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Seasons of My Heart

Updated: 2018-01-20T14:38:10.925-06:00


It's been too longer


It's been a long time since I've last blogged and I'm toying with the idea of starting up the ol' blog again!?

But, in the mean time I wanted to share with you my daughter Ashley's new blog.  She and her husband and our 2 grand daughters moved to NC.  Ashley is sharing all the fun adventures they are experiencing in their new state.

You can follow Ashley by clicking here:

Have a blessed evening everyone!

Oils, cuteness and praise


Over the past year my hubby and I have been changing a lot in our lives from eating more whole foods, avoiding GMOs, and cutting gluten (as much as we can) from our daily life style. We've also been interested, studying and research essential oils and their benefits in our lives, so when I was invited to a You*ng Living essential oil party, I jumped at the chance.  The presentation was so informative and helpful and I'm looking forward to beginning this new chapter of our lives. For years I've wrestled with cronic back pain, as well as neck and joint pain spending lots of money and time injesting medications hoping they'd help, to no avail. I'll be sure to keep you posted on how this goes.  We've also been enjoying a sweet little grand-daugther Avi*yah, and it's hard to believe she's already 5 months old and we simply cannot imagine how much a little baby could and would impact our family.  Here she is...all dressed up and ready to go shopping...... and we love to pull her cover from her head each time she comes to visit.  It's so fun to see her sweet little expression!We've also been extremely thankful for how my dad has been recovering from his bone marrow transplant.  He's now +110 days post transplant and he's doing well.For those interested, you can follow his story here!  It's truly been an amazing journey.Spring is slowly making it's way and we are looking forward to Eas*ter, with great anticipation.  If you are looking for a great bible study, to prepare your heart please check out Good Morning Girls, an amazing on-line bible study.Praying your day if full of God's amazing blessings.[...]

My Un-word for 2014


I love this post found here from my friend Darlene at Fieldstone Hill Design. Here post resinated so much with my heart that I couldn't help but join in. The past few years I too have picked a word for the year; however, this year has felt different. For some reason I couldn't pin point a word and it started to bother me. Then I read Darlene's post and I had an ah-ha moment. I don't need a "new" word this year that simply gives me one more thing to do. Rather, I need a word that can help remove pressure from my life. I hope you will join in too!

fa...fa....fa...fa...freezing out...


I don't know about you, but for us when it's this cold...we hunker down and spend a nice quiet....long weekend at home. We've not experiences temps this cold in YEARS,so I think it caught everyone of guard. Even our governor stepped in and closed all the schools throughout our state, and many businesses (including where I work) closed their offices tomorrow so everyone can stay home safe and sound. Since we knew we were going to be 'home' for a long weekend I made plans for some amazing comfort food that I'll be sharing with you over the next few days. Today, I'm sharing an amazing new recipe I made for 'blueberry french to*ast roll ups with cream cheese dipping sauce'. They are AMAZING! The only substitution I'd recommend would be whole wheat bread, for the white bread. Don't these look yummy? A link to the recipe can be found here! And, I couldn't end a post without sharing a picture of our little pumkin...all ready for the Packer Game today! She's 10 weeks old today...and growing like a weed. Stay safe and warm. Blessings, Kim~

Happy Birthday Ashley


Today, we are celebrating our precious daughter Ashley's 25th birthday.  

 Ashley has brought SO much joy to our heart and our home and we are BLESSED to be honoring her today.  As a family we celebrated her birthday on Sunday and enjoyed so yummy treats.  Ashley's always been a
flower gal, so I knew she'd love a boutique of a pretty Christ*mas arrangement.

What a blessing it is, to watch her as she has now become a new mommy.  Where does the time go?


It's Christmas Time


The gifts have been bought, wrapped and all nestled under the tree, and I find myself enjoying quiet evenings at home simply enjoying the glow of the tree lights.

There's just something about the stillness of the night, tree lights, Christ*mas music playing softly and a cup of hot chocolate that truly gets one in the Christmas spirit.

As I sit in the stillness, soaking it in, I'm reminded of the amazing things the Lord has done in our lives over the past 3 month.  Each step has brought with it joy, a few tears, and lots laughter.

In October we welcomes our sweet, precious 1st grandchild.....a girl...named Avi*yah Elizabeth.  Aviyah entered the world and simply stole our hearts.  Who knew being grand*parents could be so very special?

The past 7 weeks have been a pure joy snuggling this precious one.  Studying all of her little features, and observe in awe the amazing handywork of our heavenly father.

