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Tales of the Two Utes

This is the story of me, my husband, and our twins - Tanner & Morgan. We weren't quite expecting twins - and ever since that fateful day that Dr. Clark uttered "It's Twins" - our lifes have not been the same. These are the Tales of the Two Utes.

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Take 2


I attended a change management seminar this week. When the instructor first asked us if we liked change or not, my initial reaction was to recoil - ick, change. And, then I realized that my distaste for change was really related to some recent stuff at work - but in reality, I like change. I LOVE change. A WHOLE lot of change.From the moment I first left home for college to my first job (call

Dealing With It


Sometimes, getting it out can be beneficial. I'll hope that this is the case here.We spent last week in Iowa. This year, Iowa hasn't been as fun as it normally is. My mom had a pressure sore at the end of 2009 - the cushion in her wheelchair "broke" - the fancy shmancy cushion that keeps her from getting pressure sores. She coddled it along while she waited for the new one to arrive. And,

The Birthmark


Morgan has a birthmark. Ironically, it didn't show up for quite awhile. Born at 27 weeks, the birthmark showed up about 3 weeks before her actual due date. We honestly thought for awhile, that it was a result of my dad holding her while he had a halo on (we though he had hit her head on the metal apparatus around the halo). Finally, our pediatrician told us what it was.You can kind of see it

Tomorrow is really going to suck


I've been "off" work since 12/18 - that makes 16 total days including 6 weekend days. It was forced, mandatory vacation - and as such, I didn't actually not work all of those days. I had to spend about 1 - 2 days in the office setting up interviews for this week and helping finalize the year. But - still, most of that time was M-I-N-E.We had a great time doing mostly family stuff. We had a



"Daddy, if I'm letting you down, then you're letting me up."

Prematurity Awareness Day


Tomorrow, November 17, is National Prematurity Awareness Day. When I first became pregnant in 2003, I never would have guessed that I would have twins - let alone that they would be born 13 weeks and 2 days early (at 26 weeks, 5 days gestation). There are no words to explain the guilt that I felt - and still feel - for not being able to carry them longer. I don't think I have met a preemie mom

Halloween 2009


Halloween 2009 Halloween also marks Tanner & Morgan's 1/2 birthday. So, in order to help me keep track (and because I won't remember to write it anywhere else) - here are there latest stats:Tanner - 44-1/4" tall & 39 lb 6 ozMorgan - 43-1/2" tall & 35 lb 6 oz (she's been sick the last week and it has definitely taken a toll on her weight - we think she's down about 2 pounds)



The things these two say - well, it often cracks me up. And, just so that I don't forget - here are a few more for the record.On Saturday, T&M's grandparents took them to church. On the way there, they drove by another church and the bride & groom were just emerging from the chapel. Grandma explained that they were just getting married. Tanner: Are they going to have babies?Morgan: Well,



Tanner & Morgan being in kindergarten has worn them out. We put them to bed at 7 p.m. - and they sleep until we wake them in the morning (or within 5 minutes of wake-up time). Of course, with the exhaustion comes some pretty crabby kids. Tonight, I overhead Morgan telling Tanner: "Tanner, if I get on Daddy's last nerve, you must get on his first nerve."

First Day of Kindergarten


Summer Vacation 2009


The last two summers, we've had the opportunity* to make a round trip between Colorado - Iowa - Kansas (home, grandma & poppy, old home). We just returned home from the trip - and it was as exhausting and fun as ever. We drove 1850 miles in 9 days, spent 4 nights in Iowa, 2 nights at a hotel in Kansas, and 2 nights "at the farm" in Western Kansas. We saw cousins, fished, played in mudpuddles,

5 Year Check-Up


Tanner & Morgan had their 5 year check-ups today. Tanner weighed in at 37 pounds even (25%), 44 inches tall(75%), and got 3 shots. BMI is a whopping 13.4 (not even on the chart - less than 5%). Developmentally appropriate. Eye sight tested as 20/40 (scheduled an eye appointment). He's gained 5 pounds and grown 4.25 inches. Morgan weighted in at 35 lb 8 oz (10%), 43.5 inches tall (75%), and

On Root Beer...


