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Preview: Labyrinth of the Psychonaut

Labyrinth of the Psychonaut

There are numerous indicators that The Universe is an intelligent and guiding force that human beings are indeed a very integral part of. As in any system, patterns arise in the collective consciousness of people and begin to show themselves in movies, m

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Prismatic Fountain of the Heavenly Hologram


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Chroma Sono Celesti Sol Deus Infinitum


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The Vaporous Bridge to Stellar Window


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Beyond the Veil Through Black Plasmatic Cosmos


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Nebulous Soliloquy with PsychoTronic Interface to God


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Cracks in the Wall Episode 7: Joker's Wild


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Breaking the Smiley Face Code :)
Will's contact email:
Youtube Channel: AEIOU3SEXT

Cracks in the Wall Episode 6: This is Your Brain on Fire!


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Part two of my discussion with Will 777 the Great Work.
Topics Include: The Pyramids as a Model for a Super Man,
Werewolf Lunar/Jovian Energy, The Red Square, Project
Camelot: Delusions of the Second Matrix, Time Wave Zero,
The Golden Ratio, Converging into the Quickening, Desire
Vs. Will, Web Bots, Future Forecasting, The Last Air Bender
& The Fifth Element, The Astrological Formula for SALT,
Making Connections with PI Sets the Brain Ablaze, Prince
of Persia: Solar Plexus Star Gate, Phallus Copper Top
Energy, The Wheel of Archetypes, Color Coded Kundalini
Rising, The Importance of Silence, The Illusion of
Negative and Positive Thinking, Solve = Love, Earth = Heart,
Nothing Needs to Be Done, To Know is to be in the Now,
The Reason why the PTB enjoy playing the Game, Freedom
is to say 2+2 = 5, The Balance of Masculine & Feminine
Energy. The Mortal Man is Built of Bone, The Immortal Man
is Built of Stone, The Egyptian word 'Mem' ties Water to Memory.

Will's contact email:
Youtube Channel: AEIOU3SEXT

Cracks in the Wall Episode 5: Your Focus Becomes Your Reality


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I have my friend and Code breaker
Will 777 the Great Work back on the
show as we discuss how the BP Oil
Spill being an engineered phenomenon
to keep the masses focused on external
events instead of encouraging them to
look within, 42 - Tin man - and Jupiter
Symbolism, Rainbow 6, Gary Coleman dies
at 42, The Hangman & July 4th: The Deluge(sional)
Day, The rising of Sirius the Dog Star,

Werewolves and Lunar Symbolism, Eclipse,
Blood Moon, Sandra Bullock the Taurus Bull,
The Summer Solstice, Red White & Blue, The
Facebook Code, The Joker, C Major: The Harmonic
Convergence, The Diamond Baseball Field, The
Scales of Maat, Nibiru: false planet but potential
Boatman, The Broadway of the Great Pyramid (A Model
of the Immortal Man) and it's connection to 42nd
street NY, Everything in Creation being Recycled,

Everything you do is tied to your Awakening, The Nile
as a macro model of the Human Spine & the rising of
Kundalini Energy, The battle of tongues, 87 the lowest
Octane but also the code for Homicide: 187, G8 = 15 = 357 =
The Stairway to Heaven on the Masonic Third Degree
tracing board, Guru's in the Alternative Perceptions
Community that do not empower: Truth doesn't come from
preaching on a Soapbox, it comes from the Sleeping
God Within, Octopus: The 8 Limbed Ink Machine that
clouds the Water of Perception, The Sword is the Word,
The 5th Element, The Last Air bender, Nicholas Cage &
Knowing, How an Owl knows Destroying is Creating
because it can see in 360 degrees, Understanding
Pi, Obama the White Rabbit who's late, late, for an
important Date, Getting out of Dodge: The Root Chakra,
California Fires: Cali means fire, fornia means furnace,

The 6th Sense, Venus, NEO & the Copper-top,
JC Penny inside the Red square, The Cross Alignment,
August Rush, Jason Friday the 13th and the Crystal
Lake of the Pineal Gland, The possibility of being
extremely close to a Zero Point event that will change
life on the Earth as we know it, Jason & the Argonauts,
Christ energy, Upcoming powerful Solar Eclipse, Chrysler
Crossfire, How we are the aliens & are
not of this World, Whatever you focus your attention
on is what you become conscious of.