Christmas with this little peanut will be SO extra special and we look forward to many more grand*babies joining our family in the future.

In November, my mom and I walked with my dad through a bone marrow transplant.  We found out in April of this year that a transplant was needed as at this time, there are no further options for his cancer.

I spent 6 days with my parents in the hospital watching my dad receive an unreal amount of chemo to prep his system, and then finally, an IV drip of new bone marrow.  I'm truly in awe at my dad's strength and ability to tolerate pain...because he breezed thru the prep, and post (so far) transplant.  He even was discharged from the hospital a week a head of schedule.

The next steps in his transplant are living near the cancer hospital (in a rented apartment) for (roughly) 100 days as my dad will be monitored closely.

Here's my dad...Day +15 the day before he was discharged.

God had TRULY been faith*ful to our family....and as this year quickly comes to a close, I find myself, counting our many...many...blessings.

Wishing each of year, a Blessed Christmas season, filled with family, faith, and fun.  I know ours will be!

Our little Princess is HERE!!


She arrived....early Sunday morning, October 27th at 2:37am.  Weighing in at  7.6 pounds - 20 inches long., and she's stolen ALL of our hearts!!!

I never really knew...just how much a Nana could fall in love with a grandchild.  Now I do!!


Aviyah Elizabeth

her name is pronounced:  
"A" the A in adore
"VIY" way...insert the V where the W is
"AH" the A in adore

Her name means:
'Yahweh' is my Father

Papa and Nana meeting Aviyah for the 1st time. There truly are NO words...just BIG O' smiles.

Of course, her Mamma had her pretty as a 12 hours old.  I trained her well. :-)

And, LOOK at all that hair.  Just like her Mamma.

We are over the moon excited to be 'WELCOMING' this precious little child to our family and we know we will have years of joy, laughter and abundant amount of fun!

My heart is truly FULL! <3 p="">

Yeah for October


October has finally arrived and with it we are welcoming cooler nights, and my long awaited anticipation of wearing sweaters and enjoying all the fun flavors of FA*LL.I don't know about you, but there's something SO special about fall and all that it holds. Although I don't like to think about what follows fall, I'm longing for this season to remain for a while so that we can soak in every bit of it's beauty.Each year I look forward to gathering all of our fa*ll decorations and finding the perfect place them throughout our home.  There's something so warm and inviting about the sights and smells of fall.As I've been gathering...and nesting I found a fun project and a recipe I wanted to share with you today. Isn't this sign adorable?  I think this would look perfect in our dinning room.  Link to the directions can be found here.  I also found this amazingly yummy Potato Soup recipe.  I made it last night and needless to say, the soups gone!  it's super easy, and super quick. Thanks so much to Traci from Beneath My Heart for sharing this.Slow Cooker Potato Soup10 red potatoes, cubed1 large onion diced and sauted in butter5 cups of water3 Tbsp chicken bouillon1 tsp minced garlic1 Tbsp ranch dressing mix2 tsp dried parsleysalt and pepper to taste1 pkg real bacon bits (I used real bacon)1 C half and half1 C light sour cream1 C shredded cheddar cheese1/2 C chives or geen onionsPlace the first 9 ingredients in the crock pot.Cover and cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8 hoursWhen the potatos are tender stir in half and half, cheese, sour cream and chives/green onionsHeat through and serve.Hoping your fall is off to a wonderful start and you are enjoying this SEASON![...]

Trusting without that even possible?


October is only a few days away and with that brings a new chapter in our families lives in more than one way.

By the end (hopefully) of October, my hubby and I will be welcoming our 1st Grand-*daughter into our family.  Her nursery is set, her Mamma has her bags packed (pretty much) and now we are entering the 'waiting game' season.

I remember ALL to well how long the final month seems to drag on!  Here's hoping for a quick month, and and easy delivery.

Here's a photo I snapped a few weeks ago when we took the kids to a baseball game.  Isn't she the cutest little pregnant mamma?
She has her last baby shower this coming Sunday....and I'm sure baby A will be all set.

With all of the excitement surrounding baby A, our hearts continue to be drawn to the Lord with MUCH prayer as my Dad prepares for a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT).  We've been in the process for the past 7 months, and now...October 1st is GO date, for all the steps, processes and procedures that will lead to the transplant date.  Which, will take place on my 45th Birthday.

We are believing God for his steady hand as he leads, guides and directs our every step.  To read more about what's ahead, you can follow here!

