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Preview: The Brave New World Order

The Brave New World Order

Synchromysticism: The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance.

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STARMUMMY is a collaborative effort between me and Jim Sanders (NOSIS). Thanks Jim, I am blown away by the result!

Although it stands well on its own, in my heart it is an intimate facet of the text post over at "The Blob" called Scarlet Dragon.

Nosis Interview Clip


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I was interviewed recently for a future documentary called "Nosis - A Cinematic Vision Quest". Above is a sample of the results.

Nosis Website
NosisTV Youtube Page

I think they have done a great job of representing what I was talking about.

A first for me, all very exciting.

Thank you Andre and Jim.


More on how these events interact, creating feedback with my personal Stargate and home base Winnipeg, in the future. Flux willing.

I'm still making text posts at "The Blob" for folks who want to follow along.



My editing software is on the blink. I have decided to put my efforts into writing for the time being to develop that aspect until I get a new setup. The videos are very likely to return in some form or another. If you want to follow along, check out my other blog "The Blob" with new articles like "Opening the Stargate Via Adam Sandler".


Midnight On The Island Of Atum


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The architecture of many Manhattan (symbolically resonating the Island of Atum ) landmarks are synchromystically investigated as they interact with elements of the 911 Mega Ritual and its foundation laying precursor the 2K Ritual (New Years 2000).

Many Thanks:
Gosporn (The Double H Ranch)
Concrete Junkyard (Will Smith again...)
The Secret Sun (Look At It This Way & The Grand Architect)
Thanks to Koivisto for an email with "The Dark Knight Returns" lead.

Will Smith - Will 2K
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About this post:

New Red Ice Creations Interview


(image) Ben Fairhall and I join Henrik Palmgren from Red Ice Creations for a fascinating conversation. It was fun, challenging, but also very stimulating.

Thanks a Brazilian guys!

The Link (image) Some interesting 'K2 Candy' related work being done at The Blob, my other blog. Come have a taste, if you like...

Why 2K?


Why 2K? - Part1 - Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle-K
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The K2 'pyramount' idea floated by Ralph Ellis in "K2 Quest of the Gods" again comes under synchromystic scrutiny. We follow the historical personalities the Mongolian Khans and actors Keanu Reeves, Orson Welles and Alec Baldwin for sync winks. The 911 mega-rituals millennial syncnificance is further developed as we follow the Stargate up the Holy Mountain.

Why 2K? - Part2 - K For Khan
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A Tribute To Robin Tunney


Please note: The octagonal cross-quarter references in this series stem directly from the research of Goro Adachi

A Tribute To Robin Tunney 1
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Robin Tunney becomes the synchromystic muse used to estimate the age of the Pyramids of Giza and introduces us to Aleister Crowley's "Grid Page".

A Tribute To Robin Tunney 2
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In Part two the elements of the "Grid Page" are found replete in the trail of sync hits found by following Tunney and leading towards the Holy Mountain, K2.

A Tribute To Robin Tunney 3
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Christnegger enters into part 3 to ad his particular solar flavour as the Millennium celebration is investigated and connected to the 911 Mega-Ritual.

Thanks to Steve Willner for the heads up about all the goodies inside "End of Days".
His latest funky flick
Ophiuchus, The Burning Tower, and The Doppelgänger Universe
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Thanks to Goro Adachi for the checkers/grid interchangeability lead and the Omphalos knowledge at Etemenanki
Much related info: The West Wing Cipher

Also a big a big round of applause for Aferrismoon and the Checkerboard/Checker Cab as related to Chariot Tarot 'Black and White' Animal/Sphinx
Royal Jelly

More Thanks to readers/viewers Richard for the acorn and ark in Ice Age 1 and 2 and Shawne for the Jesus Nut Hexagon article.

Extra words and stills from vids at "The Blob"

My New Blog


Just a bunch of stuff to be posted when I can find the time at my new blog for random thoughts, screenshots and panels from the videos etc at The Blob

Al Noah and the Committee of 9/11 Moon Men


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In this video we encounter a few of the colourful characters connected to the 'Committee of 9' and how they interact with the themes often explored in synchromysticism. Al Gore is believed to be the modern day Noah and The King helps uncover the secrets of the moon.

