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Preview: Comments on burn the witches: A feminised society now produces campus killers

Comments on burn the witches: A feminised society now produces campus killers

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There is a BIG LIE here. Sigmund Freud proves it....


There is a BIG LIE here. Sigmund Freud proves it. Wine proves it. Democracy proves it. Materialism/greed proves it.They continued to sell boss even after they forced failure, another example of a BIG LIE.The middle management tactic allows them to maintain this perception of an "absentee good (Christian) god", ensuring one of the goals of the United States remains useful::::NO FEAR!!!The gods instruct Artificial Intelligence to employ evil as temptation.Resign to be good. Too many of these Southern rednecks are like disfavored blacks involved in black popular culture. They are merely benefactors of the god's Manifest Destiny positioning. Expect some compensatory elements to be due, rendering the long-term prognosis for the blacks potentially better.The gods offered the story of Eve tempting Adam FOR A REASON!!! THE FEMALES ARE THE KEEPERS OF THE PEOPLE::::AS THE WOMEN GO SO GO ALL THE PEOPLE!!Honor the gods for the modern convieniences they gave you. Too many take this easy life for granted.Population explosion is a clue the gods are reincarnating the masses:::EVERYONE IS GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!They say DVR is good, was trying to help me by sending this clue. Reality is there was a massive audience and making the recorder go down for 2 weeks allowed the gods to justify dispatching these people.Efforts to "save my candidacy" were actually attempts to keep people from learning during this event:::"Don't listen to him." Now that failure has been positioned as emminent:::"Don't listen. He's not The One."Role playing during the fall of '06. It happened in 2006 to contrast with the evil of 1906.This is recurring behavior, tactics employed so the disfavored are not receptive during the Final Prophet. And it worked.Continually the gods cast me as evil. Within the context of this wicked enviornment this served as a reverse positioning clue.It is institutionalized society that is evil (entertainment, economic, governmental/democracy), and that's why I don't "work", pardon the pun.I am an "inferred clue" case study.Everything Dis_ney produces is evil. In the 20th century it was more difficult to perceive but, consistant with the god's methodology, now that we are progressing deeper into the 21st century it is becoming increasingly obvious:::- The new Dis_ney movie with wicked/wicked imagry.- All this Dis_ney-based promotion of music on Dis_neyChannel is grooming the victims of the 2010-2020 revelry cycle.Recently there have been many racial incidents involving nooses throughout the country. They should be afraid:::The gods are employing an offensive. They are trying to incite the blacks. Like a US flag flying in front of a structure, like tatooes and piercings, the cornrows hairdo is a clue warning the disfavored to stay away.Story about prostitution. They like to point to me and claim I engaged in this behavior as well. They spin it and say "empathy for fellowed disfavored" but there were other goals they sought to accomplish here.They pushed me into prostitution and losing $4000 on baseball (no doubt!!!) out of the clear blue sky. They me ployed this strategy because it was 1999 and promises were made that I would be brought up before 2000 to grease the wheels of the Situation. Pushing me into this behavior ensured they could position my exclusion.Engaging in this behavior had never crossed my mind prior to this event nor after.I'm insluted.I got hooked on gambling when I was 8-years-old playing Chuck-A-Luck at Catholic high school.wav"You suck." That's the reslut when absolute power CHEATS.Vienna was the center of the music world for a reason. Any middle age person today remembers the excitement surrounding classical music in the mid-20th century. Classical music was "in play". Expect the same "magic" was employed back then as well.Motzart is repulsive-ugly for a reason. Similarly, The Preditor's appearance is suspect as well.ALL MAGIC, sexual or otherwise, is used EXCLUSIVELY to hurt the disfavored.They peak homosexuals like this and that's why th[...]

"This is the same Paglia who once said that when a...


"This is the same Paglia who once said that when a woman goes back to a bloke's place she is "wanting sex" and giving out "mixed signals".."

Oy. Yeah. Didn't she also say something like "that's rock and roll" or some similar complete inanity?

but she is the Cosmos!


but she is the Cosmos!

""oh Christ, Paglia. some peoples just don't know ...


""oh Christ, Paglia. some peoples just don't know when their fifteen minutes are up, do they?"

she had fifteen?

urgh. she's... urgh."

Yep, I second that comment.

This is the same Paglia who once said that when a woman goes back to a bloke's place she is "wanting sex" and giving out "mixed signals"..

One word Paglia. Bollocks!

yeh, me too.


yeh, me too.

btw verte: I'll try to have something ready for th...


btw verte: I'll try to have something ready for the pro-sm blog by this weekend.

