any of you spot them, OK? From the report: "Rainbow Productions is constructing costume characters for meet-and-greet events and other promotional

Free Spooky


The Big Blog Of Kids Comics has three terrific Spooky Comics available to read. Classic stuff by Howard Post including an appearance by 'Bat Belfry'. Man, I loved Spooky when I was a kid! The 'tough little ghost' was always my favourite Harvey Comics' character.

Strange Tales #3 out now


I forgot to mention that my 4-page contribution to Marvel Comics' odd Strange Tales is on the shelves as of last Wednesday. Oh, and I did an interview for the Marvel website, too...

Saturdays Back On Saturday


Heads' up, Secret Saturdays fans-- the premiere half-hour episode of the new season will follow Batman The Brave and the Bold this Saturday, November 7th on Cartoon Network at the following times:Eastern 9pmCentral 8pmMountain 7pmPacific 9pmHawaii 4pm

All Hallow's Oh-Nine!


Happy Hallowe'en everyone!



I am super jealous of this guy's amazing collection of masks! Looking through all these fantastic faces is a great way to kill some pre-hallowe'en hours.

Top Ten Tinglers


For your holiday viewing pleasure, The Horror Blog has asked various horror-related people to compile a top ten list of their favorite horror movies (me included). Check out the link above for all the lists, and compare against your own...

Scared Silly


Monsterama pal Paul Castiglia is launching the Scared Silly blog on Halloween as a lead-in to his forthcoming book (of the same name) about classic Hollywood horror-comedies. Scared Silly examines the popularity of mixing humor and horror-- which is precisely our purview here on Monsterama, so you know I'm excited! Castiglia’s blog and book will offer readers a fun overview of horror-comedy

Ghost Busting Book


Did you know that Dan Akroyd's home life was the inspiration for Ghostbusters? His Great Grandfather, Dr. Samuel A. Akroyd, was a Spiritualist Medium who held séances at the family home in the early 1900's. And Dan's father, Peter Akroyd, has written a book about those experiences and more in A History Of Ghosts; The True Story of Séances, Mediums, Ghosts, and Ghostbusters. From USA Today, Dan

Voices From The Netherworld


I get a lot of people asking me if they could do a voice for my show. Or, more realistically, asking if I could tell them how to get into the business of voice acting. Honestly, I have no idea. But I know someone who does. If you're really serious about it, there's no better person to post questions to than Cory Burton. Cory isn't only the voice of Argost and Van Rook for the Secret Saturdays--

Future Tut?


For the Tutenstein fans out there, looks like the new Hasbro Studios is starting to get serious! Anyone out there want to see all-new episodes?

I am a Wild Thing


Saw the film adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are on Friday, and thought it was a gorgeous little art film. Not for everyone, but I certainly loved it, despite the fractured family content feeling very close to home. It was, in fact, emotionally rough going for me, which is why it's taken a couple of days to post about it. As a single Dad mucking about in the aftermath of a failed family, I

Secret Disguises


Anyone dressing up as Secret Saturdays or Tutenstein characters this Halloween? Please send me your photos, and I'll post them here on Monsterama! And if you're in the Philippines, I'd love some pics of the Secret Saturdays Pumpkin Party where "...Doc, Drew and Zak Saturday are giving out prizes to kids who can help them solve mysteries by identifying the disguised villains who are trying to

Twilight Zoo


All this month, the little town of Elora, Ontario (just a short drive from where I live) will be full of freaks and frights as they kick off another wonderful Monster Month. As he's been doing for a decade now, local artist Tim Murton has covered the town's quaint old buildings with white creepy creatures in nightmarish proportions, called, appropriately, The Twilight Zoo. This year Elora is

Hollywood Hallowe'en!


Seeing as I'm in Burbank during the Hallowe'en season, it's only fitting to dedicate a post to the legendary Bob Burns. Bob is responsible for inspiring and directly mentoring some of the greatest horror FX guys in the business via his annual Hallowe'en 'shows', and he's got a gorgeous site featuring a documentary in four parts, with a new segment added each week leading up to All Hallow's Eve.

Another Cover


Here's the second cover (Cartoon Network Action Pack #45) to the upcoming 2-part Secret Saturdays story, "The Lost King Of Africa". Shades of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle...

Zombie Plague


They're going for the World Record of undead, so if you're in or around New Orleans on October 31st 2009, put your best zombie suit on and shuffle on down! From Humid Beings, "The multifaceted, ever evolving troupe, The New Orleans Bingo! Show is spearheading the attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records “Largest gathering of Zombies“. Up until recently, the USA held the record with

Saturday Morning Monsters


One of my favourite mags, the creeptacular Canadian publication Rue Morgue just put out their Hallowe'en issue, and the Secret Saturdays make an appearance. In an article called "TV's Coolest Cartoon Creeps", the Saturdays rank alongside such unforgettable animated freaks as Casper the friendly ghost, Milton the Monster, The Gruesomes, Groovy Goolies, Fangface, Beetlejuice, and Ruby Gloom...



Seems like everyone's been blogging about the awesomeness that is Norwegian artist Kristian Hammerstad, but I couldn't resist the overkill, as his stuff is pure Monsterama magic. The work is decidedly Charles Burnsesque, but has a poppy gore charm all it's own. From Screamstress...“Some of my first memories of being awed by artwork was seeing skateboard graphics that the older guys in my