Enjoy and good luck...

Thanks to Synchromystic Librarian for the Aztec Sun Stone octagon lead.

Thanks also to John for emailing me the K2/Paramount resemblance photos.

Here is the complete recent interview with The Kentroversy Papers

Part 1
powered by ODEO

Part 2
powered by ODEO

Thanks again Kent and to everybody taking the time to have a listen.

The Entire Kentroversy Interview



Second part of the interview posted last week by Kent now available at his Kentroversy Tapes.

Or try the players embedded below

Part 1
powered by ODEO

Part 2
powered by ODEO

Thanks again Kent and to everybody taking the time to have a listen.

New Interview With Kentroversy


First part of a 2 hour interview at The Kentroversy Tapes.

Thank you very much Kent for asking me on the show!

Contact? Check! - C - Duped by the Stargate Conspiracy


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The third and final part of the synchromystic trilogy: "Contact? Check!". This installment focuses on the Checker cab as it relates to contact. The Christ/stargate resonant taxi, checkerboard and Schwarzenegger are followed through film to reveal the footprint of higher intelligence embedded in the fabric of NOW (space/time).

Thanks for much help and support to Todd Campbell from Through the Looking Glass.
His Atlantis/Crop Circle post: The Doors of PERCEPTION

The collected trilogy: "Contact? Check!"

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I highly recommend this new genius Mark Pesce lecture about technology as it relates to natural selection and sharing.

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Here is the link to his blog page regarding the lecture with all the collected youtube clips; the player won't embed properly right now...

Steve Willner and Todd Cambell's Bee video:
Galactic Alignment, Floyd, and The Hyperdimensional Bees

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Contact? Check! - B - Patterns In Big Apple Pi Gate


The second part of the synchromystic trilogy: "Contact? Check!". In this installment we continue looking into the WTC and Giza connection using Arnold Schwarzenegger and the West Kennet Checkerboard ("Pyramid Stargate") crop circle as synchromystic grid map.The motivation: to establish that higher consciousness is in fact in contact with us right NOW (indeed, how could it be otherwise?). This can be interpreted as coded messages left by vastly intelligent non time or space bound interstellar entities (sometimes this is a helpful belief system) but more simply and elegantly, in my mind, just the awakening of the self into cosmic consciousness. The small mind waking into Buddha mind. The lifting of the veil of Maya (2012 resonance). And the end of the Kali Yuga...or some such pseudo spiritual rambling, you know the type.Part 3, soon... Thanks to Craig for emailing me about the WTC Poster Pi symbol! Who is the Master who makes the grass green? - Zen KoanA few words on synchromystic theory: When I look into a subject in pop culture, take pyramids for instance, patterns start to appear. The helicopter and the taxi are good examples. When you look long enough a kind of meta-narrative starts to unfold, told non-locally through connections to the central theme, in this instance the pyramid. Obviously, part of the story is in one's own mind and belief system. This is no reason for dismissing the result, but important for the viewer to bear in mind (the viewer is encouraged to draw his/her own conclusions on sync points). You can branch off and start looking at the taxi or helicopter itself, which adds more contextual patterning. 'Corn' is another example of a subject that keeps popping up when looking into this sync web. I have not yet tried to put it (corn) into context, but I have many ideas about how it fits. Actors, set design and words, literally anything, are deconstructed for connections and synchronicities. It is as if you are starting to look at the neural pathways of God or Brahman. Made visible by the Internet and the impending eschaton perhaps? Nexus points or nodes (like pyramid or helicopter) where ideas come together start sticking out of the seemingly chaotic noise of concepts and data points. 'Checkerboard design' or 'helicopter' become nexus points in the hive mind, which no matter where or how it is represented, becomes relevant. Even more so if seen in the presence of other important information bits (example Arnold/Taxi/Helicopter/Reptilian Alien, etc, all in "Predator"). This is either a small taste of the emerging new consciousness ranted upon at length by the ever blossoming spiritually open-minded or, to the sceptical, evidence of a new breed of techno-neurosis. Either way it helps me feel connected to a seamless pattern of such awe-inspiring beauty and elegance that I am humbled into a state of divine awareness of the immediate moment and its unlimited potential (sometimes...I still have bad days). That in itself is reward enough for me. The '2012' and 'Illuminati' themes are 'exterior' level games; 'internally' all is already bliss, union and perfect balance. Yet I am very happy 'externally' to be part of the game and welcome the perceived challenges ahead. Oh yes, this was supposed to be about synchromystic theory, hmmm...just look at the videos and keep asking yourself, "Who is the Master that makes the synchromystic magick, really?"[...]

