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Preview: Mono-Mono Preemie twins: Katy & Mady our miracle girls...This is their story

Mono-Mono Preemie twins: Katy & Mady our miracle girls...This is their story

I decided to start this blog to let family and friends keep track of our miracle preemie twins Katelyn & Madelyn who were born @ 27 weeks 5days gestation. This blog is to primarily to tell their story. I will be going back to the beginnning of how this

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my goofballs


Well with the exception of Jacob...He's not been in too many photos lately :(

This is Katy wearing Aaron's beanie...she loves this thing (image) silly boy
(image) Aaron playing peek a boo with Landen
(image) sweet girls...Mady left Katy right

(image) I painted their toes...they loved it! Katy kept saying pretty pretty. And when I was done she went and grabbed all her necklaces and purse, and of course the beanie to complete the look.

Did the Groundhog see his shadow or not???


I must say that I never really pay attention to that groundhog's day stuff of whether or not we will have a delay in spring's arrival...but now that it's the first week in april and I've seen hide nor hair of spring's arrival, I'm just wonderin'! I can't take much more of this cooped up in the house because it's raining, hailing, or snowing stuff for much longer!

There I said my peace...just praying for a little sunshine! For my kids sake...and my sanity!

catching up with photos


Mady Easter morning (notice she's not wearing anything?) And Katelyn Boys dying their eggs Aaron climbed into Landen's pack n play with him to snuggle A few from our snow day back in early Feb The girls got their first haircuts a few weeks ago. I had her cut them into cute little bobs...Mady Here's a good sideview of Katy There just weren't that many photos to include from the past 2 months. I haven't taken nearly as many as I normally do. Easter's photo shoot ended up being a bust, when I noticed both my camera batteries were dead...way to prepare eh? So this is all for now. But Grandma I promise to be a better blogger!!![...]

what a bad bad


BAD blogger I am! You know I really have no excuse either...well besides the fact that Katy & Mady have hit the terrible 2's in a major way! I think I'm getting too old for the terrible 2's!!! Having 2 at once is frustrating, comical, frustrating, fun, and oh did I say frustrating?! A typical day in the wake of their ploys includes...picking up their dumped baskets of toys a bazillion times. Changing Madelyn's sheets everyday because she will NOT keep her diaper on, and will pee or poop and then it gets all over her bed. Feeding these 2 teeny tiny things all through out the day (they are always hungry or thirsty). Each girl gets at least 2 time outs in the corner per day for hitting, pushing or throwing things at one another. Which brings me to their brawling ways. I think these 2 got more spice than sugar...they are rough ones! They also enjoy pulling everything out of closests, drawers, and cabinets that are not under baby lockdown. Playing in the toilet has been a big hit, as is getting into the garbage, and throwing food from their highchairs. Udressing themselves all day long (keeping clothes on them is an endless battle). And it always amazes me that even though we have 2 of pretty much everything for them, they still fight over toys. All day long! Between the girls and Aaron I am on my toes all day long. And I've also been caring for 2 of Danielle's boys 2 days a week, and also my nephew Landen 2 days a week. So basically life is BUSY with many many children...and my poor poor house is never clean! I don't think I've even taken any photos of my kids all month! I plan on setting up my tripod for a family portrait on Easter Sunday after church. Hope to get at least one good shot of all of us together, since I don't think we've ever had one. Easter is one of my favorite days for taking lots of photos. I am hoping for sunshine for an outside egg hunt, and portrait session.

If I don't post again before this weekend...I hope everyone have a happy Good Friday, and a wonderful Easter!

where were we?


I am so behind on blogging! We had some major internet issues that have finally been resolved by having a tech come out. But now there seems to be so much I need to blog about...and honestly I just don't have the time. So I'm just going to write a bit of a quick update to get all caught up. Probably a bit in a list style format.