Will's contact email:
Youtube Channel: AEIOU3SEXT

Cracks in the Wall Episode 4: Archons, Arseholes, & Augmented 5ths


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I sit down with my best friend Justin Roberts
for a hour and discuss the unseen hidden hand
of the Archon/Reptilian force, Synchonicity and
Occam's Razor, The Critique of Pure Reason
(Schopenhauer), The Middle Path, Being a

Phenomenological Force in the Universe, Mer-Ka-Ba,
Hemorrhoids, Psychedelics, Obsessions with
Metaphysics, Manifesting One's Will via Music,
Disillusioning people as a tool for augmenting their
belief structure, Cult leaders as being perverted in
every sense of the word, 90% of our inner world and
epiphanies die with US, Words are meaningless and
forgettable, they can only do harm, 'They Live', the
possibility of living in a Matrix or closed system,
being breast fed, Not committing suicide because it
would traumatize our loved ones, Music as the ultimate
drug, What it's like trying to live a 'normal' life when
one would rather die than play the game,

The BP Oil Spill & the Future of the United States, Divided
we stand, United we Fall, Finding Commonality in just about
anything, The absurdity of feeling that we owe other people
who are close to us, Letting yourself down & How it's more
than OK to end on a Low Note.

Cracks in The Wall: Episode #3


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The Ibis bird dips his pen in the ink as he stares at his reflection in the water and into the abyss below, waiting patiently for a fish to swim by so he can bridge the worlds if only for a brief moment.

Ordinarily, the veil of thoughts and the five senses draw the mind outside, to the external world, and obscure the awareness of the consciousness that is beyond the mind. Meditation brings peace to the mind, and develops the ability to silence it, thus enabling us to experience the "state" of nonduality. In this state of inner silence, one rises above the illusion of identification with the mind, thoughts and ego, gets beyond the illusion of separateness, and realizes the oneness with the One Spirit. With this kind of consciousness, we are able to allow the mind to be active or command it to be silent. It becomes our faithful servant, instead of being our master. We function very effectively in the outer world, yet our basis is in pure, calm and limitless consciousness, which is not attached to anything and not limited by anything. In this state, we live and view the world from the nonduality point of view. Though in our day-to-day life we refer to other people, as separate from us, this is only a mental viewpoint, convenient for functioning in our daily lives. From a higher state of consciousness, all are One, and the terms "I", "you", "he", "she" and "they" are not real.

There is only the One Spirit, Consciousness, which seems to manifest in limitless forms and ways.

Read between the Lines of Pi (3.14) - Stare through the Sun.

Red Ice Creations Interview #4


Recently had a chance to ketchup with the Red Ice Crew. It's always a blast to bounce ideas back and forth with Henrik.

Click Here to Start C-ing Red

Video artist and occult synchromystic researcher Steve Willner who is behind Labyrinth of the Psychonaut returns to Red Ice Radio to discuss his latest projects and research. Topics Discussed: Word Cryptology, Assassins Creed 2, Video Game Symbolism, Minerva, Harry Potter, Bayonetta, Lady GaGa, Hades, Helena Bonham Carter, 93, Obama, Norway Spiral, Osiris, Scare Crow, Water, Leo, Sun, Pineal Gland, Illuminati, Light, Corona, Ciphers, 9, 5, Alphanumeric Values, Vowels, Ancient languages, Advisor, Carbon, Twilight, Super Bowl, First Contact Event, Baphomet, Earth Quakes in Haiti, Chile, Taiwan, Isis, NEWS, Alphabet, Avatar, Navi, 2093, Pyramid, transhumanism, Moon Rising, The Zoo Planet, UFO's, ET's, Jay-Z and more.

Cracks in The Wall: Episode #2


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Will and I explore some interesting syncs pertaining to Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson (The Juice), The Bloody Glove, Twilight, Baphomet, Tulips, Obama as a Dictator of Speech, 111, Dr. Manhattan, Blue Apples at Noon, Cowboys, The Na'Vi of Avatar, Kundalini Energy, Knowing your Vowels, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Osiris symbolism, The Green Man, Skull & Bones, Androgyny, The Ibis bird, and much more. If Morpheus really wanted to free your mind, He wouldn't have presented us with the (Red or Blue Pill) choice to begin with, as a choice pertaining to the 'high' road or the 'low' road is in actuality, the true illusion. Cabalist Screenwriters and directors in Hollywood (Holy Door) ~ Don't want you to understand this. See you guys beyond the Looking Glass ~ Beyond Duality.

The Cracks in The Wall - Episode 1


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Our World is a living Divine Code.

