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FaveBlog Mod Podge Give Away!!!



Come on and join in the fun!! Here is the link!
Have fun MODPODGING!!!
Much Love,

Charity and Allen's May Wedding


What a was romantic and beautiful with a dash of silliness added in. The church was stunning, loved the wedding colors, the stunning flowers everywhere. It was perfect. Charity had invited some of us from work to witness their union and get 'our party on', and boy oh boy did we! When we arrived at the reception, this is what was on our tables. Charity had handmade all these event schedules, they were just beautiful and very handy on letting us know what was coming next for the evening.This was one photo from her photographer that day, these are her darling nieces and perhaps either a cousin or friends daughter(s). Aren't they just precious! Darling!Charity and Allen's first dance!People from the hospital being super crazy with an action shot!Charity and Allen, thank you so very much for allowing me to witness such a beautiful day for you both!Much Love, [...]



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We need to STOP BULLYING!!! Do your part!
Don't walk away, step in and intervene!!
Report the crime right away!
Remember...Jonah I love you and your worthy of love!
You do have a million reasons to be here! And I and
many more of us believe in your strength!
Much Love,

BookSneeze Review: Lies the government told you


Dear Bloggers, I need to do a review of this book I have read. Interesting comes to mind at first, but once I opened and read the first 3 chapters I had a different thought...WOW, this man took some guts and really put it out there.

Throughout our history, the federal government has lied to send our children off to war, lied to take our money, lied to steal our property, lied to gain our trust, and lied to enhance its power over us. Not only does the government lie to us, we lie to ourselves. We won't admit that each time we let the government get away with misleading us, we are allowing it to increase in size and power and decrease our personal liberty.

In acquiescing to the government's continuous fraudulent behavior, we bear partial responsibility for the erosion of our individual liberties and the ever-expanding federal regulation of private behavior. This book attacks the culture in government that facilitates lying, and it challenges readers to recognize that culture, to confront it, and to be rid of it.
Please go to BookSneeze to check out other reviews.

Much Love,

Where my LOVE of Moroccan Mint Green Tea came to be...


All of this started with my darling friend ask how. Well, this man is extraordinarily healthy in almost all septum's. We have known each other for a couple of years now, and I have always turned to Rob, with any of my health inquires. In fact, Rob and I became fast friends quite quickly, not with just the my health inquires but with all things in each others lives. We were fast to discover so many 'likenesses' and 'loves'. I find Rob incredibly intelligent and love that mind of his (and let you in on a little secret, he is gorgeous to! I tell him all the time..."I love that brain of yours!". I have come to trust Rob with so many things in my life, he is truly an incredible friend and man. I share this with all of you, because I have shared so many people in my life's story, that I needed to introduce you to this HEART worthy friend. Trust me when I say...he has become one of my dearest friends. I absolutely love this man...this man who is my best friend, Rob! OK, so I digress. It was Rob who first introduced me to the Moroccan Mint Green Tea! Since that fateful day, I am a true addict. I have a huge pitcher in my fridge, I drink it cold and over ice about 3-4 times a day. And from the first day of me partaking in this life's little pleasure, it has done this body good! I feel SO much better, from inside to out! And from doing the research online, I see it does SO much more! And the biggest plus...IT TASTES SUPERB! So, my darling blogging friends, please go...and buy a box, brew it, ice it, sit down with a good book and partake in a refreshing pause! That is not only yummy to the tummy, but also the best thing one can do for one's body and mind! ENJOY! There is just something about a refreshing cup of mint tea that can make even the worst day seem just a little brighter. With just enough zing to delight our taste bugs, we enjoy the taste and often gain a sense of well being from settling into a favorite chair and sipping along for a time. But what truth is there to the legends of minted teas? Do they really have something about them that can raise our spirits or in general enhance our well being? Here are some of the claims made for teas with mint and what they can actually do for us. For many years, minted herbal teas have enjoyed the reputation of providing recuperative powers to both the body and to the mind. There is no doubt that most of us find mint to be refreshing and desirable in many different ways. Many of us enjoy after dinner mints because of the way that mint can help to cleanse our palates. Quite a few of us enjoy the taste of chocolates seasoned with mint flavor when we take in a matinee at our favorite movie theater. We may add a sprig of fresh mint into some of our recipes. So it should come as no surprise that we would enjoy a tea that is made with brewed mint leaves. The taste alone can help us to achieve a lighter mood. It can certainly be said that minted herbal tea has the ability to enhance our moods, even if indirectly. When it comes to physical ailments, many people will swear by the use of mint tea as an effective and natural way to deal with an upset stomach. The mint is thought to be an excellent way to calm a sense of nausea, as well as soothe a fever and help to calm the chills of the common cold. The mint herb tea is a quick and easy way to introduce the mint and its healing powers into the body, calming the ailing person and allowing them to have enough relief that he or she can get some rest and begin to heal. When it gets down to it, mint tea can indeed help ease some ailments, and help make your day seem a little better. The fact that the tea has an excellent taste just makes the experience of drinking mint herbal tea all the more satisfying. Mint has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years with it's origins in Europe and Asia. There are many varieties of mint, by far the most popular for tea making is Peppermint. Mint contai[...]