The girls are adding more and more to their vocabulary. Katelyn's favorite thing to say is "Mady NO NO Mady!" She's so darned bossy! Mady's favorite thing to say is "Jacob" she actually goes around screaming it at some point everyday.

We've all been sick over the past 2 weeks. Started with Jacob having strep and the stomach flu all at once! It was the sickest that kid has ever been. Then Aaron got the stomach bug, then Mady, and so on until we all ended up having it. Thank God it seems to be over finally! Now it's time to bleach and lysol the heck out of this house!

Katelyn is obsessed with shoes and purses. At the tender age of 2, I can only imagine how much worse it'll be when she's a teenager!

Madelyn is baby Landen's second mommy. Every time he comes over, she NEVER leaves his side. She shares her blankets and binkies and dollies, and everything else she loves with him. She even tries to pick him up! Which is hillarious since he weighs only about 6 lbs less than she does! But she's got the nurturing instinct!

Late last month we got some really good snow fall...which is rare around here. I have some really lovely pictures of all the kids enjoying a snow day that I promise I will share soon!

I have been devouring books lately...reading 3-4 in a week! I forgot over the years how much I LOVE to read. Now I just make time for it...instead of watching tv I read.

Aaron is obsessed with Johnny Cash and Elvis. I've said it before, he's a unique one!

Jacob has been doing very well with his reading...getting new glasses helped. He's flying through his reading lab assignments. We are so proud of him...he's been working hard all year! Everytime he passes to the next level, I take him to the bookstore so he can buy a new book. It's a great reward system that he very much looks forward to.

I joined a gym about 2 weeks ago! Man I didn't realize how out of shape I was until I tried a spinning class with Danielle. She is a machine I tell ya! Cause after an hour of that I seriously thought I would die!!! But she's a great motivator, it's nice to go to the gym with your "in extremely good shape" best's kind of like having your own personal trainer!!!

The new park opened down the street from our house FINALLY! The kids have been loving walking down there on nice days and playing.

I'm flying out to Sacramento tomorrow for a few days to see my Grandma. We just found out that she has stage 4 lung and brain cancer. I wanted to be able to spend some time with her before things get really bad. My Dad and my Brother are also flying there with me. I'm looking forward to going back there and being in her house and seeing the city I grew up in. It's been a very long time...too long.

Well I think that about sums it up! Now I must go put 2 little princesses down for a nap, clean my house, and start packing for my trip! I promise to post a TON of photos when I come back to make up for a month of no blogging!

eye doctor


The girls had their 6 month check up yesterday with their pediatric opthamologist. This is the first time that he didn't need to dialate their eyes...and what a great visit it was because of that! It made for a much shorter visit, and no holding screaming babies down to get the drops into their eyes. And if I haven't mentioned it before, it is much more torturous for me, because I have a huge eye phobia! It's a miracle I can get through my own eye exams, let alone their's!

So we got pretty good news! Mady's eyes have always been great and they are staying that YAY! And Katy's eyes seem to be holding their own, and not getting any worse. She has a mild case of strabismus and is farsighted, but the issues have not progressed, so that means no glasses for her right now. I was so excited to hear that! We were pretty certain in august at her last appt. that glasses wer inevitable. So this is great news! The visit was our best yet. It's always so nice coming out of one of their Dr. appts with such great news. And it seems to be happening more and more often! Dare I say that they are finally overcoming many of their preemie obstacles?! A happy day indeed!

addressing a few things


Just wanted to answer a few questions that have popped up a few times.

How do I tell the girls apart? Well lots of people ask how I can tell them apart, and honestly it's not hard for me. To me they actually look very different. There are a few physical differences that are easy to detect...Madelyn has 2 birthmarks, Katelyn is bigger in height and weight (and it is noticeable), Katelyn's voice is loud and strong, while Madelyn is raspy, Katelyn's eyes go cross often, Katelyn's face is longer while Madelyn's is a bit rounder. Most of our close friends and family can detect at least one difference that helps them to tell who's who. But for me I have never mixed them up...though that was a huge fear of mine throughout my pregnancy! Daddy on the other hand does mix them up from time to time, and our boys do it too!!!