777 the Great Work (Will) & I start off
with a BANG in our first Installment on
what will be an audio and visual Super Nova
in Code Cracking, where we will attempt to
show the hidden ciphers in our language system
which are hidden in plain sight.

These can be seen and understood by absolutely
anyone willing to break out of this Matrix Reality.
There is no shortage of amazing Synchronicities in
this Holographic Universe we live in. What awaits us
beyond the Looking Glass? Beyond Duality? I can only
guess, but my hope is Freedom and Bliss Eternal.

The Priesthood of Amen-Ra, Liber Oz, and The Eyes of The World


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Seek the Mysteries Hidden in Plain Sight.

The Gates are Opening - The Harmonic Keys of Light and Vibration.

Wormy Heart Set # 22: World of Shells


Podcast about leaving SWEDA and my decision to continue with the Psychonaut Series.
Listen to Podcast

The Quickening, 2010, and The Symbiotic Holographic Hive Mind


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Warty Theorems Podcast #18 - The Evolution of Honesty



Jason Kephas and Steve Willner, two reforming
paranoids discuss God, Fate, and Free Will,
starting with opening and softening to the loss
of the first hour of their chat; Big Picture stuff,
Steve's intergalactic dream life, getting inflated by
visionary information, Jason's Messianic meltdowns,
What Floyd Anderson wants from the UFOs, interaction
with nonhuman entities, the Purgatorial Process of
the Earth realm, Chris Knowles' Secret Sun, the
Alien Disclosure Program, movies as fake narratives
to plant clues and germinate beliefs in a Fake
Narrative, premature space explorations, the iceberg
of the unconscious, 2012 & CGI masturbation,
consciousness chasing its tail, Steve shamelessly
plugs SWEDA and causes his Psychonaut following
to wonder if he has been secretly brain-washed by
the evil Aeolus, uncovering the Oversoul, Steve
surrounded by No-Men, the community function of
mockery, the information merchants of the APC,
letting the entities feed upon us, softening and
opening to the purification process, the necessity
of intolerable conditions, the butterfly within, body
pains as messengers, Steve's opium addiction, the
human doing of pain relief, finding a greater context
for suffering, turning misery into entertainment, the
movement of truth, Steve's ET upgrade.

Listen to the Podcast

California Beach Devils, Fractality, and The Muses of The One Eyed God


Please take a moment to entertain the following thought experiment. 1. Draw into your awareness a song which brings you joy, anger, or sadness. 2. Is the song, in its totality, only the emotional responses that it evokes? (no) 3. Is the song, in its totality, only the sound waves that evoke these emotions? (no) 4. Is the song, in its totality, only a sound wave which effectively sets off a chain of chemical responses in the brain which we consider to be emotion? (maybe) 5. Is the song, alternatively, an unseen thought-form generated by human intent which is neither the sound wave carrier signal or the emotional responses which it evokes? (maybe) 6. If the thing which we call Music is not the soundwaves which carry it or the emotional responses which it evokes, then what are its true qualities? Can they be known or described by humans? 7. What is the likelihood that this same chain of questions has emerged in the mind of another human before? If this non-physical, non-emotional thoughtform called Music has been studied and can be known, where are the books which chart these secret teachings? Why does the teaching of the True Nature of Music remain hidden in the shadows while all other forms of paranormal and parapolitical information is leaked out across the internet? 8. Who will step forth in this era to speak openly and explore the esoteric aspects of music? Dan Winter's Red Ice Interview Marko Rodin - Vortex Based Mathematics Also ~ For Those of you who missed the first "Surfing the Apocalypse" Podcast ~ It has been Re~uploaded Here. Thanks to Keith and Kali for saving it on their hard drives! [...]

