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And You Know What Else

What's It Going To Take To Get You To Walk Out Of Here With A Donut Today? Send me an e-mail at andyouknowwhatelse at gmail dot com

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Last Post


This is my last post here. I hope. I have a new blog! The blogroll isn't quite done, and it is still kind of ugly, but you know you want to check it out. Go to the new And You Know What Else. You know you love me.xoxo,R.PS Update your links and your feedreader. And I'm even going to use the full feed for the new blog!

Can't Stand It, I Know You Planned It


On Friday night, H and I met Stefanie for dinner at Nye's. Nye's is a famous local restaurant and bar that H described as a fancy VFW that mobsters might go to. We sat in a cool curved booth with sparkly gold vinyl seats. We ate the best pierogi I have ever eaten in my entire life. {I haven't actually eaten much pierogi in my life, so my praise may not mean much, but oh my gosh, they were

I Need A Sippy Cup


I am on my third shirt of the day. First, I spilled a few drops of Cranapple on my shirt. I was in the process of brewing coffee when I spilled the Cranapple so I thought about waiting to change in case I spilled coffee too. But then I thought, no, I won't spill twice in one day. I changed shirts, and then I poured about a quarter of a cup of coffee down my front. Nice. I'm in my last white



Just in case my earlier post today doesn't count because I originally posted it with the wrong date, here's another. Nice knowing you, NaBloPoMo.

I Love You, Bobby Beeeeeeeeeeee


The last post of November should be a good one, right? I should go out with a bang, not a whimper! Unfortunately, I am exhausted, and I had a horrible day yesterday, and I feel meh.Here is an e-mail I wrote to Metalia on Monday because the Vikings trounced the NY Giants:Subject: Not to hurt your feelings, but...Eli Manning sucks! Love,-R- PS Every time the announcers said something about Bobby



Sometimes I really need to keep my mouth shut, and sometimes I need to speak up for myself. I wish I were better at distinguishing between these two kinds of situations.

Grandma NC


I only have one living grandparent. And she was put in hospice care today. My grandma and I were never close. It isn't that I don't like her, but I can't really say that we ever had fun together. I feel bad for not being able to list all the awesome things I love about her that make her the best grandma ever. What I remember most about her is her saying bad things about my mom (her

Pictures on the TV


I was going to do a Guitar Hero tutorial tonight to explain to you how Guitar Hero works, but I got sucked into a new love of mine. Iron Chef America!In case you don't know, I will explain how this show works (to the best of my knowledge). An Iron Chef competes against another professional chef to make an entire meal in one hour, usually at least four courses, and each course must include the "

Double G's Wedding Elephant


Today, I bring to you a guest post by Double G. In case you do not remember everything I have ever written, I met Double G when we were in the same English class in 9th grade. We have been friends now for fourteen years, which I am now realizing is half of my life. Whoa. Anyway, here is Double G's story.Indian weddings often begin with the groom and his entourage of family and friends

A Peek Into H's Worklife


I am in my husband's office right now. We were running errands, and then he had to come into work for a couple of hours, and then we are going to run some more errands. So I am just hanging out right now paying bills online and blogging. I know it is bad to blog from your own office, but is blogging from your spouse's office ok? I think it is.Let me describe my husband's office to you. It is

Swedish Adventures


I took my mom and her boyfriend to the American Swedish Institute today to entertain them. My mom loves going through historic mansions, and I enjoy it as well. This mansion was completed in 1908 and was crazy gorgeous with elaborate woodwork and porcelain fireplaces in 11 of the 33 rooms. Each room had furniture from the 1880s-1930s and artifacts from Swedish immigrants, but I would have

I Am Going To Punch LSU In Its Face


Well, I got some great deals today, but boy, am I tired after starting my shopping at 4 am.Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. No. Waking up at 4 am is not something I would do voluntarily.H went into work today, even though his office is closed (poor H has been working his heart out lately on a big case), and my mom and I lazed around and then went shopping at about 11:30. And you know what? All those

Stuffing Rules!