Are you a professional photographer? What a great compliment! But no I am not. I have had a love of photography for many years and know a bit beyond the basics. I also have a really great camera, and know how to use it. (it's a canon Drebel) But when all else fails I use picasa to freshen up my really bad photos. It's a great program that is free and very user friendly.

How long did the girls stay in the hospital? This question has come up a few times, and I haven't talked much about their NICU stay on the blog. The girls were born at 27.5 weeks. So that's 12.5 weeks too early! Katelyn was in the NICU for about 10.5 weeks, and Madelyn came home on their due date 12.5 weeks after they were born. Both had a rough first few weeks, with being on and off the vent. Mady ended up having a PDA ligation, which is what caused the damage to her vocal cord. Katelyn had no equipment or feeding tubes when she came home. Madelyn had O2, an apnea monitor, and a feeding tube. All of which she was done within 3 months of coming home!

What is Madelyn's voice like? Her voice is getting stronger and stronger as she gets older, and more mobile. She sounds raspy when she talks, but her voice is getting clearer. She still has a weak cry, but she can definitely be heard. She's come a long way! We work with a therapist twice a month, and Katelyn is also a huge contributor to her progress.

How are the girls appetites? They have pretty typical toddler appetites actually! Madelyn is a bit more picky than Katelyn is. And she eats less of her portions. But I'd say they are doing pretty darn good, and will try just about anything offered to them now. Mady's texture issues aren't so much of an issue anymore, so they both eat pretty much anything now.

I think that about covers it...but if you have a question go ahead and leave a comment so I can answer it.

Also I'd love to give a personal message to Shannon and Angie...I am so happy to have contact with you girls! I still remember like it was yesterday how we all rooted each other on while being hospitalized. It was amazing to have you guys going through it right along with me...that message board was my rock for many many agonizing weeks. I'm so glad we all got our happy ending, and look at all 6 of our kiddos now!!! Such miracles! All going through the terrible 2's together. I still go back from time to time and look at our "hospitalized girls" posts. It was something else what we went through, and no one else understood it like you guys! So glad that we can connect through blogging!

Back ON


After about a week of no internet, I am so happy to be back in my comfy cyber-world! I don't spend huge amounts of time online or anything, but going without it was like taking away a drug from an addict! haha! Well maybe not quite that bad, but I did miss it! It's been fun to get caught up on emails and all the blogs I read so faithfully. Good times!

And I've got some well check visits to report from yesterday's appointments. We were a little late with the girl's 2 year check ups (should've been back in Nov), but oh well it was nice to take a little break from our pediatrician's office. Of course the break may have not done Madelyn any good, because as soon as we walked into the door of the office she started into hysterics. She warmed a tad when Dr. F came in and started his exams. Of course only to start back in again when it was time for shots. Doc loved seeing them so aware of their surroundings on this if there is any good in a hysterical 2 year old, I guess that would be it. Katelyn was so brave and only cried during shots. She sat patiently while Dr. F did his exam, and as always asked me about a billion questions. She was very intrigued with the Doc's bubbles that he wears around his neck. It was not quite so traumatic for her like it was for her sis.

And for sizes...

Katelyn 20lbs 8oz 31.5" tall
Madelyn 19lbs 30.5" tall

I think the best part about the visit was that Dr. F did a little chart cleaning session, and cleared out 4 meds that the girls aren't taking any more! He also went over a lot of our previous concerns that they have now grown out of, or have thrived past. It was exciting to revisit those things, and remember how far they've really come. And so wonderful to realize how awesome they are doing! Basically gross motor wise they are pretty typical 2 year olds! Both girls have speech and cognitive delays, with Madelyn's being more on the moderate side. The best part though is that those things can be worked through even if they are moderate to severe. I just loved leaving there yesterday with no huge concerns or worries! For once we didn't talk about anything but positive things and really focused on what they ARE doing, as opposed to what they are NOT doing. It was nice to just accept where they are right now in the moment. This is HUGE for me! I'm telling ya good stuff !