Labor of Love Halloween Blog Hop


Bloggers! Welcome to Happy House of Haas...I can't say enough how much fun you are going to have hopping and checking out the wonderful banners of other bloggers! This wonderful lady from The CardMonkey's Paper Jungle ,Ellen, started this for her children! Yes, her kids from PSC!
Ellen works as a Admissions Dirertor for the Pediatric Specialty Care (PSC) and wanted to cheer the children up this Halloween season. How you ask? With bloggers from all over the world making Halloween Banners to be hung in the children's rooms. Truly a fantastic idea! I had to jump on board! A great cause and just the thought of children enjoying the banners made my heart smile! So, without further delay let the hopping begin! Enjoy bloggers! I can't wait to dive in to the hop myself!


Next one on the list is Lisa, Bit by the Cricut Bug!!! Please have fun and maybe next time around you will consider joining in on this wonderful good cause! Happy Hopping Bloggers!
Much Love, (image)

Fun Ideas for Valentine's Day...


I can't tell you how much I love blogging, I find new ideas for crafts and scrapbooking from all the blogs I follow. Today I wanted to share a few great ideas from some fellow bloggers. I will post some pics and then link them to their sites, so you too can enjoy what their blogs have to offer! First and foremost I can't thank the blogs I follow enough for always providing great posts and ideas! I have a binder filled to the brim with all the wonderful ideas! I have done some and some I will do 'one day', please keep it up my fellow bloggers, because this blogger for one....LOVES all the posts!Here is a fun and simple idea from Brown Paper Packages: Candy Heart BraceletsAnd this darling card made by no other than Kimberly from Stampin' by the Sea. I ADORE her blog, she sells Stampin' Up and really knows her stuff! I found her through blogging and fell in love with her style and her beautiful 'how-to's'! Enjoy ladies this beautiful card!Ladies!!!! You are going to LOVE this idea! It's from one of my most favorite blogs TaterTots & Jello.Here is her beautiful, Whimsical Cupcake Liner Valentine's Door Wreath!Well lovely ladies, I hope you have fun bouncing from blog to blog to get some great crafting ideas for 'your' Valentine!!! Leave a comment on what your favorite blog is! Tootles!Much Love,[...]

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!


(card done by Regina Mangum over @ the stampin' bean blog)

Oh Ladies!!! We have a winner of the overstuffed 9x12 envie! The winner was done by, and since I had 72 comments, I put in 1 thru 72 and the number generated was 69!!!!

And so, the lovely lady who is: PINK BLING CRAFTER!!

Congratulations! I will contact you on your blog or email, and if you can then send me your addy I will get that right out for you!