Praying, you are all enjoying your FALL!


Faithful Friday


As I dip my toes back into the 'waters' of blogging, I'm hoping to set aside Fridays to share about God's Faithful*ness".  Our lives are lived in a fast paced motion and often, in our business we overlook way's God is Faith*ful in leading, guiding and protecting us.   My hope is to move at a little slower pace, breathing in all his faithful*ness and good*ness in my life; noticing his fingerprints through out my week.  photo:google1 Corinthians 1:9 says, 'Just think—you don’t need a thing, you’ve got it all! All God’s gifts are right in front of you as you wait expectantly for our Master Jesus to arrive on the scene for the Finale. And not only that, but God himself is right alongside to keep you steady and on track until things are all wrapped up by Jesus. God, who got you started in this spiritual adventure, shares with us the life of his Son and our Master Jesus. He will never give up on you. Never forget that.'Often, when we think about God being 'faith*ful' it's in the realm of the 'big' things.  In the 'big' areas.  Yet, God's faithful*ness is most often seen and felt in our simple comings and goings, and in our doing and being.  Today, as I reflect upon this past week I see God's 'Faithful*ness' from the perspective of being true to his promises.  Seventeen years ago, God spoke something powerful to my husband and I and we tucked it away in our hearts often reflecting on what was spoken, and asking God to reveal to our hearts when it was 'time.'  During the long season we felt we were in we waited, we pushed, we served, he knocked, we kicked, our faith grew, our faith wavered, we doubted, we questioned, we were even sure we didn't really hear from God.We spent a lot of time wondering, 'is this it?' We felt as though we were in a hide and seek game with God and for some reason, he was enjoying our constant seeking 'it'!  Then we finally decided we were going about this all wrong.  God wasn't trying to 'hide' the next, rather he simply wanted us to TRUST him, being open to his leading, guiding and directing of our every step.We've learned the hard lesson that often God sits back waiting for US to get to the end of ourselves, our resources, our that HE can prove himself Faith*ful.  And you know what?  He DID!Although at times it felt as though everything was falling really wasn't.   I recently read this quote, and it truly speaks to God's plan.'what was falling apart in my life was coming together in God's plan'.As my husband and I enter this new season...we can honestly now say, 'thank you' Lord...for the doors you've chosen to close, for in your closing, you've opened a window that has confirmed the very path you've laid out before us.This song (although a few years old) truly speaks of just how much he truly does care for us...and he WILL remain Faith*ful!  (click below to hear)You are Faith*ful<<<==>>>[...]

where does the time go....


Hey everyone!  It's been far to long since my last post (yikes) and I didn't realize just how long it's been until I looked at the date of my last post.  Lot's of things have been going on in our little corner of the world, so I thought I'd take some time to bring you all up to speed.Since we last met, summer came and it's almost gone (at least here in Minn*esota!) and lots of ground has been covered, so I thought I'd give you a 'quick' recap.June We celebrated Father's Da*y with the family.The kids came over and we enjoyed a cookout and the icing on the cake was the 'baby re*veal' we participated in.  We are SOOOOO thrilled and excited to be Welcoming a baby Girl into our family!! (NOTE: you may notice a small portion of the cake is blue.  Ha... the 1st ultra sound revealed an 80% chance that baby was a girl. A few days later the 2nd ultra sound confirmed with 100% certainty!)July We spent the 4th of July celebrating at our son's new home.  They have a beautiful huge backyard and we love spending time with them around the fire, playing yard games and picking mul*berries for a zillion trees they have.We also took advantage of the beautiful walking trails around our home.  There's something so peaceful and relaxing about taking a walk on these amazing trails.  The views are price*less. We also became 'Pup Grand*parents' to 2 adorable puppies.  Their names are Lucy and Leo...and they are adorable little stinkers!August has been an extremely busy month and it's so hard to believe it's almost over.August 4th we celebrating Andrew and Rachel's 1st wedding Anniversary.  They went away for the weekend and we had our 1st adventure of baby*sitting these 2 cute pups.  Ha!  They sure kept us on our toes.August 4th we also celebrated Ashley and her baby with her 1st baby shower.  Ashley's nanny family hosted the party and we had a wonderful time celebrating.  There's just something so special about celebrating the upcoming birth of a child!August 15th Tim and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary.  We enjoyed a wonderful day hanging out in Still*water MN which is an adorable little town nestled along the St. Croix river.  We did a little shopping, sampling at a local candy store, and enjoyed an amazing dinner on the dock.Last weekend we celebrated Ashley and baby Alb*ert's with a 2nd shower thrown by her sweet sister-in-laws. Isn't the cake just about the cutest thing you've ever seen?  And, it tasted OUT of this world.I also enjoy being crea*tive and crafty so I spent sometime making a few things for Ashley's shower.I'm SO into the chalk*board signs so I made this signand it looked perfect displayed on the food table.I've also been getting into the excitement to help decorate babies new nursery.  Ash had shared a few decorative ideas she'd like, so I got busy crafting.I bought this adorable lamp at Tar*get, then made the cute lamp shade.This little lamp will be perfect for the side table next to the rocking chair Ash is getting.We've also be busy making a zill*on (and I kid you not) baby head*bands and bows so I wanted to make something to display them on:this was super easy to make and it will match her nursery per*fectly!Soon, we will be sliding into my most favorite season of the year.....FALL!Can you tell I'm loving the 'chalk*board' art?  I love finding ideas on Pin*terest, then trying to make them on my own, freehand.  I recently found a little 'tip' for creating chalk*board art that I thought I'd pass along to you.Did you know that the best way to get the vibrant look to the chalk color is to 'dip' the chalk in water first, and then write, draw your design?  It's true!  It really works.  Of course, as you[...]