My two princesses


Aaron trying to get Mady's feet (at least I think that's Mady)


Katelyn with her problem eye

glimpses of Christmas


I don't have much time for a long post covering all the Christmas here's some photos for now.(image)

new glasses and a few favorite photos


Jacob had his first eye exam a couple days ago, and it turns out he can't see as well as he should. He is farsighted with astigmitism, just like his mama! So here's his new look...short hair with new glasses :) I think he looks so cute!(image)
(image) caught this little beautiful moment last night! Aaron is so sweet to his sissys (most the time anyway) That's Mady he's planting one on.
(image) And a sweet photo I took of Landen sleeping on me a couple weeks ago. Is he not just the sweetest little thing?!
(image) Right before bedtime Ian ended up with both girls on his lap. I got lucky with a great shot of these 2 daddy's girls.
(image) And my favorite of the boys decorating the tree greatly improved with some nice photo it!



It's been a while since I updated about the girls speech and other thought I'd do this list style. One list for each girlKatelyn is really chatty. She can repeat/copy quite a few words back to us, and has a growing list of words she uses everyday.stopeatnoall donebabynite nitebaba (used for bottle or cup)bye byemama/mommy & daddahiowie (she says owie, no, owie when I want to change her clothes or diaper)uh ohmineshhhh (she loves to sush her siblings)whoa & weeetaykoo (thank you)puppykey (kitty)bee bee (binky)I'm sure there are a few more that I am leaving out. We are working on her saying Mady, she is getting good at saying mammy for Mady. And we try to get her to say Jacob & Aaron but she hasn't gotten it yet. Her language skills are developing more and more each day! There's a lot of gibberish that she says that I wish we could understand. She carries on and on sometimes in such a serious way, and nods her head and shrugs her little shoulders while in conversation. She still loves to yell, and scream and is very vocal while protesting to something. She also talks to her babies in the same gibberish, while feeding them babas and carrying them around all over the house. But I think her most favorite activity of all is trying to boss her sissy around. She thinks she's the boss, and yells at her and takes things away from her A LOT! And you can tell by her tone that she's trying to boss her around when they are talking in their own little language. It is very funny to hear them carry on in gibberish to one another, seemingly understanding each other's every word. So now on to Madelyn. She has made some great speech developments in a pretty short amount of time. She's no longer silent that is for sure! She has gained so much sound, and so much volume to her little raspy voice.mommy/mama & dadababanobyehiuh ohwhoatakoo (thank you)niteMost of her vocabulary still consists of mostly sounds rather than words. She has become fluent in gibberish, and really tries to make conversation (especially with Katelyn). We really believe that Mady would be even farther behind in her speech if she didn't have her sissy to converse with and teach her things. She has learned many sounds from listening to Katy. Her therapists also believe that Katelyn helps Madelyn with a lot of the developmental issues that we work on. It's actually quite therapeutic to have a twin to play and learn things with! Madelyn's personality has changed a bit over the past few months. She's no longer as quiet and reserved (at least around us). She now has become a bit of a bully, throwing things and hitting people. We are trying to teach her that kind of action is unkind, but it's like talking to...well a 2 year old! She's still very much a baby in so many ways that it really surprised us to see this kind of aggressive (very toddler) behavior. It's obviously a communication thing, and she does it out of frustration. In some small way it's nice to see her kind of fight back and not just take it when Katelyn knocks her over and takes her binky. We are actually working with her therapists to develop a visual type of communication for her. It will consists of pictures of needs and things that she can easily identify and point to, or bring us to communicate. Hopefully that will help her frustration with not being able to tell us what she wants or needs. So we are very excited to have that prepared and ready to implement during her next therapy visit. We are also working on weaning both girls from the bottle. They are both drinking very well from a sippy cup, so now the only reason for a baba is for comfort. They are now having only 2 per day. One before nap, and one before bedtime. Soon we will cut the naptime one, but I think the bedtime bottles will be the hardest to [...]