This was super fun and hope to be invited to do more by people! I will always have blog candy to give away! So, let the blog hop's begin!
Much Love,

New Year's Thank You Blog Hop!!!


Welcome to my Blog, and the New Year’s Thank You Card Blog Hop! If you've come from visiting Corri @ Bug Lover Cards, you're in the right place.

At first, I was quite nervous to display one of my simple cards. I am truly at the beginning to learn how to make cards. When Jennifer asked me to join in the fun, I just couldn't pass it up. I had so much with the last one and I didn't even submit a card! Without any further waiting, here are two of the same image but different color schemes! Enjoy!
Also, to make it even more fun, I am including some yummy blog candy. Here is all you have to do. Leave me a comment (and where I can contact you) AND become a FOLLOWER of my blog!!! See simple right ladies! Do both things and you will be entered! The yummy blog candy will be a 9 X 12 envie stuffed to the seams with some scrap booking items, some fun items, some yummy items, etc!!

Next stop on the New Year's Thank You Blog Hop is

If you were just looking at my blog and want to play along with our blog hopping fun, you can go to the beginning at Crafty Card Gallery. This blog hop is intended to help you get ideas for Thank You Cards. I know I have a ton to make, and appreciate ideas when I get them. There will be opportunities to win some blog candy or get ideas to help you with your New Year’s Resolutions! So sit back, and enjoy the hop! I know I can't wait to see all the fab cards! Thanks again Jennifer for hosting this Blog Hop!
Much Love,

Happy Thanksgiving!


Hoping everyone were with their loved ones on Thanksgiving! Jim and I had a super great time with my mom and dad and mom's friend, Betty! Great food and great conversation. And then we played a couple board games and really got our laugh on.
It was a great day, and Jim and I are truly blessed to have so much to be thankful for.

Much Love,

Book Review: A Year with God


A Year with God is a book that can be used as a daily devotional or as a devotional as needed. Even if one doesn't pick up the Bible daily, I highly suggest reading one devotional a day from this well written book.

The great thing is that the book numbers the days (ex. day 1, day2, so on) rather than dating them (ex. Jan 1, 2010). It allows the reader to start at any calendar date. Another good aspect to this book, is it's content pages. Say for example, the reader, needed to find something on fear, all you would have to do is look it up and go directly to that devotional.

Therefore, I highly suggest this book for the reader who either wants to tackle it as a daily devotional or the reader who needs to focus on a particular devotional.

Much Love,

Treats in the mail...


Here is what came in today from Oh! Happy day, I love getting things from frugalities, first the way they wrap everything together! It is just super fun to open!Here are the items:Letters to Mod Podge and embellish! Yeah!Every girl needs a good pair of tweezers for that 'delicate' job in embellishing!Flower...and more flowers!A new product for vintage images. Good for my alter art projects!Another new product for transparencies. I can't wait to try this out on some pages or alter art.A fun pad of Halloween paper, which I am now using to make a guest book for a friend's Halloween party.Paper with crowns on it...are you kidding me?! What gal doesn't need this!And all this was 'free' items that Frugalities just throw in to finish off the packaging process! I love it! Free stuff!And wait I received one more package!I received this once I joined Cricut Circle, and elite Cricut group. So, we recieved new cartridge and a special trinket! In this case a braclet for me!I love this group, we have challenges to try and win BIG prizes and have access to exclusive deals from Provo Craft. I love this group!Well friends, enjoy the eye candy! And hope to have a few projects photographed to display here soon!Much Love,[...]

Afghanistan or Bust...


This post will be filled with mixed emotions! I have a very good friend named Cameron, who is going to be leaving at o'dark thirty on a military cargo plane headed to a hostile placed called...Afghanistan. He is with the 101st Airborne Division...he is a medic! Probably the most dangerous job in the Army, well as of right now, since snipers are trying to pick them off one by one.

I will pray every day till he is home safely, I will pray that he does his job well, I will pray for his family, I will pray that what he sees over there doesn't change his beautiful heart.