Contact? Check! - A - At the Pyramounts of Madness


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The first part of the Synchromystic trilogy: "Contact? Check!". Part A investigates the idea posited in Ralph Ellis', "K2: Quest of the Gods," that the Great Pyramid and K2 have a unique affinity. We also stop to view Arnold Schwarzenegger's synchromystic connections to future solar Kingship and Mars. This is just the tip of the pyramount my friends, check out Part B, soon!

Much related info and thanks:
Etemenanki: Stargate Cipher 2012
Etemenanki: The Lucifer Time Code

Suggested reading:
Ralph Ellis
Thoth: Architect of the Universe
K2: Quest of the Gods

Some excellent fiction works that have influenced my mind on this subject:
Iain M. Banks
Excession (Contact with Higher Intelligence)
The Algebraist (Stargates and A.I.)

Sync Wiki?


Not a Blogger said...
I decided Jake's views and other's should be wiki'ed and made this:

Maybe you could make a new article about it, or not... :)
5:49 PM

Oooh experimental....

The idea has been floated on the comments section of the previous post to start a synchromystic type wiki. I think the idea has potential if it catches on. I would suggest that folks ad movies and synchronicities connected to them as a database of such phenomena. Myself, Steve Willner, Ben Fairhall, Hoi Polloi, Synkronos23 (many others!) have covered many movie and cartoon syncs. Current events with syncs like the work of Goro Adachi, Todd Campbell, Aferrismoon (many others!) might also be great things to include. Who knows, be creative and ad your own synchronicities relevant to pop culture and current events if you have the time and inclination. I will ad some explanations of terms and ideas when I get the time, if things go well. Once I figure out how they work!

Let me know what you guys and gals think.

The wiki is a wonderful way of pooling ones knowledge, it benefits all and is an emergent technology that gives us a glimpse of the possibilities of the new aeon. No, really...

2012 anyone?

Checker Chariots of the Gods


The 2007 '3D Checkerboard Hallway' (West Kennet Long Barrow) crop circle is investigated synchromysticly. We find hints of the divine working through the design, whether it be man-made or otherwise. The Pillarmid mega-ritual of 911 is connected to the crop mysteries and pop culture is trolled for supporting resonance.West Kennett Long Barrow, nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 28th June.New Red Ice Creations Interview Latest Steve Willner Videos (below)A few unrelated interesting youtube clips sent by viewers:Conspiracy of Science - Earth is in fact growing (below)Postmodern Times (below)Moon Song - Pool of the Blackstar (below)'On the night of August 17th, 2007, a meeting of freemasons and elders met at the Manitoba Legislature for a ceremony of peace on the night of the Venus inferior conjunction of the sun. Lyna Hart, a Cree elder sang the Moon Song to honour the return of the sacred feminine in all of our lives.'Youtube ChannelDada World Data Home Page Some photos taken on my trip to research crop circles. All shots are taken near the West Kennet Long Barrow and it's immediate surroundings.View on 2 August 2007 from the West Kennet Long Barrow looking over the harvested '3D Checkerboard Hallway' crop circle. The farmers in the area remove the circles from their field to discourage visitors. (above) A bundle of magick left inside the 'Checkerboard' hole by local pagans, I imagine. (above)Druids being filmed by the BBC right at the foot of Silbury Hill. (above)Another 'Sigil' type (image below) circle very near the 'Checkerboard' with Silbury Hill in background (above). Ralph Ellis connects this 'Pyramid' to the mysteries of the Great Pyramid and more in, "Thoth: Architect of the Universe." [...]