A bit around our home


Just wanted to capture some of the little things in our home that are making everything feel very merry & bright around here. This is just something I made last year with some of my scrapbook supplies. I never framed it last year like I wanted...still haven't picked up a frame for it, so it just hangs on the inside of our front door.Love this one of the boys, even though the color is horrible (my fault for not fixing my camera settings) defintitely needs some work in Picasa. Our poor tree is constantly losing it's decor. This has been an ugly only about the top 1/4 of our tree has any decorations left on it. It has also fallen over once, and has been vertically challenged and just does not want to stand straight in the pretty much is quite sad looking!KatelynMadelyn I picked up those little wooden sleighs at craft warehouse...I painted them and added glitter and rubon words (peace & joy), and now they hold holiday treats. Our advent calender...the boys love getting their treats everyday as we countdown to Christmas.Ian also hung lights on the outside of the house and on our it's definitely looking festive around here![...]

Christmas tree hunting & an early Christmas surprise


Ian had an unexpected friday off last week, so we decided to head over to Volstedt Farms to get our tree. Last year we did the whole u-cut can read about it in our archives from last year. It was an experience that need not be repeated! So we selected a beautiful tree from their nice tented already cut tree section. Took about 5 minutes to pick the tree, they shook all the loose needles for us while we went into their greenhouse for hot cocoa and sugar cookies...I also found some fresh cut mistle toe to hang from our archway. We paid and Ian roped it to the top of the minivan. It was lovely...even more so because we didn't get the double stroller stuck in the mud this year! Another perfect example of why picking a tree in 5 minutes is a must! These beauties are my Christmas gift from my father-in-law and his wife. They are top of the line LG Trom front loading washer & dryer. They wash 3 times the amount of clothes in one load and use 72% less water and energy!!! For the first time since my grandma was here when I was on bedrest with the twins, I have all of our family's laundry completely DONE!!! Except of course what we are wearing :) They are amazing! I really don't know how I got through life without these before. Words can not express how thankful I am to receive such an extravagant gift that will make life so much EASIER for us!After a week of decorating our house is beautifully decked out for Christmas! I plan on taking some photos of all the festive decor, and our family photo in front of the tree hopefully tonight, so I can include then in our Christmas cards. Will post some of those in the next day or so! Hope everyone is having a delightful time with all your holiday planning and preparations! [...]

November in photos


Ian was in charge of the turkey this year. We had a lovely dinner with family at my parent's house. Ian did a turkey in a deep fryer this year, and I think it was the best turkey I've ever had! We really missed Ian's mom & Robert and Grandma. MaryAnne and Grandma both had the flu and couldn't make it.Daddy has his handsfull! With a little help from my sweet cousin Amber Mady loved aunt Brenda's pumpkin ice cream pie Katelyn digging into her thanksgiving feast. I remember these days...trying to grab a quick bite with a newborn. Great Grandpa meeting his 6th Great Grandchild (at least I think it's 6 now)And some birthday highlights.... Mady really enjoyed playing in her cake this year. Last year she hated it! She was still extremely sensitive to textures and especially with things on her was much more a fun happy experience this year.Katelyn really dug in, and especially loved all the sugary frosting![...]



I'm having a hard time uploading photos to blogger...have tried a few times with no luck. Will keep trying through out the day. PEACE!

Is it December already?


November was such a CRAZY month! It was filled with the normal birthday madness...5 out of 6 birthdays in our house are crammed into one month. And of course Thanksgiving. But to take it to a whole new level of utter craziness, everyone has been sick for most of it all. We have all had it, but the kids just seem to not quite get over it, and then it starts all over again. Just tough colds that are lasting longer than normal. I am praying that we are at the tail end of it now with Aaron being the only one left with the lingering symptoms. So that sums up the reason of my lack of presence on the old blog. Many appologies to all my faithfull readers who thought we died (Jamie) or that we may have fallen off the face of the earth. We are all alive and almost well!

