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Our Miracle Boy

Updated: 2016-05-02T04:09:18.335-07:00


I am back!!!!!


Soooooooo, I took a year off.  Better late than never, right?

I am going to spend the next few weeks getting caught up on all the major events/holidays over the past year and then my plan is to post monthly one I get caught up.  Wish me luck.


Hopie's 5th Birthday


My baby is five years old already.  How can that be possible?She choose and Mermaid party this year and boy was it fun. The morning of her actual birthday she awoke to five birthday donuts followed by a trip to Toys R Us to spend her birthday money and a yummy dinner out at, Zinburger.[...]

Summer Break 2014 - Part 1


Our summer break was nothing short of amazing.  We enjoyed every minute of it and are sad to see it end.Over break we....Escaped the heat and headed to Aunt Sharon's cabin in Pinetop.  While there, Papa gave John his first shave:)John gave Papa a clean shave too. We enjoyed Father's Day with a BBQ and hours upon hours in the pool.We hung out with the Octonauts!Swam with friends.Played with cousins.Watched fireworks in Cave Creek on July 3rd AND July 4th!Swam with neighbors.Played baseball in our undies.Danced in the rain.Fished at the lake."Went super fast" on the raft behind the boat.And got our ears pierced!!!!We also celebrated a VERY special girls 5th birthday and an AWESOME vacation at the beach.Stay tuned!!![...]

Wacky Wednesday


Wacky Wednesday at school for my little Cindy Lou Who!!!!!!


Big Screen


Remember that awesome big screen Papa and Daddy built for Johnboy's birthday party?  Well, our handy Daddy surprised us and hung it in the bedroom last night....

Sooooooo, Saturday night was spent watching the D-backs game and making some epic shadow puppets and Sunday morning we spent cuddling in bed watching, The Pirate Fairy.

Life is good.  Now off to the backyard to swim and BBQ.

14 more days until summer break....but who's counting?!?!


Team John 2014


My friends and family NEVER cease to amaze me and I am beyond grateful for each and every one of them.  For the 7th year in a row, Team John has surpassed their annual goal ($2,400 for our 24 weeker) and walked (with the biggest team ever) in honor of John and the million of other babies born to soon.Thank you just isn't enough!!!!!!And the best part of the day....My boy WALKED across the finish line all by himself!!!!!I will post a video soon.[...]

Saturday Mornings!


I love Saturday morning baseball games.  The smile on John's face when he's playing ball is priceless.....and the smile on Hope's face from eating lots of sugar from the snack bar is priceless too.

The Miracle League of Arizona is such a blessing to so many kids.


I Don't Want To Forget



Christmas 2013


Here we go....a big ol fat Christmas post and I'm finally caught up!!!!!  Christmas was wonderful.  I'm so sad it's over.  I try to make the season as magical as possible and by the look on my kids faces, I think I did a pretty good job!!!!! many more days until Christmas 2014????  I cannot wait:)[...]

Johnboy's 8th Birthday


I still cannot believe my little 1 pound 8 ounce micro-preemie is now a "not so little" 60 pound eight year old.  I would really appreciate it if time would please slow down. Anyhow, his party definitely goes down as the BEST birthday party ever!  Daddy and Papa built a huge screen to hang on the back wall, we set up the projector, popped A LOT of popcorn, made a cake out of candy, invited all Johnboy's friends to come over wearing their PJ's, lined the grass with sleeping bags and put on a movie to watch under the stars.   Best.  Party.  Ever.[...]

Team John 2014


It's that time of year again. Time to lace up your shoes and join "Team John" as we March for Babies!!!

Now sit back, relax and enjoy the updated video of the bravest, smartest, most determined little boy I know.

Veterans Day Parade


We got to ride on top of a firetruck at the Veterans Day Parade.

Children of Vets!!!!


Halloween 2014


Hayrides, pumpkin patches, panning for gold, pumping carving and trick or treating = A PERFECT HALLOWEEN for these two cuties.Hands down the cutest bumblebee and most handsome Spiderman I have ever seen!!![...]

Greasy Face


Yes, I know I am slacking again and STILL need to get caught up (Halloween, Thanksgiving, John's 8th Birthday and Christmas.)

However, I just came across this picture and it's too good not to share.  Hope calls this her, "greasy face."  I am not sure where she got the name but I love it.  HAHAHAHA


First Day Of School 2013


My baby's are growing up much too quickly.