"oh Christ, Paglia. some peoples just don't know w...


"oh Christ, Paglia. some peoples just don't know when their fifteen minutes are up, do they?"

she had fifteen?

urgh. she's... urgh.

WILL someone's CHTHONIC SKEERY MORASS O' FEMININE ESSENTIALIST QUALITIES devour, undifferentiate, and destroy her already?


because she's a great big pillock?sorry, but: Pagl...


because she's a great big pillock?

sorry, but: Paglia. I mean: Paglia.

generally speaking "feminisation of society" is the sort of tinfoil-wearing/general Jack D. Ripper precious-bodily-fluid-protecting thing you'd read from, like, WorldNutDaily.

I really don't get why the word 'feminised' is eve...


I really don't get why the word 'feminised' is even being used there. It's like she's looking at a whole range of sweeping social changes and calling them 'feminisation', when they're arguably doing as much 'harm' to women as to men. Look at this;

Paglia believes the school Cho attended would have been no better equipped to deal with frustrated young males. “There is nothing happening educationally in these boring prisons that are fondly called suburban high schools. They are saturated with a false humanitarianism, which is especially damaging for boys.

I really don't get how this is different between genders; my own experience was that boys got far more license to fool around and be themselves than girls did, and certainly were chastised less when they got into fights, or bullied others. How is 'blandness' or 'humanitarianism' female? This is all sounding a bit arbitrary to me.

“Young men have enormous energy. There was a time when they could run away, hop on a freighter, go to a factory and earn money, do something with their hands. Now there is this snobbery of the upper-middle-class professional. Everyone has to be a lawyer or paper pusher.”

Again, women live in this world too and face exactly the same problems. It's only 'feminising' if you think women didn't exist until the 1970s.

Cho is a classic example of “someone who felt he was a loser in the cruel social rat race”, Paglia says. The pervasive hook-up culture at college, where girls are prepared to sleep with boys they barely know or fancy, can be a source of seething resentment and alienation for those who are left out.

...err, yes, because women are never experience sexual rejection or resentment. The issues here might differ between genders, but to say that being shunned and excluded is a purely male experience, some crime women inflict upon men, is utter bollocks.

So why are all these unrelated issues - economics, sex, social changes - being blamed on my gender?

but what it really is is a SHAME dump. and all sor...


but what it really is is a SHAME dump. and all sorts of other psychic baggage as well.

That's kind of the theme of the next part of Norah Vincent's book, actually - she investigates strip clubs and the culture surrounding them, and comes up with precisely that conclusion: they are 'shame dumps". What's more, she concludes that the shame doesn't vanish there, but hangs around and the men obviously go away more tainted with shame than ever. They keep going back only because they don't know of anywhere else to take their shame and "unwanted" sexuality.

stupid, stupid, stupid...she hurts my head with th...


stupid, stupid, stupid...she hurts my head with the stupid!~

that Leeds pub-crawl story is just...charming! gah...


that Leeds pub-crawl story is just...charming! gah.

and yes, i think a key component of "lad culture" (or whatever you want to call the equivalent over here) is the male bonding; in a way the women are incidental.

yet another reason why "men hate women" doesn't always work for me;

in a way i think sometimes it's -worse-; yeah, there's cultural misogyny, and as you note here, feelings of individual powerlessness towards them, but en masse--

gang assaults, street harassment, yadda, -aren't really about the woman at all.-

they're about the MEN, forming intimacy with each other in the only way permissible in a homophobic as well as homosocial (and sexist) society.

the woman is, how did a friend put it, "pivot babe for the circle jerk."

which is what "objectification" really MEANS.

she's a receptacle for all the unacceptable feelings--all the rage and humiliation from various sources as well as the desire the men (oops) have for each other.

certain kinds of people tend to focus on such charming phrases as, o, how was it? "cum dump."

but what it really is is a SHAME dump. and all sorts of other psychic baggage as well.

and please, Paglia a sparklepony? not hardly. sh...


and please, Paglia a sparklepony? not hardly. she's yer classic Honorary Male, and also just an enormous reactionary git with an ego the size of the Crab Nebula.

(i am very ambivalent about guns, btw, the above w...


(i am very ambivalent about guns, btw, the above was not meant particularly as some sort of "guns don't kill people, people..." although i suppose in a way that's what it was. or at least, "dicks don't kill people..." i guess the real point being: you give something or -someone- power when you demonize it).

SNE: that's interesting. never did get around to...