Before:After:I actually did about half of the cooking! We had turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes (I'm not sure why I didn't label this in the pictures, but you can see it there), cheesy potatoes, rolls, Pilgrims' Salad, and cranberry sauce. I cringe a little every time someone mentions having Stovetop stuffing for Thanksgiving because it means that you have not experienced the joy and

It's Time for Thanksgiving


It has been (gently) snowing all morning, and now there is a light dusting of snow covering the neighborhood. The turkey is cooking, the pumpkin pie is ready, and the stuffing smells incredible. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!(Sorry. It's hard to write a long entry with my mom visiting.)

Suck It, Nablopomo


My mom is here, and she has not yet made any comments about our house being dirty, so we are off to a good start. I have been lectured on paying off my mortgage and told that I should have started defrosting the turkey earlier, but whatever. Cheesy potatoes and stuffing are resting in the refrigerator, waiting to be cooked tomorrow. Pumpkin pie will be made tonight, hopefully before Project



I am exhausted. One more day of work this week. Thank freaking goodness.My client was talking about "adult toys" today, and I busted out laughing. Turns out he meant things like snowmobiles and jetskis. Professionalism = me.A coworker stared at my boobs on at least 3 different occasions today. It was weird. Especially since I was wearing a really high crewneck with a jacket over it. No

This Post Took Me An Hour To Write, And It Still Sucks


I have been asked by 3carnations to write seven weird or odd or some such adjective things about myself.While I am sure there are a ton of weird things, I am having trouble coming up with new weird things. I will do my best.1. I have been -R- Marriedname for over two years now, but every once in a while, usually when talking on the phone at work, I will refer to myself as -R- Maidenname. And

Sunday Post


The main excitement of the day was that it snowed for a little while. Huge flakes, the size of the palm of my hand. It was freaky. I don't think I have ever seen snowflakes that large before. They all melted right away though.Last night, I drank absinthe with Stefanie and her friends. If you click the link for absinthe, you will read that absinthe is distilled with wormwood. I don't know

Shopping, Take Two


I tried a smaller mall (last weekend, I went to the Mall of America) today, trying to find some cute clothes. I had two missions: black pants and a cardigan for the sweater dress. Here's what happened.First, before I went to the mall, I got a haircut. I am very happy with it. H thinks this is a Jennifer Aniston haircut. I do not think so, but H is weird, so I am not worried about this

Yes, This Is What Nablopomo Has Brought Me To Do


And now I have nothing to write about.I could tell you how I just found one of my blog posts on a weird spam blog. Or I could tell you how tired I am. But instead, I think we should discuss tv this week.House: I was annoyed by the whole gimmick of having a documentary crew follow House and his compatriots (correct use of that word?) around the hospital. And I find the Crazy Bitch Doctor super



I am so much more than happy with how the blog share project turned out. These anonyposts (TM 3carnations) are some of the best posts that I have ever read. I would definitely call this a success! I received a bunch of e-mails and comments today from people asking if they could participate or if this is going to happen again. It is too late to participate, as this was a one day event, but

Blog Share In Action


Today's post is brought to you by an anonymous person who is participating in the blog share. I hope you enjoy this post and check out the other participating bloggers. I sometimes worry that I am too damaged. I go down my list of “Things that have f*%#ed me up,” and I think that I must be inventing it. The emotionally abusive mom, the cheating ex-boyfriend, the two men who’ve physically hurt

Blog Share Participants


I don't want to add this to the end of my guest poster's post tomorrow (plus, we all know I need an easy Wednesday post), so here are all the blogs participating in the blog share on Thursday! Please visit and comment tomorrow![I hope you got to check out all the anonymous posts on Thursday, but I have taken down the list of participating blogs.]

I Can't Have It All, Now I'm Dancing For My Life


People, I am exhausted after writing a million e-mails about this blog share thingy. Oh my gosh. I triple-checked every e-mail, but I make no promises regarding any lack of typos. If you have any problems, please send me an e-mail if you discover an incorrect e-mail address or something. Or if you didn't get an e-mail, please let me know!In other news, this morning, a 21-year-old man sat 3

Observations on (Observed)


Me: H didn't have to go to work today.Coworker: Why not?Me: It's Veterans' Day (Observed).I had that conversation with as many people as possible today. I just like saying (Observed).Both of H's grandfathers and my maternal grandfather served in the military during World War II. (My paternal grandfather was a farmer with two young daughters during WWII, so he didn't serve.)My father and H's