New homes, babies and health issues


It's been a busy time around here since the last time I posted, so an update is way over due!We've had a VERY long winter around here.  In fact, 2 days ago we had 7 inches of snow!  BOO!!!  Thankfully it's melted and the temps are suppose to get up to 70 by Friday. Yippee!!!A few things have certainly helped us get through the long winter and I'm SO excited to share them with you!Around the end of Feb/beginning of March our son Andrew and his wife Rachel decided they wanted to start looking for their 1st home.....and boy were they surprised when they stumbled upon it quickly!  So quickly in fact, they've already started moving in, and the final move will happen this weekend.  Yeah for temps in the 70s.Here the kids are standing on their back deck all cute and happy!!  Their home was built in 1930's and was flipped so EVERYTHING inside is brand spankin' new!  It has all the original hardwood floors, beautiful trim, on a 1/2 acre lot in the city.  The home also has a wonderful 3 car garage, alone with a storage shed.I cannot wait until they are all settled and we can enjoy their nice front porch.We've also experienced some pretty exciting news from our daughter Ashley and her husband Joe.  They will be having a BA*BY in October.  Their sweet little family will be growing from 2 to 3 and we couldn't be more EXCITED!Aren't they adorable?????  So, until we find out if the baby will be a boy or girl, I'm doing what any good soon-to-be grandma would do...I'm buying LOTS of boy/girls shoes....and LOTS of headbands for a baby girl!!!My mom (soon-to-be great grandma) has even gotten into the excitement and she's made baby their first little blanket!  How adorable.We certainly will be busy watching Andrew and Rachel set up their new home, as well as enjoying this season in Ashley and Joe life!What exciting times!Yet, in the midst of all of the excitement, we have been continuing our journey with my dad as he's battling cancer.Last week my husband Tim and I traveled with my parents to meet my dad's new cancer dr to determine next steps as we've reached a time when decisions need to be made.My dad is tentatively scheduled for a bone marrow transplant around the end of August/early September.  I'd truly covet your prayers as we begin this leg of the journey.I've set up a caringbridge site for my dad and you can follow the journey here! We truly are BLESSED and so THANKFUL that we serve a God who walks with us in the midst of our joys, as well as our difficult times!  And, we know that God will continue to lead, guide and direct our steps as we walk towards this bone marrow transplant.[...]

