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Comments on A Bunch of Hot Air: A really big brush

Updated: 2014-10-16T18:19:23.703-07:00


I just now saw this post.The problem that any Demo...


I just now saw this post.

The problem that any Democratic president will have with US foreign policy is that he/she will have to start from the point that Bush leaves office. And at that point, things will actually be worse than they are now. Without getting more specific about my predictions for Hillary's Mideast foreign policy, I have the same two words I've used in the past - Israel and oil. Need I say more?

As far as the domestic agenda is concerned, I agree that Hillary or any other of the Democratic candidates would be address health care reform, would not be an enemy of science, would not be an enemy of the environment, would save Social Security from the Wall Street lootfest, and would not be an enemy of organized labor.

That is all good, for us. But, without immediate and radical changes in our foreign policy, we face a very uncertain future. The vision of the neo-conservatives, American hegemony over land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace, needs to land on the trash heap of history's stupid ideas as soon as possible. America needs to become a promoter of peace, and learn to live in a multipolar world.

Can Hillary start to get us there? No, absolutely not.

Excellent post and I concur entirely. I can respe...


Excellent post and I concur entirely. I can respect and empathize with Liza's cynicism, and she might be right, but I resonate more with your story here.

I have no idea what Hillary does about Iraq, but it will not be the blind obstinacy of W. I think in four years she would move us forward in the health care debate.

I also believe she would try to restore a balance, or some semblance of one, that allows the middle class to survive and slows (at worst) or reverses (at best) the bifurcation of this country into the have everything and the have nothing.

I'm not exactly a Hillary fan. If anointed God of America, I would put Gore and Clark into office. Since I can't do that, I guess I vote for Hillary.

Frankly, all of the GOP candidates occur as ridiculous. If the GOP prevails in 08, I'm marketing my new Phd to universities in Europe, Canada, or Iceland.