He chose to serve this great country of ours and he will do it with great honor and pride. We are very proud of Cam, and wish him the best, it's not good bye my dear's till next time!

Much Love,

August - Mystery Trip


Adrien's month and she planned a fun, easy day! It first started out with an early dinner at a great place...Capital Dawg! It's all about hot dogs folks! You name it they got it! Great food and great customer service and great prices! And since Adrien doesn't like beef they have turkey or veggie dogs too! That you can have in ANY order! I had this yummy hot dog...the Governor Dawg! Heck ya! If your going to do it do it big!I have been living in Sacramento for over 20 years and NEVER knew this place existed! For all my local blog followers and those who are coming to visit! Gotta make this a stop on your list of things to see and eat at!We were a bit early for our 'event' (I will get back to that soon...) so we decided to go in and have an ice tea and relax before we got into our event! This is a wonderful place in a very historic part of Sacramento, in it's hay day it was quite the cat's meow, the area that is. But over the years the area fell into disarray and lots of crime and gang activity turned it into a nightmare in Sacramento. Things are on the mend and changing quite a bit in this place...Oak Park! This coffee/bakery shoppe is a fabulous turn about for that community. It was beautiful inside. I highly suggest you take in a lunch and iced coffee here! Fantastic customer service!And NOW for the best part! The Fundraising Event to collect money for the animal shelters in Sacramento county for the FOOD for these animals! Cats, dogs, rabbits, horses you name it they support it! It was a great evening with Lee Perkins as host (Radio celebrity for V101.1), and fun raffle prizes which we won a great one (well actually Adrien won, but since I was there with her I win by to L Wine! So we might have to do a movie day and take in a cocktail afterwards! You know...a girlie day! We love those type of days! Don't we Adrien?! Truly a great night with my Best Friend Adrien! She opened my eyes to a new facet to our mystery trips...fundraisers! I love the idea of helping our community out and we have some great causes out in Sacramento and surrounding areas! I loved the simpleness of this Mystery Trip and loved it even more the way my heart felt after the 'event' knowing I helped out at a great organization! Till our next Mystery Trip!Much Love,[...]

July Mystery Trip - 2010


Blogging world is the latest Mystery Trip for Adrien and I. It was my month, and believe me, July I had alot of things to choose from. My mom gave me this idea, due to her taking my dad there from a prompting from the Sacramento Bee. Not only did we get to see the whole Aerospace Museum of California but also our tickets got us in to see the Star Trek Exhibit!!!! Hit the highlighted link to see what I am talking about. Now we couldn't take pics in the Star Trek Exhibit but they had two stations where we paid someone to take our pics...sitting on the Upper Deck of the Enterprise and the Transporter Room. Cute pics! We took in the static displays on the outside first since it would be heating up rather quickly. Here is what we saw!Some really great static displays! I am just blown away how beautiful this complex is. I had no idea that they had rebuilt the Aerospace Museum of California...I was used to the dirty ol' hangers on McClellan. I am telling you if you live here or come visit! This my friends is must see! The whole complex is stunning, and the volunteers that work there, are beyond knowledgeable, some of them are the same pilots who flew some of those planes. Get yourself and your family over to this wonderful part of California truly was an eye opener!After we took in this great museum it was off to lunch! I planned it out so we went to a brand new restaurant up in Roseville called: Dave & Buster's, it's the adult version of Chucky CheeseThey have some great specials...called eat & play! So, this was the chicken tacos plate YUMMY! And then we got our gaming on...seriously!See! Since my best friend looks way cuter than me...I showed her getting her game on!Then after all that gaming, we need a cold treat! Big Spoon was a perfect ending to a perfect day!Much Love,[...]

A thing of beauty...


I wanted to share a product that Hunky Hubby and I just installed in our home. On the recommendation of our friend - Jake Mason - we made the plunge to purchase a Levolur Cordless Cellular Shade in the color of Sand. Both of them went to Lowe's last night and picked it up...and as easy as I throw in a load of laundry, Jake and Hunky Hubby had the old one out and new shade installed!