"Hey Mom, can I have some of that beer for little kids?"

Make A Wish - Day 4


If anyone ever tells me that San Diego has wonderful weather - I'll know they are lying. I talked to a family last night from Greeley, Colorado - they were headed home to get a sun tan. The "local" folk keep talking about "June Gloom" - yeah, whatever. We haven't seen the sun since the day we landed. So - that is how we started our day today. Not just "June Gloom", but drizzle and a light

Make-A-Wish - Day 3


Today was Day 3 of our vacation - we headed to the San Diego Zoo. A good choice since the weather continues to be overcast, misty, and cool. At least at the zoo there are very limited chances of getting wet. We kept telling ourselves - oh, the San Diego Zoo can't be much worse than the Colorado Springs zoo in terms of hills / pushing strollers. Boy, were we wrong! There are hills (STEEP

Make A Wish - Day 2


As predicted, Tanner & Morgan were up early (although not as early as we had thought). We still decided to hit the beach before hitting Legoland (which doesn't open until 10 a.m.).The beach was cool (temperature) and beautiful. There were a handful of people on the beach this morning, and we wisened up and had the kids wear their beach socks to minimize sand (that worked well). But - they

Make-A-Wish Trip, Day 1


We're on Tanner's Make-A-Wish trip. I haven't talked much about it, it's a mixed bag when your child gets a MAW trip. Yes, you are so very grateful, but on the flip side, I'd trade it in a heartbeat if my child wouldn't be eligible for such a trip. Or, if he'd never had to put up with all the medical stuff that he deals with. But, fact is, he does have a liver transplant & a cyst in his brain

Things I Never Thought I'd Hear...


"Wow, mom, that asparagus was really great! Can you buy some more and cook it for us again soon?"This was after asking for seconds...and eating the seconds before touching anything else on their plate (including the bread and butter). Plain asparagus...who woulda thunk it?



Dear Tanner & Morgan,In a few hours, you will be FIVE Years Old. I truly can’t believe that I’ve blinked my eyes and those little 2 lb 3 oz babies have grown into these rambunctious, full-of-life five year olds. There are so days I get so frustrated by your continuous energy, non-stop talking, and attitude – and then I remember how far we’ve come, and I’m a little bit grateful, too.We’ve had

My Dad


Since the kids aren't going to be in preschool during Father's Day, they did an ice cream social with dad tonight. They had prepared a small story about their dads along with a picture they drew. Here's the story:My Dad by MorganI love my dad, his name is Randy. I fly kites with him and we got work out and I love to play games with him like MarioCart. My dad has a blue coat and he has white

Snow Days


We got 5 - 6" of snow on Monday. The kids have been anxiously awaiting playing in the snow this year, so we let them at it on Tuesday. Good thing - after 50 F days this week, it's LONG gone!And, for some reason, this picture:Reminds me of this picture:(Yeah, I know, I have no clue what the reference is to polymers...blame Google)



Family finances - it seems like I spend a substantial sum of time every week keeping up with our bills, figuring out where we spend money, chasing after billing errors (usually hospital or insurance), and finding ways to get more for our dollar. But, during this time of year, I get to do the really fun stuff (sarcasm) like taxes and insurance / cafeteria plan enrollment forms. For the last 5

I Blinked


I'm not sure if it was the way that Morgan looked at me the other night, cocked her head, and then started telling me a story about school...or Tanner telling me the other night that "I don't like change!" (SOOOO like his father)or looking at different kindergartens* for next year...but over the last few days, I looked at my children, and I didn't see toddlers anymore. I didn't see little kids.

Halloween - Take 5


Take 1 - 2004 - 6 months old (Pumpkins)Note to self: Orange is not a good color for a kid with profound liver disease.Take 2 - 2005 - 18 months old (Cat & Dog)Note to self: Killing yourself for 2 months to make their costumes may not qualify as time well spent.Take 3 - 2006 - 2-1/2 years old (Pebbles & Bam Bam)Note to self: Don't try elaborate hair things on fine, toddler hair.Take 4 - 2007 -

Things they say...


Tanner: "Hey mom, do you still have that cage you used to keep us in when we were little?"...............