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Comments on A Bunch of Hot Air: (Im)Material Consciousness?

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X4mr,Yes, I certainly would accept the terms "dept...



Yes, I certainly would accept the terms "depth of character" or "wisdom". If you are using the term "soul" in a sense of that which characterizes our overall makeup, then I would accept it.

What I would reject is the use of the term as some separate part of ourself, potentially independent of our living selves, which is how I understood your usage of it.

Why would anything need to imply benevolence? Just as, why would anything need to imply malevolence?

It's often said no one sees themselves as evil, yet certainly there are certain things which the general consensus would agree were evil. Hitler's genocide of the Jews, or Sudan's genocide now are examples.

So it certainly seems there does exist some general (although not universal) standard against which good and evil can be judged. Most people try to act most often in a manner they perceive as good -- whether it is actually judged good or not ultimately lies in the judgment of everyone else except the actor.

Most people want to be perceived as benevolent, as "having good character". There might be many reasons for this -- feeling good about themselves, honest concern for the well-being of others, the hope of gaining future benefit some how, and so on.

Possessing a "soul" is not a prerequisite for this, although to the extent people who do believe in "souls" are thereby motivated to engage in a benevolent manner to help "safeguard" their soul, it may serve as a useful construct.

One can be benevolent and wise and soul-less all at the same time. :)

WOW, Sirocco. Fascinating.I am going to have to t...


WOW, Sirocco. Fascinating.

I am going to have to think about your remark. To use the word "conceit" for soul is strong language. If I used the expression "depth of character" or "wisdom" that is distinct from "book smarts" would that register anything?

Do you accept the concept of spiritual knowledge or wisdom? Again, please dismiss all of the sheep.

Okay, so intelligence does not imply benevolence. What does?

Well, in my world-view the concept of "soul" is a ...


Well, in my world-view the concept of "soul" is a purely human conceit, so it becomes moot.

I must be missing a point, but I see no reason whatsoever why intelligence would also imply benevolence in a monist universe.

Oh, and if no distinction between mind and soul ...


Oh, and if no distinction between mind and soul exists, it sure flies in the face of human experience.

If you are willing to take the step and say soul refers to something different, what is that difference?

Can evil be extremely intelligent? How?

As I will write with greater detail and clarity at a later time, the Sufi masters have a saying:

Every stick has two ends.

Outstanding post, Sirocco. First rate.You surmise...


Outstanding post, Sirocco. First rate.

You surmise correctly that I have farther to go and more to say. The navigator knows some of what is coming. I have strong reason to believe that he has spent time at the border.

Of course border is a metaphor operating on several levels. You have already guessed one of them, I think. We also have the border between the physical and, well, ...

We also have the border between mind and soul, if you believe in a soul, and that inquiry dives rich and deep quickly. If we have one, what does that mean? If we don't, what does that mean? In either case, what would one be if it in fact existed?

Would it be physical?