Today, the house is much cooler and we are now able to watch television during the day. The house we are renting was built in the 1940's so not the most perfect design placement of the big picture window. The window is fully exposed in the early afternoon sun all the way till the sun sets. The sun just pours in the window which in the summer is not something you want when it is 105 out. My house at one time would run as high as 90 degrees inside. Now it is a beautifully cool 71...RIGHT NOW and it is almost 90 degrees outside! And we watched some television this morning with no sitting in a weird angles to see the screen due to a glare on the screen!

I am pleased as punch that WE have a wonderful, wise friend as Jake Mason! What a blessing that man is to our little family! Jake we love you and are blessed to call you our friend, thanks for helping us!
Much Love,

Here's our wishlist for camping gear...


Here are a few things I have put on a wish list for the Haas's. Since everyone has an opinion about what works best for them...I, too have some opinions now too. The last camping trip has opened our eyes to what we would like our camping trip to be like...and comfort and convenience is what we are looking for. And the first place we started is with the grill. Jim and I both agreed if your going to do it...then do it right. We are not big fans of Coleman (smaller stoves)...don't get me wrong it's all right and most people use this brand. But again, as our opinion goes we want something with a lot more power and space. Those small Coleman stoves won't cut it for us. We plan on camping with a usual group of 4-6 people and we need some cooking power and space. The last camping took forever to cook things and then once you did one thing you had to set it off to the side (or by the fire to keep warm). We want to be able to do dual items without our food getting cold. Here is what we are saving our pennies for (because if you know us...we don't do credit...only cash). We think this unit ROCKS!Now we know some peeps will be poop-pooing us on our selection, due to their love for the Coleman stove. They can keep it(just poking the bear for those who use the Coleman...still have love for those peeps)...this is the Camp Chef 3 burner Big Gas Grill III. And this baby has some power and will really be an asset for the Haas's crew!Next item up is this kick-butt grill/griddle combo. It has room on it for some serious Q'ing and griddling (Jim's kick-ass pancakes). Again...big and roomy so we can get more done so we are not serving ONE person at a time...geesh! that was a chore! This is called Camp Chef Reversible Grill/Griddle combo. Heck YA!And I think buying a higher quality cooler is a must. I know most people (and us included) think a cooler is a cooler. Alas, I have now changed my's allowed folks!! I want to invest in a great cooler. And according to Consumer Reports this cooler keeps ice solid for 2 days straight...heck ya baby! If kept our ice solid for 2 days straight...which to me is great, then no more worries about soggy food or worrying if food gets water logged. And through my research I discovered this cooler...The YETI TUNDRA 45 Quart Cooler. Now they do have smaller sizes, which is excellent if you are camping with a smaller crowd or want things in two or three coolers. Our thinking is everything in ONE cooler saves on space. I have done alot of research on all our camping gear on our wish list. Through Consumer Reports and Camping Digest and through personal experience. We are putting money way as I type, so we can start purchasing our gear. But the rule stands...don't have the cash for it...then we just have to wait to get it!(a view looking over the Russian Gulch...we love this area!)It will be a slow process as Jim and I are not one's who do everything on credit cards as others do. We are strictly a cash couple. Better budget and better credit. Now of course that is us, but for the 2 years we have been doing that...we let's just say are kicking butt on staying on our budget and our credit scores are gaining momentum. We have all been hit with financial woes, some more than others. For Jim, who works for the state we took a hit in the paycheck. When that happened we decided right then and there...we would tightened up our belts BIG TIME! We paid off our credit cards and started to chip away at college dept. It has been a slow process and at times we both get frustrated that we can't just go out and as some others. But our choices have given us some financial br[...]

