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labor nurse has been reborn and shares her experiences as a new nurse-midwife, woman, and blogger

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It's been almost 3 years since my last post.  For those of you who saved this blog in your reader, wow!  That is some patience. Well, things have really changed since my last post.  I've left health care entirely.  Really.  There are many reasons for it, some I still struggle with.  But on a whole, I have found myself anew and very happy with this decision. I have also started a new path in

The Embers


I've been contemplating whether or not to continue this blog- I took the hiatus for an undetermined amount of time, and found that about once a month I'd think- "Hey! This would make for great blog fodder!" but never really end up putting anything together.Am I still burnt?Yes.Have I become jaded?Well, yes...but I wasn't exactly sure I was going to enter midwifery feeling like I was going to



I'm done.My blogging days are coming to an end here, at least for now. I won't say that I am done for good, but I can't see myself returning to it for a long while.For those who have read this blog for a while, perhaps even the original blog I began over 3 years ago that eventually morphed into Rebirth, have probably noticed that my writing has been fewer and less, well...interesting.I am no less

Multip End Point


This morning I get an email from an old friend who is pregnant with her fourth child. This pregnancy was more challenging than her others, with more aches and pains, preterm contractions, questionable blood pressure issues, and then a few episodes of premature rupture of membranes. Everything has always turned out fine whenever she went in for an evaluation, whether at her doctor's office or

Days Off


I have been finding my days off, be it a true day off or post call day, go by so quickly that they aren't enough. I feel the need to sleep in late, yet if I do I feel like I've cut off so much of my time off. I dread the sun going down and the need to start dinner because it means the day is coming to a close.I fantasize about having chosen a different path in life. Like, had I stuck to writing

From The Other Side


What I've been finding interesting now that I have been working a few months on the labor floor is the differences in nursing care. Now, having been that bedside labor nurse for many years, I clearly understand the value in a good nurse. I'd like to think I was good at bedside labor nursing care, but now I often wonder what the providers I worked with prior to becoming a midwife thought of my

Online Reviews


So have you seen the latest commercial? I got a kick out of it, personally, but it got me thinking. Can we trust reviews of health care providers on websites? I know this question has come up plenty of times before on other sites and other forums, but...The commercial shows a couple in the hospital, the woman very pregnant. A female voice over narrates the scenes. It goes

All About Choice


This has been one of the best posts I've read in a while. Thank you, Heather.My postings has been sparse of recent as life has thrown me some major schedule curve balls...but I've been keeping up as best I can on all my fave blogs. I really enjoy all the thoughtful posts on birth and maternity care, but Heather really got me thinking.We are such frickin hypocrites, aren't we? I mean, we (I speak

Highly Delayed Rebirth Carnival 1.3


Well, folks, life has been crazy- good and bad- and had seriously delayed the carnival and my blogging capabilities.... but alas! Finally, here is the third edition of Rebirth Carnival, which focuses on first births.Many women find themselves drawn to midwifery and childbirth care because of their own personal experiences. Ciarin shares how her personal births led her to midwifery path.Molly

We Can Never Predict Timing

2009-09-08T19:05:29.618-04:00 many areas in relation to childbirth....Or, in my case, totally overlook the fact that I was on call over the Labor Day weekend and couldn't put together the Rebirth Carnival.I will be putting it up later this week....

Amen, Brother!


Rixa has posted her interview with Dr. Fischbein on her blog- it's an interesting read. I cried out, Amen, Brother! when coming across this quote:Again, they use the idea of the 24-hour anesthesia as a reason not to allowVBACs. Most emergency c-sections, the ones that occur suddenly, have nothing todo with a uterine rupture. They are for placental abruption, prolapsed cord, orprolonged fetal

Statistical Prowess


For the research minded folk out there, I have to pick your brain. When I was in school, I loved performing research queries and reading the articles my school's search engine would provide(which was extremely user friendly, unlike my current hospital library...). I would frequently end up with thousands of pages of research articles, meta-analysis, and the like. I would even hope that I would be