New Red Ice Creations Interview


(image) (image) (image)
The Swedish brothers two at Red Ice Creations let me speak my mind one more time, good idea? You decide...

Link to interview page.

(image) Thanks a million guys!


Sugar Hill, Hexagram Cuboid Stargate Glyph (above and below)


Massive shout out to Ben Fairhall for inviting me over, showing me around and sharing the experience.

Lost In Manhattan (Synchromystic Double Bill)


Lost in Manahattan A (Comic Book Cycle Part 5)Lost In Manhattan B (Comic Book Cycle Part 5)We explore the 911 Stargate and it's mysterious mechanics using the 'camera' of synchromysticism. A picture starts to emerge detailing the likely source of the technological aspect of the mega-ritual. The image that develops hints towards both earthly and interstellar sources...Ending with a double bill as I sign off the Comic Book Cycle. I am leaving Canada and video making for a short while.I will be exploring the English countryside, visiting friends like Ben Fairhall and Crop Circles.Totsiens!Thanks for some particular help with this post:Goro Adachi - Lost and Octagon IdeasEtemenanki Richard Hoagland - Abydos and PegasusThe Enterpise MissionTodd Campbell - X-Files and BeesThrough the Looking GlassHenrik and Fredrik Palmgren - Lost "Enter 77"/OZ and Podcast with Joseph P. FarrellRed Ice CreationsAferrismoon - Lost IdeasAferrismoonThe collected Synchromystic Comic Book Cycle, all 5 parts.Two new Steve Willner (Soundlessdawn) videos way worth your time:Stimulating new youtube lectures by the wonderfull Mark Pesce:Natural Selection & The Inconvenience of Truth A recent photo I took of a Church sign on a street corner overlooked by Winnipeg's Manitoba Legislative Building. A drawing by my artist friend Piepan.Cool Aferrismoon article involving more syncromystic connections to this piece.Tale spin[...]

911 Time Lords Across the 4th Dimension (Comic Book Cycle Part 4)


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Further adventures in speculative synchromystic research ensue as pop-culture is delved for clues as to the aim and method behind the 911 mega-ritual. Old favourite resonators like Spider-Man and Thoth-McDuck are used, along with an ever-expanding cast of lovable characters. This episode in particular sees comic book entities like the Fantastic Four, Thor and Superman. The rather controversial element of time travel is suggested so get your head in there and let me know what ya think...

Check out Steve Willner's latest for some more interesting Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer observations (video below).

(object) (embed)

Thanks to eugene who left a message at Ben Fairhall's new post Has Gerry McCann met VALIS? for some good Abydos leads. His profile says he is affiliated with these sites: FSHOD - Fearlessly Seeking Honest Open Disclosure and The Underground Stream. (Let me know if you would like me to edit that info.

Fascinating Abydos research by Richard Hoagland at The Enterprise Mission
The "Lost Tombs" Revisited:

Aferrismoon shares some interesting related thoughts. (Thorts?)
Thor and Horus, Hammer and Fall-Con
Fox Features Samson where DC fears to don't tread on me.

The Itsy Bitsy Illuminati Propeller Heads (Comic Book Cycle Part 3)



Yet again we explore the 911 mega-ritual using syncrhomystic resonators from pop culture. Thoth-McDuck makes an appearance but the focus lands on Spider-Man. The helicopter is suggested as a little noticed pivotal element involved in the magick of 9/11. Akhenaton and his descendants (ideological and lineage) are sighted as suspects and there motivation is claimed to be cosmic in nature...

All my videos.


New Podcast with Greg from Occult of Personality . Thanks Greg!


First Tarot card in the collaborative effort by Synkronos23 and myself. Major Arcana 0 "The Babe of the Abyss" (The Fool).