Camping at Salt Point State Park


On the road, off to my first camping trip in years! This is little Kyra and Aiden listening to a movie! Kids did great for a 3 hour trip. Laura and I not so good...road was super curvy and both got a bit car sick! But we soon perked up!First camping trip for me since...well I am not even sure! Let's just say it has been years, after several horrible trips in the past, I stopped going. My hunky hubby loves camping so I thought I would give the ol'college try once more. I did and survived. We stayed here; Salt Point State Park. Not bad...we camped in the forest, surrounded by beautiful tall pines, during the day you could here the wind in the top of the pines. This was not a campsite with all the frills but it had some good things! This campsite had flushing toilets (and if anyone knows me...that my friends is a plus!) and we were close. No showers but I just did my hair in the sink...freezing water but it was refreshing!! We stayed 2 nights and 3 days. Friday really was just getting settled in and dealing with some hiccups. Saturday was far better. Ray and Gail made a kick butt omelet from breakfast! Which really hit the spot! Then as a group took off to go to Shell Beach. But the littlest camper pooped out before we got there, so I stayed and watched Kyra so the others could enjoy the beach! Hunky hubby did a great job snapping photos so I could feel as if I was there,too. The weather the whole weekend never reached over 75 and it was glorious! I loved being with my hunky hubby and watching him in his element. Who surprised me the most was our friend Gail...she is the happiest camper I have met! She just gets in there and knows what needs to be done! I didn't know this is so up her alley! Gail is truly happiest when camping...she is so in her element! It was wonderful to sit around the fire pit at night and catch up with our friends. Hearing their dreams and views on things was probably the best part. Saturday night was Hunky hubby and I's turn to cook din-din and it was truly yummy! Boneless Country Pork spareribs with BBQ sauce and Corn/Asparagus/grape tomato salad. And brownies for dessert (store bought unfortunately). And I don't have pics of the visitors we had in camp at night. But they were bold and masked and very, very quiet! We had left on a lantern and they still came to our table and climbed up to check out if we left a snack! One was a pretty blond raccoon and several decided to raid the trash bin behind us and get the party started! It was awesome to see these critters up close...but not that close!And we even had fun with Aiden (the sweetest little camper!), she had gotten her pants a bit wet at Shell Beach so Daddy figured a way to get them dry...on the Marshmallow roasting fork! Great idea and Aiden agrees!Overall, a fun trip for Hunky Hubby and I. Great Friends, great food, and fantastic memories! I can say I am ready for another coastal camping trip soon. Thanks to our darling friends The Mason's for planning it and booking it!Much Love,[...]

If you want to wow the Wedding this!


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There is two ladies at work that are getting married in Aug/Sept and Oct. And it just hit me...they should do something totally ORGINAL! Something like this! Especially Amy and Rick! Love ya ladies! Have fun coming up with your first dances! But thought I would try to help you out...(lol) HINT! make sure you watch it ALL the way is so worth it!
Much Love,

Life's a bowl of cherries...