Symphonic Sorcery, New Aeon Magic, and The Silence Between the Gnosis


"What makes a wheel a wheeel is the space between the spokes." - Lao Tze" ( ) ! ? ( ) ! . . . ? ( ) " - The VoidIt is too easy in this year to turn on a machine and hear music. We do not appreciate it anymore. At best, we get a small buzz from the stimulus. Public radio is set up with the following structure:Song - !#*%&!#% - Commercial - !#*$@#(%&- song. The profane symbols here represent the wildly stimulating transition sounds that come between every piece of music. You have heard them before. They are fast, robotic, mechanistic, buzz, clicks, beeps, chirps, explosions, and a man's deep voice skipping as it tries to pronounce the name of the radio station. SCREEECH CRASH BOOM. B-B-B-BEE 96.5 The BUZZ etc etc.These sounds hyper stimulate the human nervous system and disorient the listener. It is a form of AUDIOMANCY hidden in plain sight. Turn off your radio. You do not need it any longer and it will only get in the way."Dead and Gone... Dead and Gone... Swallow this pill that they call pride" - T.I. featuring Justin TimberlakeThis is the music you get from MTV and the radio. No one watches tv anymore. If you are one of the few that still does, cut it out. This is a dead culture machine designed by your masters to homogenize thought and keep you spiritually enslaved. You do not need it any longer. It will only get in the way.Step outside, take a walk, and listen to the sounds of the street. Listen to the sounds of animals and the elements. This will aid in your healing process.Namaste.Links:Silence and music - Null - John Cage 4'33" for piano (1952) - John Cage talking about silence - Silence mind and Disturbance mind - Simon and Garfunkle - Sound of Silence - Produced by HipGnosisTrack: Solstice ear responsibility LP - HipGnosisTrack: middle finger (instrumental) ear responsibility LP - HipGnosisTrack: that's what's up (instrumental) black magic LP - HipGnosisall songs used by permission, copyright Eric Young 2008 Music by Ulver ~ (Gnosis)[...]

Balmy Weather Podcast Episode #1?


At the Vortex of Agitation and Humi(L)dity: A traveler's Guide to Self Denial and The Dangers of Certainty.(image)

Second Hand Questions, Phony European Accents, and
Fairy tales for Your Bedtime. The Genuflection to much
Stormier Weather ~ A virus Replicated to show how easy it can be to select a Mask from the Great Hall of Masks, in this masquerade infernal~e. More Honest than Mainstream will allow, Yet not Quite as honest as being Naked on your Death bed: but that's a bit morbid, don't you think?

~ S. Willner
Psychonaut & Court Jester
Peek-A-Boo AK

First Psychonaut Tattoo ~ Ben Read ~ Australia


~ An Overwhelming Honor from my Brother Down Under ~

Steganography, Musical Biofeedback, and The Psychology of Occult Holophonic Cues


We move now into the deeper questions of how sound affects us psychologically. Many scientific studies have shown that music from the Baroque and Classical periods generate positive effects during experimental plant growth, psycho-spatial orientation (rat mazes), and human intelligence [IQ Tests/Abstract Reasoning]. See attached links for details.These tests typically do not account for musical preference in the subjects observed. Plants and lab animals are shown to consistently have negative responses to “aggressive music” but then, these life forms do not respond to cultural triggers in the same way that humans do. A person who despises baroque music may react negatively and perform poorly on tests due to their unique preference for loud, aggressive music. Then again, studies tend to show that despite musical preference, "Classical" music is always the ideal for studying.Art by: Scott FaçonVisit Scott's Site!As any music lover will tell you, not all bands within a genre are created equal. Many of the music studies that we have observed employ only a few musical control groups, categorized by genre rather than individual composer. Hence, the “Baroque” control group will likely feature the famed J.S. Bach, the “Classical” control group might feature the all-powerful Mozart, and the “Hard Rock” control group could be any number of modern outfits, from Slipknot to the Rolling Stones. The older genres of music which have been studied in great depth often feature "Master Composers", identified as such after long term objective analysis of form and harmonic progression, whereas newer genres do not necessarily have this advantage. The title for "best rock band ever" is still very much up in the air, whereas Beethoven is more or less known by everyone as they key composer during a transition from Classical to Romantic music.Hidden Holographic Image in Aphex Twin's ~ WindowlickerIf the observer (scientist) prefers a specific genre of music, or has been advised by a higher authority (professor, employer) to prove the positive affects of that genre, then this may influence the way plants behave. Do plants conform to the emotional state of their caretakers? Music affects us directly, on a physical level, but if our BRAIN has been conditioned to provide neurochemical “reward hormones” for specific music, then these may be utilized in specific ways to change the outcome of a test. The trick is to become an active listener, and observe how different acoustic environments alter our mind. Hulu and Cthulhu ~ Psionic Attacks from Telepaths?The Depths Get Deeper...Vibration, Harmonics, Resonance, Waves, and Reality: Foundation on Plant Experiments (Positive Music): of Sound on Living Organisms: the Effects of Sound Energy on Plant Growth (PDF): Bose (Wiki article):, the physiological impact of music and sound on the human nervous system: Deutsch's Audio Illusions: Thanks to Shane Hutter: And of course Ezra Sandzer-Bell:http://quantumlodge.[...]

The Magnificence of 3, 6 and 9


“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”