This year John started 2nd grade and Hopie, Pre-K....and since I am a blog slacker we are now more than half way through the school year:)

Couldn't be more proud of these two.


Surgery #7 and #8


My brave boy endured two more surgeries before his 8th birthday. 

Surgery number seven was to close his G-tube site internally.  The recovery was rough but he bounced back usual.  Now, he has a tiny scar in place of his button and he couldn't be happier.

Surgery number eight.....and hopefully his last surgery, was to correct the position of his right eye (it was turning up and in.)  He sported a black eye for a few weeks but the pain and discomfort was minimal.  The Dr. nailed it 100% and it looks awesome.

Heath Bell


John's AMAZING baseball league (The Miracle League of Arizona) offered us Diamondback tickets, a pre game "meet and greet" in the locker room with Heath Bell, signed shirts and baseballs and some personal time with Baxter!!!!A fun night was had by all![...]

We're Back In Business!!!!!


Ok. Ok.  Enough of the hate mail....I am finally back and am going to wrap up 2013 over the next couple of weeks.  Then hopefully I'll be able to stay current....I am not making any promises though:)Up first....My sweet baby girl isn't a baby anymore:(  We celebrated her 4th year of life with a Christmas in July birthday party, donuts for breakfast and a trip to Toys R Us.She's off to a great start and we couldn't be more proud of her.[...]

Bye Bye Button


Seven years ago this month (five months after we brought our boy home from the NICU with an NG tube) we elected to have a G-tube surgically placed in John's stomach because our son would not eat....and we knew this was best for him.  We also knew that with the severity of his brain bleed he may never get his tube removed and the chances of him eating by mouth were slim.

Fast forward to yesterday....when John got his button removed!!!!!!

We could not be more proud of his drive, determination and positive attitude.  It wasn't easy but he NEVER GAVE UP.  He continues to amaze us daily and reminds us that anything is possible.

We are blessed beyond measure!


Daddy's Day


I know this is super late but when the kids look back at this blog, I wanted them to see the breakfast in bed they made him:)

We sure LOVE Daddy!!!!!!


Vacation Wrap Up


The rest of our vacation was spent at the beach with two of our favorite families........The Maes' and The Nachreiner's!!!!![...]

Breaking News!


We interrupt these vacation posts with some breaking news!!!Just in...JOHNBOY IS GETTING HIS MIC-KEY BUTTON REMOVED ON AUGUST 1ST........EXACTLY SEVEN YEARS AFTER HIS SURGERY TO GET IT!!!!!As most of you know, over the past seven years we've had a love/hate relationship with his feeding pump....  We've spent many sleepless nights checking on him because he'd roll around and get tangled in his tubing (around his neck too.) We've cut holes in countless pairs of PJ's to run the tubing out near his feet. We've had NUMEROUS feeding mishaps including feeds on the walls, ceiling and all over everyone in his path:) We've taken his pump and entire suitcase of feeding supplies to every outing and on every vacation we've ever gone on.  We've spent hours upon hours in feeding therapy, BUT we knew it was just a matter of time before he'd overcome this obstacle (even though at times we thought we'd send him to college with his feeding tube.....hoping he wouldn't put beer in. HAHAHA!) We couldn't be more proud of him and are soooooooo excited to cross off the LAST thing on our list we were told he'd never do.  From John's mouth...."You can do ANYTHING if you try, try, try."Sooooooooo proud to be his Momma. Anyone and everyone is invited to our, "Peace Out" pump party.  Of course Johnboy will be picking the menu for this joyous celebration.[...]

Legoland - Vaca Day 2


Legoland is by far our new favorite amusement park.  It was a first for all of us and definitely not the last.  The kids loved it and had soooooo much fun.  I think Flat Stanley enjoyed himself too:)[...]

Vaca Day 1


Our first day of vacation was spent....driving the six hours to the beach with our two crazies, our sweet niece, Ashley and Flat Stanley!!!!  When we arrived we quickly unpacked and headed straight to the beach for some fun in the sun.[...]



I love this picture for so many reasons...

1.  John looks so stinkin cute with my lipstick all over his face.
2.  Hope's face cracks me up.  She looks more worried than John and she's not even the one in trouble.
3.  LOVE that Jamie took a picture before he made him wash his face.

I love these crazy kids!!!