And I promise to make it up by posting an enormous amount of photos from all the birthdays, thanksgivng, and other little happenings that occured the last month. I have around 300 photos to upload from my camera!!! Yes, I still take a ridiculous amount of photos even when we are all down with "the plague" for an entire month!

Being sick did have it's perks...I did read 10 novels over the past month, which is more than I've read in the past few years combined. I guess being ridden to the couch and being so sick of t.v that I could scream, helped me devour some good reads. I also had to cook very few meals, hardly did any housework, and stayed in my pajamas for days on end. Would have been almost heavenly without the severe sinus infection, and complete lack of energy, topped off with caring for all 4 of my sick children. Of course now that I am well again, it's been a real treat to get caught up on all of the lovely things around here that got put on the back burner... An enormous amount of laundry, filthy bathrooms, and the girls room looks like a bomb went off in it. And the Christmas totes from the garage will be broke out this week. So the craziness goes on and on! But despite it all I am feeling quite festive, and am feeling the creative juices begin to flow again. Am really looking forward to doing some holiday projects, and getting everything ready for Christmas. Should be interesting with 2 very active 2 year olds reaking havoc on all the holiday pretties in our home! The tree decorations have a slim chance of survival!

Photos soon...I promise!


2 Fairy Princesses, Rocky Balboa, and a Backyardigan


This is what halloween looked like around here. Lots of fun!

(image) (image) (image)
(image) (image)



Landon Michael Baker
5 lbs 15 oz

These 2


very special people are having a baby tonight!!! Can't wait to meet my first nephew. I can't believe my little brother is going to be a daddy! It just blows my mind, and makes me happy, tearful, and mostly thankful. Amazing when a new life makes such a big impact in your life, and surprising the unconditional love you can have for a child that is not your own...So exciting!

I will of course post a photo when I can!

Swallow study results


Two fridays ago we headed up to Doernbecher's Children's Hospital for Madelyn's swallow study. It was a whole different experience this time around, because of Madelyn's age, and her awareness of her surroundings. The last time she had a swallow study was around this same time last big difference! She was not at all o.k. with being strapped into a chair and having the equipment all around her. Once she settled in though she was o.k. and we were able to get some good results. And it turns out that Mady is still having some pretty serious aspirations while drinking thin liquids. Just about every swallow is penetrating her lungs! I couldn't believe it, and was so disappointed with myself for thinking everything was o.k. these past few months. I feel awful for flooding her lungs every time I gave her something to drink! So she is back to thickened liquids and will remain on them for at least another year.

After the study, Steve (her speech pathologist) said he is pretty sure by the looks of things that Madelyn will most likely have this as a long term issue. He believes the damage to her vocal cord and surrounding area is too severe and that she will need surgery to correct the problem. We were hoping that with time that her right side would compensate and the issue would correct itself...but Mady's is just too badly damaged. This is what is causing her swallowing disability, and this is what will most likely cause some serious speech issues. We believe that Mady will have a difficult time communicating when she reaches school age because of the weakness of her voice. Which is just one reason why sign language will become even more important for her and for us.

Surgery can be done to correct the issue of aspirating of thin liquids...but of course with surgery there comes more risk. We will eventually have to make the decision of leaving it alone, thus having her deal with this disability for long term...or having a surgery that will correct the flap that does not close when she drinks, and dealing with the risk involved with that. It will not however, correct the vocal weakness. This is something we are considering for a few years down the road. For now we will just continue thickening everything, and working on speech with her therapists.