New Steve Willner video.

(object) (embed)

September Clues part 1 of 4

(object) (embed)

911 Eyewitness Part 1 of 3

Related Post By Todd Campbell at Through the Looking Glass.
The Grand Temple of Ceres, "The Pit" and Scrooge McDuck


Thoth-Duck and the Pillarmid Gate (Comic Book Cycle Part 2)


A continuation of the investigation of the footprint left by higher intelligence embedded in the synchromystic interconnectedness of space/time. Polyhedrons and pop-culture are used as resonators to decode the meta-narrative of the unfolding realization of God-consciousness in humanity. The Saturn hexagon and 911 mega-ritual receive particular focus…Hope you enjoy it.Namaste All videosMySpaceCheck out the interesting parallels between Steve Willner's new video.He fascinatingly picked up on the Death Star (Sphere) and Harrison Ford as well.. Notice also how Micheal Jackson is also connected in mine as the Scarecrow in "The Wiz".Thanks to these folks for some particular inspiration connected to this new video.Goro Adachi : Octagons Chicken Little and more… : Oz and Cornucopia Campbell: Bees Fairhall: Massive Support Ryan Adams/Elton John/200 out her art...The : Iapetus/Hoagland/HexagonThe Unknown blog commentator..Octagon Maat: Giza Octagon and Fredrik Palmgren: Oz/77/Pan Translation of Disney Finnish comicsHis MySpace"200" by Vincent Collins[...]

The Lotus-Eating Duck (Comic Book Cycle Part 1)



Continued speculation surrounding the psychedelic Atlantis, centered this time on the Lotus or Blue Lily. The Noah narrative arrives under synchromystic scrutiny. Attempts also are made to decode Thoth and 911 using Donald Duck as resonator of all the discussed topics.

New interview at Red Ice Creations.

All my vids etc now up at my new MySpace page.

Or see my Youtube channel.



"Hollow Earth Agartha DNA Serpent Magnetism"

New video by a partly, synchromysticly influenced researcher Steve Willner.

Here is his Youtube channel.

(object) (embed)

"The universe is alive; it's a living thing, and it communicates to conscious beings in visual and spiritual cues that can be deciphered from the fabric of space time through our egotistic primitive human filters.. but if we only stop to make the connections, the tree of life.. of knowledge.. awaits us all. More to come..."

Newest Red Ice Creations Interview


(image) Thanks yet again to Red Ice Creations for a fun interview!

Here's the interview page.

Hope you like it.

New video immanent...

The 911 Stargate


(object) (embed)

My new video about the 911 stargate theory. Included are some synchromystic connections to The Wizard of Oz, George W. Bush and Aleister Crowley.

Enjoy and Namaste!

View all my videos here.

This piece was influenced heavily by the following folks and their fine works:


The Wizard Of Aiwaz (OZ/Aowvis) Part I

Wizard of Aiwass/Aiwaz/Oz Part II

Occult Of Personality

The Wizard of the Grassy Knoll

John Valentini

Freeman Perspective

The Cuboid Stargate



An investigation of the cuboid shape and it's significance in conspiracy theory and the occult using synchromystic references in pop culture. Included we see more speculation and verification involving the 9/11 mega-ritual and the occult purpose of the Freedom Tower.


This piece would not exist without the work of Ben Fairhall. I highly recommend the man's work; he also just did a great interview with Greg from the Occult of Personality.

Things are getting interesting indeed...


The Purple Sage opened his mouth and moved his tongue and so spate to them and he said: The Earth quakes and the Heavens raffle; the beasts of nature flock together and the nations of men flock apart; volcanoes usher up heat while elsewhere water becomes ice and melts; and then on other days it just rains.

Indeed do many things come to pass.

-Lord Omar Khayaam Ravenhurst, K.S.C,“The Book of Predications,” The Honest Book of Truth
Some extra material related to this post from Mark Leclair at The Wrong Way Wizard

Also a fascinating sync pointed out by Ben Fairhall related to this post and more.