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The Bushcraft Bothier - Midweek Lone Time

Some much needed midweek lone time at a new bothy location...


Scientists Create Online "Resistance" Movement Against Trump Administration

'Science is under attack. The dark forces of anti-intellectualism have taken power, and one by one, various federal research agencies are being silenced, banned from discussing their research online in any capacity. Although their Twitter accounts are still active, references to climate change and environmentalism have been purged.

'Fortunately, the resistance has clearly begun. Academics and researchers, both from government organizations and elsewhere, have taken to Twitter to set up unofficial accounts in support of the censored agencies. As they aren’t technically linked to the federal groups themselves, there’s nothing the Trump administration can do but to watch them grow in prominence.

'The latest comes in the form of @RogueNASA, an offshoot of the original spacefaring organization. Describing itself as “The unofficial ‘Resistance’ team of NASA”, the account is a rallying cry for science and reason, particularly when it comes to both climate change mitigation and the environment.' (IFL Science article).