Love wooden sign


A few months ago I found an adorable wooden sign on Santy2Chic's blog and I quickly put the idea in my 'need to make this in the future' file.Today was the day I decided to make this adorable 'LOVE' sign.It was super easy, was very time consuming. Cost to me was: $10.91*wood-FREE thanks to my dad*stain-Walmart $3.97 *cheese cloth-Walmart $2.97*gorilla glue-I had*ivory paint-I had*brushes-I had*muslin-Walmart $3.97 (I used close to 2 yards)*stencil letters-free, i used a brown paper grocery bagHere's what you do:Step #1I had my dad cut 6 wood strips 45 inches long, by 4 1/4 wide2. My dad then cut wood pieces to glue on the back to hold the strips in place.  These were 24 inches long by 1 1/4 inch wide.(the pieces I used are VERY thin.  I didn't want the finished product to be to heavy for the wall)Step #2I used my handy friend, Gorilla glue to glue everything together.  I thought I took a picture of this process, but apparently, I didn't.I let the wood dry over night so that it would be good and secure the next day.Step #3I found a stain color that closely match the cherry wood finish in our bedroom furniture, and I also picked up cheese cloth to use to wipe off the wood once I stained it.  I only needed to use 1 coat of stain, however, based on the color you are looking for you may need to stain numerous times.Because I used scrap wood, my dad mentioned that some pieces may take the stain differently than others....but I was ok with that.Step #4I did NOT have stencils for the letters: L, V, E so I did the next best thing.  I grabbed a few paper grocery bags and drew the letters freehand.  After the letters were cut out, I used an ivory colored pencil to trace the letters on the board.Once the letters were traced, I used ivory craft paint and began painting.Now, at this point, I sent my mom a picture so she could see my progress.  And, within minutes my dad called to tell me the wood wasn't flush.  Ha...I knew that, and since I'm not patient a wood working kind of person....I was OK with the 'rough' look.Step #5Next I took the heart that I cut out of the paper bag and began hot gluing rosette's that I made out of muslin material.  The web has a lot of sites on 'how to' make rosette's, so you can easily find tips.  I cut my muslin in 18 inch long, by 2 1/2 to 3 inch wide strips to make the rosette's.This step TRULY took the longest.  I'm guessing it took me close to 3 hours.  After my heart was full of rosette's, I hot glued the heart to the board. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of this step too.Step #6The finished product!I'll be adding this to Pin*terest under...pinned it, made it![...]

Ten on Tuesday...favorite phone apps


Happy Tuesday everyone!  It's cold...snowy...and only 21 degree's here in Minne*apolis....COME ON S*P*R*I*N*G!!!Today...I thought I'd share with you my top 10 phone app's.  There are SO many out there to use and I'd encourage you to share some of your favorites.The app's are in no particular order....1. My Fitness PalI LOVE...LOVE...LOVE....this app.  It's a great tool to keep track of what you eat, how much water you drink and your exercise program.  You can also keep track of the calories you consume daily and, it also let's you know when you've reached your limit.  What a great tool to keeps track of your fat grams, carbs, sugar, fiber, protein, etc that you consume on a daily basis.  2. Map My RunAlthough  I NO longer run..(boo!) I am doing A LOT of walking and using the eliptical machine.  This app keeps track of your distance no matter where you are.  It's awesome.3. InstagramI really like this photo app!  You can upload your photo's here, and follow others who use instagram.  You can follow me at: kimberndt4. InstaCollageThis app allows you to create adorable collages using the photo's you have on your photos! 5.Pinter*estIt's bad enough that I can keep up with Pin*terest on my laptop, I can also keep up with it on my phone!  I some Pin*terest.  Have you checked Pin*terest out yet??6. Pandora*(photo from goog*le)If you enjoy music, you'll love Pan*dora.  Simply download, type in the style of music you enjoy and you are all set!7. ViberViber app allows you to make free phone calls, and text for free!  This is great to use if you have friends/family who are not on your same phone plan, or do not have texting.8. Non GMOThis app is an amazing tool if you are looking for food products that DO NOT have genetically modified organisms.  Due to my husbands recent health issues we've been very careful with what we eat.  I've been blown away by the realization that SO many of the foods we consume are filled with GMO's.   (I'll be sharing a post soon with a few of my new favorite sites regarding this issue)9. KLOVEI seriously LOVE KLOVE rad*io and I'm SO thankful that I can stream it on my phone!  Yeah!!10. The Bible This is one of my favorite apps.  Not only can you look up scriptures, but you can also join different bible reading plans.  And, I also love that when I want to look up a passage of scripture to encourage someone via email/text, it's right there!All of the app's that I've shared are FREE which is so cool and I hope that if you are looking for an app or two, this list gives you a few ideas![...]

Chalk, chevron and gray


For some reason each year, turning our clocks ahead an hour ALWAYS gets the best of me; so today, coffee with french van*illa cream is my close companion!  Although I do love the fact that by turning our clocks ahead, it means spr*ng will soon be here and that ALWAYS gets me in the the organizing, crafting kind of mood.

Today I thought I'd share with you a few of the projects I tacked on Saturday.