I am thankful that we caught this before the big cold and flu season, as thickening her fluids will greatly decrease her risk for pneumonia. Her adjustment to having the thickener added again has been a little difficult for her. It's more work for her to drink, and she doesn't care much for the consistency. Now that it's been over a week, she's getting used to it, and is drinking much better. (image)

Here's an obscene amount of pumpkin patch photos


We had such a lovely time at the pumpkin patch this year! The rain was away long enough for us to have a beautiful sunny fall day...couldn't have been more perfect :] The boys shooting paintballs at some targets We got sooooo lost in the corn maze...we ended up having to take a crazed with the maze shortcuts out! I think we would've been in there for hours if we hadn't. Flying high on the horsey tire swings Aaron doesn't like swings, but had fun sitting on the horse Katy and DaddyFound the perfect pumpkin! Mady trying to find just the right one Katelyn loved finding all the littlest squashes and pumpkinswating for the hayride yummy!!! Katy is teething Fun on the hay bails Carving jack-o-lanterns[...]

a fun day at the albany fire stations


This past saturday was the annual treasure hunt put on by the Albany fire stations. This was the first year the boys have gone, and they had such a good time. Ian took them to all 5 stations, where they had demonstrations, tours, and got to go on rides in one of the big engines! I sent the camera along with Ian hoping that he'd get a few photos for me, and to my surprise he did a great job!

(image) getting all strapped in for their big ride!
(image) This was a smoke demonstration they did with the kids...teaching them how to crawl under the smoke and to get out safely.
(image) Escaping through a window(image) The rescue helicopter was a huge hit!(image)
And touring another large engine!



Aaron is only 3 (for another month anyways)

He might look big, but he's still a little guy, so try to remember to expect little guy things from him.

That though a sharpie might be permanent you can always touch up the walls he colored on with it.
And the couch cushion can be flipped over.

And that tantrums are a result of him not being able to express his feelings in a "proper" way.

That he genuinely wants to be like his big brother...even by mimicking the almost 8 yr old attitude.

That he's just my little Aarony-do-da




Mady had her annual evaluation today for Early Intervention. She has a big eval once a year, with a few smaller ones for setting more goals and seeing which have been met in between. Lots of questions asked about her abilities/inabilities, lots of watching her play and interact in her surroundings. They scored her around 10-12 months on her speech her OT will be working a lot with her speech and oral issues. She also scored on the low side for cognitive abilities...not showing that she understands what's going on around her, self help skills, and those kinds of that will be another focus over the next year. She did however do remarkable on her motor skills eval. which is amazing considering when she began the program last year she couldn't sit up, barely could roll over, and had moderate left sided weakness. Her therapists are amazed by all that she can do in that area!!! And her OT is extremely pleased with her eating...She watched Madelyn eat her breakfast and was shocked at how much that little teeny girl can eat! She ate an entire banana one whole eggo waffle and a handfull of craisins!!! Why she won't gain weight I just don't know. We also decided to have another barium swallow study done to check to see if she is aspirating her liquids. I am of course hoping that she's not and we can continue off the thickener for her liquids. Our appt. for that is next friday.

So it was a good evaluation and I am happy that things are moving in the right direction. She's made lots of great progress over the past year, and we have some really great goals to strive for over the next year...including making plans for special education preschool...which we will begin planning in 6 months!!! She will be able to start the program when she turns 3, but they start making plans 6 months prior to make sure she is placed in the right kind of class for her needs. Most likely she will go to a "regular" curriculum preschool, with special education teachers that work with the children on issues on a more individualized basis. We may decide to have Katelyn evaluated at that time to see if there's a chance for her to get into the program with her sis.

It was fun to get a chance to compare her eval from today with the one they did this time last many great changes, and so many goals met. Incredible!

2 sleepy girls


(image) woke up early in the morning hungry...wanting a baba and breakfast and fell back to sleep as soon as their trays were clean :] They've never both fallen asleep in their highchairs before...once in a while I will find one asleep but here they both are...2 little peas in a pod aren't they?