SNE: that's interesting. never did get around to reading that. but that's what i suspected: the fantasies of fucking someone as revenge is predicated on an overall feeling of powerlessness (frustration, shame, then rage).

which is another reason why i think that any approach treating them as ScaryMonsters--whether conservative/authoritarian or certain kinds of feminism--is off. not because the proper response is melting sympathy and forgiveness (which is always the immediate assumption when you say anything like this). because it's just a basic fact of human psychology: frightened and disempowered-feeling people are -dangerous- people. yes they are.

yeah, there's such a thing as pure predation, i think, left over from whatever evolutionary lizard brain impulse--but that's not what's primarily going on in a case like this, nor, i suspect, in most infamous cases of serial or mass murderers, much less more "ordinary" (!) cases of rape, murder, assault.

but what i was starting to say--i think that whether you're coming from that weird-ass macho/hostile YAY MY PENIS standpoint or the sort of Lorena Bobbitt-is-my-hero sentiment you find sometimes among angry women--you're still feeding the, uh, whatsit, imago? some Jungian term. energy pattern, let's say. you feed energy into the -idea- that the Phallus is Mighty and Dangerous; if you don't do anything else to address the underlying problems here (interpersonal failures to communicate, sociopolitical factors that lead to feelings of both entitlement and I'm-a-failure, a deadly combination), then of course that pattern is gonna continue: hey, as a last resort, there's always My Dick. or, My Gun. not good, and you don't solve anything by continuing to focus on the scary properties of the dick or even the gun, or by subtly connecting the sick person with the Scary Implement of Death.

oh Christ, Paglia. some peoples just don't know w...


oh Christ, Paglia. some peoples just don't know when their fifteen minutes are up, do they?

Here's a relevant passage from Norah Vincent's boo...


Here's a relevant passage from Norah Vincent's book, Self-Made Man in which she disguised herself as a man (whom she named 'Ned') for a year to see what it's like being male in American society.The women's movement was in part about redressing feelings of powerlessness - physical powerlessness, institutional powerlessness - and the fear and rage that comes of it. Rape is still a statistic women live by. And as we make our way in the world, we slink around corners, we maneuver our sexuality with salty care, loosing just enough to be desired, but not too much to be unsafe, and all the while we envy the seeming inviolability of males and dread its implacable underpinnings. We think we're working from the underside up. But if Ned's experience is anything to go by, that's not how it seems to the boys."Dating women as a man was a lesson in female power, and it made me, of all things, into a momentary misogynist, which, I suppose was the best indicator that my experiment had worked. I saw my own sex from the other side, and I disliked women irrationally for a while because of it. I disliked their superiority, their accusatory smiles, their entitlement to choose or dash me with a fingertip, an execution so lazy, so effortless, it made the defeats and even the successes unbearably humiliating. Typical male power feels by comparison like a blunt instrument, its salvos and field strategies laughably remedial next to the damage a woman can do with a single cutting word: no.Sex is most powerful in the mind, and to men, in the mind, women have a lot of power, not only to arouse, but to give worth, self-worth, meaning, initiation, sustenance, everything. Seeing this more clearly through my experience, I began to wonder whether the most extreme men resort to violence with women because they think that's all they have, their one pathetic advantage over all she seems to hold above them. I make no excuses for this. There are none. But as a man I felt vaguely attuned to this mind-set or its possibility. I did not inhabit it, but I thought I saw how rejection might get twisted beyond recognition in the mind of a discarded male where misogyny and ultimately rape may be a vicious attempt to take what cannot be taken because it has not been bestowed. Sometimes women seem so superior when you see them through the eyes of an ordinary man that now, looking back on that feeling as a female, the very idea of ramming your dick into a woman to avenge yourself, or claim her, suddenly seems as absurdly out of scale and ineffectual as a pygmy poking his finger at the moon.None of which goes any way to saying that women are to blame for the violent crimes of men. It also does not predicate itself on women "wanting to...have sex without commitment" (in fact, quite the opposite!) However, the themes of "rage and humiliation" of those "spurned again and again" are present. But as Norah Vincent was told by her male friends who introduced 'Ned' to the dating scene, "That's the thing about being a guy. Rejection is part of the game. It's expected."The problem is not women, it's men who have no valid expression of their emotions. Norah Vincent again: "The way these guys told it, anger was the only emotion they had in abundance, the one emotion that the world had allowed them to have in abundance, so by implication it contained everything else - sorrow, pain, need, shame. You name it. It was a feeling they knew well, and it was the place where most of their other feelings hid."That's the effect of the "patriarchy" on men. If feminism [...]