Recently I visited my local good*will and I found this cute red tray.  Although I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...the color red....for spring I'm switching things up to gray's, creams and yellows so I knew this tray would look perfect on my dining room table painted gray.

Not only did I paint the tray gray, I also repainted my candle sticks from black to white.  It sure brightened up my dining room.

In my dining room I have a cute little black chair that I've been looking forward to changing up with some new chev*ron fabric that I purchased at Hobby Lo*bby a few weeks ago when I was home visiting my parents.  

Chev*ron is so in right now....and I honestly wish I would have purchased more of the fabric.

The next project at hand was to find a large picture frame that I could transform into a chalkboard.  I recently created one for my dining room wall and my daughter Ashley wanted one as well.  They are so fun, and easy to make...and all for $4.99...the cost of the picture from none other than....good*will.

I have a few more crafty type ideas up my sleeve, and I'm looking forward to creating them.

What fun things have  you been up to?

Ten on Tuesday


Today I thought I'd share 10 of my favorite things from this past week.1. We enjoyed a yummy family dinner this past week with the kids at Tex*as Road*house.  It was fab.2. I LOVE that Zoie and Annabelle LOVE pin*terest as much as I do!  So sweet.3. My new way to cook is with coconut oil.  The best.4. Saturday I spent part of my afternoon at B's (Ash's nanny kids) hockey game.  I'm blown away how a bunch of little guys can skate!5.  We celebrated Andrew's 21st Birthday.  Where has the time gone?6. I found this cute little make up bag (on clearance) at Tar*get.  It works perfect for all my lipstick, gum, cough drops, kleenex, etc.  I can simply pull it out of one purse, and plop it into a different purse.7.  This is my new FAV lipstick brand.  I love the texture...and the price.8. I'm LOVIN' all the fun spring ideas I'm seeing on Pin*terest.  I'm on the hunt for these 2 tops!9. Playing board games with the family.  This is quickly becoming a weekly event.10. And, last but NOT least....I SO  get a kick out of watching our TV.  They go crazy!Feeling SO blessed this week....and knowing we all have SO much to be Thankful for!Be Blessed.[...]

What I LOVIN' Wednesday


Today I thought I'd share a few things that I'm LOVIN' from Pinterest.  These items are on my 'wish list!I LOVE this 'chev*ron table runner...This "chev*ron scarf is adorable...This chev*ron cell phone case......from PinterestHow about this cute chev*ron picture frame from pinterestAnd last...but not least this ADORABLE chev*ron pillow!!!What are you LOVIN' today???[...]

Ten on Tuesday


Today I'm joining in on a little  'Ten on Tuesday' fun.  Here are my top 10's for today.1. The gym-I've been (trying) to go at least 4 times a week and I'm LOVING it.  I'm back in the groove....and am running up to 2 miles non-stop....looking forward to the day I can do 4.2. Our new eating habits.  Due to my hubby's hospital visit over Christ*mas...we've TOTALLY over hauled our eating.  We've cut sugar/carb in a HUGE way and are eating more fresh fruits, veggies, lean means, nuts and things high in protein/fiber.3. Today is suppose to get close to the mid 30's before we plumit back to zero!  So I'll take that.4.  I've LOVIN' Trad*er Joes...and Whole Fo*ods.5. I loved re-organization......and walking into my closet this morning and finding my jewlery quick and easy.6. I'm hooked on this game....Settlers of Catan  Although I've only won 1x (yes...I've probably played it 30x's.....I'm a slow learner) I look foreward to having the whole gang over to play.7.  Perhaps I've been under a rock.....but who knew Downton Abbey could be so amazing??  I've watched my way through season 1...and am now working on season 2.  LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...8. I love snow...and winter......9.  This has become one of my favorite nail polish colors!10.  SMASH BURGER...(they have chicken too)...if you've not tried are missing out!Joining my friend from Kiki's Korner...for Ten on Tuesday...[...]