Did I tell you all, how much I LOVE cherries!!! Well, I do! I love how perfect they are and how deep red they can get. I love how great they look in a crisp white bowl. And love they way they taste. I use them in decorating and in crafting! I love cherries as much as I do cupcakes! And a cupcake with a cherry on top...well let's just say...I think that is the bee's knees!My BFF sent me a message through facebook that really made me think. My very first post of 2010 is all about the doom and gloom in my life. How sad and maybe not very good reading. I suppose I use blogging as therapy for me, so I jot down how I am feeling that day. And yesterday was 'I need everyone to know that life as been rough but we are adapting and coping!' After reading my BFF's message, I find myself thinking about the small things that make me happy...and a bowl of cherries makes me pretty darn happy.My BFF, which by the way her name is Adrien...and yes, that is how she spells her name. I know....even that her name spelling makes me happy. It's different and suits her like a cute outfit! Maybe that's why we are besties, because we both have fabulous spelled, RobYn (with a Y instead of the normal i) and her, Adrien (with an E instead of the normal A). Or that she reminds me that it is the simple things in my life that are good...truly good. Yes, there have been some really great things that have happened to Jim and I...and it was those simpler times she reminds me of. Adrien and I still do our MYSTERY trips. It all started in 2006 and now we are in 2010 and still going strong! I think it brings the creative sides out of both of us. And we have yet, to double up yet! And most of them are BRAND new to us. Go figure, lived here (Sacramento) most of my life and still discovering new places and things to see and do.My scrap booking makes me extremely happy as does my altering things. And I must say...I am one of a few friends who has their own CRAFT room...and it's done in ALL PINK! It is a completely happy room. It makes me smile every time I am in there...wish I could be in there more!I am learning new things from a bunch of talented women in my 'inner' circle! From my Cosmic Twin - Robin! Who is my alternate method guru, she is a herbalist and a damn good one. She has helped us all with trying a more natural approach to our health. Jim SWEARS by her as I do! (a little secret...if you live in town and want to talk to her...she works at Nugget up in El Dorado Hills...look her up, promise you will not be disappointed!). The one in our group who is just a sweety...Laura, will give you the world! She is always putting others needs before her own, and for doing that she has a heart of gold!! She helps some of us put on fundraisers for some of our non-profit organizations. Laura has taken into 2 little girls (who are sisters) who needed a wonderful home...without hesitation! We all rely on her for expert advice in the area of scrap booking. She is the one who wears her heart on her sleeve and for all to see...she is our heart! And Anca, who is one of the wisest woman I have known. She has taught me much in the few years I have known her. She said something today that I found very profound..." we can't pick our families, but we can pick our friends. The friend's that are in my life are there because I have chosen them. They are my CHOSEN family." She lived in a Communist country for years and finally escaped and to see life through her eyes is invigorating!So, friends my bestie is right...I should talk more about the simple good things [...]

Once upon a time....

2010-06-23T23:13:00.926-07:00 a far away place. Hello, my darling blogger friends and family! It has been ages, as much as I wish I was truly writing this in a far away place, I am not. I sit in a new rental house in an old neighborhood I grew up in as a girl. I wish I could fill your heads with all types of loveliness, like fairies and unicorns, but alas, I can not. Life for the Haas's has been a bit rough. Our rental in Elk Grove was foreclosed on...and we had no idea that our landlord was not paying his mortgage. Ultimately, we had to move, and move very quickly. We had a hell of a time finding a place due to having Glacier. We forged ahead, found a considerably smaller duplex that took our beloved Glacier.And on that note, our darling boy has had some issues since we moved in. Not as much room as our 1700 sq.ft. home in Elk Grove. We are in a 1200sq.ft. duplex so, for our big boy he has had to adapt. And since we are a family of adaptors, he did just that. Happy??? Hmmmm....probably not as much, but you know canines, happy till the end. We also found a mass on his left flank, and we are saving our pennies to get him to the vet. And that is another story, no worries, I shall bring that up as well. He also has been having some digestive issues since moving really have to get him in sooner than later. And as always, we shall. Now, on to Jim and I. Yes, we are still together...yes it is still a struggle to maintain the sexiness, romance in our relationship, since Jim only comes home a few days a week. And sometimes a few times a month. Not going to sugar coat's hard, very hard. But, there are women who have husbands serving this great nation of ours and see them two times a year!!! And then to add to our stresses, the State wants to not only take and keep the 15% off their checks but now Arnold has suggested that Peace Officers go to federal minimum wage!!! Are you kidding me??? We are barely keeping our heads above the water line as I this! When I tell Jim to throw in the towel...he takes me in his arms and kisses me tenderly and says "hon...we have come through worse storms than this!" Referring to my bouts of cancer. He is right, those were some dark, dark times for us...for me. During the next few months hopefully there will be some crafting and funny stories and just us enjoying life again. I can say though, it feels wonderful to be blogging again! Love it! I have missed you all something awful and can't wait to jump in and read up on what's been going on with you all! I can't believe I have been away a little over a year! Love to you all! Much love,[...]

Things are really rough right now...


