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Preview: Comments on A Bunch of Hot Air: Ticket thoughts

Comments on A Bunch of Hot Air: Ticket thoughts

Updated: 2014-10-16T18:19:23.703-07:00


I am going to defer to my friends from the right r...


I am going to defer to my friends from the right regarding the Republican ticket -- I have no real feel at all about who might get the nomination there. I can't really believe it will be Giuliani, but he seems to be the leader at the quarter-pole.

Regarding Warner, I think he would be a fine VP, but in terms of electoral math what does he bring? Virginia? That seems questionable to me -- I can see him aloowing Dems to make it close there, but win the state? I don't see it.

In other southern states, the closest in the 2004 election was Florida, which went for Bush 52-47. With Jeb in the governor's chair there (not to mention the ongoing electoral problems in the state) I don't see that getting any closer either.

No other southern was closer than a 8% difference I don't believe.

Meanwhile, in 2004 New Mexico went for Bush 50-48. Richardson as VP practically guarantees that swaps to the Dem column. Nevada was 51-48 Bush, and Colorado was 52-47 (but showed signs of trending more Democratic in 2006). Richardson could benefit in those states as well.

That doesn't include the advantage Richardson might have vis-a-vis having a pre-existing working relationship with the Clintons too.

None of this is meant to support a Clinton nomination or a Clinton/Richardson ticket. I really haven't decided who I favor for the Presidential nomination yet, but should Clinton get it Obama would be my definite preference for the VP slot. I just think, however, that _if_ Clinton is nominated, Richardson is her most likely 1st choice for running mate.

For what it's worth, those Intrade guys rate Warner as 3rd most-likely as Dem VP candidate, behind Richardson and Obama.

I'm not going to argue with Framer regarding the H...


I'm not going to argue with Framer regarding the Hillary VP but will keep my prediction. Yes, it will take work, but what a ticket in this environment.

I am baffled that you guys think McCain can recover, and you should hope he doesn't. Framer is spot on about Giuliani and VP. Forget about it.

Guiliani will not be a VP. Put that in stone.I wa...


Guiliani will not be a VP. Put that in stone.

I wasn't aware that being a womanizer was a disqualifier on the Dem side. It will be Warner. Hillary's group does not include Obama and she will want her group there. They (the Clintons) learned their lesson with the Al Gore thing.

I agree, McCain can have a resurgance depending upon how the surge goes, but it will still be very difficult for him to win. More than likely, a McCain return to prominence will just pull down Rudy's numbers, opening things up to give Romney or Fred a better shot.

Brownback is a good senator, but he will never be an executive, even as VP. I can think of 6 or 7 individuals to pair up with Rudy (should he get the nod) that would be better for the ticket (Hunter, Huckabee, and Hutchison just under "H" alone.)

Newt esta muy Sirocco y tranfo...


Newt esta muy Sirocco y tranformer, he uses real big words (TR went to public school)

Clinton/Obama will be the ticket. Richardson would be a great choice for veep if Obama declines. I'll be sure to vote against them, either way.

Warner? Framer, (I heard he's a womanizer and the Clinton gang gave him a threat-down). Hilly would be insane not to put Obama on the ticket.

I'm more interested in the GOP side... Thompson has more baggage than my wife on vacation (but he's really good on Law & Order)...Romney's religion will be too much for the rest of the USA...that leaves Rudy & McCain. Rudy has broad appeal, McCain can make a comeback.

I don't see McCain as a veep, so if he doesn't get the nomination, he wouldn't make the ticket.

I see a Brownback/Huckabee/Duncan Hunter as the veeps...Rudy & McCain are moderates and they'll go for a conservative for the heartland/base.

If I had to make a call today, it'd be Giuliani/Brownback or a McCain/Giuliani.

Hah!Yea, Newt called me on my cell phone after you...



Yea, Newt called me on my cell phone after you posted that remark at TDP to solicit my input. He suggested I post his thoughts at my blog.

As always, both your remarks and Framer's are solid, and it is going to take a stretch for such a ticket to occur.

Not sure how you know what you know, Framer, but it will be interesting to see if your remarks prevail. I can understand your conservative sentiments, but I cannot understand how you could be anything but appalled at the behavior of the current executive branch.

I want a blue tsunami to hit your party so hard it has to reinvent itself and purge the scum in the process.

It will be Mark Warner. I have been on that bandw...


It will be Mark Warner. I have been on that bandwagon since he announced he wasn't going to run. A deal was cut somewhere to get that to happen.

Richardson might move New Mexico, but Warner would help in the South where Hillary would need some traction, if not to win, to at least cause Republicans to spend money there. Not to mention he will still be fresh when we are tired of all of the other candidates.

There is way too much ego to allow a Clinton-Obama pairing. Anyway, you need an executive to balance out a senator, which is probably part of the reason you are thinking Richardson

At first I was a little scared of Richardson, but his debate performances have been abysmal. I'm just glad that we don't have to run against Warner as a presidential candidate.