Your Beautiful Purpose


Last October I was blessed to meet my sweet blogger friend Kathy Schwanke for coffee at a local Star*bucks.  Each time I meet with her, I walk away feeling so refreshed and BLESSSED (You can check out her blog Blessed!) and this coffee chat was no different.As we chatted, Kathy asked me if I'd be willing to read, and review a book written by Susie Larson called: "Your Beautiful Purpose?"  I was quick to say YES!  I had met Susie some 13 years ago as my family had visited the church she was attending, and I knew about her ministry and began following her on her journey.  We also lived in the same neighborhood, and I remember fondly one sunny afternoon when her husband stopped by to chat while he was out on his afternoon bike ride.  Susie is the 'REAL' deal.  She speaks and shares from a DEEP WELL and you quickly realize...she knows her Savior.  If you are looking for a book to help you on your life journey as you continue to discover "Your Beautiful Purpose"...this book is for you.  Or, if you are a Women's ministry leader looking for a great small group book...this is perfect for you too.Regardless of where you find yourself on your spiritual journey, "Your Beautiful Purpose" will be sure to touch your heart and soul. So go ahead....order the book...grab a cup of coffee...and a high-lighter...and begin your journey as God reveals 'Your Beautiful Purpose."BOOK REVIEW:From the first page to the last of Susie Larson’s book ’Your Beautiful Purpose’ I’ve felt as though I’ve had a life changing conversation with my best friend. Susie’s book is so much more than a book, rather it has become a great resource to glean powerful words of truth; as I’m daily finding myself returning to her pages rereading portions I’ve high-lighted.Through the pages of “Your Beautiful Purpose” I’ve felt as though Susie was walking with me on my journey, experiencing much of what I’m experiencing as she’s so willingly and lovingly shared many experiences from her own faith journey. She’s real, authentic, and her love for her Heavenly Father and doing his will truly flows through her pen. I’ve been challenged, I’ve been chastened, I’ve been encouraged, I’ve been equipped, and mostly, I’ve been drawn closer to my Savior.My heart especially resonated with Susie’s chapters on the “Four Seasons” we experience. Run….Rest…..Stand…..Active. Recently becoming empty nesters, as well as my husband and I joining a new ministry position these chapters truly spoke great words of wisdom and comfort to my heart during this season of our lives. Susie’s insights, have given me great food for thought as I daily continue on my faith journey.Regardless of your season of life, your ministry involvement, your social or economic status, you will find this book impactful to your heart and soul. God truly does have a “Beautiful Purpose” for each of our lives, and Susie’s book will join you on your journey as you continue to find your “Beautiful Purpose.”[...]

What I 'LoViNg' Wednesday


Here's what I'm LOVIN' on this beautiful day.....I'm LOVIN' that tonight is date night with my guy! I so look forward to these special moments.  We had a little 'scare' over Christ*mas which included a few days in the hospital...(I'll share more on that later) and I'm just SO thankful.....for God's faithfulness....for his healing....and for this amazing guy in my life.I've been in an organizing, creating mode and I'm 'LOVIN' my lamp make over.I'm ;LOVIN' my reorganized closet.......which includes all my scarves and jewelry. BLISS!!!I'm 'LOVIN' my new iphone background.  Yeah for chevron!!!These 2 adorable pups are SOOOOO lovable.  I'm 'LOVIN' cuddling with them on these below zero days here in MN.I'm counting my BLESSINGS......and 'LOVIN' our family!  We truly are blessed with an amazingly beautiful daughter (left) Ashley...and her precious hubby Joe...and our son fun loving, funny son Andrew...and his adoarable wife Rachel!What are you LOVIN' today???[...]

Keeping Christ As Christmas...ebook


Today I want to share with you about an amazing opportunity to purchase an ebook that wil truly BLESS your heart as we are now heading into the Christmas season.

My dear friend Jennifer Walker (Smelling Coffee blog) has written an ebook called:

Keeping Christ As Christmas

Keeping Christ As Christmas is a book that will challenge your heart as you prepare for the Christmas Season. This book is not only inspirational, but practical and full of ideas that will help you keep Christ as the center focus.

Jennifer has an amazing heart with a passionate walk with the Lord; and God has truly gifted her in the area of teaching, and ministering HIS truth through both written and spoken words.

Through the pages you will learn how to have a 'quiet time' with the Lord as Jennifer shares practical easy step to help you impliment a quiet time.

Jennifer also shares many many thoughtful ideas from gift giving on a budget, to ideas for christmas cards/letters, traditions, setting the tone in your home, keeping an attitude like many, and so much more.

Keeping Christ as Christmas will not only encourage your heart as you embark on the upcoming season; but it will stir within you a desire to lead your home and family with a new resolve to keep Christ the center.

For more information on how to purchase this book, please visit Jennifer here.

You can also follow Jennifer and Keeping Christ As Christmas via facebook here.

You can also follow Jennifer at her blog, Smelling Coffee here.

Praying that as prepare your heart and home for Christmas, your heart and home will be filled with God's presence.

