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Preview: Women's Health / Gynecology News From Medical News Today

Women's Health / Gynecology News From Medical News Today

Women have unique health issues. And some of the health issues that affect both men and women can affect women differently. Unique issues to women include pregnancy, menopause and conditions of the female organs. Women can have a healthy pregnancy by gett

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What is the best diet for gestational diabetes?

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 03:00:00 PDT

Learn about what to eat and what to avoid for people with gestational diabetes. This article also gives an overview for this condition.

How is breast cancer related to the axillary lymph nodes?

Mon, 16 Oct 2017 09:00:00 PDT

We look at axillary lymph nodes and their relation to breast cancer. We look at the diagnosis and the outlook, as well as more information, here.

Why women tend to avoid sex as they age

Sun, 15 Oct 2017 00:00:00 PDT

A new study looks into the main reasons why menopausal, perimenopausal, and postmenopausal women tend to become less sexually active as they age.

Menopause may trigger Alzheimer's disease

Wed, 11 Oct 2017 08:00:00 PDT

A new study looked at the metabolic changes in the brains of menopausal and perimenopausal women and found potential triggers for Alzheimer's disease.

Traumatic experiences may raise women's heart disease risk

Wed, 11 Oct 2017 00:00:00 PDT

Women who experience at least three traumatic events in a lifetime may have poorer endothelial function, which could raise the likelihood of heart disease.

DIEP flap breast reconstruction: Procedure and recovery

Tue, 10 Oct 2017 06:00:00 PDT

Learn what the DIEP flap is, along with the different approaches used, and the complications and risks of this form of breast reconstruction, here.

How to cope with endometriosis

Mon, 09 Oct 2017 08:00:00 PDT

Dealing with endometriosis and its complications can be a struggle. We have compiled the best ways to cope with endometriosis and its related pain.

Weight loss surgery reduces cancer risk by 33 percent in women

Fri, 06 Oct 2017 08:00:00 PDT

A new study shows that women who undergo bariatric surgery have a significantly lower risk of developing cancer, especially obesity-related cancers.

The female orgasm: What do women want?

Fri, 06 Oct 2017 08:00:00 PDT

Research shines a light on many of the mysteries surrounding the female orgasm and reveals just how much women differ in their sexual preferences.

Menopause bloating: Causes and relief

Wed, 04 Oct 2017 03:00:00 PDT

Menopause can sometimes cause bloating, an uncomfortable pressure in the abdomen caused by extra air or fluid. Learn how to treat menopause bloating.

Period bloating: Seven tips for relief

Sun, 01 Oct 2017 03:00:00 PDT

Period bloating can be uncomfortable and may affect self-confidence. We look at treatments and lifestyle changes to help relieve this common PMS symptom.

Fibroids after menopause: What you need to know

Sat, 30 Sep 2017 09:00:00 PDT

Fibroids are growths that develop in the uterus, and usually occur before menopause. We look at the symptoms and treatments for fibroids after menopause.

Birth control and yeast infections: What's the link?

Sat, 30 Sep 2017 03:00:00 PDT

In this article, learn why certain types of birth control increase the risk of a yeast infection, as well how infections can be prevented.

The ins and outs of the vagina

Fri, 29 Sep 2017 08:00:00 PDT

The vagina and the female orgasm are a mystery to many. Find out how the female sex organs work together to cause sexual arousal and satisfaction.

Vaginal gas: Common causes and prevention

Thu, 28 Sep 2017 07:00:00 PDT

Vaginal gas occurs when air becomes trapped in the vagina. It is common and not normally linked with health risks, but is sometimes a sign of a fistula.

Nipple discharge: Causes and treatments

Wed, 27 Sep 2017 00:00:00 PDT

Learn about nipple discharge, including information on what the discharge is, the most common causes, and the most effective treatments.

Stage zero breast cancer: All you need to know

Sat, 23 Sep 2017 07:00:00 PDT

The stages of cancer describe how advanced the cancer is Stage zero breast cancer is the earliest form of breast cancer, and the easiest to treat.

Dense breast tissue: All you need to know

Sat, 23 Sep 2017 05:00:00 PDT

What is dense breast tissue and what are the symptoms of dense breasts? Learn about the diagnosis, if it can be prevented, and the link to breast cancer.

Wide-faced people may have a higher sex drive

Sat, 23 Sep 2017 00:00:00 PDT

New research suggests that the size and shape of one's face may predict sex drive, attitudes to casual sex, and even likelihood to cheat.

Long-term sexual satisfaction: What's the secret?

Fri, 22 Sep 2017 08:00:00 PDT

Sex is good for our health and makes us happy, studies show. Find out why so many people lose interest and what can contribute to a fulfilling sex life.

Lung cancer in women: Signs and symptoms

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 03:00:00 PDT

Recent research has suggested that lung cancer affects women differently to men. We look at the types, their causes, symptoms, treatments, and outlook.

Bioidentical hormones: Uses, benefits, and risks

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 09:00:00 PDT

In this article, learn about bioidentical hormones. What are they, how are they used, what are compounded hormones, and what are the risks?

Talking about sex may keep desire alive

Sat, 16 Sep 2017 00:00:00 PDT

A new study looks into sexual attitudes and lifestyles to understand how the loss of sexual interest varies by gender, and what factors are behind it.

Treating PCOS with a combination of oral contraceptives and spironolactone does not increase the risk of diabetes or heart disease

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 06:00:00 PDT

In women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), the most effective treatment is a combination of the oral contraceptive pill (OCP) with an anti-androgen, which does not increase the risk of metabolic...

Birth control while breast-feeding: What are the options?

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 03:00:00 PDT

What are the options for birth control when breast-feeding? We look at the pros and cons of different methods, and how they may affect breast-feeding.