Rebirth Carnival, Edition 1.1


Wow, what an awesome response for the second edition of the Rebirth Carnival. I've asked for what not to say to a pregnant woman, and did I get boatloads....Christina is an independent childbirth educator (you all know how I love those!!!) who reminds us of how long the wrong choice of words can stay with you and making assumptions about other women's choices is just not cool.Molly's personal

Being Pushed


Recently I was having a discussion with a woman who was 2 week postpartum. She had an elective repeat c-section for her sixth child. The fifth was her unplanned primary c-section for fetal distress. The first four were vaginal deliveries that went smoothly (this is how she describes them, and her chart would support this as she had uncomplicated pregnancies and births with normal postpartum

Call For Submissions


A little reminder that I am looking for blog carnival submissions for the second edition of the Rebirth Carnival for August 23. Topic theme for the upcoming edition is what not to say to a pregnant or laboring woman.Please email links to your post (it can be an older post) to knitting-fool AT hotmail DOT com.Pass the word!

Rebirth Carnival, Edition 1.0


Well, here we are! The first edition of the Rebirth Carnival. I asked what drew you to midwifery, either as a career or as a client. So without further ado....Reality Rounds tells us why she landed with midwives after her first pregnancy for "run of the mill" gynecological care and ended up with a wonderful VBAC.Tiffany, of Bethany Women's Healthcare in Arizona (oh, I so want to visit Arizona!),

Pregnancy Care Follow Up


There have been several themes among the comments of my most recent post on a pregnancy care center's tactics that I have been thinking about. I have been pleasantly surprised that overall the comments have been very civil and respectful, so thank you.But I want to follow up on some questions. First of all, I did end up investigating this particular center. They even have a website that I read

Pregnancy Care


Ok, I know these places are nothing new, but it was my first experience as a health care provider being faced with the major moral and ethical issues I have with it when it is intersected with caring for a woman. You know the places- anti-choice centers masquerading as "pregnancy care" centers.So here is the scenario. 18 year old girl comes in for her first prenatal appointment. It's an unplanned

Help me!


When I first started blogging, I really enjoyed reading blog carnivals covering different nursing topics. But with school, and now a "real" job, I've gotten away from really reading or contributing to them.So, I was thinking that I would start up one! My unofficial blog carnivals will be posted here, twice monthly. The carnival will be called The Rebirth Carnival (how original, I know, I know..

Natural Childbirth


I had a very stimulating conversation with a patient today that really got me thinking. I've thought about this before, but it was so refreshing to have the discussion with a pregnant woman who is looking forward to a midwifery attended birth. She's in her third trimester and taking childbirth education classes and just completed the section that reviews comfort measures, medications, and

Revisiting My Barren Uterus


I've said this before, in other posts, how I get asked very frequently if I have children. People I care for are trying to feel out if I qualify in knowing what to do with a pregnant or laboring woman by having experienced it first hand. I am sure that most of the times they are just trying to connect with me on a more personal level while still having confidence in my care. But what some are

My Take On Pit To Distress


Wow. This one has me shaking my head....pit to distress is a saying I've heard kicked around, but not in the sense that is being discussed in the blogosphere. Let me explain:-Pit to distress is being discussed as a method of pushing the IV pitocin to a point of fetal distress, thus giving a reason for a c-section.-Pit to distress has never been anything I have ever seen as a nurse or midwife as

New Students!


I love students.If being a student could be a profession, I'd have more PhDs, DNPs, and other degrees that people would think humanly possible.So I thought I'd share two blogs by student nurse midwives.Reflections of an Aspiring Nurse Midwife is brand new....I'm waiting to hear her stories and thoughts on midwifery school.Hands Are For Catching: Life of a Nurse-Midwife in Training has some very

Life As I Know It


I have an overwhelming feeling that I have a way to go before I feel remotely comfortable in my new role. Working as a nurse midwife has been awesome and scary all at once. And tiring.I hope to find the energy soon to elaborate.

O, Canada


Oh!! I am very excited about this- which I will just simply give you the link to Rixa's post on vaginal breech birth in Canada.I guess this begs the question: when will the US "authorities" stop being so stubborn and start looking at the research?