It has been ages since I have been on here to blog...oh how I miss it. Unfortunately, Jim and I have been hit with major finance issues. Since, Jim works for the State, Arnie has cut the Correctional Officers pay to the point where it put us in a hole! Slowly, with me working ALOT of 12 hour shifts and tightening up our belts alot more holes we are making it out of our pinch.

But, most importantly, I wanted to put this message her for the two people who have won gift cards from me. That will happen, trust me, my word is my bond. I have one already just need the 2ND and last one. To Junie and Kimm, I am truly sorry that it has taken me this long to send out, but this finance thing hit us fast and with such force, we didn't realize how much we were going to hurt. Excuses aside, we are very much on the way UP. And soon so will those cards be out the door. Thank for being so very patient with me and hope you can except 'my sorry' for the delay in your winnings. I feel horrible about the delay.

For, family and friends, Jim and I are pushing through. With the love of God and lots of prayer and hope, we are making it. There was a few months there that Jim and I had to step back and reevaluate US. Take a break, if you will. It is astonishing to me how money can really send people reeling with emotions. But, again, we are pushing through. We are working on talking more and making the most of our time together, when we are together. We send out love and hugs to all of our wonderful blogging community and family and friends! I will be back very soon! I promise!

And the WINNERS are...!


Winner...Winner...Chicken Dinner! Ok, I have always wanted to say that! Here are the winners! Junie Moon and Reinvented ! Congratulations! Here is what you two lovely ladies won!Congratulations June (Junie Moon) just won a $50.00 gift card to Macy's! Enjoy!Congratulations to Kimm (Reinvented) just won a $25.00 gift card to StarBucks! Yeah! I hope you ladies will enjoy the birthday surprise giveaway! Go shopping and get to drinking that yummy coffee!Now...back to me! LOL! Just kidding...well no not really. I now want to share what some of my wonderful surprises were! A beautiful bottle of this!Lot's of my kind of goodies from this wonderful place!Finally, after a about a year having on my wish lists...I finally got my PINK IPOD NANO! Isn't it the cutest! I was overwhelmed from all the gifts from Jim but then he threw in one more big thing!Here it is! He reserved a couple lanes at Strikes Bowling Entertainment Center, in their, what they call...private lounge. We will have servers for the cocktails and food and I will get to have some old fashion fun with family and friends! What more could a girl ask for! This has been on of the most perfect birthdays! Thank you all for jumping in and entering the giveaway...maybe next time more people will give my giveaways a chance...see the prizes did turn out to be great birthday giveaways!Love,[...]

I am back!


I am back friends from my Scrapbooking Retreat in Lake Tahoe! Can I just say BEAUTIFUL and super FUN! I will be picking 2 winners here in a couple days. So, if you haven't left a comment on my birthday day (april 16th) comment, please do so now, and get your name added! I will post the winners and then contact to get addresses to get those off to the winners! And I will also be posting some pics of birthday presents and retreat photos! Lot's to share stayed tuned! Love ya!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME & a Birthday Giveaway,too!!!!


This was sent to me by a friend! I just laughed and laughed when I opened the email this morning! I actually got 2 pics from 2 people so I just had to share with all of you!
Today, hubby cooked me breakfast and went and got me a sugerfree/nonfat mocha...yummy! And then he and I are getting our feet done. Me...a beautiful pedicure with lovely pink and cute daisies on my big toes. Hubby...just scrubbed and trimmed and buffed nails, he really enjoys have the ladies pamper his feet and I adore it too!
Then he says he has a surprise for me...oh I can hardly stand it!

And this was from my Rocker Husband! It still made me smile though!

And since it is my birthday I am going to be doing a giveaway here! And that will be a surprise for 2 people! So, pass the word and link me up to your blog I will add your name not once but twice! Friends...spread the word! It is a great giveaway if I say so myself! Once the names are picked I will showcase the giveaways! Spread the BIRTHDAY Giveaway news to everyone who wants to join in...and remember link me to you blog I will add your name a 2ND time!

Cheers! I am off to have fun!