Thankful Heart ~ Day #5


As we move into November, darker days, colder nights I've been reminded of just how faithful my heavenly father is to me.

So often, in the hustle and bustle of life it's easy to overlook his loving kindness and his careful planning to meet our very basic needs.  Often, I find myself getting caught up in prayers for the 'big' things.  The 'big' needs...all the while, ignoring and not being appreciative for all the 'things' he already provides.

Today, my heart is SO thankful clothing.

Food~Each morning I'm blessed beyond measure to wake up to coffee brewing in our coffee pot, pumpkin swirl bread lightly toasted, smoothered in yummy apple butter that I made in my crock pot.

Shelter~this past summer...we were in need of a new place to live....and I often found myself filled with worry, fear, and anxiety over what we might find.  Yet, HE knew...and HE provided the perfect place for our hearts to call home.

Clothing~God has been teaching me to be 'content'with what I have. God's blessed me with a closet full of warm comfy clothes......lovely scarfs....and warm boots.

My heart is truly his faithfulness..and caring for every 'little' detail of my life...because...they aren't little to him.

Matthew 2:26  "Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?"

November Thankfulness Days 1-4


I'm a lover of Fall and all the things that are tucked into these months.  October brings with it all the beautiful colors, cooler temps and fun family times visiting apple orchards, walks, and sipping yummy fall drinks from Star*bucks.November, always bends my heart towards being intential about the things I'm thankful for.  Of course, I strive to daily focus on such things, but November allows me to put on paper the things I'm Thankful for and use it as a resource throughout the next year as to all the things I'm truly blessed with.My plan is to daily post my Thankfulness list, but as you can tell..I'm a little behind so for today, I'm posting November 1st-4th:November 1st:-Day 1-So THANKFUL for Gods amazing grace. Though I stumble and fall....he remains gracious and loving towards me! ♥November 2nd-Day 2- thankful for intramural 'super bowl' under the lights....with Andrew and Rachel. Kick off at 9:45....temp 37 degrees. GO ANDREW....GO MOE.  (Andrew's team won the game!)November 3rd-Day 3-Thankful for fun family night playing games with the kids.  Thank you Rachel for being so gracious and letting me snap a picture.....even were in your saturday grubs.....still love your hair! lol  He had a lot of fun playing apples to apples..and nertz.  It may or may not have been a little too competitive......yikes.November 4th-Day 4--thankful for quiet mornings in his word....refreshing my in my favorite mug...while snuggling in my favorite quilt my Mom made for me.And...I'm always thankful for these 2 sweeties.  We've been battling a stomach bug this we enjoyed church at home today...snuggled up on the couch.I'm so looking forward to counting my blessings...and naming/listing them one by one.  How are you feeling blessed and thankful?[...]

Love Sunday afternoons...


It's been a quiet Sunday afternoon here.  The temps are hovering around 70 (which is warm for us this time of the year) a lot of our beautiful fall colors are starting to fade.I love this time of the year and I can never get enough of the colors and pumpkins.

Yet ,the smells of fall are alive in our home. The coffee's been brewed.....pumpkin cookies have been made......and we are relaxing while watching football.  I'm ALWAYS so thankful for Sundays...and the gift of rest they bring.

I'm also loving the 'apple butter' that I made a week ago in my crockpot.  In fact, I've made 2 patches.  It's easy-peasy, and oh so yummy.
Praying you are enjoying your Sunday.

Made it...pinned it...


I've always had a 'love'....'hate'...relationship with laundry soap.  I love it...because I need it....I hate it...because of the cost.Last summer while crusing blogland I ran across a few homemade laundry soap receipes so I thought I'd give it a try.  To my surprise, it's super easy to make, lasts a long time, and I's a link to the soap, and here's how I make mine:You'll need to purchase the following products.1. Grate the bar of Fels-naptha soap2.Put in a pot of 4 cups of water and cook on medium heat stirring until all of the fels-naptha has melted.3.Fill a 5 gallon bucket 1/2  full of hot water.4. Pour in the soap mixture5. Add 1 C of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda and 1/2 C. of Borax6. Stir7. Fill the rest of the 5 gallon bucket with hot water and stir again.8. Cover and let it sit over night.9. The next day, remove lid and stir. (it should be thick/gelish)10. fill an empty milk jug half full of soap mixture, and 1/2 full of water and shake.There you go.  easy, peasy.And, if you want, you can display it like I did in my new laundry room.[...]