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"sharpening the contradictions"


Probably the most cognizant article I've yet read regarding the attack in France Takeaway line: Extremism thrives on other people’s extremism, and is inexorably defeated by tolerance.



there are indications that new ideas are moving to the forefront in social discourse enough that I'm growing interested in waking this blog back up

this blog is not dead


it is dreaming. \

marijuana as medicine - videos


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in and out the chakras we go - todd rundgren


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Something designed to wake up change agents?


i've always been leery of the alternate reality game i find the notion that some people agree to do things they'd never otherwise consider at the urging of some other people whom they may never actually meet in any way other than virtual clearly this is a space wide open for exploitation think, for a minute, about the implications of a big data game tied into specific movements of an individual through a narrative sequence and a storyworld mapped to their geophysical space an augmented reality live action role playing game talk about bread and circuses with a few insect drone harvesters and we're two generations from the matrix - or that dim apocalyptic future in which Earth Quest Adventures finally gets built. Be that as it may, and as odd as that social formation sounds - the ability to network a bunch of agents in the field through a narrative framework then provide a soup of mediated code to distribute - using otherwise innocuous technology (think wifi from a lightbulb) - that could be the holy grail of gaming to game an entire world - turn the earth into a chess board allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" src="" width="480"> jk no one would ever be up to something like that So yeah - I've always been a bit leery of the alternate reality game, mainly because I'm clearly already playing a few too many of them. Discordianism is an ARG - in a sense, that's the big reveal - a glimpse behind the frop to the blue tinged goddess revered as chaos these change agents watch this sequestration of her nature through this lense, but discordia is more tangential to chaos - Eris is a coyote soul - her howls are rips in the fabric of space and time where new, tentacled weeds can grow. Do not place her next to the smiler Dobbs and expect them to be equals, she hatches plots long forgot by yetisan scholars, whomever they be friend or foe, yo - she will bomb the orgy. Discordianism is the alternate reality behind all religions - that gods by and large are as much of a squamulous laggard as any given town council. To say that the worship of Eris is an alternate reality game would not be untrue - in that she plays back at you. But even more importantly, the alternate reality game that fractals in on the 23 current is as vibrant now as it was years ago. Certain 'hashtags' have been coded into society for years - representations of the like-minded, signifying to find the others. Playing along with Eris, the Principia Discordia, and all the attendant materials which have cultivated and deepened the Discordian Religion become a game you play with yourself and those also in on the game - it can be a serious game, but it often feels more like a disposable superstition, anchored to very specific observances, and flax. However, adapting a set of beliefs, be they in service of a game's borders of narrative, or in service to a religious observance - or societal role, political party, emotional labor for your family or lover - all of these decisions are both environmentally determined and emotionally selected. I when observing a twenty-three am choosing to scream "oh Eris the fnords!" and in so doing, I alone benefit when the fnords devour the souls of those around me. Taking that energy and directing it to something worthwhile - now that's the real magic trick. [...]



waking back up

"Bend It Like Bender!" - The Devin Townsend Project


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AFP: Hacker makes mobile phone snooping affordable


AFP: Hacker makes mobile phone snooping affordable:
"'I can intercept cell phone calls with 1,500 dollars worth of radio gear and a laptop,' Paget said after the talk. 'You handset thinks I'm your cell phone tower and I get to control your calls. These attacks used to cost millions of dollars, now you can do it for a lot less.' The gear included an antenna and radio equipment and broadcast a GSM signal that imitated a legitimate telecom service tower, prompting handsets to automatically connect."

What is TarotBot?


What is TarotBot?: "TarotBot is an open source framework for tarot readings on Android devices with switchable card decks and interpretations."

How To Unfollow On Twitter With Class by Neal Wiser (@nealwiser)


How To Unfollow On Twitter With Class: "Sometimes in life (and Twitter), you just got to cut your losses and start over." For Mass/Bulk Unfollowing: Tweepular TwitIn Tweepler TweetSum Mutuality TwiPing SocialToo (fee required) UnTweeps For Backing up Twitter Accounts: TweetBackup TwitterSafe TweeTake How To: Sync settings between multiple TweetDeck installs on Windows How to transfer TweetDeck settings between two computers TweetDeck Export and Import Group Script (I do not vouch for the quality of code. Use at your own risk) How to Download Your Twitter Archive Backup your friends and followers on Twitter Twitter Back-up Tools Resources about “Following” To Follow Or Not To Follow, That Is The Question Neal Wiser’s Following Policy How to Follow Everyone Back on Twitter Without Ruining Your Experience The Twitter Followholic: An Epidemic Prevent your Twitter stream from becoming a flood Why I Unfollowed Everyone on Twitter and Why You Should Too Pruning Your Twitter Followers Ari’s posts that inspired this story Why I Am (or Not) Following You on Twitter Can You Help My Twitter Growing Pains? Why My Twitter Train is Stopping [...]

Oregon faith-healing parents fight to get baby back, face criminal charges

"A Beavercreek couple who left their infant daughter's fate to God rather than seek medical treatment for a mass that grew over her left eye will face charges of first-degree criminal mistreatment. Prosecutors revealed Thursday during a custody hearing that a grand jury has indicted Timothy and Rebecca Wyland, members of Oregon City's Followers of Christ church."

Empire Avenue


Empire Avenue:
"Connect with other people who like the same things as you, find interesting bloggers to follow, or unearth a cool new business in your home town! This Internet thing is pretty useful, you know, and Empire Avenue helps you find the people and businesses that are relevant to you."



there both are and are not
and it is obvious

and there are both those and they aren't

they don't can't won't
betwixt and between, bell, book and candle gleam
a shadowy presence, felt but deceived - left

and in leaving, ceases to be: a figure
obvious, in its passing - a dream
left glimpsed by in between eyes, faces surprised

to learn better. We are thoughts, concretized - brought
from the lies, to a space where the world can be solid

and while though squalid, the worlds
we've demolished in two hours drinking
critiqueing and calling - paint faces on beings,
seme intro to seeking, grant tutor and pupil both byways to chunnel
deeper the funnel, past square compass and circle, and media
must be moving
to capture

There in the wild, the folklore is mild,
no obvious symbols for unfettered narrative to adhere
but queer, still, outlier to deny, it is cadence in pace with one's steps..

demand papers at border, defend these the warriors
and boot knife to eyelid we stand - faceless the machinations caste
racial divisions deeper thoughtless the reasons our flag would demand

still roll back the shelter, and fill up the cupboard, and plot
each new gravesite with combat unmanned - drone skyline with lasers
burn pilots from sensors, klaxons and sirens to man battle stations
seven rays and council of nine bring round in full time the true layered in fiction
outside of the mind

this is not a plot of inception
waylaid all things are thought once and will be again
tragic the narrative where the created meets the creator and does nothing
tragic still the dance of the created to the narrator's demands

the curator presented with a fragment
uncovers the whole - and exposure, though thought naught but rot,
leaves fall, and there a pearl forgot

a magnet - called, called hard, and sought
most precious - things designed to last
to gracefully degrade
leave texture

in it's wake

U.S. Allows BP to Keep Gulf Oil Well Closed for Another Day -


U.S. Allows BP to Keep Gulf Oil Well Closed for Another Day - "On Monday morning, BP and the government said scientists had determined that methane gas seeping from the seafloor nearly two miles from the well was a natural occurrence and not related to a pressure test to assess the well’s condition. The test was extended to a fifth day on Monday." short code EAVB_CQJTZXVTKN